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3580a0f... by Seth Hillbrand

Replacing RTree with Boost::Geometry in conn

This is a test implementation of the Boost::geometry RTree
implementation to replace the existing RTree from Melinda Green/Greg
Douglas. The previous implementation suffered from issues when utilized
in the Debian 32-bit platform.

The Boost::Geometry implementation also provides a number of different
intersection methods that will be utilized in the real-time connectivity

44d416c... by Seth Hillbrand

Move cursor in increments off grid

When the cursor starts off grid, we avoid snapping to the nearest grid
point to prevent movement in an unintended direction.

3cc87b4... by Seth Hillbrand

PNS: Ensure we don't miss items

Higher candidate levels could override better matches if the layers did
not overlap.

f183b4f... by jean-pierre charras

GAL, Opengl: Draw Arc: fix draw layer depth (previously, set to 0.0, which is not always the case)

0f24726... by jean-pierre charras

Pcbnew: DRC ignores first net of list of nets to test.

Fixes: lp:1798985

f17c18b... by Jeff Young

Remove AdvanceDepth() hacks in favour of proper layers.

Also removes the bounding-box cache since the last big merge
should have sorted out the Update(GEOMETRY) calls.

Fixes: lp:1797271
* https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1797271

Fixes: lp:1797268
* https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1797268

Fixes: lp:1797075
* https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1797075

8ecdf58... by jean-pierre charras

Eeschema, load a new bitmap image from file: fix crash when aborting.

Remove duplicate code in edit_bitmap.cpp.

dafeb96... by jean-pierre charras

Page layout bitmap size wrong in modern/GAL canvases.
The image scale set by pl_editor was not taken in account when drawing the page layout.

Fixes: lp:1798685

7be2152... by jean-pierre charras

OPENGL_GAL: avoid crash when esotheric unicode chars are used in netnames/pad names in Debug mode.

It happens when the char is not found in the font used to display netnames/pad names.
When happens, a wxASSERT is raised.
Unfortunately it can crash the application if it is during a paint event or some critical time.

576a0af... by jean-pierre charras

Eeschema: make draw functions working with "old" libraries using a useless large negative line width (like -1000 or -2000 mils).
They are now clamped to -1.

This is only a workaround to avoid ugly artifacts