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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

The changes LGTM and are rather trivial (no patches since it is in debian/*), ...
I assume as part of the Hirsute MP you'll also do a Debian submission?

BTW - we will also need a Groovy MP/upload - that built fine in your PPA, is there an MP for it?
Quite likely it is the same change there and an ultra fast-ack. So if you have the same change, don't bother (just for the process) to spin up that MP and wait for it.

But be careful there as groovy sssd is 2.3.1-3ubuntu2 which already was wrong - IMHO that should have been 2.3.1-3ubuntu0.x all the time. Not too bad since hirsute is on 2.4 but still I couldn't look away while reviewing this :-)

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