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Proposed by Łukasz Zemczak on 2013-04-12
Status: Merged
Approved by: Christopher Townsend on 2013-04-12
Approved revision: 2418
Merged at revision: 2418
Proposed branch: lp:~sil2100/unity/manual_tests_1122478_5.0
Merge into: lp:unity/5.0
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manual-tests/WindowButtons.txt (+14/-0)
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Christopher Townsend 2013-04-12 Approve on 2013-04-12
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Commit message

Add a manual test checking the fix for LP: #1122478. We need a manual-test because there is no infrastructure for real testing.

Description of the change

- Problem:

The fix merged in for LP: #1122478 ( has no test coverage. From what Chris said, 5.0 doesn't have the infrastructure for doing proper testing. But we still need any kind of testing at all.

- Fix:

For this fix to be tested at all, I recommend at least a manual-test for the fixed issue, using Steam (as this is the most popular usage).

- Tests:


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Christopher Townsend (townsend) wrote :

Right, the testing infrastructure in Unity 5.0 is basically non-existent for testing this. I did not want to add that much complexity for this fix.

The manual test looks good.

review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'manual-tests/WindowButtons.txt'
2--- manual-tests/WindowButtons.txt 2012-04-13 22:03:13 +0000
3+++ manual-tests/WindowButtons.txt 2013-04-12 18:03:28 +0000
4@@ -9,3 +9,17 @@
6 Expected Result:
7 * The close window button should be shown as disabled (grayed)
10+Custom window buttons and decorations always on desired windows
14+ * Start Steam on Ubuntu
15+ * Maximize the Steam window
16+ * Minimize the Steam window
17+ * Un-minimize the Steam window
18+ * Restore the Steam window
20+Expected Result:
21+ * Make sure that Steam does not have Ubuntu window decorations


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