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Recent revisions

37. By DicsyDel

* Added tasks scheduler
* Added autosnapshoting fro RDS instances
* Added ability to update SOA refresh
* Added AMI filter during Spot instances request
* Fixed fresh SQL dump (Thanks to: Ryan J. Froehlich)
* Various bugfixes and improvements.
* Added ability to download logs as csv file.
* Fixed issues with statistics (Thanks to: Ryan J. Froehlich)
* Improved navigation menu.

36. By DicsyDel

* Fixed database.sql (missed columns in events table).
* fixed upgrade script.

35. By DicsyDel
34. By DicsyDel

1.2.0 Stable Release
Events system improvements:
* Added new events: OnDNSZoneUpdated, OnEBSVolumeAttached

Scripting engine improvements:
* Added the %zone_name% variable for scripts executed on DNSZoneUpdate event
* Added the %new_ip_address% variable for scripts executed on IPAddressChanged event
* Added the %volume_id% and %mountpoint% variables for scripts executed on EBSVolumeMounted event
* The ability to execute scripts from the Scripts view page.

Snapshots manager improvements:
* Remove multiple snapshots in one time
* Share snapshots!

API improvements:
* Added methods: LaunchInstance, TerminateInstance, GetFarmDetails, GetScriptDetails, RebootInstance, GetEvents, GetLogs
* Added methods for working with DNS zones: ListDNSZones, ListDNSZoneRecords, AddDNSZoneRecord and RemoveDNSZoneRecord
* Improved the ExecuteScript method.
* Added LA for each instance to the GetFarmDetails method
* Added the ability to execute scripts with specified revision and parameters

Core improvements:
* Amazon RDS support
* Amazon Spot instances support.
* Amazon CloudWatch support (fine grained monitoring)
* Amazon VPC support (enterprise feature, deploy on non-shared servers)
* Rewrote the “Synchronize to all” feature. Cleaner and more reliable now.
* Same goes for AutoEBS and AutoEIP. Cleaner and more reliable.
* When you create a new AMI for a custom role, you can now switch over to it immediately.
* And the long awaited “Keep me logged in” checkbox on the login page!
* Filters for instances on the Servers view page.
* CloudFront distributions for domains not managed by Scalr.
* The ability to remove Elastic Load Balancers.
* Support for new region: us-west-1 (deploy on the west coast!)
* A new page with more details on the instance.
* Increased page load speed. Optimized js code. (faster, better interface!)
* An improved MySQL status page for your Farms
* The ability to set whether Scalr should terminate or reboot instances that fail to respond to SNMP calls.
* The ability to slowdown the scaling process
* Support for new instance types, the high memory instances (32 and 68GB of memory)
* The ability to add Google Apps MX records in the Zone Edit page in a single click.
* The ability to edit system DNS records. For advanced clients.
* The ability to set both size and snapshot for Role auto EBS (previously just one)
* Added ability to edit farm role specified security group
* Added Hide terminated instances checkbox on instances list.
* Added ability to view all instances (include non-scalr ones)
* Added ability to set system timezone for clients (Logs, Events, API logs)
* Fixed bug in garbage.php with “select all” checkbox
* Fixed bug with default SSH port (see thread)
* More than 200 bugs was fixed and tons of other internal improvements.

33. By DicsyDel
32. By DicsyDel
31. By DicsyDel

merged from 1.1.0 branch

30. By DicsyDel

1.0 Stable release

29. By DicsyDel

Added missing SQL queries to dump.

28. By DicsyDel


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