Last commit made on 2022-08-04
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2a581f3... by Spyros Seimenis

umt: Rename base_release to series

0174a79... by Spyros Seimenis

umt: Add more changes from release to base_release

6e2c8c0... by Spyros Seimenis

Multiple changes from release to base_release

5bf4865... by Spyros Seimenis

Change changelog and repo command to use base_release

5d8a4ed929ba9209ba64038c5565890b1125496a fixed a bug in
the calculation of the details['release'] field of a package.
The path of a package for an ESM release contains an underscore
like esm-infra_xenial. This value never matched the check
r == guess since the proper release name is esm-infra/xenial.

Some parts of umt like the changelog or the repo command were
depending on this bug since when a release is ESM, the
details['release'] field was defaulting to the changelog release
(which holds only base release information).

Other places that may need base release information will be changed
in a subsequent commit.

b1c52c0... by Alex Murray

Merge branch 'umt-testflinger-private-ppas-support'

c16a25f... by Mark Esler

Merge remote-tracking branch 'ubuntu-security/allow-skipping-downloaded'

6b8ecab... by Ray Veldkamp

impish eol: remove impish refs from next_release()

Signed-off-by: Ray Veldkamp <email address hidden>

5e14ba5... by Alex Murray

umt adt: Fix URL for security-britney results

Signed-off-by: Alex Murray <email address hidden>

bb1361f... by Alex Murray

uaudit: Fixup cppcheck to be installed from a deb

It doesn't exist as a snap.

Signed-off-by: Alex Murray <email address hidden>

40e2212... by Alex Murray

umt testflinger: Support private PPAs for testflinger package source

When a ppa is specified via --repo, lookup the PPA signing key and
subscription URL so that it can be used more seamlessly via
add-apt-repository on the target device.

Signed-off-by: Alex Murray <email address hidden>