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703. By Łukasz Zemczak

* New upstream release.
  - Unity launcher shows internal partitions after they have been unmounted
    (LP: #994163)
  - can't click to dismiss hud in the area where dynamic hud results are
    meant to appear (LP: #962651)
  - Spread/Scale should exit if Dash is invoked (LP: #944033)
  - Searching in the HUD freezes unity (LP: #1016239)
  - Dash - The search bar gets the focus when pressing invalid keys
    (LP: #931393)
  - unity crashed with NameError in reset_unity_compiz_profile(): global name
    'GError' is not defined (LP: #778470)
  - When number of workspaces is set to 1, the Spread no longer works
    (LP: #996604)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in CompWindow::id() from getPaintMask()
    from unity::UnityWindow::glPaint() (LP: #851982)
  - "Keyboard Shortcuts" overlay can cause annoyance (LP: #934062)
  - padding between last quicklist item and bottom edge is non-deterministic
    (changes randomly) (LP: #955158)
  - HUD Draws improperly while searching for results (LP: #932531)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in
    unity::ui::KeyboardUtil::GetKeycodeAboveKeySymbol() (LP: #920258)
  - Launcher - when a user starts dragging a item, any folded launcher icons
    that are valid drop receptacles should unfold (LP: #839717)
  - Dragging image from firefox/chrome to dock causes lagg/freeze
    (LP: #772445)
  - dash should open when pressing "super" in scale mode (LP: #1023811)
  - Multimonitor, Launcher - When the Launcher is set to autohide and
    'Sticky edges' are turned off, 'Launcher Edge Stop Overcome Pressure'
    seems to be broken when revealing the Launcher (LP: #987955)
  - Software Center add to launcher icon animation is delayed when the
    launcher is in auto-hide mode (LP: #1012896)
  - Purchased items are not being added to the Unity launcher (LP: #925014)
  - Unity Launcher Fails To Auto-Hide When Enabled & Installing Commercial
    Software (LP: #1002440)
  - Regression: shift+click on a launcher icon to open a new application
    instance gone (LP: #754565)
  - Regression: Installing apps causes a terrible visual glitch-- have to
    restart X.org. (LP: #981168)
  - Duplicated applications icons on quick application restart (LP: #1003574)
  - HUD - Formatting of text in the auto-complete is wrong (LP: #939436)
  - alt-backtick flickers between windows (LP: #987156)
  - [Hud] The result grid is not drawn in proximity of the search entry
    (LP: #1008603)
  - Dash and Launcher - As soon as a user starts dragging a file from the
    Dash, there is a 'flicker' before the Launcher icons that are valid drop
    receptacles re-saturate (LP: #863230)
  - [hud] The last button is not rounded (LP: #1008656)
  - Hud flickers when show up (LP: #1011507)
  - Dash maximise button changed location (LP: #987674)
  - launcher reordering "line" doesn't go to the bottom slot (LP: #971421)
  - Dash/HUD should close on "Spread" (LP: #870284)
  - Nothing should be written into the dash/hud searchbar when holding super,
    ctrl or Alt (LP: #1013751)
  - Dash - when a file is dragged from the Dash (Dash home, file lens, or
    music lens) and dropped on a Launcher icon, the Dash should automatically
    close (LP: #865168)
  - Wrong keyboard focus after opening workspace switcher via keyboard
    navigation (LP: #962408)

702. By Sebastien Bacher

releasing version 5.12-0ubuntu1.1

701. By Sebastien Bacher

* Cherry pick upstream fixes.
  - Fix UnityViewWindow background when blur is disabled (LP: #989291)
  - App icon on the Unity Launcher lost track of running
    instance (LP: #772063)
  - No launcher icon or Alt+Tab entry for Gimp windows (LP: #995916)
  - Locked smuxi launcher icon does not indicate smuxi running
    status (LP: #999820)
  - Fix dash search field hidden by tooltips (LP: #978030)
  - Launcher is silent to screen reader users (LP: #949448)
  - Fix 3D apps running much slower under Unity (LP: #987304)
  - Reduced number of calls to ResultViewGrid::QueueDraw
  - Reduced number of calls to BGHash::RefreshColor

700. By Didier Roche

releasing version 5.12-0ubuntu1

699. By Didier Roche

  - Launcher, Alt-Tab - clicking on launcher item or selecting a app in Alt-
    Tab raises all app windows, not just most recently focused (LP: #959339)
  - [heap corruption?] compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in _int_malloc() from
    g_realloc() from ... from g_dbus_connection_send_message_with_reply()
    from g_object_unref() from unity::dash::HomeLens::Impl::~Impl() from
    unity::dash::HomeLens::~HomeLens() (LP: #931201)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in _int_malloc() from __libc_calloc() from
    XOpenDisplay() from nux::WindowThread::ThreadCtor() (LP: #947844)
  - Regression: Installing apps causes a terrible visual glitch-- have to
    restart X.org. (LP: #981168)
  - Window management - unity doesn't realise when applications bring their
    windows to the front (LP: #802816)
  - Dash - Clicking on the desktop dash border should do nothing, *NOT*
    close the dash (LP: #839472)
  - [FFe, UIFe] HUD - The HUD does not respect launcher icon size settings
    in autohide mode (LP: #921506)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_volume_get_mount() (LP: #918548)
  - multiple instances or double icons of application detected on bamfdaemon
    respawn (LP: #928912)
  - Panel is transparent when Dash is open; no blur no average BG color
    (LP: #965323)
  - Unity crashes with SIGSEGV when hitting debug DBus interface hard
    (LP: #979429)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in _int_malloc() from g_object_unref() from
    unity::dash::Model<unity::dash::FilterAdaptor>::~Model() (LP: #941750)
  - indicators menu are sometimes cut off at screen edge (LP: #883317)
  - the shortcut keys in workspace section of the shortcut overlay aren't
    translated (LP: #980828)
  - [regression] Dash keeps repainting unnecessarily (LP: #980924)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::NTextureData::ClearData() from
    nux::NTextureData::~NTextureData() from nux::Texture2D::~Texture2D()
    (LP: #952378)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_object_unref() from
    unity::dash::Settings::~Settings() from
    unity::UnityScreen::~UnityScreen() (LP: #981764)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in unity::dash::ResultView::~ResultView()
    from unity::dash::ResultViewGrid::~ResultViewGrid() from
    nux::Object::Destroy() from nux::Object::UnReference() (LP: #942286)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in
    ends_with_iter_select<__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<char const*,
    std::basic_string<char> >, char const*, boost::algorithm::is_iequal>()
    from unity::ui::PointerBarrierWrapper::EmitCurrentData() (LP: #983268)
  - Chinese can't be shown completely in dash filter (LP: #984583)
  - [Unity 5.10] compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in
    unity::hud::HudIconTextureSource::ColorForIcon() from
    unity::hud::Icon::Icon() from emit from unity::IconTexture::IconLoaded
    (LP: #983646)
  - [regression] Close button does not close the dash/HUD (LP: #986264)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_volume_eject_with_operation_finish()
    from unity::launcher::DeviceLauncherIcon::OnEjectReady() from
    (LP: #977762)
  - Launcher - should allow to dnd on any icon (and not just the ones
    matching the type) (LP: #880798)
  - unity confused with chrome/chromium web apps (LP: #692462)
  - App Switcher (Alt+Tab) doesn't display the full title of apps in Chinese
    (LP: #830801)
  - alt-tab - quick alt + tab (before the switcher shows) not consistent
    (LP: #861250)
  - run command (alt+F2): results do not contain the exact match
    (LP: #842108)
  - It's possible to highlight two different Quicklist menu items
    simultaneously (LP: #911561)
  - Hiding the dash from a lens view fades out home view (LP: #914785)
  - Flickering in the dash (LP: #961979)
  - Dash - Card view layout needs fixing (LP: #977817)
  - [regression] Blurred view of the current workspace is shifted down when
    unity dash is in fullscreen mode (LP: #977922)
  - Quicklist key navigation is not consistent with menus (LP: #978926)
  - Quicklist key navigation should skip the disabled items (LP: #979096)
  - Pointer locks up after dragging windows with three touch gesture
    (LP: #979418)
  - Alt-Tab, multimonitor - The Alt-Tab overlay should appear on the display
    which has focus. (LP: #981795)
  - Hud to Dash forgets last focused window on exit (LP: #984639)
  - Remote scopes are not restarted after crash (LP: #984760)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in unity::dash::DashView::default_focus()
    (LP: #982730)
  - [regression] Launcher should raise all the urgent windows, not only the
    top-most (LP: #986443)
  - Clicking on the quicklist application title doesn't initiate the spread
    when needed (LP: #986461)
  - Hud: spinner keeps spinning long after the query returns (LP: #987781)
  - Dash: Incorrectly scaled icons (LP: #988338)
  - Music Lens doesn't work for albums in Precise with Rhythmbox
    (LP: #970509)
  - New apps on the launcher have no shortcut key until something is being
    closed (LP: #778499)
  - Lens search hint changes to "search" when the entry gets unfocused
    (LP: #887036)
  - don't show disabled shortcut in keyboard shortcut help (LP: #926418)
  - HUD: Can not be closed by clicking on HUD icon (LP: #963918)
  - Show desktop icon should be movable, definitely not on top of BFB
    (LP: #964073)
  - [card view] bottom of results cropped when a category is not expanded
    (LP: #975003)
  - Non closable maximized windows should show a disabled close button
    (LP: #981196)
  - make launcher fails (LP: #983989)
  - Sources filter shouldn't be shown if there's just one item (LP: #940161)
  - Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
    unity::SearchBar::UpdateBackground(bool) (SearchBar.cpp:529)
    (LP: #983333)

698. By Didier Roche

New upstream release.

697. By Didier Roche

releasing version 5.10.0-0ubuntu6

696. By Didier Roche

* Cherry-picked upstream:
  - Panel is transparent when Dash is open on netbooks; no blur
    no average BG color (LP: #965323)

695. By Didier Roche

releasing version 5.10.0-0ubuntu5

694. By Didier Roche

  - Fix the software-center install animation making the display useless
    on netbooks (LP: #981168)
  - Shortcut keys in workspace section of the shortcut overlay aren't
    translated. (LP: #980828)

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