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763. By Łukasz Zemczak on 2012-08-30

* New upstream release.
  - Software Center add to launcher icon animation is delayed when the
    launcher is in auto-hide mode (LP: #1012896)
  - Home lens: Applications show up in Music category (LP: #1040101)
  - WARN unity.hud.hud Hud.cpp:185 Attempted to close the hud connection
    without starting it (LP: #1039451)
  - Text field textures do not update when maximum width changes.
    (LP: #1037187)
  - An application is closed if manually removed from favorites on gsettings
    (LP: #1032157)
  - The switcher (Alt+Tab) is showing incorrect windows after using Deskop
    Wall (Ctrl+alt+<direction>) (LP: #1031959)
  - Dragging icons to reorder -away from launcher causes the dragged icon
    image edges to fade away(cut off) (LP: #1026247)
  - Screen flickers when changing launcher icon size. (LP: #1024113)
  - Arrow for indicating lenses points empty space on alt+F2 (LP: #998752)
  - [previews] Music album tracks do not have a scroll-bar when needed.
    (LP: #1039462)
  - [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] With unity scrollbar support enabled, hotplugging
    monitors doesn't work (LP: #1039410)
  - [previews] Track titles aren't escaped (LP: #1039020)
  - Launcher - Edge of tiles (with backlight disabled) is too opaque
    (LP: #1038138)
  - [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] Benchmark window appears behind the Unity shell
    now (LP: #1036609)
  - [GLES] [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] Unity shell (Launcher and Panel) are
    missing if framebuffer_object is disabled (LP: #1036569)
  - [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] Benchmark window is mostly invisible, shrunken
    and displaced (LP: #1036528)
  - Unity quicklist menu items leak memory (LP: #1036338)
  - Icon resized between 32 - 48 - 64 look jaggy (LP: #1036231)
  - [Regression] Hideous low-res icon when using the HUD with autohide
    enabled. (LP: #1035951)
  - [regression] Selecting an item of the BFB quicklist when the dash is
    open, causes it to hide (LP: #1035641)
  - Launcher - Switch on "backlight toggles" mode by default (LP: #1033866)
  - Unity spends 15% of time in PlacesGroup::ComputeContentSize when opening
    dash (LP: #1033306)
  - Launcher dragged icon is not redrawn when the mouse pointer is not moved
    (LP: #1032700)
  - Bottom - Up key navigation is broken in dash filterbar (LP: #1028810)
  - Launcher - SD card can not be ejected by drag-n-dropping to trash
    (LP: #960910)
  - Alt-tab - The app name in the integrated menu should not change during
    Alt-tab switching (LP: #950782)
  - Dash - If only one Category Header is displayed, it should be
    automatically expanded (LP: #950710)
  - Launcher - Unity mouse wheel scroll too small (LP: #906072)
  - boot moves desktop icons (LP: #886667)
  - Alt-tab - Reduce the spread delay for all items other than the initial
    item the select lands on after alt-tab opens (LP: #838232)
  - Launcher - Launcher should never autohide when the cursor is positioned
    over the Launcher (e.g. When a spread ends) (LP: #745707)
  - Dash home opens files by default, should be applications? (LP: #1041583)
  - [BUILD_GLES] Multiple build errors in unity-shared/IconRenderer.cpp
    (LP: #1039453)
  - [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] [multimonitor] If unityshell is loaded then both
    monitors are intermittently painted onto the second monitor (squeezed)
    (LP: #1037949)
  - [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] [multimonitor] Launcher/Panel only draws on one
    monitor, not both (LP: #1037408)
  - [GLES] [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] [regression] Launcher and Panel are drawn
    on top of fullscreen windows (LP: #1036587)
  - [GLES] [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] Screen goes black if unityshell is loaded
    and vertex_buffer_object=OFF (LP: #1036568)
  - [regression] [USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL] Launcher overdrawn; transparency lost
    and white line appears. (LP: #1036519)
  - lp:unity FTBFS - Launcher.h:138:11: error: ‘GestureDeliveryRequest’ in
    namespace ‘nux’ does not name a type (LP: #1036095)
  - Results sorting in the lens model is not reflected in the Dash
    (LP: #1027811)
  - Launcher - Quicklist menu does not respond to being opened on a new icon
    if already open (LP: #890991)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in SimpleLauncherIcon::SetIconName()
    (LP: #763560)
  - Unity crashes on startup with nvidia (LP: #1041123)
  - [staging ppa] unity crashes when running dash autopilot tests
    (LP: #1040875)
  - lp:unity does not build (missing dash/PreviewMusic.cpp) (regression of
    bug 1038886) (LP: #1040431)
  - Coverflow can crash unity (LP: #1039959)
  - lp:unity does not build (missing dash/PreviewMusic.cpp) (LP: #1038886)
  - lp:unity (USE_MODERN_COMPIZ_GL) FTBFS IconRenderer.cpp:845:5: error:
    ‘TextureCoord0Location’ may be used uninitialised in this function
    [-Werror=uninitialized] (LP: #1036514)

762. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-08-22

[ Didier Roche ]
[ Timo Jyrinki ]
* Add dbus-glib-1 to UNITY_PLUGIN_DEPS to fix FTBFS
* Remove the remaining gconf files from installation
* Remove gconf-2.0 dependency from services
* Make sure USE_GSETTINGS is defined
* Backports:
  - gnome-control-center integration

761. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-08-22

[Didier Roche]
* Backports:
  - the remaining part of the gconf removal from upstream branch
  - the .convert migration scripts
* debian/control:
  - do not build-dep on gconf anymore
  - build-dep on latest compiz for building gsettings keys
    (part 2 of LP: #1035261)
* debian/unity-common.install, debian/control:
  - don't ship gconf schemas as not built anymore (the gsettings schema ones
    are already shipped)
  - install the gnome-control-center unity keybinding integration
  - install the .convert files handled by the compiz migration script and
    make unity-common depending on the right version of compiz-gnome (with
    the migration script)

760. By Didier Roche on 2012-08-15

releasing version 6.2.0-0ubuntu2

759. By Didier Roche on 2012-08-15

change some description wording to remove -2d

758. By Didier Roche on 2012-08-15

create unity-2d transitional packages. Removing unity-2d as it is now
not supported and won't be transitionned to the necessary gsettings
changes (part one of LP: #1035261)

757. By Didier Roche on 2012-08-14

* debian/profile_upgrade*, debian/unity-common.install:
  - remove old profile upgrade content

756. By Didier Roche on 2012-08-14

* debian/*preinst:
  - removed, useless now

755. By Didier Roche on 2012-08-14

add unity-2d-shell dummy package

754. By Didier Roche on 2012-08-14

dbus-glib now removed upstream

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