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29. By Serge Hallyn

fix use of sysvinit-isms

28. By Serge Hallyn

debian/apparmor.init: do nothing in a container. This can be removed
once stacked profiles are supported and used by lxc. (LP: #978297)

27. By Colin Watson

debian/control: Make dh-apparmor Multi-Arch: foreign, so that it can
satisfy cross-build-dependencies.

26. By Jamie Strandboge

* New upstream release. Fixes the following issues in support of LXC
  AppArmor support for beta-2:
  - Fix the return size of aa_getprocattr (LP: #962521)
  - Fix mnt_flags passed for remount
  - Fix dfa minimization around the nonmatching state
  - Factor all the permissions dump code into a single perms method
* debian/apparmor-utils.install:
  - AppArmor now installs apparmor.vim. Move it into place
  - install aa-exec
* debian/apparmor-utils.manpages: install aa-exec man page
* debian/patches/0003-add-aa-easyprof.patch: refresh for Makefile changes
* debian/patches/0005-clean-common-from-vim.patch: clean up 'common'
* 0006-use-linux-capability-h.patch: Use linux/capability.h instead of

25. By Jamie Strandboge

* New upstream release. Fixes: LP: #948147
* debian/lib/apparmor/functions: Update to support the feature directory so
  that caching will work on kernels that support the feature dir. Patch
  based on work from John Johansen. LP: #954469

24. By Jamie Strandboge

* New upstream bug fix release which fixes (in addition to other bugs):
  - LP: #940362
  - LP: #947617
  - LP: #949891
* Drop the following patches, included upstream:
  - 0004-lp918879.patch
  - 0007-lp941506.patch
  - 0008-lp941503.patch
  - 0009-lp943161.patch
* Drop the following patch, no longer required:
  - 0005-disable-minimization.patch
* Rename 0006-lp941808.patch 0004-lp941808.patch
* debian/patches/0001-add-chromium-browser.patch: update for additional
  denials with newer chromium-browser. (LP: #937723)
* debian/put-all-profiles-in-complain-mode.sh: deal with existing flags

23. By Colin Watson

Restore dpkg-maintscript-helper changes from 2.7.0-0ubuntu6, lost in

22. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/patches/0009-lp943161.patch: update to not fail when
default-jre-headless is installed (LP: #945019)

21. By Jamie Strandboge

* debian/control: dh-apparmor should Breaks/Replaces on debhelper
  9.20120115ubuntu3, not 9.20120115ubuntu2
* debian/patches/0006-lp941808.patch: allow writes to
  /{,var/}run/sendsigs.omit.d/*dnsmasq.pid for network manager integration
  (LP: #941808)
* debian/patches/0007-lp941506.patch: allow reads to ~/.drirc in the X
  abstraction (LP: #941506)
* debian/patches/0008-lp941503.patch: allow read access to
  /usr/share/texmf/fonts in fonts abstraction (LP: #941503)
* debian/patches/0009-lp943161.patch: fix path to java in
  ubuntu-browsers.d/java (LP: #943161)

20. By Jamie Strandboge

* New upstream release which also pulls in 2.7.0-1 changes from Debian.
  For the sake of simplicity, I have added the 2.7.0-1 changelog entry after
  2.7.0-0ubuntu7 even though chronologically it appeared in Debian between
  2.7.0-0ubuntu4 and 2.7.0-0ubuntu5.
  - LP: #940422 (FFe)
* Drop the following patches, included upstream:
  - 0003-commits-through-r1882.patch
  - 0004-lp887992.patch
  - 0005-lp884748.patch
  - 0006-lp870992.patch
  - 0007-lp860856.patch
  - 0008-lp852062.patch
  - 0009-lp851977.patch
  - 0010-lp890894.patch
  - 0011-lp817956.patch
  - 0012-lp458922.patch
  - 0013-lp769148.patch
  - 0014-lp904548.patch
  - 0015-lp712584.patch
  - 0016-lp562831.patch
  - 0017-lp662906.patch
  - 0018-deny-home-pki-so.patch
  - 0019-lp899963.patch
  - 0020-lp912754a.patch
  - 0021-lp912754b.patch
  - 0022-workaround-lp851986.patch
  - 0023-syslog-ng-needs-dac-read-search.patch
  - 0024-fix-python-and-ruby-autogeneration.patch
  - 0025-lp914184.patch
  - 0026-lp914190.patch
  - 0027-lp914386.patch
  - 0028-testsuite-fixes.patch
  - 0029-lp917628.patch
  - 0030-lp916285.patch
  - 0031-lp917639.patch
  - 0032-lp917641.patch
  - 0033-add-ubuntu-helpers-to-plugins-common.patch
  - 0034-lp917859.patch
  - 0035-kde-should-use-kde4.patch
  - 0036-lp929531.patch
  - 0036-fix-manpage-errors.patch
* Rename 0037-add-aa-easyprof.patch 0003-add-aa-easyprof.patch
* debian/apparmor-profiles.postrm: clean out autogenerated files created by
  apparmor-profiles.postinst (Closes: 656451)
* debian/patches/0004-lp918879.patch: allow /etc/drirc in the X abstraction
  (LP: #918879)
* debian/patches/0005-disable-minimization.patch: do to LP: 940362,
  minimization is not working correctly. Disable it for now.

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