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4fc0bf3... by Sergio Durigan Junior

Regenerate d/control

105f342... by Sergio Durigan Junior


8e881d6... by Sergio Durigan Junior


2fec32d... by Sergio Durigan Junior


83fb21c... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - d/p/u/lp2003673-update-linux-headers-6.3rc5.patch,
      Drop some of the patches to Enable passthrough of IBM Z crypto
      hardware to Secure Execution guests. (LP #2003673)
      [ Applied upstream. ]

072574d... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - d/rules: Get rid of binary-helper target; explicitly invoke its
      commands under binary-{arch,indep}. This makes the build succeed
      again in Ubuntu, where binary-helper wasn't being properly invoked.
      [ Fixed in Debian. ]

2084297... by Sergio Durigan Junior

  * Drop changes:
    - d/rules: Incorporate the following changes from Debian unstable, in
      order to fix the FTBFS caused by -fcf-protection:
      + d/rules: move icons install rules to install-misc section
      + d/rules: stop running whole thing with dh, take back *-indep sequence
      + d/rules: implement arch-dependent install/build targets without dh too
      [ Fixed in Debian. ]

051572d... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - d/p/u/lp2003673-*.patch: Enable passthrough of IBM Z crypto
      hardware to Secure Execution guests. (LP: #2003673)

be59b52... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - Remaining GCC-12 FTBFS (LP 1988710 + LP 1921664)
      + d/p/u/qboot-Disable-LTO-for-ELF-binary-build-step.patch:
        fix qboot FTBFS with LTO

6dd5b25... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - Ease the use of module retention on upgrades (LP 1913421)
      - debian/qemu-block-extra.postinst: enable mount unit on install/upgrade