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6172914... by Sergio Schvezov

Merge branch 'master' into spread-cryptography

8e918d9... by Sergio Schvezov

spread: run cross compile tests on amd64 only (#3491)

Signed-off-by: Sergio Schvezov <email address hidden>

ca2872e... by Chris Patterson

Update spread.yaml

b511a0e... by Sergio Schvezov

spread: cryptography==3.4 and no rust for python_legacy

Signed-off-by: Sergio Schvezov <email address hidden>

b982555... by Anatoli Babenia

docker: parametrize risk and OS for image builds (core18 etc) (#2673)

Signed-off-by: Anatoli Babenia <email address hidden>

0bf7a2e... by Chris Patterson

repo: account for arch & version when filtering stage packages (#3461)

The filter should only contain package names, not including the
optional [:arch] or [=version] fields.

(1) Move the filter/no-filter logic out of apt_cache and introduce
a _get_filtered_stage_packages() helper in _deb to handle the
processing. Use newly introduced DebPackage to ensure consistency,
and do the same for get_packages_in_base().

(2) Update cross-compile spread test to incorporate the various

Signed-off-by: Chris Patterson <email address hidden>

c994a62... by Chris Patterson

errors: introduce details_from_called_process_error() helper (#3489)

Many handlers of command errors are doing their own variant of
the same thing. This provides a standardized helper to use
details to provide command failure details.

Signed-off-by: Chris Patterson <email address hidden>

2ff1b05... by James Carroll

extensions: suppress realpath noise on headless systems (#3446)

When using extensions on systems where a desktop session has never run,
desktop-launch will create noise complaining that paths cannot be found.
Simply redirect the error messages to /dev/null.

E.G, running over SSH in Multipass, using snaps in a CLI environment.

Additionally, prevent behaviour where `rmdir $HOME` would be called
by ensuring the variable is not empty.
This is unlikely to have caused problems as rmdir would not delete directories
that have content, but it's probably better to not rely on semantics here.

793e57d... by Marcus Tomlinson

ci: use has-signed-canonical-cla GitHub Action (#3479)

83d54e5... by Chris Patterson

package-repositories: use last 8 characters of key id for .asc (#3486)

Improves alignment with tools like gpg, apt-key, where the key
short form is identified by its trailing bytes, rather than the
leading bytes.

LP: #1918967

Signed-off-by: Chris Patterson <email address hidden>