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5f5cf72... by Sergio Durigan Junior on 2020-06-23


7d6740d... by Sergio Durigan Junior on 2020-06-19

  * Fix segmentation fault that happens when using the snmpv3 protocol
    with snmpbulkget. (LP: #1877027)
    - d/p/move-securityStateRef-into-free_securityStateRef.patch:
      Consolidate the check of the securityStateRef pointer into the
      free_securityStateRef function.
    - d/p/prevent-snmpv3-bulkget-errors-double-free.patch:
      Prevent snmpv3 bulkget errors from becoming resulting in a
      double free.
    - d/p/fix-usmStateReference-free.patch:
      Fix typo on usm_free_usmStateReference from last patch.
    - d/p/unexport-struct-usmStateReference.patch:
      Unexport struct usmStateReference and to prevent ABI breakages,
      since it will be necessary to add a reference count to it.
    - d/p/introduce-refcount-usmStateReference.patch:
      Introduce refcount in the struct usmStateReference, and adjust
      code to properly use the field.

bea3ca6... by Rafael David Tinoco on 2020-04-09


a46486c... by Rafael David Tinoco on 2020-04-09

* d/p/lp1871307-log-once-proc-net-if_inet6-failure.patch (LP: #1871307):
  - MIB-II: Only log once that opening /proc/net/if_inet6 failed

49f443e... by Rafael David Tinoco on 2019-12-13

Import patches-unapplied version 5.8+dfsg-2ubuntu1 to ubuntu/focal-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Upload parent: 50b42af6a38c2d07012bdea6bd32d887970c9822

50b42af... by Rafael David Tinoco on 2019-12-13


ad31740... by Rafael David Tinoco on 2019-12-13


a9a9ec4... by Rafael David Tinoco on 2019-12-13


737aa6f... by Rafael David Tinoco on 2019-12-12

 * d/p/fix-check-hr-filesys-autofs.patch:
   - On Linux getmntent() is available but getfsstat() not.
     Hence remove #if HAVE_GETFSSTAT from around the HRFS_type

3bff788... by Rafael David Tinoco on 2019-12-13

 * Drop:
   - d/p/put-paranthesis-around-macros-which-are-expressions.patch:
     put paranthesis around macros which are expressions. (LP: #1843036)
     [Fixed in 5.8+dfsg-2]