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lp:~sergefp/maria/mysql-trunk-bugfixing-we-took-subq-bugfixes-from 1 Development 2011-01-14 16:20:56 UTC
3474. Bug #50914 mysqlbinlog not handling...

Author: <email address hidden>
Revision Date: 2010-12-29 05:35:31 UTC

Bug #50914 mysqlbinlog not handling drop of current default database

mysqlbinlog only prints "use $database" statements to its output stream
when the active default database changes between events. This will cause
"No Database Selected" error when dropping and recreating that database.

To fix the problem, we clear print_event_info->db when printing an event
of CREATE/DROP/ALTER database statements, so that the Query_log_event
after such statements will be printed with the use 'db' anyway except
transaction keywords.

lp:~sergefp/mysql-server/mysql-6.0-wl4800 1 Development 2009-11-23 13:41:09 UTC
2837. the content of the optimizer trace on...

Author: Guilhem Bichot
Revision Date: 2009-11-23 13:41:09 UTC

the content of the optimizer trace on the example has changed after the merge.

lp:~sergefp/mysql-server/mysql-6.0-opt 1 Development 2009-06-02 21:58:56 UTC
2740. Fixed bug #45092. When the descriptor...

Author: Igor Babaev
Revision Date: 2009-06-02 21:58:56 UTC

Fixed bug #45092.
When the descriptors of the data fields stored in a join buffer
are created first the descriptors of the the fields used in
building access keys are constructed. The construction is done
with a call of the function add_table_data_fields_to_join_cache.
One of the parameters of this function, namely field_set, specifies
for what fields the descriptors are to be constructed. This function
is called once again for the remaining fields.
As the function adds new elements to the array of the field
descriptors it has to save the number of the descriptors that
has been already built in order to be able continue adding them
later. The same is true for the array of pointers to the field
descriptors that is created for blob fields.
However the length of this array was not been saved. As a result,
when the remaining blob fields were processed the pointers to
their field descriptors overwrote the pointers to the descriptors
of the blob fields used to build the access keys.

lp:~sergefp/mysql-server/mysql-6.0-opt-subqueries 1 Development 2009-04-14 18:28:03 UTC
2729. Merge mysql-6.0 -> mysql-6.0-opt

Author: Sergey Petrunia
Revision Date: 2009-03-20 13:47:48 UTC

Merge mysql-6.0 -> mysql-6.0-opt

lp:~sergefp/mysql-server/mysql-6.0-explain-conds 1 Development 2009-03-20 17:42:21 UTC
2693. WL#4520: Fix bad merge (kdiff3 messed...

Author: Sergey Petrunia
Revision Date: 2009-03-20 17:42:21 UTC

WL#4520: Fix bad merge (kdiff3 messed up charsets)

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