Code review comment for lp:~semiosis/livecd-rootfs/fix-for-1565985

Louis Zuckerman (semiosis) wrote :

How to use/test:

I did all my development & testing on the official xenial vagrant box (dogfooding!)

The build will exceed the space available on / on the vagrant box so I had to disable some of the other hook scripts that were unrelated.

If you have about 10 GB free on / you should be able to build all of the images in ubuntu-cpc.

Here's how...

# First, set up the build tools and workspace.
# The scripts require that you work in /build

sudo -i
apt-get install -y livecd-rootfs
mkdir -p /build/chroot
cd /build
cp -a /usr/share/livecd-rootfs/live-build/auto .

# All the hard work is done with live-build (lb command)
# and we have to configure it with environment variables

export SUITE=xenial
export ARCH=amd64
export PROJECT=ubuntu-cpc
export MIRROR=

# Now we can have live-build set up the workspace

lb config

# If you're short on time or disk space you can disable
# some of the builders. Go into /build/config/hooks and
# remove these scripts which are unrelated to vagrant:
# 032-root-squashfs.binary 033-disk-image-uefi.binary
# 034-disk-image-ppc64el.binary 040-qcow2-image.binary
# 040-vmdk-image.binary 041-vmdk-ova-image.binary

# And finally, start the build

lb build

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