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62. By Jan Moringen on 2010-10-04

Made emission of logging messages configurable in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (dbus-proxy-enable-logging): new variable; controls
  the emission of logging messages
  (dbus-proxy-make-method): only produce logging messages when
  dbus-proxy-enable-logging is non-nil
  (dbus-proxy-make-interface-class): likewise
  (dbus-proxy-make-object-class): likewise

61. By Jan Moringen on 2010-10-04

Added possibility to specify superclass in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (dbus-proxy-make-remote-proxy): added argument
  proxy-object-class; pass the class proxy-object-class to
  (dbus-proxy-make-object-class): added argument proxy-object-class;
  when given, use the specified class instead of
  (dbus-proxy-ensure-object-class): added argument proxy-object-class;
  use as fallback

60. By Jan Moringen on 2010-10-04

Added some comments in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (dbus-proxy-transform-camel-case): added some comments

59. By Jan Moringen on 2010-10-04

Generate accessor methods when make classes in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (dbus-proxy-make-interface-class): generate accessor
  methods for all properties

58. By Jan Moringen on 2010-09-19

Fixed docstring of test in dbus-proxy-test.el
* dbus-proxy-test.el (dbus-proxy-test-make-call-arg-smoke): fixed
  documentation string

57. By Jan Moringen on 2010-09-19

Introduced global redefinition force flag in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (dbus-proxy-force-global-redefine): new variable;
  allow forcing redefinition of all object and interface classes
  (dbus-proxy-ensure-interface-class): honor
  (dbus-proxy-ensure-object-class): likewise

56. By Jan Moringen on 2010-09-19

Added readers for bus, service, object to proxy in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (dbus-proxy-remote-object::bus): added reader method
  (dbus-proxy-remote-object::service): likewise
  (dbus-proxy-remote-object::object): likewise

55. By Jan Moringen on 2010-09-19

Replace replace-string damage in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (dbus-proxy-make-interface-class): Repair
  replace-string damage, that is change property -> signal where it
  was wrongly changed

54. By Jan Moringen on 2010-08-25

Expanded commentary section in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (header): added example of code generation based on
  introspection XML to commentary section

53. By Jan Moringen on 2010-08-24

Prefixed [dis]connect with dbus-proxy- in dbus-proxy.el
* dbus-proxy.el (dbus-proxy-remote-object::dbus-proxy-connect):
  renamed `connect' -> `dbus-proxy-connect'
  (dbus-proxy-remote-object::dbus-proxy-disconnect): renamed
  `disconnect' -> `dbus-proxy-disconnect'
* dbus-proxy-test.el (dbus-proxy-test-connect): reference
  `dbus-proxy-connect' and `dbus-proxy-disconnect' by their new names
  (dbus-proxy-test-devicekit): likewise
  (dbus-proxy-test-rhythmbox): likewise

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