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70437f0... by Erik <email address hidden>

Wrap makeInstance in a try/except. Should be logged better, but at least it does not halt the process.

3a693b3... by Erik <email address hidden>

Improve support for rules only a minimum or a maximum attribute.
More tests.

95cc888... by Erik <email address hidden>

Add a test that looks at the remapping of components.

6f4eac1... by Erik <email address hidden>

Add unicode values to instance glyphs.
Fixes typo.

130e02f... by Erik <email address hidden>

Fixes problem with glyphNames list.
The ufoProcessor generates without mutatorMath's reader.

bc785f5... by Erik <email address hidden>

Rename ufo.py to ufoProcessor.py

ef80bbf... by Erik <email address hidden>

Adds a function for swapping glyphs if we want to express a rule in a UFO.
More tests.

ab450a9... by Erik <email address hidden>

Proposal to change the condition from axis.tag" to axis.name: conditions, locations use the axis.name.
This makes it possible to evaluate a rule without having to look up the axis data.
Evaluate and apply a rule to a list of glyphnames.
More tests.

c175929... by Erik <email address hidden>

Support for basic rule object.
Description of the element and the object.

f74eae0... by Erik <email address hidden>

Add classmethods for making source and instance descriptors.