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64. By Jan Moringen on 2011-01-06

Use adsf system connections carefully in cl-hooks.asd
* cl-hooks.asd (toplevel): load system asdf-system-connections when it
  is available
  (system connection cl-hooks-and-bind): do not read the form when
  asdf-system-connections are not available

63. By Jan Moringen on 2011-01-04

Simplified cl-hooks-and-bind in cl-hooks.asd
* cl-hooks.asd (header): updated copyright
  (system connection cl-hooks-and-bind): removed redundant name option

62. By Jan Moringen on 2010-12-29

Fixed file names and dependencies in cl-hooks.asd
* cl-hooks.asd (system cl-hooks): fixed name of file src/mixin.lisp ->
  src/mixins.lisp; added dependencies on mixins.lisp for
  object-internal.lisp and object-external.lisp

61. By Jan Moringen on 2010-12-27

Added test report in lift-standard.config
* lift-standard.config: added report to test-results/test-report

60. By Jan Moringen on 2010-12-27

Removed redundant name options in cl-hooks.asd
* cl-hooks.asd (system cl-hooks): removed redundant name option
  (system cl-hooks-test): likewise

59. By Jan Moringen on 2010-12-26

Moved some parts into mixins in src/mixins.lisp
* src/mixins.lisp: new file; mixin classes
  internal-combination-mixin, internal-handlers-mixin,
  internal-documentation-mixin and simple-printing-mixin
* src/object-internal.lisp (object-hook): added superclasses
  internal-combination and simple-printing-mixin
  (object-hook::combination): removed slot; providing mixin class
  (print-object object-hook t): removed; providing mixin class
* src/object-external.lisp (external-hook): added superclasses
  internal-combination-mixin, internal-handlers-mixin,
  internal-documentation-mixin and simple-printing-mixin
  (external-hook::combination): removed; provided by mixin class
  (external-hook::handlers): likewise
  (external-hook::documentation): likewise
  (documentation external-hook t): remove; provided by mixin class
  (setf documentation string external-hook t): likewise
  (print-object external-hook t): likewise
* cl-hooks.asd (system cl-hooks): added file src/mixins.lisp

58. By Jan Moringen on 2010-12-26

Do not use simple-error superclass in src/conditions.lisp
* src/conditions.lisp (hook-error-mixin): renamed hook-error ->
  hook-error-mixin; changed superclass simple-error -> error
  (no-such-hook): changed superclass name hook-error ->
  (duplicate-handler): likewise
  (malformed-hook-handler-binding): likewise

57. By Jan Moringen on 2010-12-03

Improved return values of object-hook in src/object-internal.lisp
* src/object-internal.lisp (object-hook standard-object symbol): do
  not return all values of gethash

56. By Jan Moringen on 2010-12-03

Renamed define-internal-hook-activation in src/macros.lisp
* src/macros.lisp (define-internal-hook-activation): renamed
  define-per-instance-activated-hook ->
  define-internal-hook-activation; use `define-hook-activation'
* src/package.lisp (package hooks): renamed exported symbol
  define-per-instance-activated-hook ->

55. By Jan Moringen on 2010-12-03

Added define-external-hook-activation in src/macros.lisp
* src/macros.lisp (define-external-hook-activation): new macro;
  execute code when an external hook becomes active
* src/package.lisp (package hooks): added exported symbol

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