Merge lp:~sbi/openobject-addons/trunk-bug1101811 into lp:openobject-addons/7.0

Proposed by qdp (OpenERP) on 2013-02-25
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 8759
Proposed branch: lp:~sbi/openobject-addons/trunk-bug1101811
Merge into: lp:openobject-addons/7.0
Diff against target: 1172530 lines (+936480/-47520) (has conflicts)
5493 files modified
account/i18n/ar.po (+2753/-69)
account/i18n/bg.po (+1874/-9)
account/i18n/br.po (+34/-4)
account/i18n/bs.po (+1497/-9)
account/i18n/ca.po (+3539/-9)
account/i18n/cs.po (+1826/-8)
account/i18n/da.po (+251/-4)
account/i18n/de.po (+4255/-143)
account/i18n/el.po (+2121/-4)
account/i18n/en_GB.po (+1153/-2)
account/i18n/en_US.po (+23/-4)
account/i18n/es.po (+4236/-9)
account/i18n/es_AR.po (+2005/-9)
account/i18n/es_CL.po (+146/-4)
account/i18n/es_CR.po (+4251/-9)
account/i18n/es_DO.po (+50/-2)
account/i18n/es_EC.po (+4095/-6)
account/i18n/es_MX.po (+10/-0)
account/i18n/es_PY.po (+2211/-3)
account/i18n/es_UY.po (+343/-2)
account/i18n/es_VE.po (+98/-2)
account/i18n/et.po (+1132/-44)
account/i18n/eu.po (+27/-4)
account/i18n/fa.po (+30/-4)
account/i18n/fa_AF.po (+8/-3)
account/i18n/fi.po (+2386/-4)
account/i18n/fr.po (+4340/-195)
account/i18n/fr_BE.po (+20/-4)
account/i18n/gl.po (+1313/-4)
account/i18n/gu.po (+143/-4)
account/i18n/he.po (+18/-4)
account/i18n/hi.po (+67/-4)
account/i18n/hr.po (+3239/-6)
account/i18n/hu.po (+2470/-6)
account/i18n/id.po (+1212/-4)
account/i18n/it.po (+3569/-9)
account/i18n/ja.po (+1818/-2)
account/i18n/kab.po (+21/-4)
account/i18n/kk.po (+32/-3)
account/i18n/ko.po (+79/-4)
account/i18n/lo.po (+71/-4)
account/i18n/lt.po (+1600/-6)
account/i18n/lv.po (+2193/-4)
account/i18n/mk.po (+1899/-3)
account/i18n/mn.po (+3735/-38)
account/i18n/nb.po (+2432/-4)
account/i18n/nl.po (+4135/-70)
account/i18n/nl_BE.po (+3352/-10)
account/i18n/oc.po (+262/-4)
account/i18n/pl.po (+3583/-11)
account/i18n/pt.po (+4224/-13)
account/i18n/pt_BR.po (+4172/-6)
account/i18n/ro.po (+4331/-347)
account/i18n/ru.po (+2868/-6)
account/i18n/si.po (+14/-4)
account/i18n/sk.po (+127/-12)
account/i18n/sl.po (+2988/-366)
account/i18n/sq.po (+251/-5)
account/i18n/sr.po (+1525/-4)
account/i18n/sr@latin.po (+1570/-6)
account/i18n/sv.po (+3844/-6)
account/i18n/ta.po (+24/-4)
account/i18n/te.po (+182/-4)
account/i18n/th.po (+196/-4)
account/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
account/i18n/tr.po (+3646/-5)
account/i18n/ug.po (+31/-4)
account/i18n/uk.po (+731/-9)
account/i18n/ur.po (+8/-3)
account/i18n/vi.po (+2381/-5)
account/i18n/zh_CN.po (+3754/-34)
account/i18n/zh_HK.po (+52/-4)
account/i18n/zh_TW.po (+1825/-6)
account_accountant/i18n/ar.po (+24/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/az.po (+23/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/bg.po (+24/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/bn.po (+22/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/bs.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/ca.po (+24/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/cs.po (+29/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/da.po (+24/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/de.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/el.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/en_GB.po (+32/-2)
account_accountant/i18n/es.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/es_CR.po (+30/-7)
account_accountant/i18n/es_DO.po (+7/-2)
account_accountant/i18n/es_EC.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/es_MX.po (+8/-2)
account_accountant/i18n/es_PY.po (+24/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/et.po (+6/-1)
account_accountant/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/fi.po (+11/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/fr.po (+26/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/gl.po (+24/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/he.po (+8/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/hi.po (+12/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/hr.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/hu.po (+31/-11)
account_accountant/i18n/id.po (+24/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/it.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/ja.po (+20/-1)
account_accountant/i18n/ko.po (+23/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/lo.po (+24/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/lt.po (+24/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/lv.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/mk.po (+23/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/mn.po (+19/-2)
account_accountant/i18n/nb.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/nl.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/nl_BE.po (+24/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/oc.po (+24/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/pl.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/pt.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/pt_BR.po (+26/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/ro.po (+25/-5)
account_accountant/i18n/ru.po (+29/-5)
account_accountant/i18n/sk.po (+12/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/sl.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/sr.po (+12/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/sr@latin.po (+27/-6)
account_accountant/i18n/sv.po (+32/-2)
account_accountant/i18n/ta.po (+24/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/th.po (+12/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/tr.po (+27/-2)
account_accountant/i18n/uk.po (+8/-3)
account_accountant/i18n/vi.po (+25/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/zh_CN.po (+23/-4)
account_accountant/i18n/zh_TW.po (+19/-2)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ar.po (+140/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/bg.po (+143/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/bs.po (+165/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ca.po (+172/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/cs.po (+48/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/da.po (+44/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/de.po (+206/-14)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/el.po (+147/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/en_GB.po (+145/-0)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es.po (+204/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_AR.po (+135/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_CR.po (+205/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_EC.po (+204/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_MX.po (+7/-2)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_PY.po (+105/-3)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/et.po (+134/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/fi.po (+133/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/fr.po (+233/-32)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/gl.po (+171/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/gu.po (+49/-2)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/hr.po (+113/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/hu.po (+165/-87)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/id.po (+16/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/it.po (+204/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ja.po (+123/-2)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ko.po (+122/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/lt.po (+106/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/lv.po (+122/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/mk.po (+24/-3)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/mn.po (+216/-20)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/nb.po (+180/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/nl.po (+221/-19)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-3)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/oc.po (+54/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/pl.po (+160/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/pt.po (+207/-7)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/pt_BR.po (+203/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ro.po (+247/-114)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ru.po (+172/-6)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sl.po (+188/-73)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sr.po (+138/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sr@latin.po (+194/-6)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sv.po (+183/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/tr.po (+192/-2)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/uk.po (+42/-9)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/vi.po (+48/-4)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/zh_CN.po (+187/-6)
account_analytic_analysis/i18n/zh_TW.po (+58/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/ar.po (+102/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/bg.po (+65/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/bs.po (+33/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/ca.po (+103/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/cs.po (+33/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/da.po (+12/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/de.po (+105/-20)
account_analytic_default/i18n/el.po (+45/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/es.po (+109/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/es_AR.po (+31/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/es_CR.po (+110/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/es_EC.po (+109/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/es_MX.po (+13/-0)
account_analytic_default/i18n/es_PY.po (+79/-3)
account_analytic_default/i18n/et.po (+36/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_analytic_default/i18n/fi.po (+84/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/fr.po (+109/-19)
account_analytic_default/i18n/gl.po (+101/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/gu.po (+9/-1)
account_analytic_default/i18n/hr.po (+96/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/hu.po (+93/-10)
account_analytic_default/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/it.po (+78/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/ja.po (+75/-2)
account_analytic_default/i18n/ko.po (+25/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/lt.po (+24/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/lv.po (+77/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/mn.po (+87/-2)
account_analytic_default/i18n/nb.po (+95/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/nl.po (+104/-17)
account_analytic_default/i18n/nl_BE.po (+71/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/oc.po (+30/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/pl.po (+87/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/pt.po (+106/-6)
account_analytic_default/i18n/pt_BR.po (+107/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/ro.po (+115/-29)
account_analytic_default/i18n/ru.po (+108/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/sk.po (+29/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/sl.po (+85/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_analytic_default/i18n/sr.po (+75/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/sr@latin.po (+97/-6)
account_analytic_default/i18n/sv.po (+95/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/tr.po (+98/-6)
account_analytic_default/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/vi.po (+15/-4)
account_analytic_default/i18n/zh_CN.po (+91/-9)
account_analytic_default/i18n/zh_TW.po (+54/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/ar.po (+199/-13)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/bg.po (+80/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/bs.po (+43/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/ca.po (+253/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/cs.po (+30/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/de.po (+314/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/el.po (+235/-4)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/es.po (+310/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_AR.po (+146/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_CR.po (+311/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_EC.po (+298/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_MX.po (+42/-2)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_PY.po (+140/-3)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/et.po (+45/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/fi.po (+86/-4)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/fr.po (+316/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/gl.po (+249/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/gu.po (+17/-1)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/hr.po (+183/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/hu.po (+147/-10)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/id.po (+16/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/it.po (+174/-21)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/ja.po (+176/-2)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/ko.po (+135/-4)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/lt.po (+25/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/lv.po (+140/-4)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/mn.po (+207/-4)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/nb.po (+112/-2)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/nl.po (+315/-6)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/oc.po (+24/-4)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/pl.po (+225/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/pt.po (+310/-6)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/pt_BR.po (+294/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/ro.po (+325/-22)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/ru.po (+241/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/sl.po (+141/-34)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/sr.po (+205/-4)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/sr@latin.po (+232/-6)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/sv.po (+200/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/tr.po (+207/-2)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/vi.po (+27/-4)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_CN.po (+275/-9)
account_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_TW.po (+112/-9)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ar.po (+77/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/bg.po (+62/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ca.po (+60/-3)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/cs.po (+63/-0)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/da.po (+15/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/de.po (+116/-8)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/el.po (+47/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/en_GB.po (+72/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es.po (+110/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es_CR.po (+114/-7)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es_EC.po (+112/-6)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es_MX.po (+22/-2)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es_PY.po (+25/-3)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/et.po (+15/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/fi.po (+26/-3)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/fr.po (+78/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/gl.po (+57/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/hi.po (+25/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/hr.po (+52/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/hu.po (+57/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/id.po (+12/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/it.po (+33/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ja.po (+64/-2)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/lv.po (+56/-3)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/mn.po (+41/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/nb.po (+29/-1)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/nl.po (+106/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/nl_BE.po (+40/-2)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/oc.po (+12/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/pl.po (+48/-3)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/pt.po (+35/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/pt_BR.po (+74/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ro.po (+76/-7)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ru.po (+60/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/sl.po (+25/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/sr@latin.po (+60/-6)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/sv.po (+76/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ta.po (+18/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/tr.po (+61/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/zh_CN.po (+68/-4)
account_anglo_saxon/i18n/zh_TW.po (+34/-4)
account_asset/i18n/ar.po (+219/-9)
account_asset/i18n/ca.po (+225/-4)
account_asset/i18n/cs.po (+351/-8)
account_asset/i18n/da.po (+9/-4)
account_asset/i18n/de.po (+336/-14)
account_asset/i18n/es.po (+351/-4)
account_asset/i18n/es_AR.po (+12/-4)
account_asset/i18n/es_CR.po (+355/-7)
account_asset/i18n/es_EC.po (+148/-2)
account_asset/i18n/es_MX.po (+54/-2)
account_asset/i18n/et.po (+25/-2)
account_asset/i18n/fi.po (+9/-1)
account_asset/i18n/fr.po (+266/-2)
account_asset/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
account_asset/i18n/hr.po (+215/-2)
account_asset/i18n/id.po (+12/-1)
account_asset/i18n/it.po (+38/-11)
account_asset/i18n/ja.po (+135/-2)
account_asset/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
account_asset/i18n/mn.po (+146/-0)
account_asset/i18n/nb.po (+145/-1)
account_asset/i18n/nl.po (+154/-6)
account_asset/i18n/nl_BE.po (+146/-2)
account_asset/i18n/pl.po (+228/-4)
account_asset/i18n/pt.po (+353/-2)
account_asset/i18n/pt_BR.po (+177/-4)
account_asset/i18n/ro.po (+207/-78)
account_asset/i18n/ru.po (+197/-3)
account_asset/i18n/sl.po (+60/-18)
account_asset/i18n/sr@latin.po (+221/-4)
account_asset/i18n/sv.po (+164/-9)
account_asset/i18n/tr.po (+147/-0)
account_asset/i18n/vi.po (+66/-4)
account_asset/i18n/zh_CN.po (+133/-2)
account_asset/i18n/zh_TW.po (+133/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/ar.po (+51/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/de.po (+53/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/es.po (+54/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/es_CR.po (+55/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/es_EC.po (+51/-1)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/es_MX.po (+26/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/fi.po (+6/-1)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/fr.po (+53/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/gu.po (+23/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/hr.po (+10/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/it.po (+19/-4)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/ja.po (+45/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/mn.po (+13/-0)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/nb.po (+52/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/nl.po (+64/-0)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/pl.po (+46/-1)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/pt.po (+55/-0)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/pt_BR.po (+52/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/ro.po (+66/-18)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/sl.po (+357/-0)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/sr@latin.po (+51/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/sv.po (+52/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/tr.po (+55/-0)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/zh_CN.po (+48/-2)
account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/zh_TW.po (+48/-2)
account_budget/i18n/ar.po (+100/-9)
account_budget/i18n/bg.po (+205/-9)
account_budget/i18n/bs.po (+105/-9)
account_budget/i18n/ca.po (+270/-9)
account_budget/i18n/cs.po (+37/-9)
account_budget/i18n/da.po (+18/-4)
account_budget/i18n/de.po (+249/-9)
account_budget/i18n/el.po (+173/-4)
account_budget/i18n/en_GB.po (+103/-0)
account_budget/i18n/es.po (+270/-9)
account_budget/i18n/es_AR.po (+177/-9)
account_budget/i18n/es_CR.po (+271/-9)
account_budget/i18n/es_EC.po (+260/-9)
account_budget/i18n/es_MX.po (+7/-3)
account_budget/i18n/es_PY.po (+106/-3)
account_budget/i18n/et.po (+108/-9)
account_budget/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_budget/i18n/fi.po (+63/-10)
account_budget/i18n/fr.po (+185/-9)
account_budget/i18n/gl.po (+263/-9)
account_budget/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
account_budget/i18n/he.po (+8/-3)
account_budget/i18n/hi.po (+33/-4)
account_budget/i18n/hr.po (+179/-9)
account_budget/i18n/hu.po (+54/-10)
account_budget/i18n/id.po (+46/-9)
account_budget/i18n/it.po (+123/-9)
account_budget/i18n/ja.po (+83/-2)
account_budget/i18n/ko.po (+147/-4)
account_budget/i18n/lo.po (+34/-4)
account_budget/i18n/lt.po (+58/-9)
account_budget/i18n/lv.po (+95/-4)
account_budget/i18n/mn.po (+46/-6)
account_budget/i18n/nb.po (+48/-3)
account_budget/i18n/nl.po (+203/-9)
account_budget/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
account_budget/i18n/oc.po (+57/-4)
account_budget/i18n/pl.po (+174/-9)
account_budget/i18n/pt.po (+262/-9)
account_budget/i18n/pt_BR.po (+248/-9)
account_budget/i18n/ro.po (+260/-40)
account_budget/i18n/ru.po (+150/-6)
account_budget/i18n/sl.po (+101/-6)
account_budget/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_budget/i18n/sr.po (+153/-4)
account_budget/i18n/sr@latin.po (+168/-6)
account_budget/i18n/sv.po (+120/-6)
account_budget/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
account_budget/i18n/tr.po (+159/-2)
account_budget/i18n/uk.po (+60/-9)
account_budget/i18n/vi.po (+14/-3)
account_budget/i18n/zh_CN.po (+222/-9)
account_budget/i18n/zh_TW.po (+41/-6)
account_cancel/i18n/ar.po (+23/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/bg.po (+24/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/bn.po (+22/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/br.po (+12/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/bs.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/ca.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/cs.po (+7/-2)
account_cancel/i18n/da.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/de.po (+23/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/el.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/en_GB.po (+23/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/es.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/es_CL.po (+6/-1)
account_cancel/i18n/es_CR.po (+28/-7)
account_cancel/i18n/es_EC.po (+23/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/es_MX.po (+6/-1)
account_cancel/i18n/es_PY.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/fi.po (+6/-1)
account_cancel/i18n/fr.po (+28/-9)
account_cancel/i18n/gl.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
account_cancel/i18n/hi.po (+12/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/hr.po (+23/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/hu.po (+29/-10)
account_cancel/i18n/id.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/it.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/ja.po (+22/-2)
account_cancel/i18n/kk.po (+6/-1)
account_cancel/i18n/lo.po (+12/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
account_cancel/i18n/lv.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/mk.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/mn.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/nb.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/nl.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/nl_BE.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/oc.po (+23/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/pl.po (+12/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/pt.po (+23/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/pt_BR.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/ro.po (+25/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/ru.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/sl.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_cancel/i18n/sr.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/sr@latin.po (+26/-6)
account_cancel/i18n/sv.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/ta.po (+24/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/tr.po (+31/-2)
account_cancel/i18n/vi.po (+23/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/zh_CN.po (+22/-4)
account_cancel/i18n/zh_TW.po (+7/-2)
account_chart/i18n/ar.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/bg.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/ca.po (+14/-9)
account_chart/i18n/cs.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/da.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/de.po (+14/-9)
account_chart/i18n/el.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/en_GB.po (+8/-3)
account_chart/i18n/es.po (+14/-9)
account_chart/i18n/es_AR.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/es_CL.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/es_CR.po (+15/-9)
account_chart/i18n/es_EC.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/es_MX.po (+8/-2)
account_chart/i18n/es_PY.po (+8/-3)
account_chart/i18n/et.po (+14/-10)
account_chart/i18n/eu.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_chart/i18n/fi.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/fr.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/gl.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
account_chart/i18n/hi.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/hr.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/hu.po (+15/-10)
account_chart/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/it.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
account_chart/i18n/ko.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/lo.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/lv.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/mk.po (+8/-3)
account_chart/i18n/mn.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/nb.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/nl.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/oc.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/pt.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/pt_BR.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/ro.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/ru.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/sk.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/sl.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_chart/i18n/sr.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
account_chart/i18n/sv.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/ta.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/th.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/tr.po (+16/-6)
account_chart/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/vi.po (+9/-4)
account_chart/i18n/zh_CN.po (+13/-9)
account_chart/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
account_check_writing/i18n/ar.po (+35/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/de.po (+57/-11)
account_check_writing/i18n/es.po (+51/-3)
account_check_writing/i18n/es_CR.po (+47/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/es_EC.po (+45/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/es_MX.po (+22/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/fi.po (+6/-1)
account_check_writing/i18n/fr.po (+47/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/gu.po (+9/-1)
account_check_writing/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/ja.po (+42/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
account_check_writing/i18n/mn.po (+10/-0)
account_check_writing/i18n/nb.po (+44/-1)
account_check_writing/i18n/nl.po (+59/-28)
account_check_writing/i18n/pl.po (+9/-1)
account_check_writing/i18n/pt.po (+54/-0)
account_check_writing/i18n/pt_BR.po (+48/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/ro.po (+66/-13)
account_check_writing/i18n/ru.po (+8/-3)
account_check_writing/i18n/sl.po (+245/-0)
account_check_writing/i18n/sr@latin.po (+46/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/sv.po (+30/-1)
account_check_writing/i18n/tr.po (+53/-0)
account_check_writing/i18n/zh_CN.po (+41/-2)
account_check_writing/i18n/zh_TW.po (+42/-3)
account_followup/i18n/ar.po (+458/-32)
account_followup/i18n/bg.po (+139/-9)
account_followup/i18n/bs.po (+266/-9)
account_followup/i18n/ca.po (+592/-9)
account_followup/i18n/cs.po (+16/-9)
account_followup/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
account_followup/i18n/de.po (+777/-230)
account_followup/i18n/el.po (+322/-4)
account_followup/i18n/es.po (+762/-9)
account_followup/i18n/es_AR.po (+283/-9)
account_followup/i18n/es_CR.po (+763/-9)
account_followup/i18n/es_EC.po (+296/-9)
account_followup/i18n/es_PY.po (+373/-3)
account_followup/i18n/et.po (+90/-9)
account_followup/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_followup/i18n/fi.po (+407/-4)
account_followup/i18n/fr.po (+712/-103)
account_followup/i18n/gl.po (+349/-4)
account_followup/i18n/hr.po (+197/-9)
account_followup/i18n/hu.po (+409/-10)
account_followup/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
account_followup/i18n/it.po (+459/-9)
account_followup/i18n/ja.po (+333/-2)
account_followup/i18n/ko.po (+249/-4)
account_followup/i18n/lt.po (+60/-9)
account_followup/i18n/mn.po (+79/-8)
account_followup/i18n/nb.po (+454/-4)
account_followup/i18n/nl.po (+800/-275)
account_followup/i18n/nl_BE.po (+322/-9)
account_followup/i18n/oc.po (+45/-4)
account_followup/i18n/pl.po (+286/-9)
account_followup/i18n/pt.po (+761/-6)
account_followup/i18n/pt_BR.po (+483/-6)
account_followup/i18n/ro.po (+865/-364)
account_followup/i18n/ru.po (+291/-9)
account_followup/i18n/sl.po (+130/-27)
account_followup/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_followup/i18n/sr.po (+448/-4)
account_followup/i18n/sr@latin.po (+549/-6)
account_followup/i18n/sv.po (+470/-6)
account_followup/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
account_followup/i18n/tr.po (+686/-6)
account_followup/i18n/uk.po (+75/-9)
account_followup/i18n/vi.po (+60/-3)
account_followup/i18n/zh_CN.po (+681/-9)
account_followup/i18n/zh_TW.po (+351/-9)
account_payment/i18n/am.po (+7/-2)
account_payment/i18n/ar.po (+138/-13)
account_payment/i18n/bg.po (+71/-9)
account_payment/i18n/bs.po (+117/-9)
account_payment/i18n/ca.po (+178/-9)
account_payment/i18n/cs.po (+31/-9)
account_payment/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
account_payment/i18n/de.po (+210/-9)
account_payment/i18n/el.po (+160/-4)
account_payment/i18n/es.po (+207/-9)
account_payment/i18n/es_AR.po (+128/-9)
account_payment/i18n/es_CL.po (+8/-3)
account_payment/i18n/es_CR.po (+208/-9)
account_payment/i18n/es_EC.po (+202/-9)
account_payment/i18n/es_PY.po (+100/-3)
account_payment/i18n/et.po (+129/-9)
account_payment/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_payment/i18n/fi.po (+137/-4)
account_payment/i18n/fr.po (+211/-9)
account_payment/i18n/gl.po (+99/-3)
account_payment/i18n/hi.po (+31/-4)
account_payment/i18n/hr.po (+82/-9)
account_payment/i18n/hu.po (+107/-10)
account_payment/i18n/id.po (+100/-9)
account_payment/i18n/it.po (+102/-9)
account_payment/i18n/ja.po (+95/-2)
account_payment/i18n/ko.po (+118/-4)
account_payment/i18n/lt.po (+51/-9)
account_payment/i18n/lv.po (+74/-1)
account_payment/i18n/mn.po (+182/-2)
account_payment/i18n/nb.po (+90/-4)
account_payment/i18n/nl.po (+224/-29)
account_payment/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
account_payment/i18n/oc.po (+57/-4)
account_payment/i18n/pl.po (+171/-9)
account_payment/i18n/pt.po (+201/-6)
account_payment/i18n/pt_BR.po (+211/-9)
account_payment/i18n/ro.po (+223/-38)
account_payment/i18n/ru.po (+176/-9)
account_payment/i18n/sl.po (+123/-25)
account_payment/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_payment/i18n/sr.po (+130/-4)
account_payment/i18n/sr@latin.po (+174/-6)
account_payment/i18n/sv.po (+198/-9)
account_payment/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
account_payment/i18n/tr.po (+166/-6)
account_payment/i18n/uk.po (+30/-9)
account_payment/i18n/vi.po (+37/-4)
account_payment/i18n/zh_CN.po (+191/-9)
account_payment/i18n/zh_TW.po (+43/-9)
account_sequence/i18n/ar.po (+86/-2)
account_sequence/i18n/bg.po (+27/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/ca.po (+56/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/da.po (+18/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/de.po (+96/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/el.po (+10/-1)
account_sequence/i18n/es.po (+93/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/es_CR.po (+97/-7)
account_sequence/i18n/es_EC.po (+56/-2)
account_sequence/i18n/es_PY.po (+55/-3)
account_sequence/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_sequence/i18n/fr.po (+101/-9)
account_sequence/i18n/gl.po (+55/-3)
account_sequence/i18n/hr.po (+35/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/hu.po (+55/-3)
account_sequence/i18n/id.po (+14/-3)
account_sequence/i18n/it.po (+53/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/ja.po (+48/-2)
account_sequence/i18n/lv.po (+55/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/nb.po (+56/-3)
account_sequence/i18n/nl.po (+100/-2)
account_sequence/i18n/nl_BE.po (+58/-2)
account_sequence/i18n/pl.po (+91/-3)
account_sequence/i18n/pt.po (+93/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/pt_BR.po (+95/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/ro.po (+98/-7)
account_sequence/i18n/ru.po (+93/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/sl.po (+150/-0)
account_sequence/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_sequence/i18n/sr@latin.po (+56/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/sv.po (+52/-1)
account_sequence/i18n/tr.po (+92/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/vi.po (+18/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/zh_CN.po (+82/-4)
account_sequence/i18n/zh_TW.po (+53/-4)
account_test/i18n/es.po (+288/-0)
account_test/i18n/fr.po (+241/-0)
account_test/i18n/it.po (+241/-0)
account_test/i18n/nb.po (+251/-0)
account_test/i18n/nl.po (+241/-0)
account_test/i18n/pt.po (+241/-0)
account_test/i18n/ro.po (+287/-0)
account_test/i18n/sl.po (+241/-0)
account_voucher/i18n/ar.po (+298/-40)
account_voucher/i18n/bg.po (+124/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/ca.po (+440/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/cs.po (+13/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
account_voucher/i18n/de.po (+515/-22)
account_voucher/i18n/el.po (+293/-4)
account_voucher/i18n/es.po (+499/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/es_AR.po (+179/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/es_CR.po (+501/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/es_EC.po (+497/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/es_PY.po (+238/-3)
account_voucher/i18n/et.po (+192/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
account_voucher/i18n/fr.po (+448/-21)
account_voucher/i18n/gl.po (+234/-4)
account_voucher/i18n/gu.po (+22/-1)
account_voucher/i18n/hi.po (+22/-4)
account_voucher/i18n/hr.po (+151/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/hu.po (+239/-10)
account_voucher/i18n/id.po (+49/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/it.po (+422/-18)
account_voucher/i18n/ja.po (+192/-2)
account_voucher/i18n/ko.po (+155/-4)
account_voucher/i18n/lt.po (+258/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/mn.po (+235/-2)
account_voucher/i18n/nb.po (+34/-2)
account_voucher/i18n/nl.po (+569/-86)
account_voucher/i18n/nl_BE.po (+47/-10)
account_voucher/i18n/oc.po (+90/-4)
account_voucher/i18n/pl.po (+359/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/pt.po (+466/-6)
account_voucher/i18n/pt_BR.po (+375/-6)
account_voucher/i18n/ro.po (+528/-68)
account_voucher/i18n/ru.po (+228/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/sl.po (+229/-92)
account_voucher/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
account_voucher/i18n/sr.po (+212/-4)
account_voucher/i18n/sr@latin.po (+214/-6)
account_voucher/i18n/sv.po (+317/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/tr.po (+449/-6)
account_voucher/i18n/uk.po (+33/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/vi.po (+137/-4)
account_voucher/i18n/zh_CN.po (+463/-9)
account_voucher/i18n/zh_TW.po (+231/-9)
analytic/i18n/ar.po (+118/-4)
analytic/i18n/bg.po (+69/-3)
analytic/i18n/bs.po (+58/-4)
analytic/i18n/ca.po (+109/-3)
analytic/i18n/cs.po (+110/-7)
analytic/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
analytic/i18n/de.po (+133/-10)
analytic/i18n/el.po (+68/-4)
analytic/i18n/es.po (+121/-4)
analytic/i18n/es_CR.po (+125/-7)
analytic/i18n/es_EC.po (+119/-10)
analytic/i18n/es_PY.po (+103/-3)
analytic/i18n/et.po (+42/-4)
analytic/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
analytic/i18n/fi.po (+75/-3)
analytic/i18n/fr.po (+131/-2)
analytic/i18n/gl.po (+102/-3)
analytic/i18n/hr.po (+82/-4)
analytic/i18n/hu.po (+112/-10)
analytic/i18n/it.po (+112/-10)
analytic/i18n/ja.po (+86/-2)
analytic/i18n/lv.po (+105/-3)
analytic/i18n/mn.po (+120/-2)
analytic/i18n/nb.po (+109/-4)
analytic/i18n/nl.po (+146/-17)
analytic/i18n/nl_BE.po (+6/-1)
analytic/i18n/pl.po (+59/-4)
analytic/i18n/pt.po (+128/-2)
analytic/i18n/pt_BR.po (+124/-4)
analytic/i18n/ro.po (+124/-2)
analytic/i18n/ru.po (+110/-2)
analytic/i18n/sl.po (+100/-23)
analytic/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
analytic/i18n/sr.po (+100/-4)
analytic/i18n/sr@latin.po (+126/-6)
analytic/i18n/sv.po (+104/-4)
analytic/i18n/tr.po (+125/-2)
analytic/i18n/vi.po (+51/-4)
analytic/i18n/zh_CN.po (+115/-4)
analytic/i18n/zh_TW.po (+86/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/ar.po (+7/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/de.po (+8/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/fr.po (+10/-0)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/ro.po (+72/-0)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/sl.po (+72/-0)
analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/zh_CN.po (+8/-3)
analytic_user_function/i18n/ar.po (+74/-16)
analytic_user_function/i18n/bg.po (+75/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/bs.po (+28/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/ca.po (+76/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/cs.po (+37/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
analytic_user_function/i18n/de.po (+82/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/el.po (+35/-4)
analytic_user_function/i18n/en_GB.po (+75/-2)
analytic_user_function/i18n/es.po (+81/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/es_AR.po (+38/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/es_CR.po (+83/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/es_EC.po (+77/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/es_PY.po (+62/-3)
analytic_user_function/i18n/et.po (+37/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
analytic_user_function/i18n/fi.po (+32/-3)
analytic_user_function/i18n/fr.po (+78/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/gl.po (+76/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/gu.po (+19/-1)
analytic_user_function/i18n/hr.po (+47/-10)
analytic_user_function/i18n/hu.po (+66/-10)
analytic_user_function/i18n/id.po (+32/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/it.po (+77/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/ja.po (+26/-2)
analytic_user_function/i18n/ko.po (+28/-4)
analytic_user_function/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/mk.po (+13/-1)
analytic_user_function/i18n/mn.po (+49/-2)
analytic_user_function/i18n/nb.po (+26/-2)
analytic_user_function/i18n/nl.po (+59/-15)
analytic_user_function/i18n/nl_BE.po (+32/-2)
analytic_user_function/i18n/oc.po (+24/-4)
analytic_user_function/i18n/pl.po (+29/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/pt.po (+48/-6)
analytic_user_function/i18n/pt_BR.po (+79/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/ro.po (+84/-6)
analytic_user_function/i18n/ru.po (+73/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/sk.po (+20/-4)
analytic_user_function/i18n/sl.po (+75/-6)
analytic_user_function/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
analytic_user_function/i18n/sr.po (+33/-4)
analytic_user_function/i18n/sr@latin.po (+47/-6)
analytic_user_function/i18n/sv.po (+40/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/tr.po (+78/-6)
analytic_user_function/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/vi.po (+18/-3)
analytic_user_function/i18n/zh_CN.po (+68/-9)
analytic_user_function/i18n/zh_TW.po (+32/-9)
anonymization/i18n/ar.po (+26/-2)
anonymization/i18n/bg.po (+12/-4)
anonymization/i18n/ca.po (+28/-3)
anonymization/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
anonymization/i18n/de.po (+29/-4)
anonymization/i18n/es.po (+29/-4)
anonymization/i18n/es_CR.po (+33/-7)
anonymization/i18n/es_EC.po (+29/-4)
anonymization/i18n/es_PY.po (+28/-3)
anonymization/i18n/et.po (+9/-4)
anonymization/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
anonymization/i18n/fi.po (+19/-3)
anonymization/i18n/fr.po (+34/-9)
anonymization/i18n/gl.po (+27/-3)
anonymization/i18n/hr.po (+12/-4)
anonymization/i18n/it.po (+29/-4)
anonymization/i18n/ja.po (+10/-2)
anonymization/i18n/lv.po (+9/-1)
anonymization/i18n/mn.po (+10/-0)
anonymization/i18n/nb.po (+10/-2)
anonymization/i18n/nl.po (+39/-36)
anonymization/i18n/pl.po (+12/-4)
anonymization/i18n/pt.po (+13/-0)
anonymization/i18n/pt_BR.po (+29/-4)
anonymization/i18n/ro.po (+31/-2)
anonymization/i18n/ru.po (+31/-2)
anonymization/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
anonymization/i18n/sr@latin.po (+12/-4)
anonymization/i18n/sv.po (+6/-1)
anonymization/i18n/tr.po (+31/-2)
anonymization/i18n/zh_CN.po (+28/-4)
anonymization/i18n/zh_TW.po (+10/-2)
association/i18n/ar.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/bg.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/ca.po (+14/-9)
association/i18n/cs.po (+13/-8)
association/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
association/i18n/de.po (+14/-9)
association/i18n/el.po (+9/-4)
association/i18n/en_GB.po (+8/-3)
association/i18n/es.po (+14/-9)
association/i18n/es_CR.po (+15/-9)
association/i18n/es_EC.po (+9/-4)
association/i18n/es_PY.po (+8/-3)
association/i18n/et.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
association/i18n/fi.po (+9/-4)
association/i18n/fr.po (+14/-9)
association/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
association/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
association/i18n/hr.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/hu.po (+15/-10)
association/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/it.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
association/i18n/ko.po (+9/-4)
association/i18n/lo.po (+9/-4)
association/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/lv.po (+9/-4)
association/i18n/mn.po (+6/-1)
association/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
association/i18n/nl.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/pt.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/pt_BR.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/ro.po (+16/-6)
association/i18n/ru.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/sl.po (+16/-6)
association/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
association/i18n/sr.po (+9/-4)
association/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
association/i18n/sv.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/tr.po (+14/-10)
association/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
association/i18n/zh_CN.po (+13/-9)
association/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
audittrail/i18n/ar.po (+43/-9)
audittrail/i18n/bg.po (+25/-9)
audittrail/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
audittrail/i18n/ca.po (+127/-9)
audittrail/i18n/cs.po (+44/-7)
audittrail/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
audittrail/i18n/de.po (+127/-9)
audittrail/i18n/el.po (+92/-4)
audittrail/i18n/es.po (+126/-9)
audittrail/i18n/es_AR.po (+97/-9)
audittrail/i18n/es_CR.po (+127/-9)
audittrail/i18n/es_EC.po (+122/-9)
audittrail/i18n/es_PY.po (+40/-3)
audittrail/i18n/et.po (+84/-9)
audittrail/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
audittrail/i18n/fa_AF.po (+401/-0)
audittrail/i18n/fi.po (+14/-3)
audittrail/i18n/fr.po (+127/-9)
audittrail/i18n/gl.po (+38/-3)
audittrail/i18n/gu.po (+36/-1)
audittrail/i18n/hr.po (+51/-9)
audittrail/i18n/hu.po (+17/-10)
audittrail/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
audittrail/i18n/it.po (+126/-9)
audittrail/i18n/ja.po (+10/-2)
audittrail/i18n/ko.po (+70/-4)
audittrail/i18n/lt.po (+25/-9)
audittrail/i18n/lv.po (+15/-4)
audittrail/i18n/mn.po (+94/-2)
audittrail/i18n/nb.po (+92/-3)
audittrail/i18n/nl.po (+121/-9)
audittrail/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
audittrail/i18n/oc.po (+48/-4)
audittrail/i18n/pl.po (+75/-9)
audittrail/i18n/pt.po (+103/-6)
audittrail/i18n/pt_BR.po (+97/-9)
audittrail/i18n/ro.po (+125/-6)
audittrail/i18n/ru.po (+122/-9)
audittrail/i18n/sl.po (+98/-6)
audittrail/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
audittrail/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
audittrail/i18n/sv.po (+30/-9)
audittrail/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
audittrail/i18n/tr.po (+34/-6)
audittrail/i18n/uk.po (+24/-9)
audittrail/i18n/vi.po (+43/-4)
audittrail/i18n/zh_CN.po (+107/-9)
audittrail/i18n/zh_TW.po (+16/-9)
auth_crypt/i18n/de.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/es.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/fr.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/it.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/nl.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/pt.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/pt_BR.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/ro.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/sl.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/sv.po (+28/-0)
auth_crypt/i18n/zh_CN.po (+28/-0)
auth_ldap/i18n/ar.po (+7/-2)
auth_ldap/i18n/bg.po (+8/-3)
auth_ldap/i18n/ca.po (+8/-3)
auth_ldap/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
auth_ldap/i18n/de.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/es.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/es_CR.po (+13/-7)
auth_ldap/i18n/fi.po (+8/-3)
auth_ldap/i18n/fr.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
auth_ldap/i18n/hr.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/hu.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/it.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
auth_ldap/i18n/mn.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
auth_ldap/i18n/nl.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/pl.po (+9/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/pt.po (+12/-2)
auth_ldap/i18n/pt_BR.po (+10/-4)
auth_ldap/i18n/ro.po (+11/-8)
auth_ldap/i18n/ru.po (+8/-3)
auth_ldap/i18n/sl.po (+159/-0)
auth_ldap/i18n/sv.po (+6/-1)
auth_ldap/i18n/tr.po (+12/-2)
auth_ldap/i18n/zh_CN.po (+9/-4)
auth_oauth/i18n/ar.po (+10/-5)
auth_oauth/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth/i18n/fr.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth/i18n/it.po (+135/-0)
auth_oauth/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth/i18n/pt.po (+135/-0)
auth_oauth/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth/i18n/ro.po (+135/-0)
auth_oauth/i18n/sl.po (+135/-0)
auth_oauth/i18n/sv.po (+135/-0)
auth_oauth/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/de.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/es.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/fr.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/it.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/nl.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/pt.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/pt_BR.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/ro.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/sl.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/sv.po (+23/-0)
auth_oauth_signup/i18n/zh_CN.po (+23/-0)
auth_openid/i18n/ar.po (+26/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/de.po (+26/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/es.po (+27/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/es_CR.po (+27/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/fi.po (+21/-1)
auth_openid/i18n/fr.po (+25/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/gu.po (+15/-1)
auth_openid/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/ja.po (+25/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/nb.po (+25/-1)
auth_openid/i18n/nl.po (+25/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/pl.po (+6/-1)
auth_openid/i18n/pt.po (+26/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/pt_BR.po (+26/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/ro.po (+26/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/sk.po (+22/-1)
auth_openid/i18n/sl.po (+97/-0)
auth_openid/i18n/sr@latin.po (+25/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/sv.po (+32/-0)
auth_openid/i18n/tr.po (+25/-2)
auth_openid/i18n/zh_CN.po (+25/-2)
auth_signup/i18n/ar.po (+20/-15)
auth_signup/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
auth_signup/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
auth_signup/i18n/fr.po (+9/-7)
auth_signup/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
auth_signup/i18n/hu.po (+277/-0)
auth_signup/i18n/it.po (+10/-7)
auth_signup/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
auth_signup/i18n/nl.po (+32/-33)
auth_signup/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
auth_signup/i18n/pt.po (+15/-10)
auth_signup/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
auth_signup/i18n/ru.po (+11/-8)
auth_signup/i18n/sl.po (+277/-0)
auth_signup/i18n/tr.po (+11/-1)
auth_signup/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
base_action_rule/i18n/ar.po (+271/-2)
base_action_rule/i18n/bg.po (+74/-3)
base_action_rule/i18n/bs.po (+216/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/ca.po (+285/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/da.po (+34/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/de.po (+302/-49)
base_action_rule/i18n/el.po (+105/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/es.po (+289/-5)
base_action_rule/i18n/es_CR.po (+289/-7)
base_action_rule/i18n/es_EC.po (+45/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/es_PY.po (+275/-3)
base_action_rule/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
base_action_rule/i18n/fi.po (+196/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/fr.po (+289/-11)
base_action_rule/i18n/gl.po (+279/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/gu.po (+30/-1)
base_action_rule/i18n/hr.po (+268/-9)
base_action_rule/i18n/hu.po (+275/-10)
base_action_rule/i18n/it.po (+253/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/ja.po (+242/-2)
base_action_rule/i18n/lt.po (+271/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/lv.po (+148/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/mn.po (+271/-2)
base_action_rule/i18n/nb.po (+272/-1)
base_action_rule/i18n/nl.po (+297/-54)
base_action_rule/i18n/pl.po (+67/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/pt.po (+283/-2)
base_action_rule/i18n/pt_BR.po (+285/-5)
base_action_rule/i18n/ro.po (+288/-2)
base_action_rule/i18n/ru.po (+283/-2)
base_action_rule/i18n/sl.po (+79/-20)
base_action_rule/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
base_action_rule/i18n/sr.po (+256/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/sr@latin.po (+258/-6)
base_action_rule/i18n/sv.po (+117/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/tr.po (+285/-2)
base_action_rule/i18n/zh_CN.po (+252/-4)
base_action_rule/i18n/zh_TW.po (+61/-2)
base_calendar/i18n/af.po (+95/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/ar.po (+347/-41)
base_calendar/i18n/bg.po (+240/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/bn.po (+47/-3)
base_calendar/i18n/bs.po (+32/-10)
base_calendar/i18n/ca.po (+286/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/cs.po (+262/-2)
base_calendar/i18n/da.po (+40/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/de.po (+328/-9)
base_calendar/i18n/el.po (+204/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/es.po (+324/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/es_CR.po (+328/-7)
base_calendar/i18n/es_EC.po (+93/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/es_PY.po (+272/-3)
base_calendar/i18n/et.po (+31/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
base_calendar/i18n/fi.po (+292/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/fr.po (+348/-34)
base_calendar/i18n/gl.po (+287/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/hr.po (+229/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/hu.po (+170/-10)
base_calendar/i18n/id.po (+35/-1)
base_calendar/i18n/it.po (+260/-5)
base_calendar/i18n/ja.po (+191/-2)
base_calendar/i18n/ln.po (+17/-3)
base_calendar/i18n/lt.po (+124/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/lv.po (+145/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/mk.po (+6/-1)
base_calendar/i18n/mn.po (+256/-2)
base_calendar/i18n/nb.po (+54/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/nl.po (+322/-6)
base_calendar/i18n/pl.po (+270/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/pt.po (+322/-2)
base_calendar/i18n/pt_BR.po (+322/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/ro.po (+324/-2)
base_calendar/i18n/ru.po (+331/-15)
base_calendar/i18n/sk.po (+82/-2)
base_calendar/i18n/sl.po (+192/-45)
base_calendar/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
base_calendar/i18n/sr.po (+235/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/sr@latin.po (+237/-6)
base_calendar/i18n/sv.po (+230/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/th.po (+64/-4)
base_calendar/i18n/tr.po (+322/-2)
base_calendar/i18n/zh_CN.po (+317/-6)
base_calendar/i18n/zh_TW.po (+233/-2)
base_gengo/i18n/ar.po (+10/-5)
base_gengo/i18n/de.po (+8/-2)
base_gengo/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
base_gengo/i18n/fr.po (+249/-0)
base_gengo/i18n/hr.po (+10/-0)
base_gengo/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
base_gengo/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
base_gengo/i18n/nl.po (+253/-0)
base_gengo/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
base_gengo/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
base_gengo/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
base_iban/i18n/ar.po (+56/-9)
base_iban/i18n/bg.po (+51/-9)
base_iban/i18n/bs.po (+25/-9)
base_iban/i18n/ca.po (+55/-9)
base_iban/i18n/cs.po (+28/-9)
base_iban/i18n/da.po (+8/-3)
base_iban/i18n/de.po (+58/-9)
base_iban/i18n/el.po (+40/-10)
base_iban/i18n/en_GB.po (+52/-4)
base_iban/i18n/es.po (+57/-9)
base_iban/i18n/es_AR.po (+29/-9)
base_iban/i18n/es_CR.po (+58/-9)
base_iban/i18n/es_EC.po (+54/-9)
base_iban/i18n/es_PY.po (+46/-3)
base_iban/i18n/et.po (+39/-9)
base_iban/i18n/eu.po (+18/-4)
base_iban/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
base_iban/i18n/fi.po (+51/-4)
base_iban/i18n/fr.po (+56/-9)
base_iban/i18n/gl.po (+54/-9)
base_iban/i18n/gu.po (+9/-1)
base_iban/i18n/hr.po (+53/-10)
base_iban/i18n/hu.po (+50/-10)
base_iban/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
base_iban/i18n/it.po (+51/-9)
base_iban/i18n/ja.po (+10/-2)
base_iban/i18n/ko.po (+12/-4)
base_iban/i18n/lt.po (+25/-9)
base_iban/i18n/lv.po (+47/-4)
base_iban/i18n/mn.po (+34/-2)
base_iban/i18n/nb.po (+9/-1)
base_iban/i18n/nl.po (+55/-9)
base_iban/i18n/nl_BE.po (+53/-9)
base_iban/i18n/oc.po (+21/-4)
base_iban/i18n/pl.po (+30/-9)
base_iban/i18n/pt.po (+55/-9)
base_iban/i18n/pt_BR.po (+56/-9)
base_iban/i18n/ro.po (+56/-9)
base_iban/i18n/ru.po (+52/-9)
base_iban/i18n/sk.po (+28/-4)
base_iban/i18n/sl.po (+58/-7)
base_iban/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
base_iban/i18n/sr.po (+34/-4)
base_iban/i18n/sr@latin.po (+52/-6)
base_iban/i18n/sv.po (+56/-9)
base_iban/i18n/ta.po (+25/-4)
base_iban/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
base_iban/i18n/tr.po (+57/-6)
base_iban/i18n/uk.po (+16/-9)
base_iban/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
base_iban/i18n/zh_CN.po (+53/-9)
base_iban/i18n/zh_TW.po (+29/-9)
base_import/i18n/ar.po (+14/-9)
base_import/i18n/de.po (+40/-197)
base_import/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
base_import/i18n/et.po (+1166/-0)
base_import/i18n/fr.po (+46/-88)
base_import/i18n/hr.po (+10/-0)
base_import/i18n/hu.po (+1164/-0)
base_import/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
base_import/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
base_import/i18n/nl.po (+73/-60)
base_import/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
base_import/i18n/pt.po (+1164/-0)
base_import/i18n/pt_BR.po (+11/-0)
base_import/i18n/ru.po (+23/-18)
base_import/i18n/sl.po (+1424/-0)
base_import/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
base_report_designer/i18n/ar.po (+53/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/bg.po (+83/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/ca.po (+106/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/cs.po (+31/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
base_report_designer/i18n/de.po (+106/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/el.po (+89/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/es.po (+105/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/es_AR.po (+71/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/es_CR.po (+107/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/es_EC.po (+97/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/es_PY.po (+45/-3)
base_report_designer/i18n/et.po (+70/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
base_report_designer/i18n/fi.po (+78/-4)
base_report_designer/i18n/fr.po (+107/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/gl.po (+108/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/hr.po (+73/-10)
base_report_designer/i18n/hu.po (+23/-10)
base_report_designer/i18n/id.po (+71/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/it.po (+106/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/ja.po (+13/-2)
base_report_designer/i18n/ko.po (+65/-4)
base_report_designer/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/mn.po (+30/-2)
base_report_designer/i18n/nb.po (+15/-1)
base_report_designer/i18n/nl.po (+107/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/pl.po (+22/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/pt.po (+106/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/pt_BR.po (+105/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/ro.po (+101/-6)
base_report_designer/i18n/ru.po (+108/-6)
base_report_designer/i18n/sk.po (+9/-4)
base_report_designer/i18n/sl.po (+71/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
base_report_designer/i18n/sr.po (+74/-4)
base_report_designer/i18n/sr@latin.po (+76/-6)
base_report_designer/i18n/sv.po (+89/-6)
base_report_designer/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/tr.po (+59/-6)
base_report_designer/i18n/uk.po (+46/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/vi.po (+18/-4)
base_report_designer/i18n/zh_CN.po (+91/-9)
base_report_designer/i18n/zh_TW.po (+31/-9)
base_setup/i18n/ar.po (+491/-20)
base_setup/i18n/bg.po (+425/-9)
base_setup/i18n/bs.po (+154/-9)
base_setup/i18n/ca.po (+451/-9)
base_setup/i18n/cs.po (+384/-9)
base_setup/i18n/da.po (+367/-4)
base_setup/i18n/de.po (+588/-25)
base_setup/i18n/el.po (+498/-4)
base_setup/i18n/en_GB.po (+142/-2)
base_setup/i18n/es.po (+588/-9)
base_setup/i18n/es_AR.po (+156/-9)
base_setup/i18n/es_CL.po (+451/-9)
base_setup/i18n/es_CR.po (+590/-9)
base_setup/i18n/es_EC.po (+580/-4)
base_setup/i18n/es_MX.po (+5/-0)
base_setup/i18n/es_PY.po (+378/-3)
base_setup/i18n/et.po (+235/-9)
base_setup/i18n/fa.po (+152/-4)
base_setup/i18n/fi.po (+507/-4)
base_setup/i18n/fr.po (+589/-9)
base_setup/i18n/gl.po (+152/-4)
base_setup/i18n/gu.po (+33/-1)
base_setup/i18n/hr.po (+205/-7)
base_setup/i18n/hu.po (+403/-10)
base_setup/i18n/id.po (+226/-9)
base_setup/i18n/it.po (+456/-14)
base_setup/i18n/ja.po (+135/-2)
base_setup/i18n/ko.po (+143/-4)
base_setup/i18n/lt.po (+53/-9)
base_setup/i18n/lv.po (+72/-4)
base_setup/i18n/mn.po (+441/-18)
base_setup/i18n/nb.po (+509/-4)
base_setup/i18n/nl.po (+583/-21)
base_setup/i18n/nl_BE.po (+349/-9)
base_setup/i18n/pl.po (+485/-9)
base_setup/i18n/pt.po (+586/-6)
base_setup/i18n/pt_BR.po (+586/-6)
base_setup/i18n/ro.po (+591/-6)
base_setup/i18n/ru.po (+499/-9)
base_setup/i18n/sk.po (+176/-4)
base_setup/i18n/sl.po (+414/-21)
base_setup/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
base_setup/i18n/sr.po (+388/-4)
base_setup/i18n/sr@latin.po (+465/-6)
base_setup/i18n/sv.po (+519/-6)
base_setup/i18n/th.po (+215/-4)
base_setup/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
base_setup/i18n/tr.po (+532/-6)
base_setup/i18n/uk.po (+76/-9)
base_setup/i18n/vi.po (+160/-4)
base_setup/i18n/zh_CN.po (+509/-9)
base_setup/i18n/zh_TW.po (+382/-6)
base_status/i18n/ar.po (+7/-2)
base_status/i18n/de.po (+8/-2)
base_status/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
base_status/i18n/fr.po (+11/-7)
base_status/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
base_status/i18n/id.po (+7/-2)
base_status/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
base_status/i18n/mn.po (+76/-0)
base_status/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
base_status/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
base_status/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
base_status/i18n/pt_BR.po (+11/-0)
base_status/i18n/ru.po (+78/-0)
base_status/i18n/sl.po (+76/-0)
base_status/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
base_vat/i18n/ar.po (+57/-9)
base_vat/i18n/bg.po (+64/-9)
base_vat/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
base_vat/i18n/ca.po (+64/-9)
base_vat/i18n/cs.po (+30/-8)
base_vat/i18n/da.po (+59/-4)
base_vat/i18n/de.po (+76/-9)
base_vat/i18n/el.po (+57/-4)
base_vat/i18n/en_AU.po (+19/-4)
base_vat/i18n/en_GB.po (+63/-2)
base_vat/i18n/es.po (+73/-9)
base_vat/i18n/es_AR.po (+25/-9)
base_vat/i18n/es_CL.po (+15/-1)
base_vat/i18n/es_CR.po (+74/-9)
base_vat/i18n/es_EC.po (+73/-9)
base_vat/i18n/es_MX.po (+6/-1)
base_vat/i18n/es_PY.po (+47/-3)
base_vat/i18n/et.po (+23/-9)
base_vat/i18n/eu.po (+20/-4)
base_vat/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
base_vat/i18n/fi.po (+64/-4)
base_vat/i18n/fr.po (+75/-9)
base_vat/i18n/gl.po (+58/-4)
base_vat/i18n/gu.po (+15/-1)
base_vat/i18n/hr.po (+64/-6)
base_vat/i18n/hu.po (+55/-7)
base_vat/i18n/id.po (+28/-9)
base_vat/i18n/it.po (+62/-9)
base_vat/i18n/ja.po (+16/-2)
base_vat/i18n/ko.po (+13/-4)
base_vat/i18n/lt.po (+23/-9)
base_vat/i18n/lv.po (+41/-3)
base_vat/i18n/mn.po (+47/-2)
base_vat/i18n/nb.po (+66/-4)
base_vat/i18n/nl.po (+74/-6)
base_vat/i18n/nl_BE.po (+59/-9)
base_vat/i18n/oc.po (+12/-4)
base_vat/i18n/pl.po (+46/-9)
base_vat/i18n/pt.po (+70/-9)
base_vat/i18n/pt_BR.po (+71/-9)
base_vat/i18n/ro.po (+75/-6)
base_vat/i18n/ru.po (+71/-9)
base_vat/i18n/sk.po (+26/-4)
base_vat/i18n/sl.po (+69/-14)
base_vat/i18n/sq.po (+17/-4)
base_vat/i18n/sr.po (+33/-4)
base_vat/i18n/sr@latin.po (+56/-6)
base_vat/i18n/sv.po (+71/-9)
base_vat/i18n/th.po (+15/-4)
base_vat/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
base_vat/i18n/tr.po (+67/-6)
base_vat/i18n/uk.po (+16/-9)
base_vat/i18n/vi.po (+9/-4)
base_vat/i18n/zh_CN.po (+66/-9)
base_vat/i18n/zh_TW.po (+16/-6)
board/i18n/ar.po (+241/-17)
board/i18n/bg.po (+204/-9)
board/i18n/br.po (+133/-4)
board/i18n/bs.po (+20/-9)
board/i18n/ca.po (+247/-9)
board/i18n/cs.po (+242/-9)
board/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
board/i18n/de.po (+272/-7)
board/i18n/el.po (+224/-9)
board/i18n/es.po (+265/-9)
board/i18n/es_AR.po (+259/-9)
board/i18n/es_CL.po (+213/-4)
board/i18n/es_CR.po (+266/-9)
board/i18n/es_EC.po (+127/-9)
board/i18n/es_PY.po (+212/-3)
board/i18n/et.po (+126/-9)
board/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
board/i18n/fi.po (+227/-4)
board/i18n/fr.po (+265/-9)
board/i18n/gl.po (+245/-9)
board/i18n/gu.po (+39/-1)
board/i18n/hr.po (+250/-6)
board/i18n/hu.po (+217/-10)
board/i18n/id.po (+223/-9)
board/i18n/it.po (+265/-9)
board/i18n/ja.po (+191/-2)
board/i18n/ko.po (+107/-4)
board/i18n/ln.po (+65/-3)
board/i18n/lt.po (+243/-9)
board/i18n/lv.po (+196/-4)
board/i18n/mn.po (+267/-2)
board/i18n/nb.po (+191/-2)
board/i18n/nl.po (+262/-9)
board/i18n/nl_BE.po (+45/-9)
board/i18n/pl.po (+227/-9)
board/i18n/pt.po (+272/-6)
board/i18n/pt_BR.po (+263/-9)
board/i18n/ro.po (+271/-6)
board/i18n/ru.po (+272/-43)
board/i18n/sk.po (+240/-7)
board/i18n/sl.po (+253/-36)
board/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
board/i18n/sr.po (+153/-4)
board/i18n/sr@latin.po (+257/-6)
board/i18n/sv.po (+262/-9)
board/i18n/th.po (+138/-4)
board/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
board/i18n/tr.po (+255/-6)
board/i18n/uk.po (+51/-9)
board/i18n/vi.po (+118/-4)
board/i18n/zh_CN.po (+261/-9)
board/i18n/zh_TW.po (+205/-6)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/ar.po (+16/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/bg.po (+17/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/ca.po (+17/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/cs.po (+10/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/de.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/en_GB.po (+25/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/es.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_AR.po (+10/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_CL.po (+9/-1)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_CR.po (+23/-7)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_EC.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_PY.po (+17/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/fi.po (+17/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/fr.po (+23/-9)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/gl.po (+17/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/gu.po (+9/-1)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/hr.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/hu.po (+23/-10)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/id.po (+17/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/it.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/ja.po (+10/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/lo.po (+10/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/mn.po (+15/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/nb.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/nl.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/nl_BE.po (+10/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/oc.po (+17/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/pt.po (+27/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/pt_BR.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/ro.po (+25/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/ru.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/sl.po (+24/-5)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/sr.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/sr@latin.po (+20/-6)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/sv.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/ta.po (+12/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/tr.po (+25/-2)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/zh_CN.po (+18/-4)
claim_from_delivery/i18n/zh_TW.po (+10/-2)
contacts/i18n/ar.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/et.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/fr.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/hu.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/pt.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
contacts/i18n/ro.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/ru.po (+8/-12)
contacts/i18n/sl.po (+41/-0)
contacts/i18n/sv.po (+37/-0)
contacts/i18n/tr.po (+10/-0)
contacts/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
contacts/i18n/zh_TW.po (+37/-0)
crm/i18n/ar.po (+1493/-105)
crm/i18n/bg.po (+569/-9)
crm/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
crm/i18n/ca.po (+1964/-9)
crm/i18n/cs.po (+841/-8)
crm/i18n/da.po (+36/-4)
crm/i18n/de.po (+2272/-69)
crm/i18n/el.po (+1557/-9)
crm/i18n/es.po (+2241/-9)
crm/i18n/es_AR.po (+662/-9)
crm/i18n/es_CR.po (+2241/-9)
crm/i18n/es_EC.po (+1813/-9)
crm/i18n/es_PY.po (+1348/-4)
crm/i18n/et.po (+728/-9)
crm/i18n/fi.po (+1664/-4)
crm/i18n/fr.po (+2187/-7)
crm/i18n/gl.po (+727/-9)
crm/i18n/gu.po (+60/-1)
crm/i18n/hr.po (+1526/-10)
crm/i18n/hu.po (+755/-10)
crm/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
crm/i18n/it.po (+1829/-42)
crm/i18n/ja.po (+1080/-4)
crm/i18n/ko.po (+614/-4)
crm/i18n/lo.po (+64/-4)
crm/i18n/lt.po (+1857/-10)
crm/i18n/lv.po (+947/-4)
crm/i18n/mn.po (+1419/-19)
crm/i18n/nb.po (+1531/-4)
crm/i18n/nl.po (+2254/-70)
crm/i18n/nl_BE.po (+1170/-10)
crm/i18n/pl.po (+1868/-9)
crm/i18n/pt.po (+2225/-14)
crm/i18n/pt_BR.po (+2217/-9)
crm/i18n/ro.po (+1821/-350)
crm/i18n/ru.po (+2047/-9)
crm/i18n/sk.po (+1031/-4)
crm/i18n/sl.po (+341/-105)
crm/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
crm/i18n/sr.po (+1082/-4)
crm/i18n/sr@latin.po (+1084/-6)
crm/i18n/sv.po (+1895/-9)
crm/i18n/th.po (+94/-4)
crm/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
crm/i18n/tr.po (+1943/-6)
crm/i18n/uk.po (+332/-9)
crm/i18n/vi.po (+551/-4)
crm/i18n/zh_CN.po (+2038/-9)
crm/i18n/zh_TW.po (+1268/-9)
crm_claim/i18n/ar.po (+162/-17)
crm_claim/i18n/bg.po (+65/-3)
crm_claim/i18n/ca.po (+151/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
crm_claim/i18n/de.po (+178/-7)
crm_claim/i18n/el.po (+78/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/es.po (+174/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/es_CR.po (+178/-7)
crm_claim/i18n/es_EC.po (+30/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/es_PY.po (+145/-3)
crm_claim/i18n/fi.po (+135/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/fr.po (+180/-16)
crm_claim/i18n/gl.po (+145/-3)
crm_claim/i18n/gu.po (+42/-1)
crm_claim/i18n/hr.po (+96/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/hu.po (+86/-10)
crm_claim/i18n/it.po (+173/-67)
crm_claim/i18n/ja.po (+99/-2)
crm_claim/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
crm_claim/i18n/mn.po (+25/-0)
crm_claim/i18n/nb.po (+70/-1)
crm_claim/i18n/nl.po (+175/-2)
crm_claim/i18n/pl.po (+136/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/pt.po (+154/-2)
crm_claim/i18n/pt_BR.po (+171/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/ro.po (+206/-80)
crm_claim/i18n/ru.po (+167/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/sl.po (+881/-0)
crm_claim/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
crm_claim/i18n/sr.po (+104/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/sr@latin.po (+106/-6)
crm_claim/i18n/sv.po (+141/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/tr.po (+177/-2)
crm_claim/i18n/zh_CN.po (+157/-4)
crm_claim/i18n/zh_TW.po (+114/-3)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/ar.po (+135/-12)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/bg.po (+65/-3)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/ca.po (+130/-3)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/de.po (+160/-12)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/el.po (+78/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/es.po (+150/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/es_CR.po (+154/-7)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/es_PY.po (+131/-3)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/fi.po (+109/-3)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/fr.po (+151/-9)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/gl.po (+127/-3)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/gu.po (+9/-1)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/hr.po (+95/-2)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/hu.po (+77/-10)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/it.po (+116/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/ja.po (+87/-2)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/mn.po (+15/-1)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/nb.po (+69/-1)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/nl.po (+152/-2)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/pl.po (+105/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/pt.po (+151/-2)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/pt_BR.po (+150/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/ro.po (+168/-51)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/ru.po (+144/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/sl.po (+45/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/sr.po (+108/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/sr@latin.po (+110/-6)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/sv.po (+132/-2)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/tr.po (+150/-2)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/zh_CN.po (+137/-4)
crm_helpdesk/i18n/zh_TW.po (+101/-3)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/ar.po (+203/-20)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/bg.po (+59/-3)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/ca.po (+105/-3)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/de.po (+213/-10)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/el.po (+69/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/es.po (+210/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/es_CR.po (+215/-7)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/es_PY.po (+105/-3)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/fi.po (+69/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/fr.po (+214/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/gl.po (+104/-3)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/hr.po (+15/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/hu.po (+83/-10)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/it.po (+90/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/ja.po (+141/-2)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/lv.po (+85/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/nl.po (+211/-8)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/pl.po (+84/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/pt.po (+197/-2)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/pt_BR.po (+210/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/ro.po (+257/-63)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/ru.po (+208/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/sl.po (+931/-0)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/sr@latin.po (+14/-6)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/sv.po (+162/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/tr.po (+215/-2)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/zh_CN.po (+195/-4)
crm_partner_assign/i18n/zh_TW.po (+142/-3)
crm_profiling/i18n/ar.po (+71/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/bg.po (+73/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/ca.po (+86/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/cs.po (+16/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
crm_profiling/i18n/de.po (+93/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/el.po (+46/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/en_GB.po (+91/-0)
crm_profiling/i18n/es.po (+92/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/es_AR.po (+41/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/es_CR.po (+93/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/es_EC.po (+86/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/es_PY.po (+59/-3)
crm_profiling/i18n/et.po (+43/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/fi.po (+30/-4)
crm_profiling/i18n/fr.po (+83/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/gl.po (+53/-4)
crm_profiling/i18n/gu.po (+12/-1)
crm_profiling/i18n/hr.po (+47/-10)
crm_profiling/i18n/hu.po (+23/-10)
crm_profiling/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/it.po (+88/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/ja.po (+19/-2)
crm_profiling/i18n/ko.po (+36/-4)
crm_profiling/i18n/lt.po (+46/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/lv.po (+18/-4)
crm_profiling/i18n/mn.po (+32/-6)
crm_profiling/i18n/nb.po (+18/-1)
crm_profiling/i18n/nl.po (+91/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/pl.po (+49/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/pt.po (+92/-6)
crm_profiling/i18n/pt_BR.po (+93/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/ro.po (+77/-15)
crm_profiling/i18n/ru.po (+92/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/sk.po (+35/-4)
crm_profiling/i18n/sl.po (+24/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
crm_profiling/i18n/sr.po (+43/-4)
crm_profiling/i18n/sr@latin.po (+45/-6)
crm_profiling/i18n/sv.po (+39/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/tr.po (+79/-6)
crm_profiling/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
crm_profiling/i18n/zh_CN.po (+80/-9)
crm_profiling/i18n/zh_TW.po (+28/-9)
crm_todo/i18n/ar.po (+19/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/de.po (+19/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/en_GB.po (+22/-0)
crm_todo/i18n/es.po (+20/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/es_CR.po (+20/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/fi.po (+16/-1)
crm_todo/i18n/fr.po (+21/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/gu.po (+15/-1)
crm_todo/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/it.po (+18/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/ja.po (+19/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/lt.po (+15/-1)
crm_todo/i18n/mn.po (+22/-4)
crm_todo/i18n/nb.po (+18/-1)
crm_todo/i18n/nl.po (+19/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/pl.po (+15/-1)
crm_todo/i18n/pt.po (+22/-0)
crm_todo/i18n/pt_BR.po (+20/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/ro.po (+24/-5)
crm_todo/i18n/ru.po (+22/-4)
crm_todo/i18n/sr@latin.po (+19/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/sv.po (+18/-1)
crm_todo/i18n/tr.po (+22/-0)
crm_todo/i18n/zh_CN.po (+19/-2)
crm_todo/i18n/zh_TW.po (+19/-2)
decimal_precision/i18n/ar.po (+23/-1)
decimal_precision/i18n/bg.po (+26/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/ca.po (+25/-3)
decimal_precision/i18n/cs.po (+7/-2)
decimal_precision/i18n/da.po (+25/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/de.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/el.po (+9/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/en_GB.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/es.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/es_CR.po (+31/-7)
decimal_precision/i18n/es_EC.po (+26/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/es_MX.po (+8/-2)
decimal_precision/i18n/es_PY.po (+25/-3)
decimal_precision/i18n/fi.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/fr.po (+31/-9)
decimal_precision/i18n/gl.po (+25/-3)
decimal_precision/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
decimal_precision/i18n/hr.po (+12/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/hu.po (+17/-10)
decimal_precision/i18n/id.po (+26/-3)
decimal_precision/i18n/it.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
decimal_precision/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
decimal_precision/i18n/lv.po (+12/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/mn.po (+26/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/nb.po (+26/-3)
decimal_precision/i18n/nl.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/nl_BE.po (+25/-2)
decimal_precision/i18n/pl.po (+6/-1)
decimal_precision/i18n/pt.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/pt_BR.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/ro.po (+29/-2)
decimal_precision/i18n/ru.po (+26/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/sk.po (+26/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/sl.po (+12/-2)
decimal_precision/i18n/sr.po (+27/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/sr@latin.po (+28/-6)
decimal_precision/i18n/sv.po (+9/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/tr.po (+26/-3)
decimal_precision/i18n/vi.po (+26/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/zh_CN.po (+25/-4)
decimal_precision/i18n/zh_TW.po (+25/-4)
delivery/i18n/ar.po (+140/-19)
delivery/i18n/bg.po (+156/-9)
delivery/i18n/bs.po (+19/-9)
delivery/i18n/ca.po (+189/-9)
delivery/i18n/cs.po (+168/-99)
delivery/i18n/da.po (+23/-4)
delivery/i18n/de.po (+265/-35)
delivery/i18n/el.po (+132/-4)
delivery/i18n/es.po (+249/-9)
delivery/i18n/es_AR.po (+120/-9)
delivery/i18n/es_CR.po (+250/-9)
delivery/i18n/es_EC.po (+212/-9)
delivery/i18n/es_MX.po (+5/-0)
delivery/i18n/es_PY.po (+110/-3)
delivery/i18n/et.po (+88/-9)
delivery/i18n/fi.po (+213/-4)
delivery/i18n/fr.po (+262/-7)
delivery/i18n/gl.po (+108/-3)
delivery/i18n/hi.po (+19/-4)
delivery/i18n/hr.po (+108/-10)
delivery/i18n/hu.po (+103/-10)
delivery/i18n/id.po (+23/-9)
delivery/i18n/it.po (+161/-39)
delivery/i18n/ja.po (+116/-2)
delivery/i18n/ko.po (+105/-4)
delivery/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
delivery/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
delivery/i18n/mn.po (+108/-13)
delivery/i18n/nb.po (+161/-4)
delivery/i18n/nl.po (+253/-22)
delivery/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
delivery/i18n/pl.po (+124/-9)
delivery/i18n/pt.po (+249/-6)
delivery/i18n/pt_BR.po (+247/-9)
delivery/i18n/ro.po (+210/-6)
delivery/i18n/ru.po (+249/-6)
delivery/i18n/sl.po (+95/-29)
delivery/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
delivery/i18n/sr.po (+146/-4)
delivery/i18n/sr@latin.po (+154/-6)
delivery/i18n/sv.po (+184/-9)
delivery/i18n/th.po (+19/-4)
delivery/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
delivery/i18n/tr.po (+204/-6)
delivery/i18n/uk.po (+51/-9)
delivery/i18n/vi.po (+19/-4)
delivery/i18n/zh_CN.po (+217/-9)
delivery/i18n/zh_TW.po (+73/-6)
document/i18n/ar.po (+263/-13)
document/i18n/bg.po (+157/-9)
document/i18n/bs.po (+19/-9)
document/i18n/ca.po (+393/-9)
document/i18n/cs.po (+305/-7)
document/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
document/i18n/de.po (+406/-10)
document/i18n/el.po (+275/-4)
document/i18n/es.po (+405/-9)
document/i18n/es_AR.po (+178/-9)
document/i18n/es_CR.po (+406/-9)
document/i18n/es_EC.po (+215/-9)
document/i18n/es_PY.po (+249/-3)
document/i18n/et.po (+215/-9)
document/i18n/fi.po (+304/-4)
document/i18n/fr.po (+390/-12)
document/i18n/gl.po (+250/-4)
document/i18n/gu.po (+39/-1)
document/i18n/hi.po (+21/-4)
document/i18n/hr.po (+226/-10)
document/i18n/hu.po (+144/-9)
document/i18n/id.po (+19/-9)
document/i18n/it.po (+393/-18)
document/i18n/ja.po (+180/-2)
document/i18n/ko.po (+154/-4)
document/i18n/lt.po (+167/-9)
document/i18n/lv.po (+196/-4)
document/i18n/mn.po (+386/-6)
document/i18n/nb.po (+159/-2)
document/i18n/nl.po (+399/-9)
document/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
document/i18n/pl.po (+264/-9)
document/i18n/pt.po (+405/-6)
document/i18n/pt_BR.po (+280/-9)
document/i18n/ro.po (+284/-6)
document/i18n/ru.po (+331/-6)
document/i18n/sk.po (+18/-3)
document/i18n/sl.po (+185/-6)
document/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
document/i18n/sr.po (+354/-4)
document/i18n/sr@latin.po (+356/-6)
document/i18n/sv.po (+333/-9)
document/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
document/i18n/tr.po (+315/-6)
document/i18n/uk.po (+36/-9)
document/i18n/vi.po (+15/-3)
document/i18n/zh_CN.po (+378/-21)
document/i18n/zh_HK.po (+8/-3)
document/i18n/zh_TW.po (+216/-9)
document_ftp/i18n/ar.po (+37/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/bg.po (+24/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/ca.po (+37/-3)
document_ftp/i18n/cs.po (+21/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
document_ftp/i18n/de.po (+38/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/el.po (+21/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/en_GB.po (+42/-2)
document_ftp/i18n/es.po (+38/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/es_CR.po (+43/-7)
document_ftp/i18n/es_EC.po (+38/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/es_PY.po (+37/-3)
document_ftp/i18n/et.po (+18/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/fi.po (+24/-3)
document_ftp/i18n/fr.po (+45/-9)
document_ftp/i18n/gl.po (+37/-3)
document_ftp/i18n/hr.po (+19/-0)
document_ftp/i18n/hu.po (+20/-10)
document_ftp/i18n/it.po (+39/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/ja.po (+16/-2)
document_ftp/i18n/mn.po (+15/-1)
document_ftp/i18n/nb.po (+15/-1)
document_ftp/i18n/nl.po (+38/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/pl.po (+21/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/pt.po (+40/-2)
document_ftp/i18n/pt_BR.po (+39/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/ro.po (+40/-0)
document_ftp/i18n/ru.po (+39/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/sk.po (+9/-1)
document_ftp/i18n/sl.po (+17/-3)
document_ftp/i18n/sr.po (+39/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/sr@latin.po (+41/-6)
document_ftp/i18n/sv.po (+21/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/tr.po (+40/-2)
document_ftp/i18n/vi.po (+124/-0)
document_ftp/i18n/zh_CN.po (+33/-4)
document_ftp/i18n/zh_TW.po (+16/-2)
document_page/i18n/ar.po (+20/-15)
document_page/i18n/bg.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/ca.po (+14/-9)
document_page/i18n/cs.po (+12/-7)
document_page/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
document_page/i18n/de.po (+14/-9)
document_page/i18n/el.po (+16/-9)
document_page/i18n/es.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/et.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/fi.po (+9/-4)
document_page/i18n/fr.po (+17/-7)
document_page/i18n/gl.po (+15/-9)
document_page/i18n/hr.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/hu.po (+14/-10)
document_page/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/it.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
document_page/i18n/ko.po (+9/-4)
document_page/i18n/lt.po (+15/-10)
document_page/i18n/lv.po (+9/-4)
document_page/i18n/mn.po (+12/-2)
document_page/i18n/nb.po (+9/-4)
document_page/i18n/nl.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/pt.po (+16/-6)
document_page/i18n/pt_BR.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/ro.po (+16/-6)
document_page/i18n/ru.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/sk.po (+9/-4)
document_page/i18n/sl.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
document_page/i18n/sr.po (+9/-4)
document_page/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
document_page/i18n/sv.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/tr.po (+16/-6)
document_page/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/vi.po (+9/-4)
document_page/i18n/zh_CN.po (+13/-9)
document_page/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
document_webdav/i18n/ar.po (+45/-2)
document_webdav/i18n/bg.po (+18/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/ca.po (+47/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/cs.po (+9/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/da.po (+9/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/de.po (+49/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/el.po (+9/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/en_GB.po (+48/-0)
document_webdav/i18n/es.po (+47/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/es_CR.po (+51/-7)
document_webdav/i18n/es_EC.po (+11/-6)
document_webdav/i18n/es_PY.po (+46/-3)
document_webdav/i18n/et.po (+9/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/eu.po (+9/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/fi.po (+46/-3)
document_webdav/i18n/fr.po (+47/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/gl.po (+46/-3)
document_webdav/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
document_webdav/i18n/hr.po (+21/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/hu.po (+23/-10)
document_webdav/i18n/id.po (+8/-3)
document_webdav/i18n/it.po (+54/-11)
document_webdav/i18n/ja.po (+36/-2)
document_webdav/i18n/mn.po (+18/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/nb.po (+35/-1)
document_webdav/i18n/nl.po (+47/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/pl.po (+34/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/pt.po (+47/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/pt_BR.po (+38/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/ro.po (+48/-0)
document_webdav/i18n/ru.po (+50/-2)
document_webdav/i18n/sl.po (+12/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/sr.po (+21/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/sr@latin.po (+23/-6)
document_webdav/i18n/sv.po (+38/-4)
document_webdav/i18n/tr.po (+39/-0)
document_webdav/i18n/zh_CN.po (+51/-9)
document_webdav/i18n/zh_TW.po (+36/-3)
edi/i18n/ar.po (+142/-2)
edi/i18n/de.po (+230/-7)
edi/i18n/es.po (+232/-2)
edi/i18n/es_CR.po (+233/-2)
edi/i18n/fi.po (+165/-1)
edi/i18n/fr.po (+235/-4)
edi/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
edi/i18n/hu.po (+87/-0)
edi/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
edi/i18n/ja.po (+215/-2)
edi/i18n/mn.po (+63/-0)
edi/i18n/nb.po (+230/-1)
edi/i18n/nl.po (+229/-2)
edi/i18n/nl_BE.po (+227/-2)
edi/i18n/pl.po (+10/-2)
edi/i18n/pt.po (+233/-2)
edi/i18n/pt_BR.po (+233/-2)
edi/i18n/ro.po (+243/-0)
edi/i18n/ru.po (+161/-2)
edi/i18n/sl.po (+87/-0)
edi/i18n/sv.po (+229/-1)
edi/i18n/tr.po (+230/-2)
edi/i18n/zh_CN.po (+216/-2)
edi/i18n/zh_TW.po (+45/-3)
email_template/i18n/ar.po (+917/-8)
email_template/i18n/bg.po (+230/-3)
email_template/i18n/ca.po (+782/-4)
email_template/i18n/cs.po (+514/-0)
email_template/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
email_template/i18n/de.po (+934/-9)
email_template/i18n/es.po (+942/-4)
email_template/i18n/es_CL.po (+55/-1)
email_template/i18n/es_CR.po (+949/-7)
email_template/i18n/es_EC.po (+8/-3)
email_template/i18n/et.po (+36/-4)
email_template/i18n/fi.po (+842/-3)
email_template/i18n/fr.po (+948/-9)
email_template/i18n/hr.po (+36/-4)
email_template/i18n/hu.po (+360/-10)
email_template/i18n/it.po (+729/-4)
email_template/i18n/ja.po (+201/-2)
email_template/i18n/mn.po (+751/-2)
email_template/i18n/nb.po (+474/-3)
email_template/i18n/nl.po (+940/-11)
email_template/i18n/pl.po (+447/-4)
email_template/i18n/pt.po (+938/-2)
email_template/i18n/pt_BR.po (+651/-4)
email_template/i18n/ro.po (+933/-2)
email_template/i18n/ru.po (+727/-4)
email_template/i18n/sl.po (+488/-0)
email_template/i18n/sr.po (+727/-4)
email_template/i18n/sr@latin.po (+729/-6)
email_template/i18n/sv.po (+380/-4)
email_template/i18n/tr.po (+918/-2)
email_template/i18n/zh_CN.po (+858/-4)
email_template/i18n/zh_TW.po (+199/-3)
event/i18n/ar.po (+534/-48)
event/i18n/bg.po (+658/-9)
event/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
event/i18n/ca.po (+681/-9)
event/i18n/cs.po (+541/-8)
event/i18n/da.po (+68/-4)
event/i18n/de.po (+731/-11)
event/i18n/el.po (+15/-4)
event/i18n/es.po (+745/-9)
event/i18n/es_AR.po (+291/-9)
event/i18n/es_CR.po (+746/-9)
event/i18n/es_EC.po (+314/-9)
event/i18n/et.po (+290/-9)
event/i18n/fi.po (+671/-4)
event/i18n/fr.po (+606/-14)
event/i18n/gu.po (+83/-1)
event/i18n/hi.po (+58/-4)
event/i18n/hr.po (+25/-9)
event/i18n/hu.po (+374/-10)
event/i18n/id.po (+16/-9)
event/i18n/it.po (+557/-9)
event/i18n/ja.po (+411/-2)
event/i18n/ko.po (+259/-4)
event/i18n/lt.po (+28/-9)
event/i18n/mn.po (+432/-0)
event/i18n/nb.po (+431/-2)
event/i18n/nl.po (+748/-6)
event/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-3)
event/i18n/pl.po (+386/-9)
event/i18n/pt.po (+693/-6)
event/i18n/pt_BR.po (+584/-9)
event/i18n/ro.po (+554/-6)
event/i18n/ru.po (+560/-26)
event/i18n/sk.po (+114/-4)
event/i18n/sl.po (+238/-6)
event/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
event/i18n/sr.po (+602/-4)
event/i18n/sr@latin.po (+604/-6)
event/i18n/sv.po (+498/-6)
event/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
event/i18n/tr.po (+676/-6)
event/i18n/uk.po (+228/-9)
event/i18n/vi.po (+42/-4)
event/i18n/zh_CN.po (+680/-9)
event/i18n/zh_TW.po (+447/-9)
event_moodle/i18n/de.po (+8/-2)
event_moodle/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
event_moodle/i18n/fr.po (+8/-3)
event_moodle/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
event_moodle/i18n/nl.po (+14/-9)
event_moodle/i18n/pt.po (+185/-0)
event_moodle/i18n/pt_BR.po (+195/-0)
event_moodle/i18n/zh_CN.po (+186/-0)
event_project/i18n/pt_BR.po.OTHER (+156/-0)
event_sale/i18n/ar.po (+12/-7)
event_sale/i18n/de.po (+7/-7)
event_sale/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
event_sale/i18n/fr.po (+16/-15)
event_sale/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
event_sale/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
event_sale/i18n/nl.po (+8/-9)
event_sale/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
event_sale/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
event_sale/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
event_sale/i18n/sl.po (+90/-0)
event_sale/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/ar.po (+139/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/bg.po (+75/-3)
fetchmail/i18n/ca.po (+127/-3)
fetchmail/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
fetchmail/i18n/de.po (+149/-7)
fetchmail/i18n/el.po (+18/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/en_GB.po (+145/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/es.po (+142/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/es_CR.po (+146/-7)
fetchmail/i18n/et.po (+54/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/fi.po (+110/-3)
fetchmail/i18n/fr.po (+149/-10)
fetchmail/i18n/gl.po (+125/-3)
fetchmail/i18n/hr.po (+33/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/hu.po (+113/-10)
fetchmail/i18n/it.po (+115/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/ja.po (+27/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/lt.po (+85/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/lv.po (+78/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/mk.po (+25/-1)
fetchmail/i18n/mn.po (+97/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/nb.po (+26/-1)
fetchmail/i18n/nl.po (+142/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/pl.po (+80/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/pt.po (+118/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/pt_BR.po (+93/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/ro.po (+145/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/ru.po (+147/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/sl.po (+69/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/sr.po (+80/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/sr@latin.po (+82/-6)
fetchmail/i18n/sv.po (+53/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/tr.po (+146/-2)
fetchmail/i18n/vi.po (+51/-4)
fetchmail/i18n/zh_CN.po (+140/-4)
fleet/ (+3/-0)
fleet/i18n/de.po (+2056/-0)
fleet/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
fleet/i18n/es_MX.po (+1912/-0)
fleet/i18n/fr.po (+13/-7)
fleet/i18n/hr.po (+10/-0)
fleet/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
fleet/i18n/nl.po (+45/-31)
fleet/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
fleet/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
fleet/i18n/pt_BR.po (+1913/-0)
fleet/i18n/ru.po (+18/-8)
fleet/i18n/sl.po (+1912/-0)
fleet/i18n/sv.po (+1912/-0)
fleet/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/ar.po (+40/-8)
google_base_account/i18n/de.po (+36/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/es.po (+35/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/es_CR.po (+35/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/fi.po (+29/-1)
google_base_account/i18n/fr.po (+40/-9)
google_base_account/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/it.po (+33/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/ja.po (+33/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/mn.po (+31/-4)
google_base_account/i18n/nb.po (+33/-1)
google_base_account/i18n/nl.po (+33/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/pl.po (+12/-1)
google_base_account/i18n/pt.po (+34/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/pt_BR.po (+35/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/ro.po (+37/-0)
google_base_account/i18n/ru.po (+34/-1)
google_base_account/i18n/sl.po (+10/-0)
google_base_account/i18n/sr@latin.po (+33/-2)
google_base_account/i18n/sv.po (+32/-1)
google_base_account/i18n/tr.po (+36/-0)
google_base_account/i18n/zh_CN.po (+33/-2)
google_docs/i18n/de.po (+8/-2)
google_docs/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
google_docs/i18n/fr.po (+8/-2)
google_docs/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
google_docs/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
google_docs/i18n/nl.po (+10/-0)
google_docs/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
google_docs/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
google_docs/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
google_docs/i18n/ru.po (+188/-0)
google_docs/i18n/zh_CN.po (+197/-0)
hr/i18n/ar.po (+377/-63)
hr/i18n/bg.po (+184/-9)
hr/i18n/bn.po (+26/-3)
hr/i18n/bs.po (+150/-9)
hr/i18n/ca.po (+411/-9)
hr/i18n/cs.po (+284/-9)
hr/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr/i18n/de.po (+466/-8)
hr/i18n/el.po (+186/-9)
hr/i18n/en_AU.po (+6/-1)
hr/i18n/en_GB.po (+187/-4)
hr/i18n/es.po (+457/-9)
hr/i18n/es_AR.po (+151/-9)
hr/i18n/es_CL.po (+412/-9)
hr/i18n/es_CR.po (+458/-9)
hr/i18n/es_EC.po (+300/-4)
hr/i18n/et.po (+144/-9)
hr/i18n/fi.po (+360/-4)
hr/i18n/fr.po (+513/-80)
hr/i18n/fr_BE.po (+9/-4)
hr/i18n/gl.po (+286/-4)
hr/i18n/gu.po (+71/-3)
hr/i18n/hi.po (+30/-4)
hr/i18n/hr.po (+446/-10)
hr/i18n/hu.po (+250/-9)
hr/i18n/id.po (+330/-9)
hr/i18n/it.po (+408/-11)
hr/i18n/ja.po (+158/-2)
hr/i18n/ko.po (+148/-4)
hr/i18n/lo.po (+12/-4)
hr/i18n/lt.po (+154/-9)
hr/i18n/lv.po (+390/-4)
hr/i18n/mk.po (+305/-2)
hr/i18n/mn.po (+468/-22)
hr/i18n/nb.po (+309/-4)
hr/i18n/nl.po (+448/-8)
hr/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
hr/i18n/pl.po (+291/-9)
hr/i18n/pt.po (+454/-6)
hr/i18n/pt_BR.po (+434/-10)
hr/i18n/ro.po (+459/-6)
hr/i18n/ru.po (+448/-9)
hr/i18n/sk.po (+125/-4)
hr/i18n/sl.po (+167/-38)
hr/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
hr/i18n/sr.po (+209/-4)
hr/i18n/sr@latin.po (+277/-6)
hr/i18n/sv.po (+300/-9)
hr/i18n/th.po (+121/-4)
hr/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
hr/i18n/tr.po (+438/-2)
hr/i18n/uk.po (+78/-9)
hr/i18n/vi.po (+404/-5)
hr/i18n/zh_CN.po (+418/-14)
hr/i18n/zh_TW.po (+112/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/ar.po (+170/-16)
hr_attendance/i18n/bg.po (+70/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/ca.po (+257/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/cs.po (+181/-8)
hr_attendance/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_attendance/i18n/de.po (+266/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/el.po (+155/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/es.po (+257/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/es_AR.po (+147/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/es_CL.po (+80/-4)
hr_attendance/i18n/es_CR.po (+258/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/es_EC.po (+207/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/es_PY.po (+160/-3)
hr_attendance/i18n/et.po (+110/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/fi.po (+148/-4)
hr_attendance/i18n/fr.po (+259/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/gl.po (+162/-4)
hr_attendance/i18n/he.po (+8/-3)
hr_attendance/i18n/hr.po (+85/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/hu.po (+80/-10)
hr_attendance/i18n/id.po (+126/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/it.po (+232/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/ja.po (+118/-2)
hr_attendance/i18n/ko.po (+96/-4)
hr_attendance/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/lv.po (+162/-4)
hr_attendance/i18n/mk.po (+148/-2)
hr_attendance/i18n/mn.po (+221/-4)
hr_attendance/i18n/nb.po (+123/-1)
hr_attendance/i18n/nl.po (+226/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/pl.po (+101/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/pt.po (+254/-6)
hr_attendance/i18n/pt_BR.po (+179/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/ro.po (+171/-6)
hr_attendance/i18n/ru.po (+199/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/sl.po (+64/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
hr_attendance/i18n/sr.po (+8/-3)
hr_attendance/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
hr_attendance/i18n/sv.po (+210/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/tr.po (+193/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/vi.po (+63/-4)
hr_attendance/i18n/zh_CN.po (+207/-9)
hr_attendance/i18n/zh_TW.po (+19/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/ar.po (+149/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/bg.po (+130/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/ca.po (+202/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/cs.po (+144/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_contract/i18n/de.po (+210/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/el.po (+121/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/es.po (+208/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/es_AR.po (+116/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/es_CR.po (+209/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/es_EC.po (+160/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/es_PY.po (+137/-3)
hr_contract/i18n/et.po (+112/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/fi.po (+150/-4)
hr_contract/i18n/fr.po (+208/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/gl.po (+136/-3)
hr_contract/i18n/gu.po (+18/-1)
hr_contract/i18n/hi.po (+33/-4)
hr_contract/i18n/hr.po (+158/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/hu.po (+120/-10)
hr_contract/i18n/id.po (+130/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/it.po (+207/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/ja.po (+46/-2)
hr_contract/i18n/ko.po (+95/-4)
hr_contract/i18n/lo.po (+18/-4)
hr_contract/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/lv.po (+17/-3)
hr_contract/i18n/mk.po (+46/-1)
hr_contract/i18n/mn.po (+185/-2)
hr_contract/i18n/nb.po (+45/-1)
hr_contract/i18n/nl.po (+217/-10)
hr_contract/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/pl.po (+119/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/pt.po (+209/-6)
hr_contract/i18n/pt_BR.po (+164/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/ro.po (+150/-6)
hr_contract/i18n/ru.po (+200/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/sl.po (+118/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
hr_contract/i18n/sr.po (+8/-3)
hr_contract/i18n/sr@latin.po (+135/-6)
hr_contract/i18n/sv.po (+63/-6)
hr_contract/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/tr.po (+180/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/vi.po (+87/-4)
hr_contract/i18n/zh_CN.po (+199/-9)
hr_contract/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
hr_evaluation/i18n/ar.po (+295/-20)
hr_evaluation/i18n/bg.po (+158/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/ca.po (+233/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_evaluation/i18n/de.po (+423/-16)
hr_evaluation/i18n/es.po (+392/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/es_CR.po (+398/-7)
hr_evaluation/i18n/es_EC.po (+114/-6)
hr_evaluation/i18n/et.po (+74/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/fi.po (+103/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/fr.po (+314/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/gl.po (+229/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/hr.po (+19/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/hu.po (+148/-7)
hr_evaluation/i18n/id.po (+167/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/it.po (+171/-29)
hr_evaluation/i18n/ja.po (+112/-2)
hr_evaluation/i18n/mn.po (+373/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/nl.po (+432/-16)
hr_evaluation/i18n/pt.po (+325/-2)
hr_evaluation/i18n/pt_BR.po (+157/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/ro.po (+306/-0)
hr_evaluation/i18n/ru.po (+275/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/sl.po (+910/-0)
hr_evaluation/i18n/sr.po (+8/-3)
hr_evaluation/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
hr_evaluation/i18n/sv.po (+129/-4)
hr_evaluation/i18n/tr.po (+38/-2)
hr_evaluation/i18n/zh_CN.po (+381/-4)
hr_expense/i18n/ar.po (+209/-36)
hr_expense/i18n/bg.po (+65/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/bs.po (+70/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/ca.po (+253/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/cs.po (+13/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_expense/i18n/de.po (+286/-15)
hr_expense/i18n/el.po (+114/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/es.po (+273/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/es_AR.po (+117/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/es_CR.po (+273/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/es_EC.po (+105/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/et.po (+104/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/fi.po (+76/-4)
hr_expense/i18n/fr.po (+275/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/hr.po (+69/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/hu.po (+170/-7)
hr_expense/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/it.po (+252/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/ja.po (+134/-2)
hr_expense/i18n/ko.po (+94/-4)
hr_expense/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/lv.po (+161/-4)
hr_expense/i18n/mn.po (+268/-4)
hr_expense/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
hr_expense/i18n/nl.po (+281/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/pl.po (+108/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/pt.po (+276/-6)
hr_expense/i18n/pt_BR.po (+216/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/ro.po (+219/-6)
hr_expense/i18n/ru.po (+120/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/sl.po (+58/-6)
hr_expense/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
hr_expense/i18n/sr.po (+8/-3)
hr_expense/i18n/sr@latin.po (+161/-6)
hr_expense/i18n/sv.po (+156/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/tr.po (+53/-6)
hr_expense/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
hr_expense/i18n/zh_CN.po (+248/-9)
hr_expense/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/ar.po (+306/-36)
hr_holidays/i18n/bg.po (+87/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/ca.po (+256/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/cs.po (+251/-8)
hr_holidays/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_holidays/i18n/de.po (+307/-11)
hr_holidays/i18n/el.po (+37/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/es.po (+310/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/es_AR.po (+27/-4)
hr_holidays/i18n/es_CR.po (+311/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/es_EC.po (+35/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/et.po (+31/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/fi.po (+36/-4)
hr_holidays/i18n/fr.po (+294/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/gu.po (+29/-1)
hr_holidays/i18n/hi.po (+18/-4)
hr_holidays/i18n/hr.po (+19/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/hu.po (+111/-7)
hr_holidays/i18n/id.po (+187/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/it.po (+208/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/ja.po (+168/-2)
hr_holidays/i18n/ko.po (+27/-4)
hr_holidays/i18n/lt.po (+28/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/lv.po (+8/-3)
hr_holidays/i18n/mk.po (+147/-1)
hr_holidays/i18n/mn.po (+283/-4)
hr_holidays/i18n/nb.po (+58/-1)
hr_holidays/i18n/nl.po (+324/-23)
hr_holidays/i18n/nl_BE.po (+8/-3)
hr_holidays/i18n/pl.po (+82/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/pt.po (+302/-6)
hr_holidays/i18n/pt_BR.po (+210/-5)
hr_holidays/i18n/ro.po (+314/-6)
hr_holidays/i18n/ru.po (+118/-4)
hr_holidays/i18n/sl.po (+25/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
hr_holidays/i18n/sr.po (+8/-3)
hr_holidays/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
hr_holidays/i18n/sv.po (+201/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/th.po (+87/-4)
hr_holidays/i18n/tlh.po (+10/-5)
hr_holidays/i18n/tr.po (+47/-6)
hr_holidays/i18n/uk.po (+8/-3)
hr_holidays/i18n/vi.po (+62/-4)
hr_holidays/i18n/zh_CN.po (+257/-9)
hr_holidays/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
hr_payroll/i18n/ar.po (+719/-8)
hr_payroll/i18n/bg.po (+302/-3)
hr_payroll/i18n/ca.po (+692/-3)
hr_payroll/i18n/cs.po (+690/-5)
hr_payroll/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_payroll/i18n/de.po (+1029/-13)
hr_payroll/i18n/en_GB.po (+31/-7)
hr_payroll/i18n/es.po (+859/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/es_CR.po (+864/-7)
hr_payroll/i18n/es_EC.po (+490/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/es_MX.po (+8/-3)
hr_payroll/i18n/et.po (+234/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/fi.po (+14/-3)
hr_payroll/i18n/fr.po (+771/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/gl.po (+683/-3)
hr_payroll/i18n/gu.po (+15/-1)
hr_payroll/i18n/he.po (+6/-1)
hr_payroll/i18n/hr.po (+77/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/hu.po (+627/-7)
hr_payroll/i18n/id.po (+573/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/it.po (+430/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/ja.po (+84/-2)
hr_payroll/i18n/lo.po (+36/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
hr_payroll/i18n/lv.po (+73/-1)
hr_payroll/i18n/mn.po (+874/-2)
hr_payroll/i18n/nb.po (+15/-1)
hr_payroll/i18n/nl.po (+230/-20)
hr_payroll/i18n/pl.po (+498/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/pt.po (+787/-2)
hr_payroll/i18n/pt_BR.po (+341/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/ro.po (+766/-6)
hr_payroll/i18n/ru.po (+743/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po (+1251/-0)
hr_payroll/i18n/sr.po (+8/-3)
hr_payroll/i18n/sr@latin.po (+121/-6)
hr_payroll/i18n/sv.po (+241/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/tr.po (+12/-2)
hr_payroll/i18n/vi.po (+206/-4)
hr_payroll/i18n/zh_CN.po (+980/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/ar.po (+169/-2)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/bg.po (+65/-3)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/ca.po (+169/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/de.po (+175/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/en_GB.po (+170/-2)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/es.po (+177/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/es_CR.po (+181/-7)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/es_EC.po (+19/-3)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/es_PY.po (+155/-3)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/fr.po (+184/-9)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/gl.po (+155/-3)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/hr.po (+55/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/hu.po (+162/-7)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/id.po (+151/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/it.po (+78/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/ja.po (+16/-2)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/mn.po (+154/-6)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/nb.po (+15/-1)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/nl.po (+110/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/pl.po (+96/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/pt.po (+176/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/pt_BR.po (+110/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/ro.po (+175/-1)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/ru.po (+96/-3)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/sr@latin.po (+23/-6)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/sv.po (+55/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/tr.po (+9/-4)
hr_payroll_account/i18n/zh_CN.po (+171/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/ar.po (+300/-36)
hr_recruitment/i18n/bg.po (+109/-3)
hr_recruitment/i18n/ca.po (+226/-3)
hr_recruitment/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_recruitment/i18n/de.po (+287/-14)
hr_recruitment/i18n/es.po (+276/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/es_CR.po (+209/-2)
hr_recruitment/i18n/fr.po (+281/-9)
hr_recruitment/i18n/hi.po (+80/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/hr.po (+213/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/hu.po (+164/-7)
hr_recruitment/i18n/id.po (+100/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/it.po (+146/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/ja.po (+196/-2)
hr_recruitment/i18n/mk.po (+137/-1)
hr_recruitment/i18n/mn.po (+341/-72)
hr_recruitment/i18n/nb.po (+130/-1)
hr_recruitment/i18n/nl.po (+291/-24)
hr_recruitment/i18n/pl.po (+6/-1)
hr_recruitment/i18n/pt.po (+275/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/pt_BR.po (+257/-5)
hr_recruitment/i18n/ro.po (+283/-0)
hr_recruitment/i18n/ru.po (+83/-2)
hr_recruitment/i18n/sl.po (+1259/-0)
hr_recruitment/i18n/sr.po (+8/-3)
hr_recruitment/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
hr_recruitment/i18n/sv.po (+212/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/tr.po (+15/-2)
hr_recruitment/i18n/vi.po (+111/-4)
hr_recruitment/i18n/zh_CN.po (+254/-4)
hr_timesheet/i18n/ar.po (+183/-21)
hr_timesheet/i18n/bg.po (+89/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/ca.po (+249/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/cs.po (+193/-8)
hr_timesheet/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_timesheet/i18n/de.po (+277/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/el.po (+155/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/es.po (+267/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/es_AR.po (+154/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/es_CR.po (+112/-2)
hr_timesheet/i18n/es_EC.po (+110/-1)
hr_timesheet/i18n/et.po (+105/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/fi.po (+195/-4)
hr_timesheet/i18n/fr.po (+257/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/gl.po (+153/-4)
hr_timesheet/i18n/hr.po (+127/-10)
hr_timesheet/i18n/hu.po (+179/-7)
hr_timesheet/i18n/id.po (+80/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/it.po (+259/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/ja.po (+106/-2)
hr_timesheet/i18n/ko.po (+133/-4)
hr_timesheet/i18n/lt.po (+40/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/lv.po (+235/-4)
hr_timesheet/i18n/mk.po (+39/-1)
hr_timesheet/i18n/mn.po (+210/-4)
hr_timesheet/i18n/nb.po (+118/-3)
hr_timesheet/i18n/nl.po (+268/-8)
hr_timesheet/i18n/pl.po (+197/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/pt.po (+269/-6)
hr_timesheet/i18n/pt_BR.po (+159/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/ro.po (+246/-6)
hr_timesheet/i18n/ru.po (+220/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/sl.po (+154/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/sq.po (+21/-4)
hr_timesheet/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
hr_timesheet/i18n/sv.po (+218/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/tr.po (+70/-2)
hr_timesheet/i18n/uk.po (+72/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/vi.po (+48/-4)
hr_timesheet/i18n/zh_CN.po (+230/-9)
hr_timesheet/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ar.po (+364/-26)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/bg.po (+130/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ca.po (+383/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/cs.po (+28/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/de.po (+471/-13)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/el.po (+224/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/es.po (+468/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/es_AR.po (+227/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/es_CR.po (+470/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/es_EC.po (+284/-1)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/et.po (+165/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/fi.po (+146/-4)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/fr.po (+452/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/hr.po (+45/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/hu.po (+295/-7)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/id.po (+16/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/it.po (+357/-10)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ja.po (+271/-2)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ko.po (+198/-4)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/lv.po (+8/-3)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/mn.po (+451/-3)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/nl.po (+490/-24)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/pl.po (+328/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/pt.po (+470/-6)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/pt_BR.po (+351/-10)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ro.po (+399/-6)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ru.po (+154/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/sl.po (+117/-6)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/sv.po (+292/-6)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/tr.po (+101/-2)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/uk.po (+120/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/zh_CN.po (+421/-9)
hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ar.po (+243/-41)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/bg.po (+78/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/bs.po (+19/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ca.po (+403/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/cs.po (+68/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/de.po (+525/-6)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/el.po (+262/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/es.po (+514/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/es_AR.po (+260/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/es_CR.po (+518/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/es_EC.po (+101/-1)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/et.po (+164/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/fi.po (+401/-4)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/fr.po (+480/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/hr.po (+20/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/hu.po (+256/-7)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/it.po (+309/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ja.po (+201/-2)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ko.po (+237/-4)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/lt.po (+46/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/lv.po (+8/-3)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/mk.po (+12/-1)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/mn.po (+465/-4)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/nl.po (+509/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/pl.po (+315/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/pt.po (+509/-6)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/pt_BR.po (+276/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ro.po (+342/-6)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ru.po (+183/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/sl.po (+79/-6)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/sv.po (+429/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/tr.po (+46/-2)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/uk.po (+61/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/vi.po (+56/-4)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/zh_CN.po (+449/-9)
hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
idea/i18n/ar.po (+758/-147)
idea/i18n/bg.po (+730/-144)
idea/i18n/bs.po (+633/-140)
idea/i18n/ca.po (+763/-144)
idea/i18n/cs.po (+731/-143)
idea/i18n/da.po (+666/-138)
idea/i18n/de.po (+766/-146)
idea/i18n/el.po (+662/-135)
idea/i18n/en_GB.po (+702/-15)
idea/i18n/es.po (+767/-150)
idea/i18n/es_AR.po (+704/-141)
idea/i18n/es_CR.po (+764/-144)
idea/i18n/et.po (+686/-137)
idea/i18n/fi.po (+699/-139)
idea/i18n/fr.po (+746/-146)
idea/i18n/gl.po (+652/-134)
idea/i18n/gu.po (+624/-133)
idea/i18n/hi.po (+697/-136)
idea/i18n/hr.po (+709/-143)
idea/i18n/hu.po (+686/-20)
idea/i18n/id.po (+664/-141)
idea/i18n/it.po (+763/-144)
idea/i18n/ja.po (+638/-137)
idea/i18n/ko.po (+669/-136)
idea/i18n/lt.po (+685/-141)
idea/i18n/mn.po (+679/-20)
idea/i18n/nl.po (+746/-146)
idea/i18n/pl.po (+685/-141)
idea/i18n/pt.po (+761/-23)
idea/i18n/pt_BR.po (+714/-152)
idea/i18n/ro.po (+784/-34)
idea/i18n/ru.po (+770/-76)
idea/i18n/sk.po (+701/-136)
idea/i18n/sl.po (+692/-18)
idea/i18n/sq.po (+624/-133)
idea/i18n/sr@latin.po (+627/-136)
idea/i18n/sv.po (+703/-28)
idea/i18n/tlh.po (+632/-133)
idea/i18n/tr.po (+718/-156)
idea/i18n/uk.po (+644/-140)
idea/i18n/vi.po (+624/-133)
idea/i18n/zh_CN.po (+752/-144)
idea/i18n/zh_TW.po (+703/-144)
knowledge/i18n/ar.po (+94/-4)
knowledge/i18n/bg.po (+94/-3)
knowledge/i18n/ca.po (+95/-3)
knowledge/i18n/cs.po (+108/-24)
knowledge/i18n/da.po (+21/-4)
knowledge/i18n/de.po (+105/-9)
knowledge/i18n/en_GB.po (+94/-4)
knowledge/i18n/es.po (+96/-4)
knowledge/i18n/es_AR.po (+7/-2)
knowledge/i18n/es_CR.po (+101/-7)
knowledge/i18n/et.po (+21/-4)
knowledge/i18n/fi.po (+70/-4)
knowledge/i18n/fr.po (+112/-30)
knowledge/i18n/gl.po (+94/-3)
knowledge/i18n/hi.po (+18/-4)
knowledge/i18n/hr.po (+66/-4)
knowledge/i18n/hu.po (+97/-10)
knowledge/i18n/it.po (+65/-12)
knowledge/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
knowledge/i18n/lo.po (+92/-4)
knowledge/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
knowledge/i18n/mn.po (+96/-2)
knowledge/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
knowledge/i18n/nl.po (+93/-4)
knowledge/i18n/nl_BE.po (+7/-2)
knowledge/i18n/pl.po (+27/-4)
knowledge/i18n/pt.po (+98/-2)
knowledge/i18n/pt_BR.po (+97/-4)
knowledge/i18n/ro.po (+101/-2)
knowledge/i18n/ru.po (+98/-2)
knowledge/i18n/sk.po (+26/-3)
knowledge/i18n/sl.po (+126/-0)
knowledge/i18n/sr.po (+86/-4)
knowledge/i18n/sr@latin.po (+88/-6)
knowledge/i18n/sv.po (+21/-4)
knowledge/i18n/tr.po (+96/-2)
knowledge/i18n/zh_CN.po (+85/-4)
knowledge/i18n/zh_TW.po (+7/-2)
l10n_ar/i18n/es.po (+70/-35)
l10n_ar/i18n/es_AR.po (+37/-2)
l10n_ar/i18n/zh_CN.po (+19/-2)
l10n_be/i18n/ar.po (+40/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/bg.po (+50/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/bs.po (+17/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/ca.po (+191/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/cs.po (+13/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_be/i18n/de.po (+113/-6)
l10n_be/i18n/en_GB.po (+181/-1)
l10n_be/i18n/es.po (+322/-42)
l10n_be/i18n/es_AR.po (+16/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/es_CR.po (+293/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/et.po (+49/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/fi.po (+77/-4)
l10n_be/i18n/fr.po (+281/-18)
l10n_be/i18n/gl.po (+170/-3)
l10n_be/i18n/hr.po (+59/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/hu.po (+13/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/it.po (+95/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/ja.po (+114/-2)
l10n_be/i18n/ko.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/nl.po (+252/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/nl_BE.po (+174/-10)
l10n_be/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/pt.po (+152/-12)
l10n_be/i18n/pt_BR.po (+210/-6)
l10n_be/i18n/ro.po (+13/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/ru.po (+64/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/sl.po (+233/-199)
l10n_be/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be/i18n/sr@latin.po (+17/-6)
l10n_be/i18n/sv.po (+19/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/tr.po (+23/-6)
l10n_be/i18n/uk.po (+16/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be/i18n/zh_CN.po (+16/-9)
l10n_be/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/ar.po (+11/-6)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/bg.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/ca.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/de.po (+13/-8)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/el.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/en_AU.po (+6/-1)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/en_GB.po (+7/-2)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/es.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/es_CR.po (+13/-7)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/es_EC.po (+11/-6)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/es_PY.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/et.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/fa.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/fi.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/fr.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/hr.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/hu.po (+14/-10)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/it.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/lv.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/mn.po (+6/-1)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/nb.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/nl.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/nl_BE.po (+6/-1)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/pl.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/pt.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/pt_BR.po (+12/-2)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/ro.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/ru.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/sl.po (+550/-802)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/sr.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/sv.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/tr.po (+12/-2)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/vi.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/zh_CN.po (+9/-4)
l10n_be_coda/i18n/zh_TW.po (+8/-3)
l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/de.po (+21/-1)
l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/es_CR.po (+21/-2)
l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/pt_BR.po (+24/-0)
l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po (+148/-0)
l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/sr@latin.po (+19/-2)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/es_CR.po (+7/-2)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/fr.po (+6/-1)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/nb.po (+7/-2)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/nl.po (+6/-1)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/nl_BE.po (+7/-2)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/pt.po (+7/-2)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/sl.po (+160/-0)
l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/sr@latin.po (+7/-2)
l10n_bo/i18n/es.po (+9/-4)
l10n_bo/i18n/pt.po (+43/-0)
l10n_bo/i18n/pt_BR.po (+54/-0)
l10n_bo/i18n/sl.po (+53/-0)
l10n_br/i18n/ar.po (+18/-4)
l10n_br/i18n/bg.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/ca.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_br/i18n/en_GB.po (+18/-4)
l10n_br/i18n/es.po (+18/-8)
l10n_br/i18n/es_CR.po (+22/-7)
l10n_br/i18n/es_PY.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/fr.po (+12/-4)
l10n_br/i18n/gl.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/hi.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/it.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/nb.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/oc.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/pt_BR.po (+21/-2)
l10n_br/i18n/ru.po (+11/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/sl.po (+37/-37)
l10n_br/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
l10n_br/i18n/sr@latin.po (+12/-4)
l10n_br/i18n/tr.po (+19/-2)
l10n_ca/i18n/ar.po (+10/-10)
l10n_ca/i18n/ca.po (+8/-3)
l10n_ca/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ca/i18n/de.po (+8/-3)
l10n_ca/i18n/en_GB.po (+7/-2)
l10n_ca/i18n/es.po (+9/-4)
l10n_ca/i18n/es_CR.po (+7/-2)
l10n_ca/i18n/es_PY.po (+8/-3)
l10n_ca/i18n/fr.po (+14/-9)
l10n_ca/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
l10n_ca/i18n/hu.po (+8/-3)
l10n_ca/i18n/it.po (+9/-4)
l10n_ca/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ca/i18n/pt.po (+9/-4)
l10n_ca/i18n/pt_BR.po (+9/-4)
l10n_ca/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
l10n_ca/i18n/tr.po (+12/-2)
l10n_ca/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
l10n_cl/i18n/es.po (+70/-35)
l10n_cl/i18n/zh_CN.po (+6/-1)
l10n_cn/i18n/ar.po (+20/-1)
l10n_cn/i18n/ca.po (+42/-3)
l10n_cn/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_cn/i18n/es.po (+42/-3)
l10n_cn/i18n/es_CR.po (+47/-7)
l10n_cn/i18n/es_PY.po (+42/-3)
l10n_cn/i18n/gl.po (+41/-3)
l10n_cn/i18n/it.po (+26/-3)
l10n_cn/i18n/nb.po (+22/-1)
l10n_cn/i18n/pt_BR.po (+40/-4)
l10n_cn/i18n/sr@latin.po (+37/-4)
l10n_cn/i18n/tr.po (+47/-2)
l10n_cn/i18n/zh_CN.po (+6/-1)
l10n_cr/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
l10n_cr/i18n/ca.po (+8/-3)
l10n_cr/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_cr/i18n/es.po (+8/-3)
l10n_cr/i18n/es_CR.po (+14/-7)
l10n_cr/i18n/es_PY.po (+8/-3)
l10n_cr/i18n/fr.po (+9/-4)
l10n_cr/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
l10n_cr/i18n/it.po (+11/-6)
l10n_cr/i18n/pt_BR.po (+9/-4)
l10n_cr/i18n/tr.po (+10/-0)
l10n_de/i18n/ar.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/bg.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/ca.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/cs.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_de/i18n/de.po (+9/-4)
l10n_de/i18n/es.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/es_CR.po (+15/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/es_PY.po (+8/-3)
l10n_de/i18n/et.po (+6/-1)
l10n_de/i18n/fr.po (+14/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/gl.po (+9/-4)
l10n_de/i18n/hr.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/hu.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/it.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/ko.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
l10n_de/i18n/nl.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/pt.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/pt_BR.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/ro.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/ru.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/sl.po (+23/-15)
l10n_de/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
l10n_de/i18n/sv.po (+13/-9)
l10n_de/i18n/tr.po (+16/-6)
l10n_de/i18n/vi.po (+9/-4)
l10n_de/i18n/zh_CN.po (+6/-1)
l10n_de/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
l10n_ec/i18n/ar.po (+20/-1)
l10n_ec/i18n/ca.po (+40/-3)
l10n_ec/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ec/i18n/es.po (+40/-3)
l10n_ec/i18n/es_CR.po (+45/-7)
l10n_ec/i18n/es_EC.po (+41/-4)
l10n_ec/i18n/es_PY.po (+40/-3)
l10n_ec/i18n/fr.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ec/i18n/gl.po (+39/-3)
l10n_ec/i18n/it.po (+40/-3)
l10n_ec/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ec/i18n/pt_BR.po (+47/-2)
l10n_ec/i18n/tr.po (+46/-2)
l10n_es/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
l10n_es/i18n/ca.po (+42/-9)
l10n_es/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_es/i18n/de.po (+37/-3)
l10n_es/i18n/es.po (+41/-9)
l10n_es/i18n/es_CR.po (+42/-9)
l10n_es/i18n/es_PY.po (+36/-3)
l10n_es/i18n/fr.po (+39/-4)
l10n_es/i18n/gl.po (+35/-3)
l10n_es/i18n/hu.po (+8/-3)
l10n_es/i18n/it.po (+12/-4)
l10n_es/i18n/oc.po (+11/-3)
l10n_es/i18n/pt.po (+12/-4)
l10n_es/i18n/pt_BR.po (+44/-2)
l10n_es/i18n/sr@latin.po (+38/-6)
l10n_es/i18n/tr.po (+19/-2)
l10n_fr/i18n/ar.po (+52/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/bg.po (+37/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/ca.po (+50/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/cs.po (+13/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_fr/i18n/de.po (+37/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/es.po (+105/-1)
l10n_fr/i18n/es_AR.po (+34/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/es_CR.po (+114/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/es_PY.po (+23/-3)
l10n_fr/i18n/et.po (+104/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/fr.po (+591/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/gl.po (+22/-3)
l10n_fr/i18n/hr.po (+13/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/hu.po (+13/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/id.po (+28/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/it.po (+170/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/ko.po (+8/-3)
l10n_fr/i18n/lt.po (+28/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/nl.po (+39/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/nl_BE.po (+21/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/oc.po (+84/-4)
l10n_fr/i18n/pl.po (+76/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/pt.po (+146/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/pt_BR.po (+52/-6)
l10n_fr/i18n/ro.po (+13/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/ru.po (+40/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/sl.po (+106/-31)
l10n_fr/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
l10n_fr/i18n/sr@latin.po (+14/-6)
l10n_fr/i18n/sv.po (+54/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/tr.po (+38/-6)
l10n_fr/i18n/uk.po (+39/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
l10n_fr/i18n/zh_CN.po (+31/-9)
l10n_fr/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
l10n_fr_rib/i18n/ar.po (+10/-1)
l10n_fr_rib/i18n/es.po (+11/-2)
l10n_fr_rib/i18n/es_CR.po (+11/-2)
l10n_fr_rib/i18n/fr.po (+20/-12)
l10n_fr_rib/i18n/pt.po (+10/-1)
l10n_fr_rib/i18n/sl.po (+135/-0)
l10n_gr/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
l10n_gr/i18n/ca.po (+30/-3)
l10n_gr/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_gr/i18n/de.po (+8/-3)
l10n_gr/i18n/el.po (+10/-1)
l10n_gr/i18n/es.po (+41/-15)
l10n_gr/i18n/es_CR.po (+34/-7)
l10n_gr/i18n/es_PY.po (+11/-3)
l10n_gr/i18n/fr.po (+14/-4)
l10n_gr/i18n/gl.po (+29/-4)
l10n_gr/i18n/hu.po (+8/-3)
l10n_gr/i18n/it.po (+13/-4)
l10n_gr/i18n/nl.po (+13/-3)
l10n_gr/i18n/pt.po (+9/-4)
l10n_gr/i18n/pt_BR.po (+12/-4)
l10n_gr/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
l10n_gr/i18n/tr.po (+35/-2)
l10n_gt/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
l10n_gt/i18n/ca.po (+26/-1)
l10n_gt/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_gt/i18n/es.po (+33/-9)
l10n_gt/i18n/es_CR.po (+34/-9)
l10n_gt/i18n/es_PY.po (+28/-3)
l10n_gt/i18n/fr.po (+35/-4)
l10n_gt/i18n/gl.po (+29/-4)
l10n_gt/i18n/hu.po (+8/-3)
l10n_gt/i18n/it.po (+30/-4)
l10n_gt/i18n/oc.po (+11/-3)
l10n_gt/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
l10n_gt/i18n/pt_BR.po (+37/-2)
l10n_gt/i18n/sr@latin.po (+32/-6)
l10n_gt/i18n/tr.po (+19/-2)
l10n_hn/i18n/ca.po (+18/-4)
l10n_hn/i18n/es.po (+22/-9)
l10n_hn/i18n/es_CR.po (+23/-9)
l10n_hn/i18n/fr.po (+24/-4)
l10n_hn/i18n/gl.po (+18/-4)
l10n_hn/i18n/hu.po (+8/-3)
l10n_hn/i18n/it.po (+18/-4)
l10n_hn/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
l10n_hn/i18n/pt_BR.po (+25/-2)
l10n_hn/i18n/sr@latin.po (+20/-6)
l10n_hn/i18n/tr.po (+10/-0)
l10n_in/i18n/ar.po (+6/-5)
l10n_in/i18n/br.po (+58/-27)
l10n_in/i18n/ca.po (+65/-31)
l10n_in/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_in/i18n/de.po (+55/-24)
l10n_in/i18n/es.po (+59/-25)
l10n_in/i18n/es_CR.po (+65/-31)
l10n_in/i18n/es_PY.po (+20/-3)
l10n_in/i18n/et.po (+62/-31)
l10n_in/i18n/fr.po (+72/-39)
l10n_in/i18n/gl.po (+21/-4)
l10n_in/i18n/hu.po (+55/-24)
l10n_in/i18n/it.po (+63/-47)
l10n_in/i18n/oc.po (+20/-3)
l10n_in/i18n/pt.po (+60/-29)
l10n_in/i18n/pt_BR.po (+100/-8)
l10n_in/i18n/ru.po (+62/-31)
l10n_in/i18n/sr@latin.po (+58/-27)
l10n_in/i18n/sv.po (+55/-24)
l10n_in/i18n/tr.po (+60/-8)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/bn.po (+12/-8)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/gu.po (+12/-8)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/hi.po (+12/-8)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/pt.po (+9/-0)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po (+1027/-0)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/ta.po (+12/-8)
l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/te.po (+12/-8)
l10n_it/i18n/ar.po (+6/-5)
l10n_it/i18n/ca.po (+77/-3)
l10n_it/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_it/i18n/es.po (+87/-13)
l10n_it/i18n/es_CR.po (+82/-7)
l10n_it/i18n/es_PY.po (+77/-3)
l10n_it/i18n/fr.po (+15/-4)
l10n_it/i18n/gl.po (+77/-3)
l10n_it/i18n/it.po (+82/-9)
l10n_it/i18n/pt_BR.po (+78/-4)
l10n_it/i18n/tr.po (+10/-0)
l10n_lu/i18n/ar.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/bg.po (+28/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/ca.po (+31/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/cs.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_lu/i18n/de.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/es.po (+62/-10)
l10n_lu/i18n/es_AR.po (+19/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/es_CR.po (+63/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/es_PY.po (+26/-3)
l10n_lu/i18n/et.po (+45/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/fr.po (+35/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/gl.po (+27/-4)
l10n_lu/i18n/hr.po (+25/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/hu.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/it.po (+40/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/ko.po (+6/-1)
l10n_lu/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/nl.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/oc.po (+9/-4)
l10n_lu/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/pt.po (+45/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/pt_BR.po (+34/-6)
l10n_lu/i18n/ro.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/ru.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/sl.po (+32/-13)
l10n_lu/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
l10n_lu/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
l10n_lu/i18n/sv.po (+16/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/tr.po (+16/-6)
l10n_lu/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
l10n_lu/i18n/zh_CN.po (+13/-9)
l10n_lu/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
l10n_ma/i18n/ar.po (+9/-4)
l10n_ma/i18n/ca.po (+24/-3)
l10n_ma/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ma/i18n/de.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ma/i18n/es.po (+105/-19)
l10n_ma/i18n/es_CR.po (+97/-7)
l10n_ma/i18n/es_PY.po (+24/-3)
l10n_ma/i18n/fr.po (+26/-4)
l10n_ma/i18n/gl.po (+24/-3)
l10n_ma/i18n/hu.po (+8/-3)
l10n_ma/i18n/it.po (+43/-4)
l10n_ma/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ma/i18n/pt_BR.po (+28/-2)
l10n_ma/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
l10n_ma/i18n/tr.po (+10/-0)
l10n_multilang/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
l10n_multilang/i18n/de.po (+6/-1)
l10n_multilang/i18n/es.po (+6/-1)
l10n_multilang/i18n/es_CR.po (+7/-2)
l10n_multilang/i18n/fr.po (+10/-9)
l10n_multilang/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
l10n_multilang/i18n/mn.po (+6/-1)
l10n_multilang/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
l10n_multilang/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
l10n_multilang/i18n/pt.po (+7/-2)
l10n_multilang/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
l10n_multilang/i18n/ro.po (+6/-1)
l10n_multilang/i18n/sl.po (+172/-0)
l10n_multilang/i18n/tr.po (+10/-0)
l10n_nl/i18n/ar.po (+9/-1)
l10n_nl/i18n/ca.po (+106/-3)
l10n_nl/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_nl/i18n/es.po (+110/-6)
l10n_nl/i18n/es_CR.po (+136/-7)
l10n_nl/i18n/es_PY.po (+107/-3)
l10n_nl/i18n/gl.po (+94/-3)
l10n_nl/i18n/it.po (+9/-1)
l10n_nl/i18n/nl.po (+134/-4)
l10n_nl/i18n/pt_BR.po (+110/-4)
l10n_nl/i18n/sr@latin.po (+112/-4)
l10n_nl/i18n/tr.po (+17/-0)
l10n_pe/i18n/ar.po (+20/-1)
l10n_pe/i18n/br.po (+8/-3)
l10n_pe/i18n/ca.po (+8/-3)
l10n_pe/i18n/de.po (+8/-3)
l10n_pe/i18n/es.po (+114/-79)
l10n_pe/i18n/et.po (+8/-3)
l10n_pe/i18n/fr.po (+40/-4)
l10n_pe/i18n/gl.po (+38/-4)
l10n_pe/i18n/hu.po (+8/-3)
l10n_pe/i18n/it.po (+39/-4)
l10n_pe/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
l10n_pe/i18n/pt_BR.po (+41/-2)
l10n_pe/i18n/ru.po (+8/-3)
l10n_pe/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
l10n_pe/i18n/sv.po (+8/-3)
l10n_pl/i18n/ar.po (+20/-1)
l10n_pl/i18n/ca.po (+46/-3)
l10n_pl/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_pl/i18n/es.po (+54/-11)
l10n_pl/i18n/es_CR.po (+51/-7)
l10n_pl/i18n/es_PY.po (+29/-3)
l10n_pl/i18n/gl.po (+45/-3)
l10n_pl/i18n/it.po (+29/-3)
l10n_pl/i18n/pt_BR.po (+52/-4)
l10n_pl/i18n/sr@latin.po (+53/-4)
l10n_pl/i18n/tr.po (+52/-2)
l10n_syscohada/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
l10n_syscohada/i18n/ca.po (+9/-4)
l10n_syscohada/i18n/es.po (+27/-4)
l10n_syscohada/i18n/es_CR.po (+31/-7)
l10n_syscohada/i18n/fr.po (+13/-9)
l10n_syscohada/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
l10n_syscohada/i18n/ro.po (+24/-1)
l10n_syscohada/i18n/tr.po (+10/-0)
l10n_th/i18n/ar.po (+20/-1)
l10n_th/i18n/ca.po (+38/-3)
l10n_th/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_th/i18n/es.po (+38/-3)
l10n_th/i18n/es_CR.po (+43/-7)
l10n_th/i18n/es_PY.po (+38/-3)
l10n_th/i18n/gl.po (+37/-3)
l10n_th/i18n/it.po (+36/-3)
l10n_th/i18n/nb.po (+23/-1)
l10n_th/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
l10n_th/i18n/pt_BR.po (+45/-2)
l10n_th/i18n/sr@latin.po (+39/-4)
l10n_th/i18n/th.po (+8/-3)
l10n_th/i18n/tr.po (+41/-2)
l10n_uk/i18n/ar.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/bg.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/bs.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/ca.po (+36/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/cs.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_uk/i18n/de.po (+12/-4)
l10n_uk/i18n/es.po (+60/-4)
l10n_uk/i18n/es_CR.po (+66/-7)
l10n_uk/i18n/es_PY.po (+36/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/et.po (+10/-5)
l10n_uk/i18n/fr.po (+37/-4)
l10n_uk/i18n/gl.po (+35/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/hr.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/hu.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/id.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/it.po (+36/-4)
l10n_uk/i18n/ko.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/lt.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/nl.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/oc.po (+6/-1)
l10n_uk/i18n/pl.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/pt.po (+12/-4)
l10n_uk/i18n/pt_BR.po (+43/-2)
l10n_uk/i18n/ro.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/ru.po (+35/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/sl.po (+27/-14)
l10n_uk/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/sr@latin.po (+39/-6)
l10n_uk/i18n/sv.po (+11/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/tlh.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/tr.po (+56/-4)
l10n_uk/i18n/uk.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/zh_CN.po (+8/-3)
l10n_uk/i18n/zh_TW.po (+12/-2)
l10n_ve/i18n/ar.po (+29/-1)
l10n_ve/i18n/ca.po (+48/-3)
l10n_ve/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ve/i18n/de.po (+6/-1)
l10n_ve/i18n/es.po (+46/-1)
l10n_ve/i18n/es_CR.po (+53/-7)
l10n_ve/i18n/es_PY.po (+48/-3)
l10n_ve/i18n/gl.po (+46/-3)
l10n_ve/i18n/it.po (+22/-3)
l10n_ve/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
l10n_ve/i18n/pt_BR.po (+63/-2)
l10n_ve/i18n/sr@latin.po (+55/-4)
l10n_ve/i18n/tr.po (+54/-2)
lunch/i18n/ar.po (+93/-40)
lunch/i18n/bg.po (+80/-3)
lunch/i18n/ca.po (+175/-4)
lunch/i18n/cs.po (+223/-7)
lunch/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
lunch/i18n/de.po (+313/-197)
lunch/i18n/es.po (+232/-4)
lunch/i18n/es_CR.po (+236/-7)
lunch/i18n/es_PY.po (+174/-3)
lunch/i18n/fi.po (+51/-4)
lunch/i18n/fr.po (+232/-4)
lunch/i18n/gl.po (+173/-4)
lunch/i18n/hr.po (+15/-4)
lunch/i18n/hu.po (+180/-10)
lunch/i18n/it.po (+181/-46)
lunch/i18n/ja.po (+183/-2)
lunch/i18n/nl.po (+135/-1)
lunch/i18n/pt.po (+111/-2)
lunch/i18n/pt_BR.po (+207/-5)
lunch/i18n/ro.po (+224/-0)
lunch/i18n/ru.po (+177/-7)
lunch/i18n/sl.po (+896/-0)
lunch/i18n/sr@latin.po (+14/-6)
lunch/i18n/sv.po (+78/-1)
lunch/i18n/tr.po (+17/-0)
lunch/i18n/zh_CN.po (+212/-4)
lunch/i18n/zh_TW.po (+20/-3)
mail/i18n/ar.po (+35/-1)
mail/i18n/bg.po (+25/-3)
mail/i18n/ca.po (+32/-4)
mail/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
mail/i18n/de.po (+215/-68)
mail/i18n/es.po (+158/-2)
mail/i18n/es_CR.po (+159/-7)
mail/i18n/es_PY.po (+8/-3)
mail/i18n/et.po (+7/-2)
mail/i18n/fi.po (+150/-3)
mail/i18n/fr.po (+251/-119)
mail/i18n/gl.po (+31/-3)
mail/i18n/hr.po (+127/-4)
mail/i18n/hu.po (+69/-47)
mail/i18n/it.po (+45/-28)
mail/i18n/ja.po (+121/-2)
mail/i18n/lt.po (+32/-4)
mail/i18n/lv.po (+72/-4)
mail/i18n/mn.po (+330/-268)
mail/i18n/nl.po (+160/-2)
mail/i18n/pl.po (+92/-2)
mail/i18n/pt.po (+166/-11)
mail/i18n/pt_BR.po (+163/-2)
mail/i18n/ro.po (+158/-2)
mail/i18n/ru.po (+162/-2)
mail/i18n/sl.po (+147/-131)
mail/i18n/sr@latin.po (+6/-1)
mail/i18n/sv.po (+155/-4)
mail/i18n/tr.po (+156/-0)
mail/i18n/zh_CN.po (+149/-4)
mail/i18n/zh_TW.po (+1683/-0)
marketing/i18n/ar.po (+21/-1)
marketing/i18n/bg.po (+70/-3)
marketing/i18n/ca.po (+85/-4)
marketing/i18n/cs.po (+7/-2)
marketing/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
marketing/i18n/de.po (+88/-8)
marketing/i18n/el.po (+60/-4)
marketing/i18n/es.po (+85/-4)
marketing/i18n/es_CR.po (+89/-7)
marketing/i18n/fi.po (+70/-4)
marketing/i18n/fr.po (+95/-14)
marketing/i18n/gl.po (+72/-3)
marketing/i18n/hr.po (+27/-4)
marketing/i18n/hu.po (+54/-10)
marketing/i18n/id.po (+63/-3)
marketing/i18n/it.po (+91/-12)
marketing/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
marketing/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
marketing/i18n/lv.po (+42/-4)
marketing/i18n/mn.po (+82/-2)
marketing/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
marketing/i18n/nl.po (+87/-2)
marketing/i18n/pl.po (+76/-4)
marketing/i18n/pt.po (+86/-2)
marketing/i18n/pt_BR.po (+86/-4)
marketing/i18n/ro.po (+80/-2)
marketing/i18n/ru.po (+85/-4)
marketing/i18n/sk.po (+82/-4)
marketing/i18n/sl.po (+20/-3)
marketing/i18n/sr.po (+64/-4)
marketing/i18n/sr@latin.po (+66/-6)
marketing/i18n/sv.po (+64/-9)
marketing/i18n/th.po (+12/-4)
marketing/i18n/tr.po (+80/-2)
marketing/i18n/zh_CN.po (+65/-4)
marketing/i18n/zh_TW.po (+7/-2)
marketing_campaign/i18n/ar.po (+33/-2)
marketing_campaign/i18n/bg.po (+48/-3)
marketing_campaign/i18n/ca.po (+179/-3)
marketing_campaign/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
marketing_campaign/i18n/de.po (+243/-32)
marketing_campaign/i18n/el.po (+29/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/es.po (+223/-1)
marketing_campaign/i18n/es_CR.po (+229/-7)
marketing_campaign/i18n/fi.po (+40/-1)
marketing_campaign/i18n/fr.po (+224/-18)
marketing_campaign/i18n/hi.po (+22/-1)
marketing_campaign/i18n/hr.po (+18/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/hu.po (+66/-10)
marketing_campaign/i18n/it.po (+109/-38)
marketing_campaign/i18n/ja.po (+97/-2)
marketing_campaign/i18n/lv.po (+42/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/mn.po (+134/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/nl.po (+229/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/pl.po (+60/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/pt.po (+225/-2)
marketing_campaign/i18n/pt_BR.po (+117/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/ro.po (+226/-2)
marketing_campaign/i18n/ru.po (+42/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
marketing_campaign/i18n/sv.po (+30/-4)
marketing_campaign/i18n/tr.po (+45/-2)
marketing_campaign/i18n/zh_CN.po (+194/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/bg.po (+11/-3)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ca.po (+117/-3)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/de.po (+124/-8)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/es.po (+121/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/es_CR.po (+126/-7)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/fr.po (+134/-9)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/gl.po (+103/-3)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/hr.po (+9/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/hu.po (+14/-10)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/it.po (+122/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ja.po (+100/-2)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/nb.po (+104/-1)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/nl.po (+116/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/pt.po (+119/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/pt_BR.po (+120/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ro.po (+121/-0)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ru.po (+46/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/sr.po (+59/-4)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/sr@latin.po (+61/-6)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/tr.po (+10/-2)
marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/zh_CN.po (+112/-3)
membership/i18n/ar.po (+22/-9)
membership/i18n/bg.po (+95/-9)
membership/i18n/bs.po (+162/-9)
membership/i18n/ca.po (+318/-9)
membership/i18n/cs.po (+202/-8)
membership/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
membership/i18n/de.po (+346/-53)
membership/i18n/es.po (+339/-9)
membership/i18n/es_AR.po (+162/-9)
membership/i18n/es_CR.po (+340/-9)
membership/i18n/et.po (+158/-9)
membership/i18n/fi.po (+132/-4)
membership/i18n/fr.po (+306/-2)
membership/i18n/gl.po (+294/-4)
membership/i18n/hr.po (+22/-9)
membership/i18n/hu.po (+84/-10)
membership/i18n/id.po (+16/-9)
membership/i18n/it.po (+263/-9)
membership/i18n/ja.po (+163/-2)
membership/i18n/ko.po (+140/-4)
membership/i18n/lt.po (+16/-9)
membership/i18n/mn.po (+254/-2)
membership/i18n/nl.po (+343/-10)
membership/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
membership/i18n/pl.po (+159/-9)
membership/i18n/pt.po (+237/-9)
membership/i18n/pt_BR.po (+290/-9)
membership/i18n/ro.po (+332/-6)
membership/i18n/ru.po (+185/-9)
membership/i18n/sk.po (+18/-4)
membership/i18n/sl.po (+71/-6)
membership/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
membership/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
membership/i18n/sv.po (+54/-9)
membership/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
membership/i18n/tr.po (+112/-9)
membership/i18n/uk.po (+33/-9)
membership/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
membership/i18n/zh_CN.po (+305/-9)
membership/i18n/zh_TW.po (+19/-9)
mrp/i18n/ar.po (+673/-6)
mrp/i18n/bg.po (+331/-9)
mrp/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
mrp/i18n/ca.po (+1432/-9)
mrp/i18n/cs.po (+557/-368)
mrp/i18n/da.po (+88/-4)
mrp/i18n/de.po (+1549/-49)
mrp/i18n/el.po (+854/-9)
mrp/i18n/es.po (+1529/-9)
mrp/i18n/es_AR.po (+454/-9)
mrp/i18n/es_CL.po (+1454/-9)
mrp/i18n/es_CR.po (+1530/-9)
mrp/i18n/es_EC.po (+1363/-9)
mrp/i18n/et.po (+338/-9)
mrp/i18n/fi.po (+1273/-4)
mrp/i18n/fr.po (+1607/-234)
mrp/i18n/gl.po (+659/-4)
mrp/i18n/hi.po (+81/-4)
mrp/i18n/hr.po (+376/-9)
mrp/i18n/hu.po (+694/-9)
mrp/i18n/id.po (+16/-9)
mrp/i18n/it.po (+1357/-20)
mrp/i18n/ja.po (+359/-2)
mrp/i18n/ko.po (+796/-4)
mrp/i18n/lt.po (+741/-10)
mrp/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
mrp/i18n/mn.po (+385/-0)
mrp/i18n/nb.po (+638/-4)
mrp/i18n/nl.po (+1190/-6)
mrp/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
mrp/i18n/pl.po (+1149/-9)
mrp/i18n/pt.po (+1506/-9)
mrp/i18n/pt_BR.po (+1375/-8)
mrp/i18n/ro.po (+780/-6)
mrp/i18n/ru.po (+909/-6)
mrp/i18n/sk.po (+36/-4)
mrp/i18n/sl.po (+426/-219)
mrp/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
mrp/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
mrp/i18n/sv.po (+873/-9)
mrp/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
mrp/i18n/tr.po (+1136/-6)
mrp/i18n/uk.po (+288/-9)
mrp/i18n/vi.po (+27/-3)
mrp/i18n/zh_CN.po (+1359/-9)
mrp/i18n/zh_HK.po (+293/-4)
mrp/i18n/zh_TW.po (+291/-6)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/ab.po (+8/-3)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/ar.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/bg.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/ca.po (+14/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/cs.po (+30/-27)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/de.po (+14/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/es.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/es_AR.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/es_CR.po (+14/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/es_EC.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/et.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/fi.po (+9/-4)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/fr.po (+16/-14)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/hr.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/hu.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/it.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/ko.po (+9/-4)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/mn.po (+9/-4)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/nl.po (+16/-6)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/oc.po (+9/-4)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/pt.po (+16/-6)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/pt_BR.po (+14/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/ro.po (+16/-6)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/ru.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/sk.po (+9/-4)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/sl.po (+25/-12)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/sr.po (+9/-4)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/sv.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/tr.po (+16/-6)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/zh_CN.po (+13/-9)
mrp_byproduct/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/ar.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/bg.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/ca.po (+14/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/cs.po (+16/-27)
mrp_jit/i18n/da.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/de.po (+14/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/el.po (+16/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/es.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/es_AR.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/es_CR.po (+15/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/es_EC.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/et.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/fi.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/fr.po (+14/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/gl.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/hr.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/hu.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/it.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
mrp_jit/i18n/kab.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/ko.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/ml.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/mn.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/nb.po (+8/-3)
mrp_jit/i18n/nl.po (+21/-17)
mrp_jit/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/oc.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/pt.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/pt_BR.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/ro.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/ru.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/sk.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/sl.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
mrp_jit/i18n/sr.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
mrp_jit/i18n/sv.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/ta.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/tr.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/vi.po (+9/-4)
mrp_jit/i18n/zh_CN.po (+13/-9)
mrp_jit/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/ar.po (+195/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/bg.po (+139/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/ca.po (+302/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/cs.po (+176/-95)
mrp_operations/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
mrp_operations/i18n/de.po (+355/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/es.po (+352/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/es_AR.po (+153/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/es_CR.po (+354/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/es_EC.po (+289/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/et.po (+149/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/fi.po (+203/-4)
mrp_operations/i18n/fr.po (+267/-42)
mrp_operations/i18n/hi.po (+75/-4)
mrp_operations/i18n/hr.po (+80/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/hu.po (+43/-10)
mrp_operations/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/it.po (+167/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/ja.po (+97/-2)
mrp_operations/i18n/ko.po (+124/-4)
mrp_operations/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/mn.po (+105/-1)
mrp_operations/i18n/nl.po (+300/-6)
mrp_operations/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/pl.po (+166/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/pt.po (+342/-6)
mrp_operations/i18n/pt_BR.po (+188/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/ro.po (+340/-6)
mrp_operations/i18n/ru.po (+83/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/sl.po (+78/-33)
mrp_operations/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
mrp_operations/i18n/sr.po (+108/-4)
mrp_operations/i18n/sr@latin.po (+110/-6)
mrp_operations/i18n/sv.po (+71/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/tr.po (+290/-6)
mrp_operations/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/vi.po (+9/-4)
mrp_operations/i18n/zh_CN.po (+285/-9)
mrp_operations/i18n/zh_TW.po (+16/-6)
mrp_repair/i18n/ar.po (+184/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/bg.po (+66/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/ca.po (+302/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/cs.po (+147/-178)
mrp_repair/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
mrp_repair/i18n/de.po (+302/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/es.po (+304/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/es_AR.po (+163/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/es_CR.po (+305/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/es_EC.po (+160/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/et.po (+173/-21)
mrp_repair/i18n/fi.po (+196/-4)
mrp_repair/i18n/fr.po (+299/-18)
mrp_repair/i18n/hi.po (+42/-4)
mrp_repair/i18n/hr.po (+138/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/hu.po (+62/-10)
mrp_repair/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/it.po (+141/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/ja.po (+139/-2)
mrp_repair/i18n/ko.po (+132/-4)
mrp_repair/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/mn.po (+164/-0)
mrp_repair/i18n/nl.po (+225/-6)
mrp_repair/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/pl.po (+181/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/pt.po (+302/-6)
mrp_repair/i18n/pt_BR.po (+254/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/ro.po (+203/-6)
mrp_repair/i18n/ru.po (+25/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/sl.po (+84/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
mrp_repair/i18n/sr.po (+245/-4)
mrp_repair/i18n/sr@latin.po (+247/-6)
mrp_repair/i18n/sv.po (+75/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/tr.po (+253/-6)
mrp_repair/i18n/uk.po (+24/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
mrp_repair/i18n/zh_CN.po (+252/-9)
mrp_repair/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
multi_company/i18n/ar.po (+11/-3)
multi_company/i18n/bg.po (+12/-4)
multi_company/i18n/bs.po (+8/-3)
multi_company/i18n/ca.po (+61/-3)
multi_company/i18n/cs.po (+6/-1)
multi_company/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
multi_company/i18n/de.po (+63/-15)
multi_company/i18n/es.po (+62/-4)
multi_company/i18n/es_CR.po (+67/-7)
multi_company/i18n/es_EC.po (+18/-6)
multi_company/i18n/et.po (+15/-4)
multi_company/i18n/fi.po (+18/-4)
multi_company/i18n/fr.po (+63/-17)
multi_company/i18n/gl.po (+52/-3)
multi_company/i18n/hr.po (+45/-4)
multi_company/i18n/hu.po (+45/-4)
multi_company/i18n/id.po (+8/-3)
multi_company/i18n/it.po (+63/-4)
multi_company/i18n/ja.po (+48/-2)
multi_company/i18n/lo.po (+16/-2)
multi_company/i18n/lt.po (+8/-3)
multi_company/i18n/lv.po (+53/-3)
multi_company/i18n/mn.po (+50/-4)
multi_company/i18n/nb.po (+48/-1)
multi_company/i18n/nl.po (+65/-2)
multi_company/i18n/oc.po (+15/-4)
multi_company/i18n/pl.po (+18/-4)
multi_company/i18n/pt.po (+62/-4)
multi_company/i18n/pt_BR.po (+64/-4)
multi_company/i18n/ro.po (+66/-2)
multi_company/i18n/ru.po (+50/-4)
multi_company/i18n/sl.po (+15/-4)
multi_company/i18n/sr.po (+51/-4)
multi_company/i18n/sr@latin.po (+53/-6)
multi_company/i18n/sv.po (+55/-9)
multi_company/i18n/tr.po (+62/-4)
multi_company/i18n/uk.po (+8/-3)
multi_company/i18n/vi.po (+9/-1)
multi_company/i18n/zh_CN.po (+61/-4)
multi_company/i18n/zh_TW.po (+8/-3)
note/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
note/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
note/i18n/fr.po (+9/-4)
note/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
note/i18n/id.po (+282/-0)
note/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
note/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
note/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
note/i18n/pt.po (+7/-2)
note/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
note/i18n/ro.po (+12/-21)
note/i18n/sl.po (+282/-0)
note/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
note_pad/i18n/de.po (+28/-0)
note_pad/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
note_pad/i18n/fr.po (+28/-0)
note_pad/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
note_pad/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
note_pad/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
note_pad/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
note_pad/i18n/pt.po (+7/-2)
note_pad/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
note_pad/i18n/ru.po (+28/-0)
note_pad/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
pad/i18n/ar.po (+30/-1)
pad/i18n/bg.po (+23/-3)
pad/i18n/ca.po (+51/-3)
pad/i18n/cs.po (+28/-2)
pad/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
pad/i18n/de.po (+67/-4)
pad/i18n/es.po (+67/-4)
pad/i18n/es_CR.po (+71/-7)
pad/i18n/fi.po (+32/-3)
pad/i18n/fr.po (+55/-6)
pad/i18n/gl.po (+49/-3)
pad/i18n/hr.po (+24/-4)
pad/i18n/hu.po (+29/-10)
pad/i18n/it.po (+52/-6)
pad/i18n/ja.po (+28/-2)
pad/i18n/mn.po (+19/-4)
pad/i18n/nb.po (+27/-1)
pad/i18n/nl.po (+67/-4)
pad/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
pad/i18n/pt.po (+22/-4)
pad/i18n/pt_BR.po (+43/-4)
pad/i18n/ro.po (+71/-0)
pad/i18n/ru.po (+65/-4)
pad/i18n/sl.po (+24/-4)
pad/i18n/sr@latin.po (+15/-6)
pad/i18n/sv.po (+27/-1)
pad/i18n/tr.po (+74/-2)
pad/i18n/zh_CN.po (+63/-4)
pad_project/i18n/ar.po (+9/-1)
pad_project/i18n/cs.po (+10/-2)
pad_project/i18n/de.po (+10/-2)
pad_project/i18n/es.po (+10/-2)
pad_project/i18n/es_CR.po (+10/-2)
pad_project/i18n/fi.po (+6/-1)
pad_project/i18n/fr.po (+10/-2)
pad_project/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
pad_project/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
pad_project/i18n/ja.po (+10/-2)
pad_project/i18n/mn.po (+6/-1)
pad_project/i18n/nb.po (+9/-1)
pad_project/i18n/nl.po (+10/-2)
pad_project/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
pad_project/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
pad_project/i18n/pt_BR.po (+10/-2)
pad_project/i18n/ro.po (+13/-0)
pad_project/i18n/ru.po (+9/-1)
pad_project/i18n/sl.po (+10/-0)
pad_project/i18n/sv.po (+9/-1)
pad_project/i18n/tr.po (+13/-0)
pad_project/i18n/zh_CN.po (+10/-2)
plugin/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/cs.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/es.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/es_CR.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/fi.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/fr.po (+9/-3)
plugin/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/mn.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/ro.po (+10/-0)
plugin/i18n/ru.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/sv.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/tr.po (+6/-1)
plugin/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
plugin/i18n/zh_TW.po (+7/-2)
plugin_outlook/i18n/ar.po (+15/-1)
plugin_outlook/i18n/bg.po (+20/-3)
plugin_outlook/i18n/ca.po (+26/-3)
plugin_outlook/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
plugin_outlook/i18n/de.po (+34/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/el.po (+21/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/es.po (+34/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/es_CR.po (+38/-7)
plugin_outlook/i18n/et.po (+21/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/fi.po (+22/-3)
plugin_outlook/i18n/fr.po (+42/-15)
plugin_outlook/i18n/gl.po (+26/-3)
plugin_outlook/i18n/hr.po (+27/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/hu.po (+21/-1)
plugin_outlook/i18n/id.po (+6/-1)
plugin_outlook/i18n/it.po (+27/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/ja.po (+28/-2)
plugin_outlook/i18n/mn.po (+34/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/nb.po (+31/-1)
plugin_outlook/i18n/nl.po (+34/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/pl.po (+26/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/pt.po (+31/-2)
plugin_outlook/i18n/pt_BR.po (+33/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/ro.po (+38/-0)
plugin_outlook/i18n/ru.po (+26/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/sl.po (+25/-4)
plugin_outlook/i18n/sr@latin.po (+14/-6)
plugin_outlook/i18n/sv.po (+40/-2)
plugin_outlook/i18n/tr.po (+41/-2)
plugin_outlook/i18n/zh_CN.po (+30/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ar.po (+15/-1)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/bg.po (+21/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ca.po (+38/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/cs.po (+38/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/da.po (+21/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/de.po (+42/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/en_GB.po (+12/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/en_US.po (+9/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/es.po (+38/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/es_CR.po (+42/-7)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/et.po (+12/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/eu.po (+12/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/fi.po (+37/-3)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/fr.po (+46/-12)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/gl.po (+37/-3)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/hr.po (+43/-6)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/hu.po (+37/-1)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/is.po (+36/-1)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/it.po (+39/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ja.po (+34/-2)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/mn.po (+39/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/nb.po (+35/-1)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/nl.po (+38/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/pl.po (+12/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/pt.po (+39/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/pt_BR.po (+39/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ro.po (+44/-0)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ru.po (+39/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sk.po (+12/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sl.po (+38/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sr.po (+12/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sr@latin.po (+14/-6)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sv.po (+35/-1)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/tr.po (+39/-4)
plugin_thunderbird/i18n/zh_CN.po (+34/-4)
point_of_sale/i18n/ar.po (+251/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/bg.po (+498/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/ca.po (+819/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/cs.po (+613/-725)
point_of_sale/i18n/da.po (+8/-3)
point_of_sale/i18n/de.po (+1101/-49)
point_of_sale/i18n/el.po (+331/-4)
point_of_sale/i18n/es.po (+1116/-1)
point_of_sale/i18n/es_AR.po (+336/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/es_CR.po (+1126/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/es_EC.po (+781/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/et.po (+370/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/fi.po (+750/-4)
point_of_sale/i18n/fr.po (+1277/-308)
point_of_sale/i18n/hi.po (+30/-4)
point_of_sale/i18n/hr.po (+272/-6)
point_of_sale/i18n/hu.po (+383/-10)
point_of_sale/i18n/id.po (+508/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/it.po (+715/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/ja.po (+434/-2)
point_of_sale/i18n/ko.po (+295/-4)
point_of_sale/i18n/lt.po (+16/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/lv.po (+44/-1)
point_of_sale/i18n/mn.po (+632/-2)
point_of_sale/i18n/nb.po (+39/-1)
point_of_sale/i18n/nl.po (+1025/-200)
point_of_sale/i18n/nl_BE.po (+921/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/pl.po (+587/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/pt.po (+1119/-6)
point_of_sale/i18n/pt_BR.po (+398/-6)
point_of_sale/i18n/ro.po (+1091/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/ru.po (+345/-14)
point_of_sale/i18n/sl.po (+877/-99)
point_of_sale/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
point_of_sale/i18n/sr.po (+662/-4)
point_of_sale/i18n/sr@latin.po (+661/-6)
point_of_sale/i18n/sv.po (+696/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/tr.po (+729/-6)
point_of_sale/i18n/uk.po (+24/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/vi.po (+242/-4)
point_of_sale/i18n/zh_CN.po (+1044/-9)
point_of_sale/i18n/zh_HK.po (+42/-4)
point_of_sale/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
portal/i18n/ar.po (+57/-4)
portal/i18n/bg.po (+8/-3)
portal/i18n/bs.po (+8/-3)
portal/i18n/ca.po (+204/-4)
portal/i18n/cs.po (+264/-130)
portal/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
portal/i18n/de.po (+227/-23)
portal/i18n/es.po (+224/-4)
portal/i18n/es_CR.po (+230/-7)
portal/i18n/et.po (+8/-3)
portal/i18n/fi.po (+159/-3)
portal/i18n/fr.po (+261/-105)
portal/i18n/hr.po (+33/-4)
portal/i18n/hu.po (+11/-2)
portal/i18n/id.po (+8/-3)
portal/i18n/it.po (+22/-11)
portal/i18n/ja.po (+198/-2)
portal/i18n/lo.po (+10/-2)
portal/i18n/lt.po (+8/-3)
portal/i18n/mn.po (+497/-0)
portal/i18n/nl.po (+237/-12)
portal/i18n/pl.po (+9/-4)
portal/i18n/pt.po (+231/-12)
portal/i18n/pt_BR.po (+10/-4)
portal/i18n/ro.po (+267/-131)
portal/i18n/ru.po (+15/-7)
portal/i18n/sl.po (+12/-2)
portal/i18n/sr.po (+497/-0)
portal/i18n/sv.po (+79/-2)
portal/i18n/tr.po (+219/-4)
portal/i18n/uk.po (+8/-3)
portal/i18n/zh_CN.po (+207/-4)
portal/i18n/zh_TW.po (+12/-2)
portal_anonymous/i18n/cs.po (+25/-0)
portal_anonymous/i18n/es.po (+25/-0)
portal_anonymous/i18n/fr.po (+25/-0)
portal_anonymous/i18n/nl.po (+25/-0)
portal_anonymous/i18n/pt_BR.po (+25/-0)
portal_anonymous/i18n/ro.po (+25/-0)
portal_claim/i18n/cs.po (+43/-0)
portal_claim/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
portal_claim/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
portal_claim/i18n/fr.po (+8/-11)
portal_claim/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
portal_claim/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
portal_claim/i18n/nl.po (+10/-0)
portal_claim/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
portal_claim/i18n/pt.po (+7/-2)
portal_claim/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
portal_claim/i18n/ro.po (+44/-0)
portal_claim/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
portal_crm/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
portal_crm/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
portal_crm/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
portal_crm/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
portal_crm/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
portal_crm/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
portal_crm/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
portal_crm/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
portal_event/i18n/cs.po (+59/-0)
portal_event/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
portal_event/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
portal_event/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
portal_event/i18n/nl.po (+10/-0)
portal_event/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
portal_event/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
portal_event/i18n/ro.po (+59/-0)
portal_event/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/de.po (+10/-6)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/nl.po (+10/-0)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/pt.po (+7/-2)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/ro.po (+95/-0)
portal_hr_employees/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
portal_project/i18n/cs.po (+37/-0)
portal_project/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
portal_project/i18n/es.po (+10/-2)
portal_project/i18n/fr.po (+8/-7)
portal_project/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
portal_project/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
portal_project/i18n/nl.po (+10/-2)
portal_project/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
portal_project/i18n/pt.po (+33/-0)
portal_project/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
portal_project/i18n/ro.po (+37/-0)
portal_project/i18n/sv.po (+10/-0)
portal_project/i18n/zh_CN.po (+10/-2)
portal_project_issue/i18n/cs.po (+47/-0)
portal_project_issue/i18n/de.po (+7/-2)
portal_project_issue/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
portal_project_issue/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
portal_project_issue/i18n/it.po (+7/-2)
portal_project_issue/i18n/nl.po (+7/-2)
portal_project_issue/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
portal_project_issue/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
portal_project_issue/i18n/ro.po (+48/-0)
portal_project_issue/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
portal_sale/i18n/cs.po (+352/-0)
portal_sale/i18n/de.po (+9/-205)
portal_sale/i18n/es.po (+7/-2)
portal_sale/i18n/fi.po (+6/-1)
portal_sale/i18n/fr.po (+7/-2)
portal_sale/i18n/hr.po (+7/-2)
portal_sale/i18n/nl.po (+12/-4)
portal_sale/i18n/pl.po (+7/-2)
portal_sale/i18n/pt.po (+7/-2)
portal_sale/i18n/pt_BR.po (+8/-2)
portal_sale/i18n/ro.po (+563/-0)
portal_sale/i18n/sv.po (+10/-0)
portal_sale/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
process/i18n/ar.po (+16/-9)
process/i18n/bg.po (+28/-9)
process/i18n/bs.po (+33/-9)
process/i18n/ca.po (+67/-9)
process/i18n/cs.po (+48/-19)
process/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
process/i18n/de.po (+70/-9)
process/i18n/el.po (+49/-9)
process/i18n/es.po (+68/-9)
process/i18n/es_AR.po (+43/-9)
process/i18n/es_CL.po (+68/-9)
process/i18n/es_CR.po (+70/-9)
process/i18n/et.po (+45/-9)
process/i18n/fi.po (+40/-4)
process/i18n/fr.po (+51/-9)
process/i18n/gl.po (+60/-4)
process/i18n/hi.po (+15/-4)
process/i18n/hr.po (+47/-10)
process/i18n/hu.po (+39/-10)
process/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
process/i18n/it.po (+67/-9)
process/i18n/ja.po (+10/-2)
process/i18n/ko.po (+37/-4)
process/i18n/lt.po (+16/-9)
process/i18n/mn.po (+55/-2)
process/i18n/nl.po (+63/-9)
process/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
process/i18n/pl.po (+43/-9)
process/i18n/pt.po (+67/-9)
process/i18n/pt_BR.po (+47/-9)
process/i18n/ro.po (+74/-6)
process/i18n/ru.po (+37/-9)
process/i18n/sk.po (+12/-4)
process/i18n/sl.po (+68/-26)
process/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
process/i18n/sr.po (+41/-4)
process/i18n/sr@latin.po (+43/-6)
process/i18n/sv.po (+45/-9)
process/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
process/i18n/tr.po (+53/-6)
process/i18n/uk.po (+21/-9)
process/i18n/vi.po (+9/-4)
process/i18n/zh_CN.po (+63/-9)
process/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
procurement/i18n/ar.po (+66/-1)
procurement/i18n/bg.po (+80/-3)
procurement/i18n/ca.po (+228/-3)
procurement/i18n/cs.po (+219/-131)
procurement/i18n/da.po (+27/-3)
procurement/i18n/de.po (+326/-63)
procurement/i18n/es.po (+304/-4)
procurement/i18n/es_CL.po (+73/-1)
procurement/i18n/es_CR.po (+309/-7)
procurement/i18n/es_EC.po (+141/-3)
procurement/i18n/et.po (+7/-2)
procurement/i18n/fi.po (+161/-3)
procurement/i18n/fr.po (+283/-46)
procurement/i18n/gl.po (+226/-3)
procurement/i18n/hr.po (+15/-4)
procurement/i18n/hu.po (+93/-7)
procurement/i18n/id.po (+138/-4)
procurement/i18n/it.po (+193/-2)
procurement/i18n/ja.po (+232/-2)
procurement/i18n/mn.po (+309/-4)
procurement/i18n/nb.po (+8/-3)
procurement/i18n/nl.po (+316/-2)
procurement/i18n/pl.po (+180/-4)
procurement/i18n/pt.po (+292/-2)
procurement/i18n/pt_BR.po (+302/-4)
procurement/i18n/ro.po (+313/-2)
procurement/i18n/ru.po (+306/-5)
procurement/i18n/sl.po (+1019/-0)
procurement/i18n/sr.po (+163/-4)
procurement/i18n/sr@latin.po (+165/-6)
procurement/i18n/sv.po (+256/-4)
procurement/i18n/tr.po (+303/-2)
procurement/i18n/vi.po (+60/-4)
procurement/i18n/zh_CN.po (+258/-4)
product/i18n/ar.po (+775/-71)
product/i18n/bg.po (+573/-9)
product/i18n/bs.po (+543/-9)
product/i18n/ca.po (+1062/-9)
product/i18n/cs.po (+658/-422)
product/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
product/i18n/de.po (+1266/-55)
product/i18n/el.po (+815/-4)
product/i18n/es.po (+1244/-9)
product/i18n/es_AR.po (+587/-4)
product/i18n/es_CL.po (+986/-9)
product/i18n/es_CR.po (+1242/-9)
product/i18n/es_EC.po (+1226/-9)
product/i18n/es_PY.po (+431/-3)
product/i18n/et.po (+581/-6)
product/i18n/eu.po (+177/-4)
product/i18n/fi.po (+953/-4)
product/i18n/fr.po (+1299/-189)
product/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
product/i18n/hr.po (+800/-6)
product/i18n/hu.po (+790/-9)
product/i18n/id.po (+622/-9)
product/i18n/it.po (+1083/-15)
product/i18n/ja.po (+679/-2)
product/i18n/ko.po (+449/-4)
product/i18n/lt.po (+574/-10)
product/i18n/lv.po (+698/-4)
product/i18n/mn.po (+1142/-42)
product/i18n/nb.po (+794/-4)
product/i18n/nl.po (+1285/-41)
product/i18n/nl_BE.po (+797/-6)
product/i18n/pl.po (+939/-9)
product/i18n/pt.po (+1233/-6)
product/i18n/pt_BR.po (+1157/-9)
product/i18n/ro.po (+1060/-6)
product/i18n/ru.po (+1055/-6)
product/i18n/sk.po (+424/-4)
product/i18n/sl.po (+989/-150)
product/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
product/i18n/sr.po (+835/-4)
product/i18n/sr@latin.po (+837/-6)
product/i18n/sv.po (+1157/-9)
product/i18n/th.po (+43/-4)
product/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
product/i18n/tr.po (+1044/-6)
product/i18n/uk.po (+150/-9)
product/i18n/vi.po (+552/-5)
product/i18n/zh_CN.po (+1078/-9)
product/i18n/zh_TW.po (+310/-6)
product_expiry/i18n/ar.po (+52/-1)
product_expiry/i18n/ca.po (+106/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/cs.po (+163/-0)
product_expiry/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
product_expiry/i18n/de.po (+128/-20)
product_expiry/i18n/el.po (+62/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/es.po (+121/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/es_CR.po (+126/-7)
product_expiry/i18n/es_EC.po (+123/-6)
product_expiry/i18n/et.po (+55/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/fi.po (+54/-3)
product_expiry/i18n/fr.po (+129/-9)
product_expiry/i18n/gl.po (+78/-3)
product_expiry/i18n/hr.po (+85/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/hu.po (+34/-10)
product_expiry/i18n/it.po (+90/-1)
product_expiry/i18n/ja.po (+50/-2)
product_expiry/i18n/mn.po (+68/-9)
product_expiry/i18n/nl.po (+87/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/pl.po (+64/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/pt.po (+87/-2)
product_expiry/i18n/pt_BR.po (+80/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/ro.po (+85/-0)
product_expiry/i18n/ru.po (+59/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/sl.po (+29/-2)
product_expiry/i18n/sr.po (+86/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/sr@latin.po (+88/-6)
product_expiry/i18n/sv.po (+61/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/tr.po (+76/-3)
product_expiry/i18n/vi.po (+15/-4)
product_expiry/i18n/zh_CN.po (+72/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/ar.po (+9/-1)
product_manufacturer/i18n/bg.po (+17/-3)
product_manufacturer/i18n/ca.po (+18/-3)
product_manufacturer/i18n/cs.po (+72/-0)
product_manufacturer/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
product_manufacturer/i18n/de.po (+20/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/el.po (+12/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/es.po (+20/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/es_CR.po (+24/-7)
product_manufacturer/i18n/es_EC.po (+18/-6)
product_manufacturer/i18n/et.po (+9/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/fi.po (+17/-3)
product_manufacturer/i18n/fr.po (+21/-6)
product_manufacturer/i18n/gl.po (+18/-3)
product_manufacturer/i18n/hr.po (+15/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/hu.po (+20/-10)
product_manufacturer/i18n/it.po (+18/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/ja.po (+10/-2)
product_manufacturer/i18n/mn.po (+20/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/nb.po (+9/-1)
product_manufacturer/i18n/nl.po (+19/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/pl.po (+18/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/pt.po (+18/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/pt_BR.po (+18/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/ro.po (+20/-0)
product_manufacturer/i18n/ru.po (+18/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/sl.po (+12/-2)
product_manufacturer/i18n/sr.po (+15/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
product_manufacturer/i18n/sv.po (+15/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/tr.po (+18/-4)
product_manufacturer/i18n/zh_CN.po (+18/-4)
product_margin/i18n/ar.po (+31/-9)
product_margin/i18n/bg.po (+37/-9)
product_margin/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
product_margin/i18n/ca.po (+92/-9)
product_margin/i18n/cs.po (+73/-32)
product_margin/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
product_margin/i18n/de.po (+89/-9)
product_margin/i18n/el.po (+81/-9)
product_margin/i18n/es.po (+93/-9)
product_margin/i18n/es_AR.po (+75/-9)
product_margin/i18n/es_CR.po (+95/-9)
product_margin/i18n/es_EC.po (+76/-9)
product_margin/i18n/et.po (+67/-9)
product_margin/i18n/fi.po (+42/-4)
product_margin/i18n/fr.po (+113/-35)
product_margin/i18n/gl.po (+66/-3)
product_margin/i18n/gu.po (+12/-1)
product_margin/i18n/hr.po (+66/-9)
product_margin/i18n/hu.po (+59/-10)
product_margin/i18n/id.po (+16/-9)
product_margin/i18n/it.po (+99/-14)
product_margin/i18n/ja.po (+43/-2)
product_margin/i18n/ko.po (+51/-4)
product_margin/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
product_margin/i18n/nl.po (+82/-0)
product_margin/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
product_margin/i18n/pl.po (+57/-9)
product_margin/i18n/pt.po (+95/-6)
product_margin/i18n/pt_BR.po (+79/-9)
product_margin/i18n/ro.po (+77/-6)
product_margin/i18n/ru.po (+58/-9)
product_margin/i18n/sl.po (+32/-6)
product_margin/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
product_margin/i18n/sr.po (+68/-4)
product_margin/i18n/sr@latin.po (+70/-6)
product_margin/i18n/sv.po (+22/-9)
product_margin/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
product_margin/i18n/tr.po (+69/-9)
product_margin/i18n/uk.po (+19/-9)
product_margin/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
product_margin/i18n/zh_CN.po (+82/-9)
product_margin/i18n/zh_TW.po (+16/-6)
product_visible_discount/i18n/ar.po (+6/-1)
product_visible_discount/i18n/bg.po (+24/-3)
product_visible_discount/i18n/ca.po (+57/-3)
product_visible_discount/i18n/cs.po (+62/-0)
product_visible_discount/i18n/da.po (+25/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/de.po (+59/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/el.po (+28/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/es.po (+55/-1)
product_visible_discount/i18n/es_CR.po (+62/-7)
product_visible_discount/i18n/es_EC.po (+45/-6)
product_visible_discount/i18n/et.po (+12/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/fi.po (+24/-3)
product_visible_discount/i18n/fr.po (+59/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/gl.po (+49/-1)
product_visible_discount/i18n/hr.po (+40/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/hu.po (+61/-10)
product_visible_discount/i18n/it.po (+58/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
product_visible_discount/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
product_visible_discount/i18n/mn.po (+40/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/nl.po (+54/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/pl.po (+37/-1)
product_visible_discount/i18n/pt.po (+58/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/pt_BR.po (+55/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/ro.po (+56/-0)
product_visible_discount/i18n/ru.po (+61/-5)
product_visible_discount/i18n/sl.po (+63/-6)
product_visible_discount/i18n/sr.po (+56/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/sr@latin.po (+58/-6)
product_visible_discount/i18n/sv.po (+6/-1)
product_visible_discount/i18n/tr.po (+54/-4)
product_visible_discount/i18n/vi.po (+25/-1)
product_visible_discount/i18n/zh_CN.po (+49/-4)
project/i18n/ar.po (+598/-9)
project/i18n/bg.po (+208/-1)
project/i18n/bs.po (+40/-9)
project/i18n/ca.po (+848/-9)
project/i18n/cs.po (+594/-9)
project/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
project/i18n/de.po (+988/-66)
project/i18n/el.po (+460/-1)
project/i18n/es.po (+967/-9)
project/i18n/es_AR.po (+437/-9)
project/i18n/es_CR.po (+967/-9)
project/i18n/es_EC.po (+956/-9)
project/i18n/es_MX.po (+10/-2)
project/i18n/es_PY.po (+8/-3)
project/i18n/et.po (+436/-9)
project/i18n/eu.po (+102/-4)
project/i18n/fi.po (+676/-4)
project/i18n/fr.po (+1034/-84)
project/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
project/i18n/gu.po (+7/-2)
project/i18n/hr.po (+392/-10)
project/i18n/hu.po (+507/-7)
project/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
project/i18n/it.po (+865/-22)
project/i18n/ja.po (+394/-2)
project/i18n/ko.po (+413/-4)
project/i18n/lt.po (+654/-9)
project/i18n/lv.po (+817/-4)
project/i18n/mn.po (+744/-10)
project/i18n/nb.po (+477/-4)
project/i18n/nl.po (+992/-66)
project/i18n/nl_BE.po (+552/-9)
project/i18n/pl.po (+916/-9)
project/i18n/pt.po (+956/-9)
project/i18n/pt_BR.po (+950/-9)
project/i18n/ro.po (+680/-6)
project/i18n/ru.po (+784/-6)
project/i18n/sk.po (+74/-11)
project/i18n/sl.po (+120/-6)
project/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
project/i18n/sv.po (+760/-9)
project/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
project/i18n/tr.po (+375/-6)
project/i18n/uk.po (+135/-9)
project/i18n/vi.po (+107/-4)
project/i18n/zh_CN.po (+871/-9)
project/i18n/zh_TW.po (+130/-6)
project_gtd/i18n/ar.po (+81/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/bg.po (+28/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/bs.po (+95/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/ca.po (+213/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/cs.po (+16/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
project_gtd/i18n/de.po (+216/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/el.po (+160/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/es.po (+213/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/es_AR.po (+149/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/es_CR.po (+214/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/es_EC.po (+140/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/et.po (+139/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/fi.po (+97/-4)
project_gtd/i18n/fr.po (+209/-13)
project_gtd/i18n/gl.po (+75/-3)
project_gtd/i18n/hr.po (+149/-10)
project_gtd/i18n/hu.po (+41/-7)
project_gtd/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/it.po (+196/-17)
project_gtd/i18n/ja.po (+29/-2)
project_gtd/i18n/ko.po (+13/-4)
project_gtd/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/lv.po (+42/-4)
project_gtd/i18n/mn.po (+37/-0)
project_gtd/i18n/nl.po (+217/-6)
project_gtd/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/pl.po (+133/-13)
project_gtd/i18n/pt.po (+215/-6)
project_gtd/i18n/pt_BR.po (+163/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/ro.po (+93/-6)
project_gtd/i18n/ru.po (+153/-10)
project_gtd/i18n/sl.po (+82/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
project_gtd/i18n/sv.po (+160/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/tr.po (+76/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/uk.po (+30/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/vi.po (+23/-4)
project_gtd/i18n/zh_CN.po (+195/-9)
project_gtd/i18n/zh_TW.po (+19/-6)
project_issue/i18n/ar.po (+248/-1)
project_issue/i18n/ca.po (+233/-4)
project_issue/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
project_issue/i18n/de.po (+309/-68)
project_issue/i18n/es.po (+275/-5)
project_issue/i18n/es_CR.po (+274/-7)
project_issue/i18n/fi.po (+214/-3)
project_issue/i18n/fr.po (+270/-9)
project_issue/i18n/hr.po (+12/-4)
project_issue/i18n/hu.po (+131/-28)
project_issue/i18n/it.po (+221/-4)
project_issue/i18n/ja.po (+190/-2)
project_issue/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
project_issue/i18n/lv.po (+167/-4)
project_issue/i18n/mn.po (+199/-0)
project_issue/i18n/nb.po (+76/-3)
project_issue/i18n/nl.po (+273/-2)
project_issue/i18n/nl_BE.po (+226/-1)
project_issue/i18n/pl.po (+229/-4)
project_issue/i18n/pt.po (+265/-4)
project_issue/i18n/pt_BR.po (+244/-5)
project_issue/i18n/ro.po (+276/-0)
project_issue/i18n/ru.po (+125/-3)
project_issue/i18n/sl.po (+984/-0)
project_issue/i18n/sv.po (+193/-1)
project_issue/i18n/tr.po (+11/-2)
project_issue/i18n/zh_CN.po (+253/-4)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/ar.po (+33/-1)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/ca.po (+27/-3)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/de.po (+41/-10)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/es.po (+39/-4)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/es_CR.po (+44/-7)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/fi.po (+13/-1)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/fr.po (+49/-11)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/gl.po (+27/-3)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/hr.po (+12/-4)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/hu.po (+15/-7)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/it.po (+27/-4)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/ja.po (+17/-2)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/lv.po (+15/-4)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/mn.po (+22/-0)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/nl.po (+43/-2)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/pl.po (+12/-4)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/pt.po (+42/-2)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/pt_BR.po (+43/-3)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/ro.po (+41/-0)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/ru.po (+31/-2)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/sv.po (+16/-1)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/tr.po (+10/-0)
project_issue_sheet/i18n/zh_CN.po (+35/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/ar.po (+173/-1)
project_long_term/i18n/ca.po (+183/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
project_long_term/i18n/de.po (+193/-10)
project_long_term/i18n/es.po (+190/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/es_CR.po (+194/-7)
project_long_term/i18n/es_EC.po (+68/-1)
project_long_term/i18n/fi.po (+142/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/fr.po (+191/-1)
project_long_term/i18n/hr.po (+174/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/hu.po (+197/-56)
project_long_term/i18n/it.po (+182/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/ja.po (+61/-2)
project_long_term/i18n/lv.po (+130/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/mn.po (+73/-0)
project_long_term/i18n/nl.po (+186/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/pl.po (+126/-4)
project_long_term/i18n/pt.po (+110/-0)
project_long_term/i18n/pt_BR.po (+164/-5)
project_long_term/i18n/ro.po (+196/-0)
project_long_term/i18n/ru.po (+19/-14)
project_long_term/i18n/sv.po (+63/-1)
project_long_term/i18n/tr.po (+13/-2)
project_long_term/i18n/zh_CN.po (+174/-1)
project_mrp/i18n/ar.po (+77/-1)
project_mrp/i18n/bg.po (+15/-1)
project_mrp/i18n/bs.po (+6/-1)
project_mrp/i18n/ca.po (+80/-1)
project_mrp/i18n/cs.po (+91/-14)
project_mrp/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
project_mrp/i18n/de.po (+106/-17)
project_mrp/i18n/el.po (+31/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/es.po (+97/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/es_AR.po (+30/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/es_CR.po (+98/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/es_EC.po (+30/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/et.po (+22/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/fi.po (+36/-3)
project_mrp/i18n/fr.po (+100/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/gl.po (+65/-3)
project_mrp/i18n/gu.po (+6/-1)
project_mrp/i18n/hr.po (+41/-10)
project_mrp/i18n/hu.po (+38/-27)
project_mrp/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/it.po (+84/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/ja.po (+31/-2)
project_mrp/i18n/ko.po (+24/-4)
project_mrp/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/lv.po (+24/-4)
project_mrp/i18n/mn.po (+41/-2)
project_mrp/i18n/nb.po (+18/-1)
project_mrp/i18n/nl.po (+103/-6)
project_mrp/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/pl.po (+36/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/pt.po (+54/-6)
project_mrp/i18n/pt_BR.po (+91/-10)
project_mrp/i18n/ro.po (+96/-6)
project_mrp/i18n/ru.po (+26/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/sl.po (+22/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
project_mrp/i18n/sv.po (+46/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/tr.po (+40/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
project_mrp/i18n/zh_CN.po (+87/-9)
project_mrp/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/ar.po (+164/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/bg.po (+13/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/ca.po (+137/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/cs.po (+37/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
project_timesheet/i18n/de.po (+194/-8)
project_timesheet/i18n/el.po (+42/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/es.po (+190/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/es_AR.po (+36/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/es_CR.po (+192/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/et.po (+20/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/fi.po (+107/-4)
project_timesheet/i18n/fr.po (+194/-15)
project_timesheet/i18n/gl.po (+38/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/hr.po (+54/-10)
project_timesheet/i18n/hu.po (+128/-10)
project_timesheet/i18n/id.po (+38/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/it.po (+99/-14)
project_timesheet/i18n/ja.po (+110/-2)
project_timesheet/i18n/ko.po (+32/-4)
project_timesheet/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/lv.po (+75/-4)
project_timesheet/i18n/mn.po (+132/-0)
project_timesheet/i18n/nl.po (+190/-12)
project_timesheet/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/pl.po (+92/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/pt.po (+188/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/pt_BR.po (+183/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/ro.po (+188/-6)
project_timesheet/i18n/ru.po (+21/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/sl.po (+19/-6)
project_timesheet/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
project_timesheet/i18n/sv.po (+135/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/tr.po (+13/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
project_timesheet/i18n/vi.po (+15/-4)
project_timesheet/i18n/zh_CN.po (+128/-11)
project_timesheet/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
purchase/i18n/ar.po (+632/-75)
purchase/i18n/bg.po (+285/-9)
purchase/i18n/bs.po (+292/-9)
purchase/i18n/ca.po (+739/-9)
purchase/i18n/cs.po (+393/-9)
purchase/i18n/da.po (+74/-4)
purchase/i18n/de.po (+1039/-104)
purchase/i18n/el.po (+378/-9)
purchase/i18n/en_GB.po (+365/-4)
purchase/i18n/es.po (+1006/-9)
purchase/i18n/es_AR.po (+340/-9)
purchase/i18n/es_CL.po (+748/-9)
purchase/i18n/es_CR.po (+1007/-9)
purchase/i18n/es_EC.po (+806/-4)
purchase/i18n/et.po (+412/-67)
purchase/i18n/fi.po (+788/-4)
purchase/i18n/fr.po (+929/-88)
purchase/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
purchase/i18n/hr.po (+496/-6)
purchase/i18n/hu.po (+719/-7)
purchase/i18n/id.po (+399/-9)
purchase/i18n/it.po (+640/-20)
purchase/i18n/ja.po (+515/-2)
purchase/i18n/ko.po (+330/-4)
purchase/i18n/lt.po (+227/-9)
purchase/i18n/lv.po (+388/-2)
purchase/i18n/mn.po (+861/-4)
purchase/i18n/nb.po (+738/-3)
purchase/i18n/nl.po (+1031/-34)
purchase/i18n/nl_BE.po (+789/-9)
purchase/i18n/pl.po (+976/-9)
purchase/i18n/pt.po (+1022/-27)
purchase/i18n/pt_BR.po (+1011/-9)
purchase/i18n/ro.po (+825/-6)
purchase/i18n/ru.po (+939/-6)
purchase/i18n/sk.po (+35/-3)
purchase/i18n/sl.po (+457/-32)
purchase/i18n/sq.po (+9/-4)
purchase/i18n/sr.po (+296/-4)
purchase/i18n/sr@latin.po (+298/-6)
purchase/i18n/sv.po (+837/-9)
purchase/i18n/th.po (+250/-4)
purchase/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
purchase/i18n/tr.po (+903/-6)
purchase/i18n/uk.po (+118/-9)
purchase/i18n/vi.po (+118/-4)
purchase/i18n/zh_CN.po (+776/-9)
purchase/i18n/zh_TW.po (+38/-6)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ar.po (+31/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/bg.po (+19/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ca.po (+33/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/cs.po (+22/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/da.po (+12/-4)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/de.po (+35/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/el.po (+22/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/es.po (+35/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/es_AR.po (+19/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/es_CR.po (+36/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/et.po (+19/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/fi.po (+23/-3)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/fr.po (+33/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/gl.po (+34/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/hr.po (+32/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/hu.po (+30/-10)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/it.po (+36/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ja.po (+10/-2)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ko.po (+15/-4)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/mn.po (+18/-4)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/nl.po (+34/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/pl.po (+16/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/pt.po (+22/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/pt_BR.po (+36/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ro.po (+38/-6)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ru.po (+35/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sl.po (+22/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sr.po (+15/-4)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sr@latin.po (+29/-6)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sv.po (+19/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/tr.po (+34/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/uk.po (+16/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ur.po (+15/-4)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_CN.po (+34/-9)
purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/ar.po (+54/-2)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/bg.po (+55/-3)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/ca.po (+55/-3)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/de.po (+57/-4)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/es.po (+59/-4)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/es_CR.po (+63/-7)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/es_EC.po (+38/-1)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/fi.po (+35/-3)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/fr.po (+61/-10)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/gl.po (+54/-3)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/hr.po (+54/-4)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/hu.po (+60/-5)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/it.po (+58/-4)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/ja.po (+37/-2)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/nl.po (+59/-6)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/pl.po (+30/-2)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/pt.po (+58/-0)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/pt_BR.po (+58/-4)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/ro.po (+61/-0)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/ru.po (+57/-4)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/sl.po (+49/-0)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/sv.po (+21/-1)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/tr.po (+64/-2)
purchase_double_validation/i18n/zh_CN.po (+55/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/ar.po (+115/-19)
purchase_requisition/i18n/bg.po (+50/-3)
purchase_requisition/i18n/ca.po (+94/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
purchase_requisition/i18n/de.po (+107/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/es.po (+104/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/es_CR.po (+108/-7)
purchase_requisition/i18n/fi.po (+68/-3)
purchase_requisition/i18n/fr.po (+90/-1)
purchase_requisition/i18n/hr.po (+92/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/hu.po (+99/-10)
purchase_requisition/i18n/id.po (+69/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/it.po (+97/-2)
purchase_requisition/i18n/ja.po (+69/-2)
purchase_requisition/i18n/nb.po (+53/-1)
purchase_requisition/i18n/nl.po (+105/-2)
purchase_requisition/i18n/pl.po (+58/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/pt.po (+106/-2)
purchase_requisition/i18n/pt_BR.po (+104/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/ro.po (+107/-2)
purchase_requisition/i18n/ru.po (+101/-4)
purchase_requisition/i18n/sl.po (+474/-0)
purchase_requisition/i18n/sv.po (+43/-1)
purchase_requisition/i18n/tr.po (+105/-0)
purchase_requisition/i18n/zh_CN.po (+91/-2)
report_intrastat/i18n/ar.po (+24/-1)
report_intrastat/i18n/bg.po (+43/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/ca.po (+73/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/cs.po (+16/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
report_intrastat/i18n/de.po (+74/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/es.po (+73/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/es_AR.po (+37/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/es_CR.po (+74/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/et.po (+50/-14)
report_intrastat/i18n/fi.po (+46/-4)
report_intrastat/i18n/fr.po (+60/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/hr.po (+47/-10)
report_intrastat/i18n/hu.po (+46/-10)
report_intrastat/i18n/id.po (+19/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/it.po (+69/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/ja.po (+23/-2)
report_intrastat/i18n/ko.po (+9/-4)
report_intrastat/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/nl.po (+65/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/pl.po (+46/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/pt.po (+60/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/pt_BR.po (+58/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/ro.po (+48/-6)
report_intrastat/i18n/ru.po (+55/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/sl.po (+30/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
report_intrastat/i18n/sv.po (+48/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/tr.po (+27/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/uk.po (+27/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/vi.po (+15/-4)
report_intrastat/i18n/zh_CN.po (+67/-9)
report_intrastat/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
report_webkit/i18n/ar.po (+21/-1)
report_webkit/i18n/bg.po (+14/-3)
report_webkit/i18n/ca.po (+174/-4)
report_webkit/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
report_webkit/i18n/de.po (+194/-4)
report_webkit/i18n/es.po (+196/-4)
report_webkit/i18n/es_CR.po (+200/-7)
report_webkit/i18n/fi.po (+68/-1)
report_webkit/i18n/fr.po (+192/-4)
report_webkit/i18n/hr.po (+146/-4)
report_webkit/i18n/hu.po (+48/-11)
report_webkit/i18n/it.po (+82/-4)
report_webkit/i18n/ja.po (+91/-2)
report_webkit/i18n/nl.po (+211/-6)
report_webkit/i18n/pl.po (+35/-4)
report_webkit/i18n/pt.po (+40/-2)
report_webkit/i18n/pt_BR.po (+29/-0)
report_webkit/i18n/ro.po (+203/-0)
report_webkit/i18n/ru.po (+95/-4)
report_webkit/i18n/sv.po (+27/-1)
report_webkit/i18n/tr.po (+7/-2)
report_webkit/i18n/zh_CN.po (+175/-4)
resource/i18n/ar.po (+20/-2)
resource/i18n/bg.po (+30/-4)
resource/i18n/ca.po (+45/-1)
resource/i18n/cs.po (+49/-4)
resource/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
resource/i18n/de.po (+51/-4)
resource/i18n/es.po (+45/-1)
resource/i18n/es_CR.po (+52/-7)
resource/i18n/es_EC.po (+47/-3)
resource/i18n/et.po (+21/-4)
resource/i18n/fi.po (+37/-4)
resource/i18n/fr.po (+51/-10)
resource/i18n/gl.po (+48/-4)
resource/i18n/hr.po (+48/-4)
resource/i18n/hu.po (+54/-10)
resource/i18n/it.po (+37/-4)
resource/i18n/ja.po (+32/-2)
resource/i18n/lt.po (+45/-1)
resource/i18n/mn.po (+48/-2)
resource/i18n/nl.po (+48/-4)
resource/i18n/pl.po (+24/-4)
resource/i18n/pt.po (+51/-2)
resource/i18n/pt_BR.po (+46/-1)
resource/i18n/ro.po (+51/-2)
resource/i18n/ru.po (+37/-4)
resource/i18n/sl.po (+20/-2)
resource/i18n/sv.po (+49/-4)
resource/i18n/tr.po (+37/-2)
resource/i18n/vi.po (+15/-1)
resource/i18n/zh_CN.po (+46/-4)
sale/i18n/ar.po (+909/-46)
sale/i18n/bg.po (+727/-9)
sale/i18n/bs.po (+496/-9)
sale/i18n/ca.po (+1293/-9)
sale/i18n/cs.po (+550/-1)
sale/i18n/da.po (+160/-4)
sale/i18n/de.po (+1714/-199)
sale/i18n/el.po (+815/-4)
sale/i18n/es.po (+1675/-9)
sale/i18n/es_AR.po (+621/-9)
sale/i18n/es_CL.po (+1281/-9)
sale/i18n/es_CR.po (+1677/-9)
sale/i18n/es_EC.po (+913/-9)
sale/i18n/es_MX.po (+43/-0)
sale/i18n/et.po (+605/-54)
sale/i18n/eu.po (+2130/-0)
sale/i18n/fi.po (+1256/-4)
sale/i18n/fr.po (+1718/-127)
sale/i18n/gl.po (+42/-3)
sale/i18n/hr.po (+1270/-10)
sale/i18n/hu.po (+1463/-10)
sale/i18n/id.po (+969/-4)
sale/i18n/is.po (+113/-1)
sale/i18n/it.po (+1286/-41)
sale/i18n/ja.po (+865/-2)
sale/i18n/ko.po (+495/-4)
sale/i18n/lo.po (+10/-2)
sale/i18n/lt.po (+696/-9)
sale/i18n/lv.po (+698/-4)
sale/i18n/mn.po (+1350/-2)
sale/i18n/nb.po (+1140/-4)
sale/i18n/nl.po (+1629/-29)
sale/i18n/nl_BE.po (+1234/-4)
sale/i18n/oc.po (+11/-3)
sale/i18n/pl.po (+1624/-6)
sale/i18n/pt.po (+1663/-8)
sale/i18n/pt_BR.po (+1562/-9)
sale/i18n/ro.po (+1618/-6)
sale/i18n/ru.po (+1515/-23)
sale/i18n/sk.po (+451/-4)
sale/i18n/sl.po (+787/-34)
sale/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
sale/i18n/sr.po (+874/-1)
sale/i18n/sr@latin.po (+876/-6)
sale/i18n/sv.po (+1527/-9)
sale/i18n/th.po (+176/-4)
sale/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
sale/i18n/tr.po (+1429/-6)
sale/i18n/uk.po (+291/-9)
sale/i18n/vi.po (+707/-5)
sale/i18n/zh_CN.po (+1316/-17)
sale/i18n/zh_TW.po (+413/-6)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ar.po (+25/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/bg.po (+29/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/bs.po (+19/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ca.po (+30/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/cs.po (+19/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/da.po (+12/-4)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/de.po (+30/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/el.po (+22/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/es.po (+29/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/es_AR.po (+19/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/es_CL.po (+22/-4)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/es_CR.po (+31/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/et.po (+19/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/fi.po (+20/-3)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/fr.po (+31/-10)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/gl.po (+31/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/hr.po (+21/-10)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/hu.po (+27/-10)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/id.po (+25/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/it.po (+30/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ko.po (+9/-1)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/mn.po (+18/-2)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/nl.po (+21/-1)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/nl_BE.po (+25/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/oc.po (+21/-3)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/pl.po (+16/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/pt.po (+12/-1)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/pt_BR.po (+28/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ro.po (+32/-6)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ru.po (+29/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sk.po (+9/-1)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sl.po (+20/-10)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sr.po (+12/-1)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sr@latin.po (+27/-6)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sv.po (+19/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/tr.po (+31/-6)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/uk.po (+9/-1)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/vi.po (+20/-3)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_CN.po (+28/-9)
sale_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_TW.po (+12/-1)
sale_crm/i18n/ar.po (+106/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/bg.po (+176/-1)
sale_crm/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/ca.po (+190/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/cs.po (+83/-8)
sale_crm/i18n/da.po (+36/-4)
sale_crm/i18n/de.po (+210/-12)
sale_crm/i18n/el.po (+159/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/es.po (+206/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/es_AR.po (+111/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/es_CL.po (+87/-4)
sale_crm/i18n/es_CR.po (+207/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/et.po (+110/-1)
sale_crm/i18n/fi.po (+78/-3)
sale_crm/i18n/fr.po (+189/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/gl.po (+81/-3)
sale_crm/i18n/hr.po (+193/-10)
sale_crm/i18n/hu.po (+79/-28)
sale_crm/i18n/id.po (+90/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/it.po (+203/-11)
sale_crm/i18n/ja.po (+45/-2)
sale_crm/i18n/ko.po (+105/-4)
sale_crm/i18n/lt.po (+103/-1)
sale_crm/i18n/lv.po (+9/-1)
sale_crm/i18n/mn.po (+45/-1)
sale_crm/i18n/nb.po (+17/-1)
sale_crm/i18n/nl.po (+209/-12)
sale_crm/i18n/nl_BE.po (+90/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/pl.po (+177/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/pt.po (+206/-6)
sale_crm/i18n/pt_BR.po (+207/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/ro.po (+111/-0)
sale_crm/i18n/ru.po (+186/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/sk.po (+46/-3)
sale_crm/i18n/sl.po (+85/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
sale_crm/i18n/sv.po (+109/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/tr.po (+213/-0)
sale_crm/i18n/uk.po (+16/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/vi.po (+37/-4)
sale_crm/i18n/zh_CN.po (+197/-9)
sale_crm/i18n/zh_TW.po (+6/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/ar.po (+91/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/bg.po (+326/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/ca.po (+327/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/cs.po (+6/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/da.po (+15/-4)
sale_journal/i18n/de.po (+351/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/el.po (+18/-4)
sale_journal/i18n/es.po (+338/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/es_AR.po (+268/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/es_CL.po (+76/-4)
sale_journal/i18n/es_CR.po (+346/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/et.po (+267/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/fi.po (+39/-3)
sale_journal/i18n/fr.po (+308/-14)
sale_journal/i18n/gl.po (+63/-3)
sale_journal/i18n/hr.po (+334/-10)
sale_journal/i18n/hu.po (+85/-15)
sale_journal/i18n/id.po (+90/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/it.po (+224/-10)
sale_journal/i18n/ja.po (+21/-2)
sale_journal/i18n/ko.po (+249/-4)
sale_journal/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/mn.po (+38/-4)
sale_journal/i18n/nb.po (+22/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/nl.po (+336/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/pl.po (+241/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/pt.po (+347/-6)
sale_journal/i18n/pt_BR.po (+112/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/ro.po (+102/-6)
sale_journal/i18n/ru.po (+271/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/sk.po (+11/-3)
sale_journal/i18n/sl.po (+209/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/sq.po (+6/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/sv.po (+180/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/tlh.po (+6/-1)
sale_journal/i18n/tr.po (+329/-6)
sale_journal/i18n/uk.po (+30/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/vi.po (+12/-4)
sale_journal/i18n/zh_CN.po (+329/-9)
sale_journal/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
sale_margin/i18n/ar.po (+193/-1)
sale_margin/i18n/bg.po (+158/-3)
sale_margin/i18n/ca.po (+286/-3)
sale_margin/i18n/da.po (+135/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/de.po (+294/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/el.po (+150/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/es.po (+293/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/es_CL.po (+197/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/es_CR.po (+297/-7)
sale_margin/i18n/et.po (+143/-7)
sale_margin/i18n/fi.po (+242/-3)
sale_margin/i18n/fr.po (+259/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/hr.po (+194/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/hu.po (+197/-12)
sale_margin/i18n/it.po (+222/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/ja.po (+15/-2)
sale_margin/i18n/mn.po (+21/-0)
sale_margin/i18n/nb.po (+15/-1)
sale_margin/i18n/nl.po (+200/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/pl.po (+228/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/pt.po (+287/-1)
sale_margin/i18n/pt_BR.po (+189/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/ro.po (+206/-2)
sale_margin/i18n/ru.po (+231/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/sk.po (+156/-3)
sale_margin/i18n/sl.po (+125/-4)
sale_margin/i18n/sv.po (+15/-1)
sale_margin/i18n/tr.po (+205/-2)
sale_margin/i18n/zh_CN.po (+194/-4)
sale_mrp/i18n/ar.po (+43/-3)
sale_mrp/i18n/bg.po (+39/-3)
sale_mrp/i18n/ca.po (+38/-3)
sale_mrp/i18n/da.po (+15/-4)
sale_mrp/i18n/de.po (+45/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/es.po (+46/-4)
sale_mrp/i18n/es_CL.po (+46/-4)
sale_mrp/i18n/es_CR.po (+50/-7)
sale_mrp/i18n/et.po (+6/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/fi.po (+20/-3)
sale_mrp/i18n/fr.po (+48/-6)
sale_mrp/i18n/gl.po (+37/-3)
sale_mrp/i18n/hr.po (+41/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/hu.po (+22/-12)
sale_mrp/i18n/it.po (+43/-4)
sale_mrp/i18n/ja.po (+18/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/mn.po (+32/-0)
sale_mrp/i18n/nb.po (+18/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/nl.po (+42/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/nl_BE.po (+36/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/pl.po (+36/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/pt.po (+43/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/pt_BR.po (+41/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/ro.po (+51/-0)
sale_mrp/i18n/ru.po (+49/-3)
sale_mrp/i18n/sl.po (+10/-0)
sale_mrp/i18n/sr@latin.po (+36/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/sv.po (+18/-1)
sale_mrp/i18n/tr.po (+50/-0)
sale_mrp/i18n/zh_CN.po (+40/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/ar.po (+28/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/bg.po (+25/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/ca.po (+26/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/da.po (+18/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/de.po (+28/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/el.po (+18/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/es.po (+29/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/es_CL.po (+28/-4)
sale_order_dates/i18n/es_CR.po (+36/-7)
sale_order_dates/i18n/fi.po (+25/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/fr.po (+30/-4)
sale_order_dates/i18n/gl.po (+25/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/hr.po (+27/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/hu.po (+18/-7)
sale_order_dates/i18n/id.po (+25/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/it.po (+25/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/ja.po (+15/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/mn.po (+23/-0)
sale_order_dates/i18n/nb.po (+15/-1)
sale_order_dates/i18n/nl.po (+31/-4)
sale_order_dates/i18n/pl.po (+25/-4)
sale_order_dates/i18n/pt.po (+38/-2)
sale_order_dates/i18n/pt_BR.po (+32/-4)
sale_order_dates/i18n/ro.po (+36/-0)
sale_order_dates/i18n/ru.po (+31/-4)
sale_order_dates/i18n/sk.po (+11/-3)
sale_order_dates/i18n/sl.po (+11/-3)
sale_order_dates/i18n/sr@latin.po (+28/-4)
sale_order_dates/i18n/sv.po (+23/-3)
sale_order_dates/i18n/tr.po (+38/-2)
sale_order_dates/i18n/zh_CN.po (+31/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/ar.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/bg.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/bs.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/ca.po (+14/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/cs.po (+13/-8)
sale_stock/i18n/da.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/de.po (+14/-22)
sale_stock/i18n/el.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/es.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/et.po (+19/-17)
sale_stock/i18n/fi.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/fr.po (+17/-15)
sale_stock/i18n/gl.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/hr.po (+15/-10)
sale_stock/i18n/hu.po (+14/-10)
sale_stock/i18n/id.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/is.po (+7/-2)
sale_stock/i18n/it.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
sale_stock/i18n/ko.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/lo.po (+7/-2)
sale_stock/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/lv.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/mn.po (+12/-2)
sale_stock/i18n/nb.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/nl.po (+16/-6)
sale_stock/i18n/oc.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/pl.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/pt.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/pt_BR.po (+15/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/ro.po (+16/-6)
sale_stock/i18n/ru.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/sk.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/sl.po (+16/-6)
sale_stock/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
sale_stock/i18n/sr.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/sr@latin.po (+11/-6)
sale_stock/i18n/sv.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/th.po (+9/-4)
sale_stock/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/tr.po (+16/-6)
sale_stock/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/vi.po (+10/-5)
sale_stock/i18n/zh_CN.po (+13/-9)
sale_stock/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
share/i18n/ar.po (+80/-2)
share/i18n/bg.po (+50/-3)
share/i18n/ca.po (+173/-4)
share/i18n/cs.po (+151/-4)
share/i18n/da.po (+8/-3)
share/i18n/de.po (+255/-11)
share/i18n/es.po (+252/-4)
share/i18n/es_CR.po (+256/-7)
share/i18n/et.po (+7/-2)
share/i18n/fi.po (+237/-4)
share/i18n/fr.po (+247/-9)
share/i18n/gl.po (+170/-3)
share/i18n/hr.po (+159/-4)
share/i18n/hu.po (+76/-11)
share/i18n/it.po (+191/-4)
share/i18n/ja.po (+86/-2)
share/i18n/mn.po (+104/-2)
share/i18n/nl.po (+247/-2)
share/i18n/pl.po (+40/-4)
share/i18n/pt.po (+189/-0)
share/i18n/pt_BR.po (+117/-4)
share/i18n/ro.po (+246/-0)
share/i18n/ru.po (+242/-4)
share/i18n/sv.po (+42/-1)
share/i18n/tr.po (+237/-2)
share/i18n/zh_CN.po (+159/-4)
stock/i18n/ar.po (+932/-9)
stock/i18n/bg.po (+1083/-9)
stock/i18n/bs.po (+814/-1)
stock/i18n/ca.po (+1806/-9)
stock/i18n/cs.po (+625/-8)
stock/i18n/da.po (+29/-3)
stock/i18n/de.po (+2001/-20)
stock/i18n/el.po (+1204/-9)
stock/i18n/es.po (+1982/-9)
stock/i18n/es_AR.po (+930/-9)
stock/i18n/es_CL.po (+1880/-9)
stock/i18n/es_CR.po (+1895/-9)
stock/i18n/es_DO.po (+6/-1)
stock/i18n/es_EC.po (+1617/-9)
stock/i18n/es_MX.po (+11/-0)
stock/i18n/es_VE.po (+42/-2)
stock/i18n/et.po (+1080/-48)
stock/i18n/fi.po (+1598/-4)
stock/i18n/fr.po (+1959/-205)
stock/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
stock/i18n/hr.po (+1584/-9)
stock/i18n/hu.po (+1279/-9)
stock/i18n/id.po (+657/-9)
stock/i18n/it.po (+1495/-259)
stock/i18n/ja.po (+776/-2)
stock/i18n/ko.po (+650/-4)
stock/i18n/lt.po (+616/-10)
stock/i18n/lv.po (+554/-4)
stock/i18n/mk.po (+6/-1)
stock/i18n/mn.po (+1618/-2)
stock/i18n/nb.po (+1380/-3)
stock/i18n/nl.po (+1821/-91)
stock/i18n/nl_BE.po (+241/-9)
stock/i18n/pl.po (+1530/-9)
stock/i18n/pt.po (+1783/-6)
stock/i18n/pt_BR.po (+1474/-7)
stock/i18n/ro.po (+1189/-10)
stock/i18n/ru.po (+1659/-7)
stock/i18n/sl.po (+672/-50)
stock/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
stock/i18n/sr.po (+851/-4)
stock/i18n/sr@latin.po (+853/-6)
stock/i18n/sv.po (+1187/-9)
stock/i18n/th.po (+66/-4)
stock/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
stock/i18n/tr.po (+1732/-6)
stock/i18n/uk.po (+262/-9)
stock/i18n/vi.po (+995/-5)
stock/i18n/zh_CN.po (+1803/-38)
stock/i18n/zh_TW.po (+369/-6)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ar.po (+30/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/bg.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ca.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/cs.po (+24/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/da.po (+12/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/de.po (+25/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/el.po (+9/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/es.po (+24/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/es_AR.po (+16/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/es_CL.po (+28/-4)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/es_CR.po (+32/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/et.po (+9/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/fi.po (+23/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/fr.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/gl.po (+32/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/hr.po (+30/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/hu.po (+36/-11)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/id.po (+37/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/it.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ja.po (+7/-2)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ko.po (+12/-4)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/mk.po (+6/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/mn.po (+15/-4)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/nb.po (+6/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/nl.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/oc.po (+14/-3)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/pl.po (+16/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/pt.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/pt_BR.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ro.po (+38/-6)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ru.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sl.po (+32/-10)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sr.po (+12/-4)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sr@latin.po (+23/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sv.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/tr.po (+31/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/uk.po (+13/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/vi.po (+6/-1)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/zh_CN.po (+30/-9)
stock_invoice_directly/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
stock_location/i18n/ar.po (+41/-9)
stock_location/i18n/bg.po (+36/-1)
stock_location/i18n/bs.po (+30/-9)
stock_location/i18n/ca.po (+225/-9)
stock_location/i18n/cs.po (+14/-1)
stock_location/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
stock_location/i18n/de.po (+237/-1)
stock_location/i18n/el.po (+40/-1)
stock_location/i18n/es.po (+223/-1)
stock_location/i18n/es_AR.po (+31/-9)
stock_location/i18n/es_CL.po (+206/-4)
stock_location/i18n/es_CR.po (+231/-9)
stock_location/i18n/et.po (+23/-1)
stock_location/i18n/fi.po (+49/-1)
stock_location/i18n/fr.po (+225/-5)
stock_location/i18n/gl.po (+165/-1)
stock_location/i18n/hr.po (+42/-1)
stock_location/i18n/hu.po (+16/-2)
stock_location/i18n/id.po (+18/-1)
stock_location/i18n/it.po (+40/-1)
stock_location/i18n/ja.po (+31/-1)
stock_location/i18n/ko.po (+12/-1)
stock_location/i18n/lt.po (+6/-1)
stock_location/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
stock_location/i18n/mk.po (+6/-1)
stock_location/i18n/mn.po (+51/-1)
stock_location/i18n/nb.po (+21/-1)
stock_location/i18n/nl.po (+55/-3)
stock_location/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
stock_location/i18n/pl.po (+39/-1)
stock_location/i18n/pt.po (+220/-1)
stock_location/i18n/pt_BR.po (+52/-0)
stock_location/i18n/ro.po (+226/-0)
stock_location/i18n/ru.po (+54/-1)
stock_location/i18n/sl.po (+31/-0)
stock_location/i18n/sq.po (+6/-1)
stock_location/i18n/sv.po (+20/-1)
stock_location/i18n/tlh.po (+6/-1)
stock_location/i18n/tr.po (+214/-0)
stock_location/i18n/uk.po (+14/-1)
stock_location/i18n/vi.po (+6/-1)
stock_location/i18n/zh_CN.po (+167/-1)
stock_location/i18n/zh_TW.po (+6/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ar.po (+45/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/bg.po (+18/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/bs.po (+9/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ca.po (+46/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/cs.po (+18/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/da.po (+18/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/de.po (+54/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/el.po (+12/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/es.po (+52/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/es_AR.po (+19/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/es_CL.po (+46/-4)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/es_CR.po (+60/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/et.po (+12/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/fi.po (+15/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/fr.po (+46/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/gl.po (+44/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/hr.po (+57/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/hu.po (+23/-10)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/id.po (+47/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/it.po (+25/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ja.po (+16/-2)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ko.po (+15/-4)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/lt.po (+13/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/lv.po (+6/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/mk.po (+6/-1)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/mn.po (+21/-4)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/nl.po (+59/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/oc.po (+11/-3)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/pl.po (+16/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/pt.po (+58/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/pt_BR.po (+57/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ro.po (+58/-6)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ru.po (+57/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/sl.po (+25/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/sq.po (+8/-3)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/sr@latin.po (+18/-4)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/sv.po (+28/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/tr.po (+58/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/uk.po (+16/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/vi.po (+15/-4)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/zh_CN.po (+51/-9)
stock_no_autopicking/i18n/zh_TW.po (+13/-9)
subscription/i18n/ar.po (+32/-9)
subscription/i18n/bg.po (+76/-9)
subscription/i18n/bs.po (+16/-9)
subscription/i18n/ca.po (+77/-9)
subscription/i18n/cs.po (+27/-9)
subscription/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
subscription/i18n/de.po (+75/-9)
subscription/i18n/es.po (+76/-9)
subscription/i18n/es_AR.po (+52/-9)
subscription/i18n/es_CR.po (+77/-9)
subscription/i18n/et.po (+64/-9)
subscription/i18n/fi.po (+36/-3)
subscription/i18n/fr.po (+79/-11)
subscription/i18n/gl.po (+44/-3)
subscription/i18n/hr.po (+49/-9)
subscription/i18n/hu.po (+33/-10)
subscription/i18n/id.po (+13/-9)
subscription/i18n/it.po (+76/-9)
subscription/i18n/ja.po (+20/-2)
subscription/i18n/ko.po (+47/-4)
subscription/i18n/lt.po (+16/-9)
subscription/i18n/nl.po (+75/-9)
subscription/i18n/nl_BE.po (+18/-9)
subscription/i18n/pl.po (+66/-9)
subscription/i18n/pt.po (+76/-9)
subscription/i18n/pt_BR.po (+61/-9)
subscription/i18n/ro.po (+52/-6)
subscription/i18n/ru.po (+72/-9)
subscription/i18n/sl.po (+54/-9)
subscription/i18n/sq.po (+6/-1)
subscription/i18n/sv.po (+60/-9)
subscription/i18n/tlh.po (+13/-9)
subscription/i18n/tr.po (+28/-9)
subscription/i18n/uk.po (+24/-9)
subscription/i18n/vi.po (+8/-3)
subscription/i18n/zh_CN.po (+72/-9)
subscription/i18n/zh_TW.po (+36/-9)
survey/i18n/ar.po (+83/-24)
survey/i18n/bg.po (+226/-4)
survey/i18n/ca.po (+201/-4)
survey/i18n/cs.po (+167/-4)
survey/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
survey/i18n/de.po (+358/-4)
survey/i18n/es.po (+351/-4)
survey/i18n/es_CR.po (+355/-7)
survey/i18n/et.po (+75/-4)
survey/i18n/fi.po (+6/-1)
survey/i18n/fr.po (+219/-19)
survey/i18n/gl.po (+8/-3)
survey/i18n/hr.po (+364/-3)
survey/i18n/hu.po (+85/-10)
survey/i18n/it.po (+123/-18)
survey/i18n/ja.po (+140/-2)
survey/i18n/mn.po (+304/-4)
survey/i18n/nl.po (+208/-2)
survey/i18n/pl.po (+57/-4)
survey/i18n/pt.po (+362/-2)
survey/i18n/pt_BR.po (+147/-2)
survey/i18n/ro.po (+207/-0)
survey/i18n/ru.po (+66/-4)
survey/i18n/sl.po (+12/-2)
survey/i18n/sr.po (+197/-4)
survey/i18n/sr@latin.po (+199/-6)
survey/i18n/sv.po (+41/-4)
survey/i18n/tr.po (+155/-2)
survey/i18n/zh_CN.po (+218/-10)
warning/i18n/ar.po (+52/-9)
warning/i18n/bg.po (+39/-1)
warning/i18n/bs.po (+9/-1)
warning/i18n/ca.po (+39/-1)
warning/i18n/cs.po (+9/-1)
warning/i18n/da.po (+6/-1)
warning/i18n/de.po (+58/-6)
warning/i18n/el.po (+27/-1)
warning/i18n/es.po (+56/-1)
warning/i18n/es_AR.po (+37/-9)
warning/i18n/es_CR.po (+64/-9)
warning/i18n/et.po (+30/-1)
warning/i18n/fi.po (+45/-1)
warning/i18n/fr.po (+64/-5)
warning/i18n/gl.po (+36/-1)
warning/i18n/hr.po (+33/-1)
warning/i18n/hu.po (+31/-2)
warning/i18n/id.po (+6/-1)
warning/i18n/it.po (+57/-4)
warning/i18n/ja.po (+39/-1)
warning/i18n/ko.po (+21/-1)
warning/i18n/lt.po (+21/-1)
warning/i18n/mn.po (+43/-0)
warning/i18n/nb.po (+27/-1)
warning/i18n/nl.po (+59/-0)
warning/i18n/nl_BE.po (+13/-9)
warning/i18n/pl.po (+24/-1)
warning/i18n/pt.po (+57/-0)
warning/i18n/pt_BR.po (+56/-2)
warning/i18n/ro.po (+55/-0)
warning/i18n/ru.po (+54/-1)
warning/i18n/sl.po (+39/-1)
warning/i18n/sq.po (+6/-1)
warning/i18n/sr.po (+30/-1)
warning/i18n/sr@latin.po (+30/-1)
warning/i18n/sv.po (+48/-1)
warning/i18n/tlh.po (+6/-1)
warning/i18n/tr.po (+57/-0)
warning/i18n/uk.po (+9/-1)
warning/i18n/vi.po (+6/-1)
warning/i18n/zh_CN.po (+55/-2)
warning/i18n/zh_TW.po (+6/-1)
web_linkedin/i18n/de.po (+6/-1)
web_linkedin/i18n/es.po (+6/-1)
web_linkedin/i18n/fr.po (+6/-1)
web_linkedin/i18n/hr.po (+6/-1)
web_linkedin/i18n/hu.po (+142/-0)
web_linkedin/i18n/it.po (+6/-1)
web_linkedin/i18n/nl.po (+9/-0)
web_linkedin/i18n/pl.po (+6/-1)
web_linkedin/i18n/pt.po (+10/-0)
web_linkedin/i18n/pt_BR.po (+6/-1)
web_linkedin/i18n/ro.po (+21/-21)
web_linkedin/i18n/zh_CN.po (+7/-2)
web_shortcuts/i18n/de.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/es.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/fr.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/hr.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/hu.po (+25/-0)
web_shortcuts/i18n/it.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/nl.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/pl.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/pt.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/pt_BR.po (+7/-2)
web_shortcuts/i18n/ro.po (+7/-2)
web_shortcuts/i18n/ru.po (+25/-0)
web_shortcuts/i18n/sl.po (+6/-1)
web_shortcuts/i18n/zh_CN.po (+6/-1)
Text conflict in account/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/br.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/en_US.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_DO.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_UY.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/es_VE.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/eu.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/fa_AF.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/fr_BE.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/he.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/kab.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/kk.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/si.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/te.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/ug.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/ur.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/zh_HK.po
Text conflict in account/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/az.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/bn.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/es_DO.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/he.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_accountant/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_analysis/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_default/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ca.po
Conflict adding file account_anglo_saxon/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to account_anglo_saxon/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_anglo_saxon/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_asset/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/ro.po
Conflict adding file account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_bank_statement_extensions/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/he.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_budget/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/bn.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/br.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/kk.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_cancel/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/eu.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_chart/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file account_check_writing/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to account_check_writing/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_check_writing/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_followup/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/am.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_payment/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file account_sequence/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to account_sequence/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_sequence/i18n/zh_TW.po
Conflict adding file account_test/i18n/es.po.  Moved existing file to account_test/i18n/es.po.moved.
Conflict adding file account_test/i18n/fr.po.  Moved existing file to account_test/i18n/fr.po.moved.
Conflict adding file account_test/i18n/it.po.  Moved existing file to account_test/i18n/it.po.moved.
Conflict adding file account_test/i18n/nb.po.  Moved existing file to account_test/i18n/nb.po.moved.
Conflict adding file account_test/i18n/nl.po.  Moved existing file to account_test/i18n/nl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file account_test/i18n/pt.po.  Moved existing file to account_test/i18n/pt.po.moved.
Conflict adding file account_test/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to account_test/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Conflict adding file account_test/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to account_test/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in account_voucher/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in analytic/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Conflict adding file analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in analytic_contract_hr_expense/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in analytic_user_function/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in anonymization/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in association/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/fa.po
Conflict adding file audittrail/i18n/fa_AF.po.  Moved existing file to audittrail/i18n/fa_AF.po.moved.
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in audittrail/i18n/zh_TW.po
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/de.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/de.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/es.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/es.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/fr.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/fr.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/it.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/it.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/nl.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/nl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/pt.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/pt.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/pt_BR.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/pt_BR.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/sv.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/sv.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_crypt/i18n/zh_CN.po.  Moved existing file to auth_crypt/i18n/zh_CN.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file auth_ldap/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to auth_ldap/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in auth_ldap/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/hr.po
Conflict adding file auth_oauth/i18n/it.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth/i18n/it.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/pl.po
Conflict adding file auth_oauth/i18n/pt.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth/i18n/pt.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file auth_oauth/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth/i18n/sv.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth/i18n/sv.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_oauth/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/de.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/de.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/es.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/es.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/fr.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/fr.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/it.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/it.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/nl.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/nl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/pt.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/pt.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/pt_BR.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/pt_BR.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/sv.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/sv.po.moved.
Conflict adding file auth_oauth_signup/i18n/zh_CN.po.  Moved existing file to auth_oauth_signup/i18n/zh_CN.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/sk.po
Conflict adding file auth_openid/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to auth_openid/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in auth_openid/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/hr.po
Conflict adding file auth_signup/i18n/hu.po.  Moved existing file to auth_signup/i18n/hu.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file auth_signup/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to auth_signup/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in auth_signup/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_action_rule/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/af.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/bn.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/ln.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_calendar/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/es.po
Conflict adding file base_gengo/i18n/fr.po.  Moved existing file to base_gengo/i18n/fr.po.moved.
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/nb.po
Conflict adding file base_gengo/i18n/nl.po.  Moved existing file to base_gengo/i18n/nl.po.moved.
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in base_gengo/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/eu.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_iban/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/es.po
Conflict adding file base_import/i18n/et.po.  Moved existing file to base_import/i18n/et.po.moved.
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/hr.po
Conflict adding file base_import/i18n/hu.po.  Moved existing file to base_import/i18n/hu.po.moved.
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/pl.po
Conflict adding file base_import/i18n/pt.po.  Moved existing file to base_import/i18n/pt.po.moved.
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file base_import/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to base_import/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in base_import/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_report_designer/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_setup/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/it.po
Conflict adding file base_status/i18n/mn.po.  Moved existing file to base_status/i18n/mn.po.moved.
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file base_status/i18n/ru.po.  Moved existing file to base_status/i18n/ru.po.moved.
Conflict adding file base_status/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to base_status/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in base_status/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/en_AU.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/eu.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in base_vat/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/br.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/ln.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in board/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in claim_from_delivery/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file contacts/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to contacts/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file contacts/i18n/sv.po.  Moved existing file to contacts/i18n/sv.po.moved.
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in contacts/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file contacts/i18n/zh_TW.po.  Moved existing file to contacts/i18n/zh_TW.po.moved.
Text conflict in crm/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in crm/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file crm_claim/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to crm_claim/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in crm_claim/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in crm_helpdesk/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file crm_partner_assign/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to crm_partner_assign/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in crm_partner_assign/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in crm_profiling/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in crm_todo/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in decimal_precision/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in delivery/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/zh_HK.po
Text conflict in document/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/tr.po
Conflict adding file document_ftp/i18n/vi.po.  Moved existing file to document_ftp/i18n/vi.po.moved.
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in document_ftp/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in document_page/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/eu.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in document_webdav/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/hr.po
Conflict adding file edi/i18n/hu.po.  Moved existing file to edi/i18n/hu.po.moved.
Text conflict in edi/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file edi/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to edi/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in edi/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in edi/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/ca.po
Conflict adding file email_template/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to email_template/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file email_template/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to email_template/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in email_template/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in event/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in event_moodle/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in event_moodle/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in event_moodle/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in event_moodle/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in event_moodle/i18n/nl.po
Conflict adding file event_moodle/i18n/pt.po.  Moved existing file to event_moodle/i18n/pt.po.moved.
Conflict adding file event_moodle/i18n/pt_BR.po.  Moved existing file to event_moodle/i18n/pt_BR.po.moved.
Conflict adding file event_moodle/i18n/zh_CN.po.  Moved existing file to event_moodle/i18n/zh_CN.po.moved.
Conflict adding files to event_project.  Created directory.
Conflict because event_project is not versioned, but has versioned children.  Versioned directory.
Conflict adding files to event_project/i18n.  Created directory.
Conflict because event_project/i18n is not versioned, but has versioned children.  Versioned directory.
Contents conflict in event_project/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file event_sale/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to event_sale/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in event_sale/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in fetchmail/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file fleet/i18n/de.po.  Moved existing file to fleet/i18n/de.po.moved.
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/es.po
Conflict adding file fleet/i18n/es_MX.po.  Moved existing file to fleet/i18n/es_MX.po.moved.
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/pt.po
Conflict adding file fleet/i18n/pt_BR.po.  Moved existing file to fleet/i18n/pt_BR.po.moved.
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file fleet/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to fleet/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file fleet/i18n/sv.po.  Moved existing file to fleet/i18n/sv.po.moved.
Text conflict in fleet/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in google_base_account/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in google_docs/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file google_docs/i18n/ru.po.  Moved existing file to google_docs/i18n/ru.po.moved.
Conflict adding file google_docs/i18n/zh_CN.po.  Moved existing file to google_docs/i18n/zh_CN.po.moved.
Text conflict in hr/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/bn.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/en_AU.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/fr_BE.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/he.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_attendance/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_contract/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file hr_evaluation/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to hr_evaluation/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_evaluation/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_expense/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_holidays/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/he.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_payroll_account/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file hr_recruitment/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to hr_recruitment/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_recruitment/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_invoice/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in hr_timesheet_sheet/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/lt.po
Contents conflict in idea/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in idea/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/sk.po
Conflict adding file knowledge/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to knowledge/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in knowledge/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in l10n_ar/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_ar/i18n/es_AR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_ar/i18n/pt.po
Contents conflict in l10n_ar/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ar/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_be/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/en_AU.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/fa.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_coda/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in l10n_be_hr_payroll/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/pt.po
Conflict adding file l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in l10n_be_invoice_bba/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_bo/i18n/es.po
Conflict adding file l10n_bo/i18n/pt.po.  Moved existing file to l10n_bo/i18n/pt.po.moved.
Conflict adding file l10n_bo/i18n/pt_BR.po.  Moved existing file to l10n_bo/i18n/pt_BR.po.moved.
Conflict adding file l10n_bo/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to l10n_bo/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/oc.po
Contents conflict in l10n_br/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_br/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_ca/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_cl/i18n/es.po
Contents conflict in l10n_cl/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_cl/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_cn/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/it.po
Contents conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_cr/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_de/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ec/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_es/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_es/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr_rib/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr_rib/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr_rib/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr_rib/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_fr_rib/i18n/pt.po
Conflict adding file l10n_fr_rib/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to l10n_fr_rib/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_gr/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_gt/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_hn/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/br.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/ru.po
Contents conflict in l10n_in/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in l10n_in/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/bn.po
Text conflict in l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/pt.po
Conflict adding file l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in l10n_in_hr_payroll/i18n/te.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_it/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_it/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_lu/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_ma/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/ro.po
Conflict adding file l10n_multilang/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to l10n_multilang/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in l10n_multilang/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_nl/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/br.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/ru.po
Contents conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_pe/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_pl/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/ro.po
Contents conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_syscohada/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_th/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in l10n_th/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in l10n_uk/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/pt_BR.po
Contents conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in l10n_ve/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file lunch/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to lunch/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in lunch/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in mail/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file mail/i18n/zh_TW.po.  Moved existing file to mail/i18n/zh_TW.po.moved.
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in marketing/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in marketing_campaign_crm_demo/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in membership/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/zh_HK.po
Text conflict in mrp/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/ab.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in mrp_byproduct/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/kab.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/ml.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/ta.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in mrp_jit/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in mrp_operations/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in mrp_repair/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in multi_company/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/hr.po
Conflict adding file note/i18n/id.po.  Moved existing file to note/i18n/id.po.moved.
Text conflict in note/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in note/i18n/ro.po
Conflict adding file note/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to note/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in note/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file note_pad/i18n/de.po.  Moved existing file to note_pad/i18n/de.po.moved.
Text conflict in note_pad/i18n/es.po
Conflict adding file note_pad/i18n/fr.po.  Moved existing file to note_pad/i18n/fr.po.moved.
Text conflict in note_pad/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in note_pad/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in note_pad/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in note_pad/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in note_pad/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in note_pad/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file note_pad/i18n/ru.po.  Moved existing file to note_pad/i18n/ru.po.moved.
Text conflict in note_pad/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in pad/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in pad_project/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in plugin/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in plugin_outlook/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/en_US.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/eu.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/is.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in plugin_thunderbird/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/zh_HK.po
Text conflict in point_of_sale/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/lt.po
Conflict adding file portal/i18n/mn.po.  Moved existing file to portal/i18n/mn.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/sl.po
Conflict adding file portal/i18n/sr.po.  Moved existing file to portal/i18n/sr.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in portal/i18n/zh_TW.po
Conflict adding file portal_anonymous/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to portal_anonymous/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Conflict adding file portal_anonymous/i18n/es.po.  Moved existing file to portal_anonymous/i18n/es.po.moved.
Conflict adding file portal_anonymous/i18n/fr.po.  Moved existing file to portal_anonymous/i18n/fr.po.moved.
Conflict adding file portal_anonymous/i18n/nl.po.  Moved existing file to portal_anonymous/i18n/nl.po.moved.
Conflict adding file portal_anonymous/i18n/pt_BR.po.  Moved existing file to portal_anonymous/i18n/pt_BR.po.moved.
Conflict adding file portal_anonymous/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to portal_anonymous/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Conflict adding file portal_claim/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to portal_claim/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file portal_claim/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to portal_claim/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_claim/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in portal_crm/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in portal_crm/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in portal_crm/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in portal_crm/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in portal_crm/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in portal_crm/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in portal_crm/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in portal_crm/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file portal_event/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to portal_event/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_event/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in portal_event/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in portal_event/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in portal_event/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in portal_event/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in portal_event/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file portal_event/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to portal_event/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_event/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in portal_hr_employees/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in portal_hr_employees/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in portal_hr_employees/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in portal_hr_employees/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in portal_hr_employees/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in portal_hr_employees/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in portal_hr_employees/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file portal_hr_employees/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to portal_hr_employees/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_hr_employees/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file portal_project/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to portal_project/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/pl.po
Conflict adding file portal_project/i18n/pt.po.  Moved existing file to portal_project/i18n/pt.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file portal_project/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to portal_project/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in portal_project/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file portal_project_issue/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to portal_project_issue/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_project_issue/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in portal_project_issue/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in portal_project_issue/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in portal_project_issue/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in portal_project_issue/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in portal_project_issue/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in portal_project_issue/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file portal_project_issue/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to portal_project_issue/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_project_issue/i18n/zh_CN.po
Conflict adding file portal_sale/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to portal_sale/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/pt_BR.po
Conflict adding file portal_sale/i18n/ro.po.  Moved existing file to portal_sale/i18n/ro.po.moved.
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in portal_sale/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/hi.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in process/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file procurement/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to procurement/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in procurement/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/eu.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in product/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/ca.po
Conflict adding file product_expiry/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to product_expiry/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in product_expiry/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/ca.po
Conflict adding file product_manufacturer/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to product_manufacturer/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in product_manufacturer/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in product_margin/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/ca.po
Conflict adding file product_visible_discount/i18n/cs.po.  Moved existing file to product_visible_discount/i18n/cs.po.moved.
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in product_visible_discount/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/es_PY.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/eu.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in project/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in project_gtd/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file project_issue/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to project_issue/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in project_issue/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in project_issue_sheet/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in project_long_term/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/gu.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in project_mrp/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in project_timesheet/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/en_GB.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in purchase/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/ur.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in purchase_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file purchase_double_validation/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to purchase_double_validation/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in purchase_double_validation/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/ru.po
Conflict adding file purchase_requisition/i18n/sl.po.  Moved existing file to purchase_requisition/i18n/sl.po.moved.
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in purchase_requisition/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in report_intrastat/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in report_webkit/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in resource/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/et.po
Conflict adding file sale/i18n/eu.po.  Moved existing file to sale/i18n/eu.po.moved.
Text conflict in sale/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/is.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale_analytic_plans/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale_crm/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale_journal/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in sale_margin/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in sale_mrp/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in sale_order_dates/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/is.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/lo.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/sk.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in sale_stock/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in share/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/es_DO.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/es_EC.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/es_MX.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/es_VE.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/th.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in stock/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in stock_invoice_directly/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in stock_location/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/es_CL.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/lv.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/mk.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/oc.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in stock_no_autopicking/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in subscription/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in survey/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/ar.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/bg.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/bs.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/ca.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/cs.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/da.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/el.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/es_AR.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/es_CR.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/et.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/fi.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/gl.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/hr.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/hu.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/id.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/ja.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/ko.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/lt.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/mn.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/nb.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/nl_BE.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/ru.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/sq.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/sr.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/sr@latin.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/sv.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/tlh.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/tr.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/uk.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/vi.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in warning/i18n/zh_TW.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/hr.po
Conflict adding file web_linkedin/i18n/hu.po.  Moved existing file to web_linkedin/i18n/hu.po.moved.
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/ro.po
Text conflict in web_linkedin/i18n/zh_CN.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/de.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/es.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/fr.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/hr.po
Conflict adding file web_shortcuts/i18n/hu.po.  Moved existing file to web_shortcuts/i18n/hu.po.moved.
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/it.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/nl.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/pl.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/pt.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/pt_BR.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/ro.po
Conflict adding file web_shortcuts/i18n/ru.po.  Moved existing file to web_shortcuts/i18n/ru.po.moved.
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/sl.po
Text conflict in web_shortcuts/i18n/zh_CN.po
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~sbi/openobject-addons/trunk-bug1101811
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
OpenERP Core Team 2013-02-25 Pending
qdp (OpenERP) Pending
Review via email:

This proposal supersedes a proposal from 2013-01-19.

Description of the change

[FIX] account_financial_report: use sign in comparison column

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qdp (OpenERP) (qdp) wrote : Posted in a previous version of this proposal

Hello Stéphane,

unfortunatelly, it seems that something went wrong when you did the merge proposal, as while i' trying to merge your branch i'm getting a lot of conflicts. Maybe you solve a conflicts by pushing with --overwrite?

anyway, as the diff in launchpad was clear enough and very short i copied that by the hand.

thanks for the bug spotting and its fixing :-)

Stéphane Bidoul (Acsone) (sbi) wrote : Posted in a previous version of this proposal

Strange enough. On my side

bzr branch lp:openobject-addons

followsed by

bzr merge lp:~sbi/openobject-addons/trunk-bug1101811

works fine.


Stéphane Bidoul
Operations Director | Acsone sa/nv |
m +32 498 72 46 54 | t +32 2 888 3124 | f +32 2 888 3159

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 7:06 PM, qdp (OpenERP) <email address hidden>wrote:

> Hello Stéphane,
> unfortunatelly, it seems that something went wrong when you did the merge
> proposal, as while i' trying to merge your branch i'm getting a lot of
> conflicts. Maybe you solve a conflicts by pushing with --overwrite?
> anyway, as the diff in launchpad was clear enough and very short i copied
> that by the hand.
> thanks for the bug spotting and its fixing :-)
> Quentin
> --
> You are the owner of lp:~sbi/openobject-addons/trunk-bug1101811.

qdp (OpenERP) (qdp) wrote : Posted in a previous version of this proposal

ho i know... the target branch is the trunk... not the v7

qdp (OpenERP) (qdp) wrote : Posted in a previous version of this proposal

anyway, it's merged by now

Stéphane Bidoul (Acsone) (sbi) wrote :

Don't forget to merge it in trunk too.

Stéphane Bidoul
Operations Director | Acsone sa/nv |
m +32 498 72 46 54 | t +32 2 888 3124 | f +32 2 888 3159

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 7:59 PM, qdp (OpenERP) <email address hidden>wrote:

> The proposal to merge lp:~sbi/openobject-addons/trunk-bug1101811 into
> lp:openobject-addons/7.0 has been updated.
> Status: Needs review => Merged
> For more details, see:
> --
> You are the owner of lp:~sbi/openobject-addons/trunk-bug1101811.

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1=== modified file 'account/i18n/ar.po'
2--- account/i18n/ar.po 2013-02-18 05:26:24 +0000
3+++ account/i18n/ar.po 2013-02-25 18:48:49 +0000
4@@ -1,21 +1,31 @@
5-# Arabic translation for openobject-addons
6-# Copyright (c) 2012 Rosetta Contributors and Canonical Ltd 2012
7-# This file is distributed under the same license as the openobject-addons package.
9+# Translation of OpenERP Server.
10+# This file contains the translation of the following modules:
11+# * account
12 #
13 msgid ""
14 msgstr ""
15-"Project-Id-Version: openobject-addons\n"
16-"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
17+"Project-Id-Version: OpenERP Server 6.0dev\n"
19 "POT-Creation-Date: 2012-12-21 17:04+0000\n"
20+<<<<<<< TREE
21 "PO-Revision-Date: 2013-02-17 03:05+0000\n"
22 "Last-Translator: Ahmad Khayyat <Unknown>\n"
23 "Language-Team: Arabic <>\n"
25+"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-12-15 22:53+0000\n"
26+"Last-Translator: gehad shaat <>\n"
27+"Language-Team: \n"
28+>>>>>>> MERGE-SOURCE
29 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
30 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
31 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
32+<<<<<<< TREE
33 "X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2013-02-18 05:25+0000\n"
34 "X-Generator: Launchpad (build 16491)\n"
36+"X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2012-12-22 05:28+0000\n"
37+"X-Generator: Launchpad (build 16378)\n"
38+>>>>>>> MERGE-SOURCE
40 #. module: account
41 #: model:process.transition,name:account.process_transition_supplierreconcilepaid0
42@@ -2784,7 +2794,7 @@
43 #. module: account
44 #: field:account.config.settings,purchase_sequence_next:0
45 msgid "Next supplier invoice number"
46-msgstr "رقم �اتورة المورد التالي"
47+msgstr ""
49 #. module: account
50 #:
51@@ -3168,7 +3178,7 @@
52 #: view:account.unreconcile:0
53 #: view:account.unreconcile.reconcile:0
54 msgid "Unreconcile Transactions"
55-msgstr "عمليات غير مسّوية"
56+msgstr ""
58 #. module: account
59 #: field:wizard.multi.charts.accounts,only_one_chart_template:0
60@@ -6225,7 +6235,7 @@
61 #. module: account
62 #: view:account.invoice:0
63 msgid "(update)"
64-msgstr "(تحديث)"
65+msgstr ""
67 #. module: account
68 #: field:account.aged.trial.balance,filter:0
69@@ -6310,7 +6320,7 @@
70 #. module: account
71 #: model:ir.model,name:account.model_account_fiscal_position_tax_template
72 msgid "Template Tax Fiscal Position"
73-msgstr "قالب الوضع المالي الضريبي"
74+msgstr "الوضع المالي للقالب الضريبي"
76 #. module: account
77 #:,name:0
78@@ -6359,7 +6369,7 @@
79 #. module: account
80 #: help:account.config.settings,group_multi_currency:0
81 msgid "Allows you multi currency environment"
82-msgstr "السماح لمناخ متعدد العملات"
83+msgstr ""
85 #. module: account
86 #: view:account.subscription:0
87@@ -6448,8 +6458,6 @@
88 "You cannot cancel an invoice which is partially paid. You need to "
89 "unreconcile related payment entries first."
90 msgstr ""
91-"لا يمكنك الغاء �اتورة قد تم د�عها جزئيا. يجب ان تلغي تسوية قيود الد�عات "
92-"المتعلقة بال�اتورة أولا."
94 #. module: account
95 #: field:product.template,taxes_id:0
96@@ -6619,7 +6627,7 @@
97 #. module: account
98 #: constraint:account.move.line:0
99 msgid "You cannot create journal items on closed account."
100-msgstr "لا يمكنك إنشاء يومية أصنا� لحساب مغلق."
101+msgstr ""
103 #. module: account
104 #: code:addons/account/
105@@ -6957,8 +6965,6 @@
106 "Percentages for Payment Term Line must be between 0 and 1, Example: 0.02 for "
107 "2%."
108 msgstr ""
109-"النسبة المئوية لشروط الد�ع يجب أن تكون من 0 الى 1. على سبيل المثال: 0.02 "
110-"تساوي 2%"
112 #. module: account
113 #: report:account.invoice:0
114@@ -6979,7 +6985,7 @@
115 #. module: account
116 #:
117 msgid "Tax Name must be unique per company!"
118-msgstr "الاسم الضريبي لكل شركة يجب أن يكون غير متكرر!"
119+msgstr ""
121 #. module: account
122 #:
123@@ -7113,13 +7119,13 @@
124 #. module: account
125 #:,total_entry_encoding:0
126 msgid "Total Transactions"
127-msgstr "مجموع المعاملات"
128+msgstr ""
130 #. module: account
131 #: code:addons/account/
132 #, python-format
133 msgid "You cannot remove an account that contains journal items."
134-msgstr "لا يمكنك حذ� حساب لديه يوميات متعلقة به"
135+msgstr ""
137 #. module: account
138 #: code:addons/account/
139@@ -7169,7 +7175,7 @@
140 #: code:addons/account/wizard/
141 #, python-format
142 msgid "You must set a start date."
143-msgstr "يجب أن تقوم بتحديد تاريخ البدء."
144+msgstr ""
146 #. module: account
147 #: view:account.automatic.reconcile:0
148@@ -7215,7 +7221,7 @@
149 #: code:addons/account/wizard/
150 #, python-format
151 msgid "No period found on the invoice."
152-msgstr "لم يتم العثور على �ترة لل�اتورة"
153+msgstr ""
155 #. module: account
156 #: help:account.partner.ledger,page_split:0
157@@ -7283,7 +7289,7 @@
158 #. module: account
159 #: model:ir.model,name:account.model_account_fiscal_position_tax
160 msgid "Taxes Fiscal Position"
161-msgstr "الوضع المالي الضريبي"
162+msgstr "المركز المالي للضرائب"
164 #. module: account
165 #: report:account.general.ledger:0
166@@ -7373,7 +7379,7 @@
167 #. module: account
168 #: field:account.config.settings,module_account_voucher:0
169 msgid "Manage customer payments"
170-msgstr "ادارة د�عات العملاء"
171+msgstr ""
173 #. module: account
174 #: help:report.invoice.created,origin:0
175@@ -7480,7 +7486,7 @@
176 #. module: account
177 #: field:account.analytic.line,currency_id:0
178 msgid "Account Currency"
179-msgstr "العملة للحساب"
180+msgstr ""
182 #. module: account
183 #: report:account.invoice:0
184@@ -7493,7 +7499,7 @@
185 msgid ""
186 "You can not delete an invoice which is not cancelled. You should refund it "
187 "instead."
188-msgstr "لا يمكنك حذ� �اتورة لم تلغى. يجب أن تستردها."
189+msgstr ""
191 #. module: account
192 #:,amount:0
193@@ -7602,7 +7608,7 @@
194 #. module: account
195 #: field:account.config.settings,purchase_tax_rate:0
196 msgid "Purchase tax (%)"
197-msgstr "ضريبة الشراء (%)"
198+msgstr ""
200 #. module: account
201 #: help:res.partner,credit:0
202@@ -7617,7 +7623,7 @@
203 #. module: account
204 #: model:ir.actions.act_window,name:account.open_account_charts_modules
205 msgid "Chart Templates"
206-msgstr "نماذج الرسم"
207+msgstr ""
209 #. module: account
210 #: field:account.journal.period,icon:0
211@@ -7667,7 +7673,7 @@
212 #. module: account
213 #: field:account.config.settings,group_proforma_invoices:0
214 msgid "Allow pro-forma invoices"
215-msgstr "السماح لل�واتير المبدأية"
216+msgstr ""
218 #. module: account
219 #:
220@@ -7708,7 +7714,7 @@
221 #. module: account
222 #: help:account.config.settings,currency_id:0
223 msgid "Main currency of the company."
224-msgstr "العملة الرئيسية للشركة."
225+msgstr ""
227 #. module: account
228 #:,name:account.menu_finance_reports
229@@ -8039,7 +8045,7 @@
230 #. module: account
231 #: field:account.config.settings,sale_refund_sequence_prefix:0
232 msgid "Credit note sequence"
233-msgstr "تسلسل إشعار الرصيد"
234+msgstr ""
236 #. module: account
237 #: model:ir.actions.act_window,name:account.action_validate_account_move
238@@ -8124,8 +8130,6 @@
239 "Error!\n"
240 "You cannot create recursive accounts."
241 msgstr ""
243-"لا يمكنك استخدام حسابات متداخلة."
245 #. module: account
246 #: model:ir.model,name:account.model_cash_box_in
247@@ -8445,7 +8449,7 @@
248 #. module: account
249 #: view:account.config.settings:0
250 msgid "No Fiscal Year Defined for This Company"
251-msgstr "لا يوجد سنة مالية معر�ة لهذه الشركة"
252+msgstr ""
254 #. module: account
255 #: view:account.invoice:0
256@@ -8476,7 +8480,7 @@
257 #: code:addons/account/
258 #, python-format
259 msgid "Please define a sequence on the journal."
260-msgstr "الرجاء تعري� تسلسل لليومية"
261+msgstr ""
263 #. module: account
264 #:,amount:0
265@@ -8549,12 +8553,12 @@
266 #: code:addons/account/wizard/
267 #, python-format
268 msgid "Select a starting and an ending period."
269-msgstr "اختر �ترة بداية ونهاية."
270+msgstr ""
272 #. module: account
273 #: field:account.config.settings,sale_sequence_next:0
274 msgid "Next invoice number"
275-msgstr "رقم ال�اتورة التالية"
276+msgstr ""
278 #. module: account
279 #:,name:account.menu_finance_generic_reporting
280@@ -8695,7 +8699,7 @@
281 #: code:addons/account/
282 #, python-format
283 msgid "Unknown Error!"
284-msgstr "خطأ غير معرو�!"
285+msgstr ""
287 #. module: account
288 #: model:ir.model,name:account.model_account_move_bank_reconcile
289@@ -8958,7 +8962,7 @@
290 #. module: account
291 #: field:account.config.settings,sale_tax_rate:0
292 msgid "Sales tax (%)"
293-msgstr "ضريبة المبيعات (%)"
294+msgstr ""
296 #. module: account
297 #: model:ir.actions.act_window,name:account.action_account_analytic_account_tree2
298@@ -9025,8 +9029,6 @@
299 "This allows you to check writing and printing.\n"
300 " This installs the module account_check_writing."
301 msgstr ""
302-"هذا يسمح لك بكتابة الشيكات وطباعتها.\n"
303-" هذا سيقوم بتنصيب account_check_writing module"
305 #. module: account
306 #: model:res.groups,name:account.group_account_invoice
307@@ -9129,7 +9131,7 @@
308 #:
309 #:
310 msgid "Tax Template"
311-msgstr "نموذج الضريبة"
312+msgstr ""
314 #. module: account
315 #: field:account.invoice.refund,period:0
316@@ -9215,7 +9217,7 @@
317 #. module: account
318 #: field:account.config.settings,has_fiscal_year:0
319 msgid "Company has a fiscal year"
320-msgstr "الشركة لديها سنة مالية"
321+msgstr ""
323 #. module: account
324 #:,child_depend:0
325@@ -9231,7 +9233,7 @@
326 #: code:addons/account/
327 #, python-format
328 msgid "You cannot deactivate an account that contains journal items."
329-msgstr "لا يمكنك الغاء ت�عيل حساب لديه يوميات ."
330+msgstr ""
332 #. module: account
333 #:,applicable_type:0
334@@ -9415,7 +9417,7 @@
335 #. module: account
336 #: model:account.account.type,name:account.account_type_liability_view1
337 msgid "Liability View"
338-msgstr "عرض الخصوم"
339+msgstr ""
341 #. module: account
342 #: report:account.account.balance:0
343@@ -9463,7 +9465,7 @@
344 #. module: account
345 #: view:account.invoice:0
346 msgid "Ask Refund"
347-msgstr "طلب استرداد"
348+msgstr ""
350 #. module: account
351 #: view:account.move.line:0
352@@ -9493,7 +9495,7 @@
353 #. module: account
354 #: field:account.config.settings,purchase_refund_sequence_prefix:0
355 msgid "Supplier credit note sequence"
356-msgstr "تسلسل اشعار رصيد المورد"
357+msgstr ""
359 #. module: account
360 #: code:addons/account/wizard/
361@@ -9528,7 +9530,7 @@
362 #: code:addons/account/
363 #, python-format
364 msgid "To reconcile the entries company should be the same for all entries."
365-msgstr "لتسوية القيود, الشركة يجب أن تكون ن�سها لكل القيود المختارة."
366+msgstr ""
368 #. module: account
369 #: field:account.account,balance:0
370@@ -9606,7 +9608,7 @@
371 #: field:account.cashbox.line,number_closing:0
372 #: field:account.cashbox.line,number_opening:0
373 msgid "Number of Units"
374-msgstr "عدد الوحدات"
375+msgstr ""
377 #. module: account
378 #: model:process.node,note:account.process_node_manually0
379@@ -9636,7 +9638,7 @@
380 #. module: account
381 #:
382 msgid "Date / Period"
383-msgstr "تاريخ / �ترة"
384+msgstr ""
386 #. module: account
387 #: report:account.central.journal:0
388@@ -9715,7 +9717,7 @@
389 #: field:account.config.settings,default_sale_tax:0
390 #: field:account.config.settings,sale_tax:0
391 msgid "Default sale tax"
392-msgstr "ضريبة المبيعات الا�تراضية"
393+msgstr ""
395 #. module: account
396 #: report:account.overdue:0
397@@ -9899,7 +9901,7 @@
398 #:
399 #: model:ir.actions.act_window,name:account.action_cash_box_in
400 msgid "Put Money In"
401-msgstr "أدخل نقود"
402+msgstr ""
404 #. module: account
405 #: selection:account.account.type,close_method:0
406@@ -9957,7 +9959,7 @@
407 #. module: account
408 #: view:account.installer:0
409 msgid "Configure your Fiscal Year"
410-msgstr "قم باعداد السنة المالية"
411+msgstr ""
413 #. module: account
414 #: field:account.period,name:0
415@@ -10089,7 +10091,7 @@
416 #: code:addons/account/
417 #, python-format
418 msgid "Start period should precede then end period."
419-msgstr "�ترة البدأ يجب أن تكون قبل �ترة الانتهاء"
420+msgstr ""
422 #. module: account
423 #: field:account.invoice,number:0
424@@ -10174,7 +10176,7 @@
425 #: code:addons/account/
426 #, python-format
427 msgid "There is no Sale/Purchase Journal(s) defined."
428-msgstr "لا يوجد يوميات بيع/شراء معر�ة"
429+msgstr ""
431 #. module: account
432 #:
433@@ -10252,7 +10254,7 @@
434 #. module: account
435 #: field:account.subscription.generate,date:0
436 msgid "Generate Entries Before"
437-msgstr "إنشاء قيود قبل"
438+msgstr ""
440 #. module: account
441 #: model:ir.actions.act_window,name:account.action_subscription_form_running
442@@ -10508,7 +10510,7 @@
443 #: code:addons/account/
444 #, python-format
445 msgid "Unable to change tax!"
446-msgstr "لا يمكنك تغيير الضريبة!"
447+msgstr ""
449 #. module: account
450 #:
451@@ -10557,7 +10559,7 @@
452 #. module: account
453 #: field:account.config.settings,module_account_followup:0
454 msgid "Manage customer payment follow-ups"
455-msgstr "إدارة متابعة د�عات العميل"
456+msgstr ""
458 #. module: account
459 #: model:ir.model,name:account.model_report_account_sales
460@@ -10567,7 +10569,7 @@
461 #. module: account
462 #: model:ir.model,name:account.model_account_fiscal_position_account
463 msgid "Accounts Fiscal Position"
464-msgstr "الوضع المالي للحسابات"
465+msgstr "المركز السنوي للحسابات"
467 #. module: account
468 #: report:account.invoice:0
469@@ -10633,7 +10635,7 @@
470 #: code:addons/account/
471 #, python-format
472 msgid "Already reconciled."
473-msgstr "قد تمت تسويته مسبقا"
474+msgstr ""
476 #. module: account
477 #: selection:account.model.line,date_maturity:0
478@@ -10681,7 +10683,7 @@
479 #: help:account.move,balance:0
480 msgid ""
481 "This is a field only used for internal purpose and shouldn't be displayed"
482-msgstr "هذا الحقل يستخدم لأسباب داخلية و لا يجب عرضه"
483+msgstr ""
485 #. module: account
486 #:,month:0
487@@ -10762,7 +10764,7 @@
488 msgid ""
489 "The selected unit of measure is not compatible with the unit of measure of "
490 "the product."
491-msgstr "وحدة القياس التي اخترتها غير متوا�قة مع وحدة قياس المنتج."
492+msgstr ""
494 #. module: account
495 #: view:account.fiscal.position:0
496@@ -10821,7 +10823,7 @@
497 #. module: account
498 #: view:account.config.settings:0
499 msgid "Install more chart templates"
500-msgstr "تنصيب نماذج رسوم اضا�ية"
501+msgstr ""
503 #. module: account
504 #: report:account.general.journal:0
505@@ -10868,7 +10870,7 @@
506 msgid ""
507 "You cannot remove/deactivate an account which is set on a customer or "
508 "supplier."
509-msgstr "لا يمكنك حذ�/الغاء ت�عيل حساب مرتبط بعميل أو مورد"
510+msgstr ""
512 #. module: account
513 #: model:ir.model,name:account.model_validate_account_move_lines
514@@ -10879,7 +10881,7 @@
515 #: help:res.partner,property_account_position:0
516 msgid ""
517 "The fiscal position will determine taxes and accounts used for the partner."
518-msgstr "الوضع المالي سيحدد الضرائب والحسابات المستخدمة للعميل/الشريك"
519+msgstr ""
521 #. module: account
522 #: model:process.node,note:account.process_node_supplierpaidinvoice0
523@@ -10895,7 +10897,7 @@
524 #: code:addons/account/wizard/
525 #, python-format
526 msgid "New currency is not configured properly."
527-msgstr "العملة الجديدة غير معر�ة بشكل صحيح."
528+msgstr ""
530 #. module: account
531 #: view:account.account.template:0
532@@ -10911,7 +10913,7 @@
533 #: code:addons/account/
534 #, python-format
535 msgid "The payment term of supplier does not have a payment term line."
536-msgstr "لا يوجد شروط د�ع للمورد �ي خانة شروط الد�ع"
537+msgstr ""
539 #. module: account
540 #: field:account.account,parent_right:0
541@@ -10978,7 +10980,7 @@
542 #: code:addons/account/
543 #, python-format
544 msgid "Loss"
545-msgstr "خسائر"
546+msgstr ""
548 #. module: account
549 #:,month:0
550@@ -11058,8 +11060,6 @@
551 "This label will be displayed on report to show the balance computed for the "
552 "given comparison filter."
553 msgstr ""
554-"سيتم عرض هذه التسمية على التقرير لاظهار التوازن المحسوب من قيم مص�يات "
555-"المقارنة المعطاة."
557 #. module: account
558 #: selection:account.config.settings,tax_calculation_rounding_method:0
559@@ -11074,3 +11074,2687 @@
560 msgstr ""
561 "المبلغ المتبقي على الدائن أو المدين لقيد اليومية معبر عنها بعملتها (ربما "
562 "تكون مختل�ة لعملة الشركة)."
564+#~ msgid "Print Taxes Report"
565+#~ msgstr "طباعة تقرير الضرائب"
567+#~ msgid "Entries Encoding"
568+#~ msgstr "تش�ير المدخلات"
570+#~ msgid "Unpaid Supplier Invoices"
571+#~ msgstr "�واتير الموردين الغير مد�وعة"
573+#~ msgid "Confirm statement from draft"
574+#~ msgstr "تأكيد الحساب من المسودة"
576+#, python-format
577+#~ msgid "Account move line \"%s\" is not valid"
578+#~ msgstr "تحريك سطر حساب \"%s\" غير �اعل"
580+#~ msgid "Taxed Amount"
581+#~ msgstr "حساب ضريبي"
583+#~ msgid "Specify The Message for the Overdue Payment Report."
584+#~ msgstr "تحديد الرسالة لتقرير الد�ع المتأخر"
586+#~ msgid "Invalid model name in the action definition."
587+#~ msgstr "اسم النموذج غير صالح �ي تعري� العمل."
589+#~ msgid "Select Message"
590+#~ msgstr "اختر رسالة"
592+#~ msgid ""
593+#~ "This account will be used to value incoming stock for the current product "
594+#~ "category"
595+#~ msgstr ""
596+#~ "سيتم استخدام هذا الحساب لتقييم المؤن الواردة بالنسبة ل�ئة المنتج الحالي"
598+#~ msgid "Reconciliation result"
599+#~ msgstr "نتيجة التسوية"
601+#~ msgid "Journal Voucher"
602+#~ msgstr "قسيمة الد�تر"
604+#~ msgid "Unreconcile entries"
605+#~ msgstr "إلغاء تسوية الإدخالات"
607+#~ msgid "Error ! The duration of the Period(s) is/are invalid. "
608+#~ msgstr "خظأ! إن مدة ال�ترة أو ال�ترات غير صالحة "
610+#~ msgid "Confirm draft invoices"
611+#~ msgstr "تثبيت مشاريع ال�واتير"
613+#~ msgid "Entry label"
614+#~ msgstr "تسمية المدخل"
616+#~ msgid "Account Entry Line"
617+#~ msgstr "خط إدخال الحساب"
619+#~ msgid "Aged Trial Balance"
620+#~ msgstr "ميزان المراجعة القديم"
622+#~ msgid "Recurrent Entries"
623+#~ msgstr "إدخالات متكررة"
625+#, python-format
626+#~ msgid ""
627+#~ "You cannot remove/deactivate an account which is set as a property to any "
628+#~ "Partner."
629+#~ msgstr "لايمكن الغاء/تعطيل حساب معد كخاص بأي طر�."
631+#, python-format
632+#~ msgid "No End of year journal defined for the fiscal year"
633+#~ msgstr "لايوجد نهاية لسجل السنة للعام المحاسبي"
635+#~ msgid "Accounting Entries-"
636+#~ msgstr "المدخلات المحاسبية -"
638+#~ msgid "Choose Fiscal Year "
639+#~ msgstr "اختر السنة المالية "
641+#~ msgid "Negative"
642+#~ msgstr "سالب"
644+#~ msgid "Positive"
645+#~ msgstr "موجب"
647+#~ msgid "Account currency"
648+#~ msgstr "عملة الحساب"
650+#~ msgid ""
651+#~ "The Profit and Loss report gives you an overview of your company profit and "
652+#~ "loss in a single document"
653+#~ msgstr ""
654+#~ "تقرير المكسب و الخسارة يعطيك �كرة عامة عن مكسب و خسارة شركتك �ي مل� واحد"
656+#, python-format
657+#~ msgid ""
658+#~ "Specified Journal does not have any account move entries in draft state for "
659+#~ "this period"
660+#~ msgstr "اليومية المختارة لا تشمل أي حساب، لذا أض�ها بالمسودات لهذه ال�ترة"
662+#~ msgid "Subscription Periods"
663+#~ msgstr "�ترات الاشتراك"
665+#~ msgid "Voucher Management"
666+#~ msgstr "إدارة القسائم"
668+#, python-format
669+#~ msgid "Please define sequence on invoice journal"
670+#~ msgstr "يرجى تحديد تسلسل على ال�اتورة"
672+#~ msgid ""
673+#~ "If you unreconciliate transactions, you must also verify all the actions "
674+#~ "that are linked to those transactions because they will not be disabled"
675+#~ msgstr ""
676+#~ "إذا كنت توا�ق على المعاملات ، يجب عليك أيضا التحقق من كا�ة الإجراءات التي "
677+#~ "ترتبط بتلك المعاملات لأنه لن يكونوا غير م�عّلين"
679+#~ msgid "Children Definition"
680+#~ msgstr "تعري� �روع"
682+#, python-format
683+#~ msgid ""
684+#~ "No period defined for this date: %s !\n"
685+#~ "Please create a fiscal year."
686+#~ msgstr ""
687+#~ "لا توجد مدة معرّ�ة لهذا التاريخ: %s\n"
688+#~ "يرجى إنشاء سنة مالية."
690+#~ msgid "Close Fiscalyear"
691+#~ msgstr "إغلاق السنة المالية"
693+#~ msgid "Calculated Balance"
694+#~ msgstr "الرصيد الحسابي"
696+#~ msgid "Field Name"
697+#~ msgstr "اسم الحقل"
699+#~ msgid "Fiscal Year to Open"
700+#~ msgstr "�تح سنة مالية"
702+#~ msgid "Purchase Taxes"
703+#~ msgstr "ضرائب الشراء"
705+#, python-format
706+#~ msgid "You can not delete posted movement: \"%s\"!"
707+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك حذ� حركة تم ترحيلها: \"%s\"!"
709+#~ msgid "Charts of Account"
710+#~ msgstr "شجرة الحسابات"
712+#~ msgid "Move line select"
713+#~ msgstr "تحريك السطر المختار"
715+#, python-format
716+#~ msgid "Invoice line account company does not match with invoice company."
717+#~ msgstr "الشركة �ي سطر حساب ال�اتورة تختل� عن الشركة �ي ال�اتورة"
719+#~ msgid "Open For Unreconciliation"
720+#~ msgstr "م�توح لإلغاء التسوية"
722+#, python-format
723+#~ msgid "CashBox Balance is not matching with Calculated Balance !"
724+#~ msgstr "رصيد النقدية لايساوي الرصيد الحسابي"
726+#~ msgid "Invoice Address Name"
727+#~ msgstr "اسم عنوان ال�اتورة"
729+#, python-format
730+#~ msgid "To reconcile the entries company should be the same for all entries"
731+#~ msgstr "الشركة يجب ان تكون واحدة لجميع المدخلات حتى يمكن تسويتها"
733+#, python-format
734+#~ msgid "You can only change currency for Draft Invoice !"
735+#~ msgstr "يمكن تغيير العملة �ي مسودة ال�تورة"
737+#~ msgid "Total With Tax"
738+#~ msgstr "إجمالي مع الضرائب"
740+#~ msgid "Profit & Loss (Expense Accounts)"
741+#~ msgstr "الربح و الخسارة (حسابات الن�قة)"
743+#~ msgid "Customer Invoices to Approve"
744+#~ msgstr "�اتورة الزبون للموا�قة"
746+#~ msgid "Generate Entries before:"
747+#~ msgstr "تكوين المدخلات قبل:"
749+#~ msgid "-"
750+#~ msgstr "-"
752+#~ msgid "Include Reconciled Entries"
753+#~ msgstr "إضا�ة السجلات المسواه"
755+#~ msgid ""
756+#~ msgstr ""
758+#~ msgid " 30 Days "
759+#~ msgstr " 30 يوم "
761+#~ msgid "Due date Computation"
762+#~ msgstr "تاريخ استحقاق الحساب"
764+#~ msgid "Next Partner to reconcile"
765+#~ msgstr "الشريك التالي للموازنة"
767+#~ msgid "Avg. Delay To Pay"
768+#~ msgstr "متوسط المتأخرات للد�ع"
770+#~ msgid "Manager"
771+#~ msgstr "مدير"
773+#, python-format
774+#~ msgid "You can not modify/delete a journal with entries for this period !"
775+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك تعديل/مسح يومية بقيود لهذه ال�ترة"
777+#~ msgid "Bank account owner"
778+#~ msgstr "كش� حساب البنك"
780+#~ msgid "Bank Information"
781+#~ msgstr "معلومات البنك"
783+#~ msgid "Your Reference"
784+#~ msgstr "مرجعك"
786+#, python-format
787+#~ msgid "You can not use this general account in this journal !"
788+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إستخدام هذا الحساب العام �ي هذه اليومية !"
790+#~ msgid "Compute Taxes"
791+#~ msgstr "حساب الضرائب"
793+#~ msgid "Balance:"
794+#~ msgstr "الرصيد:"
796+#~ msgid "Liabilities"
797+#~ msgstr "خصوم"
799+#~ msgid "Amount currency"
800+#~ msgstr "مبلغ العملة"
802+#~ msgid "Anglo-Saxon Accounting"
803+#~ msgstr "المحاسبة الإنجليزية"
805+#~ msgid "Columns"
806+#~ msgstr "أعمدة"
808+#~ msgid "and Journals"
809+#~ msgstr "و اليوميات"
811+#~ msgid "."
812+#~ msgstr "."
814+#~ msgid "/"
815+#~ msgstr "/"
817+#~ msgid "Image"
818+#~ msgstr "صورة"
820+#~ msgid "Validations"
821+#~ msgstr "عمليات التحقق من الصحة"
823+#, python-format
824+#~ msgid " Journal"
825+#~ msgstr " يومية"
827+#~ msgid ""
828+#~ "Check this if the user is allowed to reconcile entries in this account."
829+#~ msgstr "علم علي هذه لو أن هذا المستخدم لتسوية قيود هذا الحساب."
831+#~ msgid "Reference Number"
832+#~ msgstr "رقم المرجع"
834+#~ msgid "Line 2:"
835+#~ msgstr "خط 2:"
837+#~ msgid "Required"
838+#~ msgstr "مطلوب"
840+#~ msgid "Bank account"
841+#~ msgstr "حساب المصر�ي"
843+#~ msgid "Cash Transaction"
844+#~ msgstr "حركة نقدية"
846+#~ msgid "Accounting Dashboard"
847+#~ msgstr "شاشة الحسابات"
849+#~ msgid "Total :"
850+#~ msgstr "المجموع:"
852+#~ msgid "Your bank and cash accounts"
853+#~ msgstr "حسابك البنكي و النقدية"
855+#, python-format
856+#~ msgid ""
857+#~ "Cannot create the invoice !\n"
858+#~ "The payment term defined gives a computed amount greater than the total "
859+#~ "invoiced amount."
860+#~ msgstr ""
861+#~ "لا يمكنك من إنشاء ال�اتورة !\n"
862+#~ "طريقة السداد المحددة تعطي قيمة حسابية أكبر من إجمالي قيمة ال�اتورة."
864+#, python-format
865+#~ msgid "Invoice '%s' is paid partially: %s%s of %s%s (%s%s remaining)"
866+#~ msgstr "�اتورة '%s' ستد�ع علي الأجزاء التالية: %s%s of %s%s (%s%s المتبقي)"
868+#~ msgid ""
869+#~ "Create and manage the accounts you need to record journal entries. An "
870+#~ "account is part of a ledger allowing your company to register all kinds of "
871+#~ "debit and credit transactions. Companies present their annual accounts in "
872+#~ "two main parts: the balance sheet and the income statement (profit and loss "
873+#~ "account). The annual accounts of a company are required by law to disclose a "
874+#~ "certain amount of information. They have to be certified by an external "
875+#~ "auditor annually."
876+#~ msgstr ""
877+#~ "لإنشاء و إدارة الحسابات التي تسجلها �ي قيود اليومية. الحساب هو جزء من د�تر "
878+#~ "الأستاذ الذي يسمح لشركتك بتسجيل كل العمليات الدائنة و المدينة. حيث تعرض "
879+#~ "الشركات حساباتهم السنوية �ي جزئين رئيسيين: قائمة المركز المالي و قائمة الدخل "
880+#~ "(حساب الأرباح و الخسائر). و هذه الحسابات السنوية مطلوبة بالقانون للإ�صاح عن "
881+#~ "معلومات معينة. و يجب أنيتم التصديق عليهم من قبل مراجع خارجي سنوياً."
883+#, python-format
884+#~ msgid "You must enter a period length that cannot be 0 or below !"
885+#~ msgstr "لابد من إدخال ال�ترة علي ألا تكون ص�ر أو أقل"
887+#, python-format
888+#~ msgid "You cannot remove an account which has account entries!. "
889+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك حذ� حساب مستدخدم �ي قيود يومية!. "
891+#~ msgid "Unreconciliation transactions"
892+#~ msgstr "إلغاء تسوية المعاملات"
894+#~ msgid ""
895+#~ "Wrong credit or debit value in model (Credit + Debit Must Be greater \"0\")!"
896+#~ msgstr ""
897+#~ "قيمة دائنة أو مدينة خاطئة �ي النموذج (دائن + مدين يجب أن يكون أكبر من ص�ر)!"
899+#~ msgid "Go to next partner"
900+#~ msgstr "ذهاب للشريك التالي"
902+#, python-format
903+#~ msgid "You have to provide an account for the write off entry !"
904+#~ msgstr "يجب إعطاء حساب لقيود الإعدام !"
906+#~ msgid "Reserve And Profit/Loss Account"
907+#~ msgstr "حساب الإحتياطي و الأرباح و الخسائر"
909+#, python-format
910+#~ msgid ""
911+#~ "You cannot change the type of account from 'Closed' to any other type which "
912+#~ "contains account entries!"
913+#~ msgstr ""
914+#~ "لا يمكنك تغيير نوع الحساب من \"مغلق\" إلي أي نوع آخر يحتوي علي قيود يومية!"
916+#~ msgid "Error! You can not create recursive companies."
917+#~ msgstr "خطأ! لا يمكنك إنشاء شركات متداخلة (شركات تستخدم ن�سها)."
919+#~ msgid "Configure Fiscal Year"
920+#~ msgstr "ضبط السنة المالية"
922+#~ msgid "Reserve & Profit/Loss Account"
923+#~ msgstr "حساب الإحتياطي و الأرباح و الخسائر"
925+#~ msgid "Accounting Properties"
926+#~ msgstr "خصائص محاسبية"
928+#, python-format
929+#~ msgid ""
930+#~ "There is no default default debit account defined \n"
931+#~ "on journal \"%s\""
932+#~ msgstr ""
933+#~ "لا يوجد حساب إ�تراضي معر� \n"
934+#~ "�ي د�تر يومية الـ \"%s\""
936+#~ msgid "Error ! You can not create recursive categories."
937+#~ msgstr "خطأ! لا يمكنك إنشاء �ئات متداخلة."
939+#~ msgid ""
940+#~ "Automatically generate entries based on what has been entered in the system "
941+#~ "before a specific date."
942+#~ msgstr ""
943+#~ "إنشاء قيود اليومية تلقائياً علي أساس ما تم إدخاله �ي النظام قبل التاريخ "
944+#~ "المحدد."
946+#~ msgid "Starts on"
947+#~ msgstr "البدء علي"
949+#~ msgid "Generate Chart of Accounts from a Chart Template"
950+#~ msgstr "إنشاء شجرة حسابات من قالب"
952+#, python-format
953+#~ msgid "Cannot delete invoice(s) that are already opened or paid !"
954+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن حذ� �اتورة إذا كانت م�توحة أو مد�وعة!"
956+#~ msgid "Accounting Chart Configuration"
957+#~ msgstr "إعدادات شجرة الحسابات"
959+#~ msgid "Your Bank and Cash Accounts"
960+#~ msgstr "حساب البنك و حساب النقدية"
962+#~ msgid "Invoice State"
963+#~ msgstr "حالة ال�اتورة"
965+#~ msgid "2"
966+#~ msgstr "2"
968+#, python-format
969+#~ msgid "The journal must have default credit and debit account"
970+#~ msgstr "د�تر اليومية يجب أن يتضمن حساب إ�تراضي دائن و أخر مدين"
972+#, python-format
973+#~ msgid ""
974+#~ "You cannot validate a Journal Entry unless all journal items are in same "
975+#~ "chart of accounts !"
976+#~ msgstr ""
977+#~ "لا يمكنك التحقق من قيد يومية إذا لم تكن عناصر اليومية تابعة لشجرة حسابات "
978+#~ "واحدة !"
980+#, python-format
981+#~ msgid "Some entries are already reconciled !"
982+#~ msgstr "بعض القيود تمت تسويتها من قبل !"
984+#~ msgid "Litigation"
985+#~ msgstr "تقاضي"
987+#~ msgid "Account balance"
988+#~ msgstr "رصيد الحساب"
990+#, python-format
991+#~ msgid "Unable to change tax !"
992+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن تغيير الضريبة !"
994+#, python-format
995+#~ msgid ""
996+#~ "You selected an Unit of Measure which is not compatible with the product."
997+#~ msgstr "لقد اخترت وحدة مقياس غير ملائمة للمنتج."
999+#~ msgid "Net Loss"
1000+#~ msgstr "صا�ي الخسارة"
1002+#~ msgid "3"
1003+#~ msgstr "Ù£"
1005+#~ msgid "Reference UoM"
1006+#~ msgstr "وحدة القياس المرجعية"
1008+#~ msgid "Overdue Account"
1009+#~ msgstr "حساب المتأخرات"
1011+#~ msgid "Display Mode"
1012+#~ msgstr "نمط العرض"
1014+#, python-format
1015+#~ msgid "Not implemented"
1016+#~ msgstr "غير مطبق"
1018+#~ msgid "Voucher No"
1019+#~ msgstr "رقم المستند"
1021+#~ msgid "Accounts by type"
1022+#~ msgstr "الحسابات حسب النوع"
1024+#~ msgid "Analytic Account Statistics"
1025+#~ msgstr "إحصائيات الحساب التحليلي"
1027+#~ msgid "4"
1028+#~ msgstr "Ù¤"
1030+#, python-format
1031+#~ msgid "UserError"
1032+#~ msgstr "خطأ مستخدم"
1034+#~ msgid "Salesman"
1035+#~ msgstr "مندوب المبيعات"
1037+#~ msgid "Starting Date"
1038+#~ msgstr "تاريخ الإبتداء"
1040+#~ msgid "No"
1041+#~ msgstr "ï»»"
1043+#~ msgid "Are you sure ?"
1044+#~ msgstr "هل أنت متأكد؟"
1046+#~ msgid "Balance Sheet (Assets Accounts)"
1047+#~ msgstr "الميزانية العمومية (حسابات الأصول)"
1049+#~ msgid "5"
1050+#~ msgstr "Ù¥"
1052+#~ msgid "Column Name"
1053+#~ msgstr "اسم العامود"
1055+#, python-format
1056+#~ msgid "Journal Item \"%s\" is not valid"
1057+#~ msgstr "عنصر اليومية \"%s\" غير صحيح"
1059+#~ msgid "UoM"
1060+#~ msgstr "وحدة القياس"
1062+#~ msgid "Transaction"
1063+#~ msgstr "معاملة"
1065+#, python-format
1066+#~ msgid "No period found !"
1067+#~ msgstr "لم يتمكن من إيجاد �ترة !"
1069+#~ msgid "Communication"
1070+#~ msgstr "إتصالات"
1072+#, python-format
1073+#~ msgid "Bank Journal "
1074+#~ msgstr "د�تر يومية البنك "
1076+#~ msgid "Sub Total"
1077+#~ msgstr "الجزئي"
1079+#~ msgid "Account Profit And Loss"
1080+#~ msgstr "حساب الإربح و الخسائر"
1082+#, python-format
1083+#~ msgid "There is no Accounting Journal of type Sale/Purchase defined!"
1084+#~ msgstr "لا يوجد د�تر يومية للمبيعات أو المشتريات معر�!"
1086+#~ msgid ""
1087+#~ "The fiscal position will determine taxes and the accounts used for the "
1088+#~ "partner."
1089+#~ msgstr "المركز المالي لتحديد الضرائب و حسابات التي تستخدم للشريك."
1091+#, python-format
1092+#~ msgid ""
1093+#~ "No fiscal year defined for this date !\n"
1094+#~ "Please create one."
1095+#~ msgstr ""
1096+#~ "لا يوجد سنة مالية معر�ة لهذا التاريخ !\n"
1097+#~ "قم بإنشائها."
1099+#~ msgid "New Company Financial Setting"
1100+#~ msgstr "الإعدادات المالية للشركة الجديدة"
1102+#~ msgid "Narration"
1103+#~ msgstr "سرد"
1105+#, python-format
1106+#~ msgid ""
1107+#~ "You cannot change the type of account from '%s' to '%s' type as it contains "
1108+#~ "account entries!"
1109+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك تغيير نوع الحساب من '%s' إلي '%s' ما دام يشمل علي قيود!"
1111+#~ msgid "Centralised counterpart"
1112+#~ msgstr "النظير المركزي"
1114+#~ msgid ""
1115+#~ "If you unreconciliate transactions, you must also verify all the actions "
1116+#~ "that are linked to those transactions because they will not be disable"
1117+#~ msgstr ""
1118+#~ "إذا قمت إلغاء تسوية العمليات، عليك أيضاً التحقق من كل الإجراءات المتعلقة لكل "
1119+#~ "هذه المعاملات لأنهم لن يتم إيقا�ها"
1121+#~ msgid "closing balance entered by the cashbox verifier"
1122+#~ msgstr "رصيد الإغلاق من محقق النقدية"
1124+#, python-format
1125+#~ msgid ""
1126+#~ "Can not %s invoice which is already reconciled, invoice should be "
1127+#~ "unreconciled first. You can only Refund this invoice"
1128+#~ msgstr ""
1129+#~ "لا يمكن ل�اتورة %s حيث تمت تسويتها، يجب إلغاء التسوية أولاً. يمكنك رد "
1130+#~ "ال�اتورة �قط."
1132+#, python-format
1133+#~ msgid ""
1134+#~ "You can not do this modification on a confirmed entry ! Please note that you "
1135+#~ "can just change some non important fields !"
1136+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك التعديلات لقيد مؤكد ! يمكنك تحرير بعض الحقول غير المهمة �قط"
1138+#~ msgid "Reserve and Profit/Loss Account"
1139+#~ msgstr "حساب الإحتياطي و الربح و الخسارة"
1141+#, python-format
1142+#~ msgid "The account is not defined to be reconciled !"
1143+#~ msgstr "لم يعر� الحساب لتسويته !"
1145+#, python-format
1146+#~ msgid "User %s does not have rights to access %s journal !"
1147+#~ msgstr "المستخدم %s ليس لديه صلاحيات الكتابة و التحرير ليومية %s!"
1149+#~ msgid "Error! You cannot define overlapping fiscal years"
1150+#~ msgstr "خطأ! لا يمكنك تعري� سنوات مالية متداخلة"
1152+#, python-format
1153+#~ msgid "You cannot deactivate an account that contains account moves."
1154+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إلغاء نشاط حساب إذا كان يحتوي علي حركات حساب."
1156+#~ msgid "Sales by Account type"
1157+#~ msgstr "المبيعات حسب نوع الحساب"
1159+#~ msgid " number of days: 30"
1160+#~ msgstr " عدد الأيام: 30"
1162+#~ msgid " number of days: 14"
1163+#~ msgstr " عدد الأيام: 14"
1165+#, python-format
1166+#~ msgid "Currnt currency is not confirured properly !"
1167+#~ msgstr "العملة الجديدة لم يتم ضبطها بشكل صحيح !"
1169+#, python-format
1170+#~ msgid "New currency is not confirured properly !"
1171+#~ msgstr "العملة الجديدة لم يتم ضبطها بشكل صحيح !"
1173+#, python-format
1174+#~ msgid "Current currency is not confirured properly !"
1175+#~ msgstr "العملة الجديدة لم يتم ضبطها بشكل صحيح !"
1177+#~ msgid "Total cash transactions"
1178+#~ msgstr "إجمالي معاملات النقدية"
1180+#, python-format
1181+#~ msgid "The statement balance is incorrect !\n"
1182+#~ msgstr "رصيد الكش� خاطئ !\n"
1184+#~ msgid "State"
1185+#~ msgstr "الحالة"
1187+#, python-format
1188+#~ msgid "Configuration Error !"
1189+#~ msgstr "خطأ �ي الإعدادات!"
1191+#~ msgid "Other Configuration"
1192+#~ msgstr "إعدادات أخرى"
1194+#~ msgid "The date of your Journal Entry is not in the defined period!"
1195+#~ msgstr "تاريخ قيد اليومية غير موجود بال�ترة المعر�ة!"
1197+#~ msgid "account.installer.modules"
1198+#~ msgstr "account.installer.modules"
1200+#, python-format
1201+#~ msgid "Invoice '%s' is waiting for validation."
1202+#~ msgstr "ال�اتورة '%s' منتظرة للتحقق."
1204+#~ msgid "Configuration Progress"
1205+#~ msgstr "سير الإعدادات"
1207+#~ msgid "Statistic Reports"
1208+#~ msgstr "تقارير إحصائية"
1210+#, python-format
1211+#~ msgid "This period is already closed !"
1212+#~ msgstr "هذه ال�ترة مغلقة !"
1214+#~ msgid "Aged Receivables"
1215+#~ msgstr "الديون المشكوك �ي تحصيلها"
1217+#~ msgid "Print Analytic Journals"
1218+#~ msgstr "طباعة اليوميات التحليلية"
1220+#~ msgid "Account Data"
1221+#~ msgstr "بيانات الحساب"
1223+#, python-format
1224+#~ msgid "Entry is already reconciled"
1225+#~ msgstr "قيد اليومية مسوي بال�عل"
1227+#~ msgid "Create manual recurring entries in a chosen journal."
1228+#~ msgstr "إنشاء قيد يومية تكرارية يدوياً �ي يومية مختارة."
1230+#, python-format
1231+#~ msgid "Start period should be smaller then End period"
1232+#~ msgstr "بداية ال�ترة يجب أن تكون أقل من نهاية ال�ترة"
1234+#, python-format
1235+#~ msgid "Journal: All"
1236+#~ msgstr "اليومية: الكل"
1238+#~ msgid "Net Profit"
1239+#~ msgstr "صا�ي الربح"
1241+#~ msgid "This Month"
1242+#~ msgstr "هذا الشهر"
1244+#, python-format
1245+#~ msgid "There is no income account defined for this product: \"%s\" (id:%d)"
1246+#~ msgstr "لا يوجد حساب دخل معرّ� لهذا المنتج: \"%s\" (id:%d)"
1248+#~ msgid " value amount: 0.02"
1249+#~ msgstr " قيمة المبلغ: 0.02"
1251+#~ msgid ")"
1252+#~ msgstr ")"
1254+#~ msgid "Product UOM"
1255+#~ msgstr "وحدة قياس المنتج"
1257+#~ msgid "Sale Tax(%)"
1258+#~ msgstr "ضريبة المبيعات (%)"
1260+#~ msgid "Debit/Credit"
1261+#~ msgstr "مدين / دائن"
1263+#~ msgid "Customer Credit"
1264+#~ msgstr "دين العميل"
1266+#, python-format
1267+#~ msgid "Unknown Error"
1268+#~ msgstr "خطأ غير معرو�"
1270+#~ msgid "Suppliers Payment Management"
1271+#~ msgstr "إدارة مد�وعات الموردين"
1273+#, python-format
1274+#~ msgid "Enter a Start date !"
1275+#~ msgstr "أدخل تاريخ البدء !"
1277+#~ msgid "Standard entries"
1278+#~ msgstr "القيود المعيارية"
1280+#~ msgid "Chart of account"
1281+#~ msgstr "شجرة الحساب"
1283+#~ msgid "Reconciliation transactions"
1284+#~ msgstr "معاملات التسوية"
1286+#, python-format
1287+#~ msgid "You must select accounts to reconcile"
1288+#~ msgstr "يجب إختيار الحسابات للتسوية"
1290+#~ msgid "This Year"
1291+#~ msgstr "هذا العام"
1293+#~ msgid "Closing Method"
1294+#~ msgstr "إسلوب الإغلاق"
1296+#~ msgid "Modify"
1297+#~ msgstr "تعديل"
1299+#~ msgid "("
1300+#~ msgstr "("
1302+#, python-format
1303+#~ msgid "Cannot delete bank statement(s) which are already confirmed !"
1304+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن حذ� هذا كش� / كشو� حساب البنك التي تم تأكيدها"
1306+#~ msgid "Profit & Loss (Income Accounts)"
1307+#~ msgstr "الأرباح و الخسائر (حسابات الدخل)"
1309+#, python-format
1310+#~ msgid "Error"
1311+#~ msgstr "خطأ"
1313+#~ msgid "Include initial balances"
1314+#~ msgstr "ضم الأرصدة المبدئية"
1316+#~ msgid "Closing balance based on Starting Balance and Cash Transactions"
1317+#~ msgstr "رصيد الإغلاق بناءاً علي رصيد أول المدة و معاملات النقدية"
1319+#~ msgid "Account Balance -"
1320+#~ msgstr "رصيد الحساب -"
1322+#~ msgid "Balance Sheet (Liability Accounts)"
1323+#~ msgstr "الميزانية (لحسابات الأصول)"
1325+#~ msgid "Account Balance Sheet Report"
1326+#~ msgstr "تقرير الميزانية للحسابات"
1328+#, python-format
1329+#~ msgid "Integrity Error !"
1330+#~ msgstr "خطأ بالسلامة !"
1332+#~ msgid "Error ! You can not create recursive accounts."
1333+#~ msgstr "خطأ ! لا يمكن إنشاء حسابات تكرارية."
1335+#~ msgid "Best regards."
1336+#~ msgstr "مع خالص التحيات."
1338+#~ msgid "Journal View"
1339+#~ msgstr "عرض اليومية"
1341+#~ msgid "Followups Management"
1342+#~ msgstr "إدارة المتابعة"
1344+#~ msgid "Configure Your Accounting Application"
1345+#~ msgstr "إعداد التطبيق المحاسبي الخاص بك"
1347+#~ msgid "Dear Sir/Madam,"
1348+#~ msgstr "عزيزي سيدي / سيدتي،"
1350+#, python-format
1351+#~ msgid "Cannot create invoice move on centralised journal"
1352+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن إنشاء حركة �اتورة حيث اليومية مركزية"
1354+#~ msgid "All Analytic Entries"
1355+#~ msgstr "كل القيود التحليلية"
1357+#~ msgid "Analytic Entries Stats"
1358+#~ msgstr "إحصائيات القيود التحليلية"
1360+#, python-format
1361+#~ msgid "You must define an analytic journal of type '%s' !"
1362+#~ msgstr "عليك بتعري� يومية تحليلية �ي يومية '%s' !"
1364+#~ msgid "Multiple Analytic Plans"
1365+#~ msgstr "خطط تحليلية متعددة"
1367+#, python-format
1368+#~ msgid "Open Journal Items !"
1369+#~ msgstr "�تح عناصر اليومية !"
1371+#~ msgid "Cost Ledger for period"
1372+#~ msgstr "أستاذ التكالي� ل�ترة"
1374+#~ msgid "Reference Type"
1375+#~ msgstr "نوع المرجع"
1377+#~ msgid "Contact Address Name"
1378+#~ msgstr "اسم عنوان جهة الإتصال"
1380+#~ msgid "Contact Address"
1381+#~ msgstr "عنوان جهة الإتصال"
1383+#~ msgid "Consider reconciled entries"
1384+#~ msgstr "نظر القيود المسواه"
1386+#, python-format
1387+#~ msgid "Bad account!"
1388+#~ msgstr "حساب سئ!"
1390+#~ msgid "Treasury"
1391+#~ msgstr "الخزينة"
1393+#~ msgid " valuation: balance"
1394+#~ msgstr " التقييم: رصيد"
1396+#~ msgid "Supplier Accounting Properties"
1397+#~ msgstr "خصائص محاسبة المورد"
1399+#~ msgid "CashBox Balance"
1400+#~ msgstr "رصيد صندوق النقدية"
1402+#~ msgid ""
1403+#~ msgstr ""
1405+#~ msgid "Separated Journal Sequences"
1406+#~ msgstr "مسلسلات اليومية من�صلة"
1408+#~ msgid "Supplier Debit"
1409+#~ msgstr "مورد مدين"
1411+#~ msgid "The optional quantity on entries"
1412+#~ msgstr "الكمية الإختيارية علي القيود"
1414+#~ msgid "Tax Declaration: Credit Notes"
1415+#~ msgstr "الإعلان الضريبي: الأوراق الدائنة"
1417+#~ msgid "Tax Declaration: Invoices"
1418+#~ msgstr "الإعلان الضريبي: ال�واتير"
1420+#~ msgid "Line Name"
1421+#~ msgstr "اسم الخط"
1423+#~ msgid " value amount: n.a"
1424+#~ msgstr " قيمة المبلغ: غير متاحة"
1426+#~ msgid "Bank and Cash Accounts"
1427+#~ msgstr "حسابات النقدية و البنك"
1429+#~ msgid "Fin.Account"
1430+#~ msgstr "Fin.Account"
1432+#~ msgid "For Value percent enter % ratio between 0-1."
1433+#~ msgstr "لتحديد النسبةاختر قيمة بين 0 إلي 1."
1435+#~ msgid "You can not create move line on closed account."
1436+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إنشاء حركة سطر علي حساب مغلق."
1438+#~ msgid "This wizard will create recurring accounting entries"
1439+#~ msgstr "سيقوم هذا المعالج بإنشاء قيود محاسبية تكرارية"
1441+#, python-format
1442+#~ msgid "No sequence defined on the journal !"
1443+#~ msgstr "لا يوجد مسلسل معر� لهذه اليومية !"
1445+#, python-format
1446+#~ msgid ""
1447+#~ "The expected balance (%.2f) is different than the computed one. (%.2f)"
1448+#~ msgstr "الرصيد المتوقع(%.2f) مختل� عن الرصيد المحسوب (%.2f)."
1450+#, python-format
1451+#~ msgid ""
1452+#~ "Selected Invoice(s) cannot be cancelled as they are already in 'Cancelled' "
1453+#~ "or 'Done' state!"
1454+#~ msgstr ""
1455+#~ "ال�واتير المختارة لا يمكن إلغاءها حيث أنها ملغاة أو تمت من حيث الحالة!"
1457+#~ msgid "Invoicing Data"
1458+#~ msgstr "بيانات ال�واتير"
1460+#~ msgid "last month"
1461+#~ msgstr "الشهر الماضي"
1463+#~ msgid "8"
1464+#~ msgstr "Ù¨"
1466+#~ msgid "Line"
1467+#~ msgstr "سطر"
1469+#~ msgid ":"
1470+#~ msgstr ":"
1472+#~ msgid "Error ! You can not create recursive associated members."
1473+#~ msgstr "خطأ! لا يمكنك إنشاء أعضاء ذوي ارتباطات متداخلة."
1475+#~ msgid "Ending Date"
1476+#~ msgstr "تاريخ الانتهاء"
1478+#~ msgid "9"
1479+#~ msgstr "Ù©"
1481+#~ msgid "6"
1482+#~ msgstr "Ù¦"
1484+#~ msgid "Sort By"
1485+#~ msgstr "�رز بحسب"
1487+#~ msgid "Invoice Address"
1488+#~ msgstr "عنوان ال�اتورة"
1490+#, python-format
1491+#~ msgid "Invalid action !"
1492+#~ msgstr "إجراء خاطئ!"
1494+#~ msgid "7"
1495+#~ msgstr "Ù§"
1497+#, python-format
1498+#~ msgid "not implemented"
1499+#~ msgstr "غير مطبق"
1501+#~ msgid "Dashboard"
1502+#~ msgstr "اللوحة الرئيسية"
1504+#~ msgid "Readonly"
1505+#~ msgstr "للقراءة �قط"
1507+#~ msgid ""
1508+#~ "Error: The default UOM and the purchase UOM must be in the same category."
1509+#~ msgstr ""
1510+#~ "خطأ: لابد أن تكون وحدة القياس الإ�تراضية و وحدة القياس �ي جزء المشتريات من "
1511+#~ "نوع واحد"
1513+#~ msgid "Bank Account Owner"
1514+#~ msgstr "مال�ك الحساب المصر�ي"
1516+#~ msgid "Example"
1517+#~ msgstr "مثال"
1519+#~ msgid "Contacts"
1520+#~ msgstr "جهات الاتصال"
1522+#~ msgid ""
1523+#~ "This report gives you an overview of the situation of a specific journal"
1524+#~ msgstr "هذا التقرير يعطي لمحة عامة عن وضع يومية محددة"
1526+#~ msgid "Avg. Due Delay"
1527+#~ msgstr "متوسط تأخير المستحقات"
1529+#, python-format
1530+#~ msgid "Unable to find a valid period !"
1531+#~ msgstr "غير قادر على العثور على �ترة صالحة!"
1533+#, python-format
1534+#~ msgid "No Period found on Invoice!"
1535+#~ msgstr "لا توجد �ترة على ال�اتورة !"
1537+#~ msgid "Refund Invoice Options"
1538+#~ msgstr "خيارات استرداد �اتورة"
1540+#~ msgid "Valid Up to"
1541+#~ msgstr "صالحة حتى"
1543+#, python-format
1544+#~ msgid "Period: %s"
1545+#~ msgstr "�ترة : %s"
1547+#, python-format
1548+#~ msgid "No Filter"
1549+#~ msgstr "لا يوجد مرشح"
1551+#, python-format
1552+#~ msgid ""
1553+#~ "Can't find any account journal of %s type for this company.\n"
1554+#~ "\n"
1555+#~ "You can create one in the menu: \n"
1556+#~ "Configuration/Financial Accounting/Accounts/Journals."
1557+#~ msgstr ""
1558+#~ "لايمكن العثور على د�تر حسابات من النوع %s لهذه الشركة.\n"
1559+#~ "\n"
1560+#~ "يمكنك إضا�ة د�تر من القائمة:\n"
1561+#~ "إعدادات > حسابات مالية > حسابات > د�اتر"
1563+#~ msgid ""
1564+#~ "This field contains the informatin related to the numbering of the journal "
1565+#~ "entries of this journal."
1566+#~ msgstr "هذا الحقل يحتوي على معلومات مرتبطة بترقيم بنود هذا الد�تر."
1568+#~ msgid ""
1569+#~ "This view is used by accountants in order to record entries massively in "
1570+#~ "OpenERP. Journal items are created by OpenERP if you use Bank Statements, "
1571+#~ "Cash Registers, or Customer/Supplier payments."
1572+#~ msgstr ""
1573+#~ "طريقة العرض هذه يتم استخدامها بواسطة المحاسبين لإدخال مجموعة بيانات د�عة "
1574+#~ "واحدة. أما بنود الد�تر يتم إنشاءها �ي حالة استخدام كش� حسا�، تسجيل نقدية أو "
1575+#~ "مد�وعات مورد/عميل."
1577+#~ msgid "Tax Code Test"
1578+#~ msgstr "اختبار رمز الضريبة"
1580+#~ msgid "Bank and Cheques"
1581+#~ msgstr "البنك و الشيكات المصر�ية"
1583+#~ msgid "Check Date not in the Period"
1584+#~ msgstr "التحقق من تاريخ �ي غير ال�ترة"
1586+#~ msgid "Operation date"
1587+#~ msgstr "تاريخ العملية"
1589+#~ msgid " 365 Days "
1590+#~ msgstr " ٣‎٦‎٥‎ يوم "
1592+#~ msgid ""
1593+#~ "A journal entry consists of several journal items, each of which is either a "
1594+#~ "debit or a credit transaction. OpenERP automatically creates one journal "
1595+#~ "entry per accounting document: invoice, refund, supplier payment, bank "
1596+#~ "statements, etc."
1597+#~ msgstr ""
1598+#~ "قيد اليومية يتكون من عدة بنود يومية، كل منها إما أن يكون مدين أو دائن، "
1599+#~ "OpenERP تلقائيا يقوم بإنشاء قيد يومية واحد لكل مستند محاسبى: ال�اتورة، إعادة "
1600+#~ "مال، و د�ع للمورد، و القوائم المصر�ية، إلخ."
1602+#~ msgid ""
1603+#~ "Create and manage your company's journals from this menu. A journal is used "
1604+#~ "to record transactions of all accounting data related to the day-to-day "
1605+#~ "business of your company using double-entry bookkeeping system. Depending on "
1606+#~ "the nature of its activities and the number of daily transactions, a company "
1607+#~ "may keep several types of specialized journals such as a cash journal, "
1608+#~ "purchase journal, sales journal..."
1609+#~ msgstr ""
1610+#~ "إنشاء و إدارة يوميات الشركة من هذه القائمة. قيد اليومية يستخدم لتسجيل "
1611+#~ "المعاملات اليومية لجميع البيانات المحاسبية ذات الصلة للأعمال اليومية للشركة "
1612+#~ "باستخدام نظام القيد المزدوج. إعتمادا على طبيعة أنشطتها وعدد المعاملات "
1613+#~ "اليومية، يمكن للشركة الح�اظ على أنواع عدة من د�اتر اليومية المتخصصة مثل "
1614+#~ "يومية النقدية ، و يومية المشتريات، و يومية المبيعات..."
1616+#, python-format
1617+#~ msgid ""
1618+#~ "Can't find any account journal of %s type for this company.\n"
1619+#~ "\n"
1620+#~ "You can create one in the menu: \n"
1621+#~ "Configuration\\Financial Accounting\\Accounts\\Journals."
1622+#~ msgstr ""
1623+#~ "لم يتمكن من إيجاد حساب يومية لنوع %s لهذه الشركة.\n"
1624+#~ "\n"
1625+#~ "يمكنك إنشاء واحد من القائمة: \n"
1626+#~ "Configuration\\Financial Accounting\\Accounts\\Journals."
1628+#~ msgid ""
1629+#~ "Check this box if you want to use a different sequence for each created "
1630+#~ "journal. Otherwise, all will use the same sequence."
1631+#~ msgstr ""
1632+#~ "قم بالتعليم إذا كنت تريد إستخدام مسلسل مختل� لكل قيد يومية. و إلا إستخدام "
1633+#~ "ن�س المسلسل للكل."
1635+#~ msgid ""
1636+#~ "Cancel Invoice: Creates the refund invoice, validate and reconcile it to "
1637+#~ "cancel the current invoice."
1638+#~ msgstr ""
1639+#~ "إلغاء ال�اتورة: إنشاء �اتورة إسترداد، و تحققها و تسويتها مع ال�اتورة الملغاة."
1641+#, python-format
1642+#~ msgid ""
1643+#~ "You cannot modify company of this journal as its related record exist in "
1644+#~ "Entry Lines"
1645+#~ msgstr ""
1646+#~ "ﻻ يمكنك تعديل الشركة لهذه اليومية حيث أن له إرتباطات أخري �ي سطور القيد"
1648+#~ msgid ""
1649+#~ "It adds the currency column if the currency is different then the company "
1650+#~ "currency"
1651+#~ msgstr ""
1652+#~ "تقوم بإضا�ة عامود العملة إذا كانت العملة مختل�ة ثم العملة الحالية للشركة"
1654+#~ msgid ""
1655+#~ "Invalid period ! Some periods overlap or the date period is not in the scope "
1656+#~ "of the fiscal year. "
1657+#~ msgstr ""
1658+#~ "�ترة خاطئة ! بعض ال�ترات تتداخل أو أن التاريخ ليس موجود داخل ال�ترة المالية. "
1660+#~ msgid "Gives the sequence order to journal column."
1661+#~ msgstr "إعطاء التسلسل لعمود اليومية."
1663+#~ msgid "Mapping"
1664+#~ msgstr "مقابلة"
1666+#~ msgid "Wrong credit or debit value in model (Credit Or Debit Must Be \"0\")!"
1667+#~ msgstr ""
1668+#~ "خطأ دائن أو مدين كقيمة �ي النموذج (قيمة الدائن أو المدين يجب أن تكون \"0\")!"
1670+#~ msgid ""
1671+#~ "Print Report with the currency column if the currency is different then the "
1672+#~ "company currency"
1673+#~ msgstr "طباعة التقرير مع عمود العملة إذا كانت العملة مختل�ة ثم عملة شركة"
1675+#~ msgid "Customer Accounting Properties"
1676+#~ msgstr "خصائص المحاسبة للعملاء"
1678+#, python-format
1679+#~ msgid "There is no expense account defined for this product: \"%s\" (id:%d)"
1680+#~ msgstr "لا يوجد حساب مصرو� معر� لهذا المنتج: \"%s\" (id:%d)"
1682+#, python-format
1683+#~ msgid "Statement %s is confirmed, journal items are created."
1684+#~ msgstr "القائمة %s غير مؤكدة، تم إنشاء عناصر القائمة."
1686+#~ msgid "Compute Code"
1687+#~ msgstr "رمز العملية الحسابية"
1689+#~ msgid "Periodical Processing"
1690+#~ msgstr "المعالجة الدورية"
1692+#~ msgid "Unreconciliate transactions"
1693+#~ msgstr "إلغاء تسوية المعاملات"
1695+#~ msgid "Error! The duration of the Fiscal Year is invalid. "
1696+#~ msgstr "خطأ! مدة السنة المالية غير صالحة. "
1698+#~ msgid ""
1699+#~ "When new move line is created the state will be 'Draft'.\n"
1700+#~ "* When all the payments are done it will be in 'Valid' state."
1701+#~ msgstr ""
1702+#~ "عندما يتم إنشاء حركة سطر جديد تكون الحالة \"مسودة\".\n"
1703+#~ "* عندما يتم إنتهاء جميع الأقساط ستكون الحالة \"صالحة\"."
1705+#~ msgid "Default taxes"
1706+#~ msgstr "الضرائب الإ�تراضية"
1708+#~ msgid " day of the month: 0"
1709+#~ msgstr " يوم من الشهر : ٠"
1711+#, python-format
1712+#~ msgid "Taxes missing !"
1713+#~ msgstr "الضرائب م�قودة !"
1715+#, python-format
1716+#~ msgid "Already Reconciled!"
1717+#~ msgstr "تمت تسويتها!"
1719+#~ msgid "Move journal"
1720+#~ msgstr "نقل اليومية"
1722+#, python-format
1723+#~ msgid "You can not use an inactive account!"
1724+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إستخدام حساب غير نشط!"
1726+#~ msgid "Valuation"
1727+#~ msgstr "تقييم"
1729+#~ msgid "Value Amount"
1730+#~ msgstr "قيمة المبلغ"
1732+#, python-format
1733+#~ msgid "is validated."
1734+#~ msgstr "محققة."
1736+#~ msgid "Acc. Type Name"
1737+#~ msgstr "اسم نوع الحساب"
1739+#~ msgid "Refund Type"
1740+#~ msgstr "نوع المردود"
1742+#~ msgid "Account Profit And Loss Report"
1743+#~ msgstr "تقرير حساب الأرباح و الخسائر"
1745+#~ msgid "Income Accounts"
1746+#~ msgstr "حسابات الدخل"
1748+#, python-format
1749+#~ msgid "Data Insufficient !"
1750+#~ msgstr "بيانات غير كا�ية !"
1752+#~ msgid "Statements Reconciliation"
1753+#~ msgstr "تسوية القوائم"
1755+#~ msgid "Period length (days)"
1756+#~ msgstr "مدة ال�تر (أيام)"
1758+#~ msgid "Closing Cashbox"
1759+#~ msgstr "غلق صندوق النقدية"
1761+#~ msgid "Display accounts"
1762+#~ msgstr "عرض الحسابات"
1764+#, python-format
1765+#~ msgid "Bad account !"
1766+#~ msgstr "حساب سئ !"
1768+#~ msgid " day of the month= -1"
1769+#~ msgstr " يوم من الشهر= -١"
1771+#~ msgid "Sale Taxes"
1772+#~ msgstr "ضرائب المبيعات"
1774+#~ msgid "Year :"
1775+#~ msgstr "سنة:"
1777+#~ msgid " 7 Days "
1778+#~ msgstr " ٧ أيام "
1780+#~ msgid "Error! You can not create recursive analytic accounts."
1781+#~ msgstr "خطأ! لا يمكنك إنشاء حسابات تحليلية متكررة."
1783+#~ msgid "OK"
1784+#~ msgstr "تم"
1786+#~ msgid "Contact"
1787+#~ msgstr "جهة الاتصال"
1789+#~ msgid "Grand total"
1790+#~ msgstr "المجموع الكلي"
1792+#~ msgid "Value"
1793+#~ msgstr "قيمة"
1795+#~ msgid "Message"
1796+#~ msgstr "رسالة"
1798+#~ msgid "Parent Analytic Account"
1799+#~ msgstr "الحساب التحليلي الرئيسي"
1801+#~ msgid "VAT"
1802+#~ msgstr "ضريبة القيمة المضا�ة"
1804+#~ msgid "Account Number"
1805+#~ msgstr "رقم الحساب"
1807+#~ msgid "Skip"
1808+#~ msgstr "تخطي"
1810+#~ msgid "Next"
1811+#~ msgstr "التالي"
1813+#~ msgid "Account Manager"
1814+#~ msgstr "مدير المحاسبة"
1816+#~ msgid "Invalid XML for View Architecture!"
1817+#~ msgstr "هناك خطأ �ي بيانات الـ XML للعرض!"
1819+#~ msgid "Sort by:"
1820+#~ msgstr "�رز حسب:"
1822+#~ msgid ""
1823+#~ "The sequence field is used to order the resources from lower sequences to "
1824+#~ "higher ones"
1825+#~ msgstr ""
1826+#~ "يستخدم حقل التسلسل بترتيب الموارد من التسلسل الأقل الى التسلسل الأعلى."
1828+#~ msgid ""
1829+#~ "Chart of Taxes is a tree view reflecting the structure of the Tax Cases (or "
1830+#~ "tax codes) and shows the current tax situation. The tax chart represents the "
1831+#~ "amount of each area of the tax declaration for your country. It’s presented "
1832+#~ "in a hierarchical structure, which can be modified to fit your needs."
1833+#~ msgstr ""
1834+#~ "جدول الضرائب هي شكل لشجرة تعكس هيكل حالة الضريبة (او أكواد الضريبة) وتبين "
1835+#~ "حالة الضريبة الحالية. يمثل جدول الضريبة كمية كل منطقة من الإقرار الضريبي "
1836+#~ "لبلدك. وهي مثلت على هيكل هرمي, حيث يمكن تصني�ه بما يناسب احتياجك."
1838+#~ msgid ""
1839+#~ "Check this box if you don't want any VAT related to this Tax Code to appear "
1840+#~ "on invoices"
1841+#~ msgstr ""
1842+#~ "تحقق من هذا المربع اذا كنت لاتريد ضريبة القيمة المضا�ة المتعلقة بكود الضريبه "
1843+#~ "لتظهر على ال�واتير."
1845+#~ msgid ""
1846+#~ "Example: at 14 net days 2 percents, remaining amount at 30 days end of month."
1847+#~ msgstr ""
1848+#~ "مثال: عند صا�ي 14 يوم 2 �ي المائة, مبلغ متبقي عند نهاية 30 يومًا من الشهر."
1850+#~ msgid ""
1851+#~ "The default Chart of Accounts is matching your country selection. If no "
1852+#~ "certified Chart of Accounts exists for your specified country, a generic one "
1853+#~ "can be installed and will be selected by default."
1854+#~ msgstr ""
1855+#~ "تطابق المخطط الا�تراضي للحسابات لاختيارك البلد. اذا لم يوجد مخطط موثق "
1856+#~ "للحسابات لبلدك المحدد, يمكن تثبت مخطط عام وسيختار ا�تراضيًا."
1858+#~ msgid ""
1859+#~ "With Supplier Invoices you can enter and manage invoices issued by your "
1860+#~ "suppliers. OpenERP can also generate draft invoices automatically from "
1861+#~ "purchase orders or receipts. This way, you can control the invoice from your "
1862+#~ "supplier according to what you purchased or received."
1863+#~ msgstr ""
1864+#~ "يمكنك مع المزود ان اتدخل وتدير ال�واتير المصدرة من مزوداتك. يمكن انتاج "
1865+#~ "�واتير مسودة ب�تح erp تلقائيًا من اوامر المشترى او الاستلامات. بتلك الطريقة, "
1866+#~ "يمكنك التحكم �ي ال�اتورة من مزودك طبقًا لما اشتريته او استقبلته."
1868+#~ msgid ""
1869+#~ "A bank statement is a summary of all financial transactions occurring over a "
1870+#~ "given period of time on a deposit account, a credit card or any other type "
1871+#~ "of financial account. The starting balance will be proposed automatically "
1872+#~ "and the closing balance is to be found on your statement. When you are in "
1873+#~ "the Payment column of a line, you can press F1 to open the reconciliation "
1874+#~ "form."
1875+#~ msgstr ""
1876+#~ "بيان المصر� هو ملخص لكل التعاملات المالية التي تخطت ال�ترة المعطاه من الوقت "
1877+#~ "على حساب الايداع, كارت الرصيد او اي نوع اخر للحسام المالي. سيقترح التوازن "
1878+#~ "البدئي تلقائي�ا و سيوجد التوازن المغلق على بيانك. عندما تكون عند خانة الد�ع "
1879+#~ "للخط, اضغط �1 ل�تح شكل التسوية."
1881+#~ msgid ""
1882+#~ "It adds initial balance row on report which display previous sum amount of "
1883+#~ "debit/credit/balance"
1884+#~ msgstr ""
1885+#~ "وهي تضي� سهم توازن بدئي للتقرير الذي يعرض مبلغ المجموع السابق لـلخصم/بطاقة "
1886+#~ "الائتمان/التوازن"
1888+#, python-format
1889+#~ msgid ""
1890+#~ "The Payment Term of Supplier does not have Payment Term Lines(Computation) "
1891+#~ "defined !"
1892+#~ msgstr "لا يملك مصطلح الد�ع خطوط مصطلح الد�ع(حساب) معرّ�) !"
1894+#~ msgid "Closing balance based on cashBox"
1895+#~ msgstr "توازن الغلق بناءًا على خانة النقد"
1897+#~ msgid ""
1898+#~ "This account will be used to value outgoing stock for the current product "
1899+#~ "category using sale price"
1900+#~ msgstr ""
1901+#~ "سيستخدم هذا الحساب ليقيم الاوراق المالية المنصر�ة لصن� المنتج الحالي "
1902+#~ "بإستخدام سعر البيع"
1904+#~ msgid ""
1905+#~ "This will automatically configure your chart of accounts, bank accounts, "
1906+#~ "taxes and journals according to the selected template"
1907+#~ msgstr ""
1908+#~ "ستقوم بتكوين مخطط لحساباتك, حسابات المصر�, ضرائب ويوميات تلقائيًا طبقًا "
1909+#~ "للقالب المختار"
1911+#, python-format
1912+#~ msgid "Global taxes defined, but are not in invoice lines !"
1913+#~ msgstr "تم تحديد الضرائب العالمية, ولكن ليست �ي خطوط ال�اتورة !"
1915+#~ msgid "A/c Code"
1916+#~ msgstr "كود c/a"
1918+#~ msgid "St."
1919+#~ msgstr "شارع"
1921+#~ msgid ""
1922+#~ "Display your company chart of accounts per fiscal year and filter by period. "
1923+#~ "Have a complete tree view of all journal items per account code by clicking "
1924+#~ "on an account."
1925+#~ msgstr ""
1926+#~ "اعرض لائحة بأسماء حسابات السنة المالية لشركتك وصن� بالمدة.  لديك لائحة "
1927+#~ "كاملة لكل قيود د�تر الأستاذ على حسب رقم الحساب عن طريق الضغط على الحساب"
1929+#~ msgid ""
1930+#~ "From this report, you can have an overview of the amount invoiced to your "
1931+#~ "customer as well as payment delays. The tool search can also be used to "
1932+#~ "personalise your Invoices reports and so, match this analysis to your needs."
1933+#~ msgstr ""
1934+#~ "من هذا التقرير, يمكن ان يكون لك لمحة عامة للمبلغ الذي تم عمل له �اتورة "
1935+#~ "لعميلك بالإضا�ة الى المؤخرات. يمكن استخدام اداة البحث لتشخص تقارير �واتيرك "
1936+#~ "وكذلك, مطابقة تلك التحليلات لاحتياجاتك."
1938+#~ msgid ""
1939+#~ "You cannot create entries on different periods/journals in the same move"
1940+#~ msgstr "لايمكنك انشاء مدخلات على �ترات مختل�ة/اليوميات �ي ن�س التحرك"
1942+#, python-format
1943+#~ msgid ""
1944+#~ "Please verify the price of the invoice !\n"
1945+#~ "The real total does not match the computed total."
1946+#~ msgstr ""
1947+#~ "الرجاء تعري� قيمة ال�اتورة !\n"
1948+#~ "الإجمالي الحقيقي غير متوا�ق مع الإجمالي المحسوب."
1950+#~ msgid ""
1951+#~ "All draft account entries in this journal and period will be validated. It "
1952+#~ "means you won't be able to modify their accounting fields anymore."
1953+#~ msgstr ""
1954+#~ "سيتم التحقق من صلاحية كل مدخلات حساب السجل �ي هذه اليومية وال�ترة. يعني ذلك "
1955+#~ "انك غير قادر على تعديل حقول محاسبتها بعد الآن."
1957+#~ msgid ""
1958+#~ "Date on which the partner accounting entries were reconciled last time"
1959+#~ msgstr "تاريخ تو�يق المدخلات المحاسبية للشريك �ي المرة الاخيرة"
1961+#~ msgid "Fill this if the journal is to be used for refunds of invoices."
1962+#~ msgstr "إذا كانت اليومية ت�ستخدم لتسديد ال�واتير �امليء هذا."
1964+#~ msgid "Third Party (Country)"
1965+#~ msgstr "الطر� الثالث (البلد)"
1967+#~ msgid "Opening Cashbox"
1968+#~ msgstr "�تح صندوق النقد"
1970+#~ msgid "Reverse Compute Code"
1971+#~ msgstr "كود الحساب العكسي"
1973+#, python-format
1974+#~ msgid ""
1975+#~ "You can not modify a posted entry of this journal !\n"
1976+#~ "You should set the journal to allow cancelling entries if you want to do "
1977+#~ "that."
1978+#~ msgstr ""
1979+#~ "لايمكنك تعديل المدخل المسجل لهذه اليومية !\n"
1980+#~ "يجب ان تخصص اليومية لتسمح بإالغاء المدخلات اذا كنت تريد ذلك."
1982+#~ msgid "Line 1:"
1983+#~ msgstr "الخط 1:"
1985+#~ msgid ""
1986+#~ "This report gives you an overview of the situation of your general journals"
1987+#~ msgstr "يعطيك هذا التقرير لمحة عامة للموق� من اليوميات العامة"
1989+#~ msgid "Description on invoices"
1990+#~ msgstr "الوص� على ال�واتير"
1992+#, python-format
1993+#~ msgid ""
1994+#~ "You can not do this modification on a reconciled entry ! Please note that "
1995+#~ "you can just change some non important fields !"
1996+#~ msgstr ""
1997+#~ "لايمكنك القيام بهذا التعديل للمدخل المت�ق ! الرجاء ملاحظة انه يمكنك �قط "
1998+#~ "تغيير بعض الحقول الغير هامة !"
2000+#~ msgid ""
2001+#~ "The Journal Entry of the invoice have been totally reconciled with one or "
2002+#~ "several Journal Entries of payment."
2003+#~ msgstr ""
2004+#~ "توا�قت المدخل اليومي لل�اتورة كليًا مع واحد او اكثر من المدخلات اليومية "
2005+#~ "للد�ع."
2007+#~ msgid "Use this code for the VAT declaration."
2008+#~ msgstr "استخدم هذا الكود للبيان الضريبي."
2010+#, python-format
2011+#~ msgid ""
2012+#~ "There is no default default credit account defined \n"
2013+#~ "on journal \"%s\""
2014+#~ msgstr "لا يوجد هناك حساب رصيد ا�تراضي محدد �ي اليومية \"%s\""
2016+#~ msgid ""
2017+#~ "According value related accounts will be display on respective reports "
2018+#~ "(Balance Sheet Profit & Loss Account)"
2019+#~ msgstr ""
2020+#~ "سيتم العرض على حسب القيمة المرتبطة بالحسابات على جميع التقارير المختصة (رصيد "
2021+#~ "حساب الربح والخسارة)"
2023+#~ msgid "Lines to reconcile"
2024+#~ msgstr "خطوط التسوية"
2026+#~ msgid ""
2027+#~ "The sequence field is used to order the payment term lines from the lowest "
2028+#~ "sequences to the higher ones"
2029+#~ msgstr ""
2030+#~ "ي�ستخدم حقل المتتابعة لترتيب خطوط مصطلح الد�ع من المتتابعات المنخ�ضة إلى "
2031+#~ "أعلاها"
2033+#, python-format
2034+#~ msgid "Entries are not of the same account or already reconciled ! "
2035+#~ msgstr "المدخلات ليست من ن�س الحساب او تم تسويتها بال�عل ! "
2037+#~ msgid ""
2038+#~ "This module will support the Anglo-Saxons accounting methodology by changing "
2039+#~ "the accounting logic with stock transactions."
2040+#~ msgstr ""
2041+#~ "وسو� تدعم هذه الوحدة منهجية المحاسبة الأنغلو ساكسون عن طريق تغيير منطق "
2042+#~ "المحاسبة مع معاملات الأوراق المالية."
2044+#~ msgid ""
2045+#~ "The tax code definition depends on the tax declaration of your country. "
2046+#~ "OpenERP allows you to define the tax structure and manage it from this menu. "
2047+#~ "You can define both numeric and alphanumeric tax codes."
2048+#~ msgstr ""
2049+#~ "يعتمد تعري� كود الضرائب على الإقرار الضريبي �ي بلدكم. يسمح لك OpenERP تحديد "
2050+#~ "الهيكل الضريبي وإدارتها من هذه القائمة. يمكنك تحديد أكواد الضرائب أبجدية "
2051+#~ "ورقمية على حد سواء."
2053+#~ msgid ""
2054+#~ "Streamlines invoice payment and creates hooks to plug automated payment "
2055+#~ "systems in."
2056+#~ msgstr "يبسط د�ع �اتورة ويخلق روابط لتوصيل أنظمة الد�ع الآلي �يها."
2058+#~ msgid ""
2059+#~ "Select here the kind of valuation related to this payment term line. Note "
2060+#~ "that you should have your last line with the type 'Balance' to ensure that "
2061+#~ "the whole amount will be threated."
2062+#~ msgstr ""
2063+#~ "حدد هنا ذلك النوع من التقييم المتعلقة بخط أجل الد�ع هذا. لاحظ أنه يجب أن "
2064+#~ "يكون لديك خط آخر مع نوع \"الرصيد\" لضمان أنه يتم التعامل لكامل المبلغ."
2066+#, python-format
2067+#~ msgid ""
2068+#~ "Selected Invoice(s) cannot be confirmed as they are not in 'Draft' or 'Pro-"
2069+#~ "Forma' state!"
2070+#~ msgstr ""
2071+#~ "لا يمكن تأكيد ال�واتير المختارة كما انها غير موجودة �ي حالة ‘السحب‘ او "
2072+#~ "‘الشكلية المؤيدة‘!"
2074+#~ msgid "(keep empty to use the current period)"
2075+#~ msgstr "(اح�ظ ال�راغ لإستخدام ال�ترة الحالية)"
2077+#~ msgid ""
2078+#~ "The code will be used to generate the numbers of the journal entries of this "
2079+#~ "journal."
2080+#~ msgstr "سيستخدم الكود لإيجاد عدد من المدخلات اليومية لهذه اليومية."
2082+#, python-format
2083+#~ msgid ""
2084+#~ "You cannot modify Company of account as its related record exist in Entry "
2085+#~ "Lines"
2086+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك تعديل الشركة للحساب كتسجيل مرتبط بها الموجود �ي خطوط المدخل"
2088+#~ msgid "Configure Your Accounting Chart"
2089+#~ msgstr "قم بتكوين جدول المحاسبة الخاصة بك"
2091+#~ msgid "Create an Account based on this template"
2092+#~ msgstr "انشأ حساب مبنيًا على هذا القالب"
2094+#~ msgid "Company must be same for its related account and period."
2095+#~ msgstr "يجب ان تكون الشركة ن�س ال�ترة والحساب المرتبط."
2097+#~ msgid "Generate Your Accounting Chart from a Chart Template"
2098+#~ msgstr "انشأ جدول المحاسبة الخاصة بك من قالب الجدول"
2100+#~ msgid ""
2101+#~ "Percentages for Payment Term Line must be between 0 and 1, Example: 0.02 for "
2102+#~ "2% "
2103+#~ msgstr "يجب ان تكون النسبة المئوية لأجل الد�ع مابين 0 و 1, مثال:0.02 لـ %2 "
2105+#~ msgid ""
2106+#~ "Bank Reconciliation consists of verifying that your bank statement "
2107+#~ "corresponds with the entries (or records) of that account in your accounting "
2108+#~ "system."
2109+#~ msgstr ""
2110+#~ "يتكون تسوية البنك من تحديد أن بيان البنك الخاص بك متطابق مع المدخلات (او "
2111+#~ "التسجيلات) للحساب �ي نظام المحاسبة الخاصة بك."
2113+#, python-format
2114+#~ msgid "Invoice is already reconciled"
2115+#~ msgstr "تم تسوية ال�اتورة بال�عل"
2117+#, python-format
2118+#~ msgid "Couldn't create move between different companies"
2119+#~ msgstr "غير قادر على انشاء تحرك بين الشركات المختل�ة"
2121+#, python-format
2122+#~ msgid ""
2123+#~ "Selected Entry Lines does not have any account move enties in draft state"
2124+#~ msgstr "لا يحتوي البند المختار اي مدخلات متحركة للحساب �ي حالة السحب"
2126+#, python-format
2127+#~ msgid ""
2128+#~ "Please define the Reserve and Profit/Loss account for current user company !"
2129+#~ msgstr "يرجى تحديد الاحتياطي، وحساب الربح / الخسارة لشركة المستخدم الحالي!"
2131+#~ msgid " valuation: percent"
2132+#~ msgstr " التقييم: بالمئة"
2134+#~ msgid "Journal Column"
2135+#~ msgstr "خانة اليومية"
2137+#~ msgid ""
2138+#~ "Allows you to change the sign of the balance amount displayed in the "
2139+#~ "reports, so that you can see positive figures instead of negative ones in "
2140+#~ "expenses accounts."
2141+#~ msgstr ""
2142+#~ "يسمح لك بتغيير علامة المبلغ المتوازن المعروض �ي التقارير، وذلك حتى تتمكن من "
2143+#~ "رؤية الأرقام الإيجابية بدلا من السلبية �ي حسابات المصرو�ات."
2145+#~ msgid ""
2146+#~ "This date will be used as the invoice date for Refund Invoice and Period "
2147+#~ "will be chosen accordingly!"
2148+#~ msgstr ""
2149+#~ "وسيتم استخدام هذا التاريخ كموعدا لل�اتورة لاسترداد ال�اتورة وسو� يتم اختيار "
2150+#~ "المدة و�قا لذلك!"
2152+#, python-format
2153+#~ msgid ""
2154+#~ "Can not find account chart for this company in invoice line account, Please "
2155+#~ "Create account."
2156+#~ msgstr ""
2157+#~ "لا يمكن العثور على الرسم البياني للحساب لهذه الشركة �ي حساب خط �اتورة، "
2158+#~ "الرجاء إنشاء حساب."
2160+#, python-format
2161+#~ msgid "Accounting Entries"
2162+#~ msgstr "مدخلات المحاسبة"
2164+#, python-format
2165+#~ msgid "You should have chosen periods that belongs to the same company"
2166+#~ msgstr "ينبغي عليك اختيار ال�ترات التي تمتد الى ن�س الشركة"
2168+#~ msgid ""
2169+#~ "Bank Account Number, Company bank account if Invoice is customer or supplier "
2170+#~ "refund, otherwise Partner bank account number."
2171+#~ msgstr ""
2172+#~ "عدد حساب البنك, حساب بنك الشركة اذا كانت ال�اتورة استرداد للعميل او للمورد, "
2173+#~ "على جانب اخر عدد حساب البنك للشريك."
2175+#~ msgid ""
2176+#~ "You can search for individual account entries through useful information. To "
2177+#~ "search for account entries, open a journal, then select a record line."
2178+#~ msgstr ""
2179+#~ "يمكنك البحث عن مدخلات للحساب ال�ردي من خلال المعلومات الم�يدة. للبحث عن "
2180+#~ "المدخلات, ا�تح د�تر اليومية, ثم اختار خط التسجيل."
2182+#~ msgid "Post Journal Entries of a Journal"
2183+#~ msgstr "مدخلات د�تر اليومية المسجلة لليومية"
2185+#, python-format
2186+#~ msgid "You can not have two open register for the same journal"
2187+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك تسجيلين م�توحين لن�س اليومية"
2189+#~ msgid ""
2190+#~ "Helps you generate reminder letters for unpaid invoices, including multiple "
2191+#~ "levels of reminding and customized per-partner policies."
2192+#~ msgstr ""
2193+#~ "ويساعدك على انشاء خطابات تذكير عن ال�واتير الغير المسددة، بما �ي ذلك مستويات "
2194+#~ "متعددة من التذكير وت�صيلها لكل سياسة من سياسات الشيك."
2196+#, python-format
2197+#~ msgid "Can not %s draft/proforma/cancel invoice."
2198+#~ msgstr "لايمكن السجل %s/الشكلية/الغاء ال�اتورة."
2200+#~ msgid ""
2201+#~ "When monthly periods are created. The state is 'Draft'. At the end of "
2202+#~ "monthly period it is in 'Done' state."
2203+#~ msgstr ""
2204+#~ "عندما يتم إنشاء �ترات شهرية. الحالة هي \"السحب\". �ي نهاية ال�ترة الشهرية "
2205+#~ "تكون �ي حالة \"تم\"."
2207+#, python-format
2208+#~ msgid "Invoice '%s' is paid."
2209+#~ msgstr "تم د�ع ال�اتورة ‘%s‘."
2211+#~ msgid "Error ! You can not create recursive Tax Codes."
2212+#~ msgstr "خطأ ! لايمكنك انشاء اكواد ضريبية عودية."
2214+#~ msgid "Open for bank reconciliation"
2215+#~ msgstr "�تح للتسوية البنكية"
2217+#~ msgid "Add extra Accounting functionalities to the ones already installed."
2218+#~ msgstr "إضا�ة وظائ� المحاسبة اضا�ية لتلك المثبتة مسبقا."
2220+#~ msgid "Compute Code for Taxes included prices"
2221+#~ msgstr "احسب الكود للضرائب مشتملة على القيم"
2223+#~ msgid ""
2224+#~ "Modify Invoice: Cancels the current invoice and creates a new copy of it "
2225+#~ "ready for editing."
2226+#~ msgstr ""
2227+#~ "عدّل ال�اتورة: الغي ال�اتورة الحالية وانشأ نسخة جديدة منها جاهزة للتعديل."
2229+#~ msgid "Accounting and Financial Management"
2230+#~ msgstr "إدارة الملية والمحاسبة"
2232+#~ msgid ""
2233+#~ "This payment term will be used instead of the default one for the current "
2234+#~ "partner"
2235+#~ msgstr "سي�ستخدم �ترة الد�ع هذا بدلاً من ال�ترة الا�تراضية للشريك الحالي"
2237+#~ msgid "Journal Views"
2238+#~ msgstr "لمحات عامة عن اليومية"
2240+#~ msgid ""
2241+#~ "You cannot create more than one move per period on centralized journal"
2242+#~ msgstr "لايمكنك انشاء اكثر من تحرك واحد كل �ترة �ي اليومية المركزية"
2244+#~ msgid "Refund Invoice: Creates the refund invoice, ready for editing."
2245+#~ msgstr "سدد ال�اتورة: انشأ �اتورة التسديد, جهازة للتعديل."
2247+#~ msgid ""
2248+#~ "The amount of the voucher must be the same amount as the one on the "
2249+#~ "statement line"
2250+#~ msgstr "يجب ان تكون كمية الايصال ن�س كمية الايصال �ي خط البيان"
2252+#, python-format
2253+#~ msgid "The account move (%s) for centralisation has been confirmed!"
2254+#~ msgstr "تم تأكيد تحرك الحساب (%s) للمركزية!"
2256+#, python-format
2257+#~ msgid ""
2258+#~ "You cannot modify company of this period as its related record exist in "
2259+#~ "Entry Lines"
2260+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك تعديل الشركة لهذه ال�ترة كتسجيلها المرتبط �ي خطوط المدخل"
2262+#~ msgid "You can not create move line on view account."
2263+#~ msgstr "لايمكنك انشاء خط تحرك �ي حساب العرض."
2265+#~ msgid ""
2266+#~ "This report is analysis by partner. It is a PDF report containing one line "
2267+#~ "per partner representing the cumulative credit balance."
2268+#~ msgstr ""
2269+#~ "قد تم تحليل هذا التقرير بواسطة الشريك. وهي تقرير تنسيق وثيقة محمولة تشتمل "
2270+#~ "على خط واحد لكل شريك يمثل توازن الدين التراكمي."
2272+#, python-format
2273+#~ msgid ""
2274+#~ "You cannot cancel the Invoice which is Partially Paid! You need to "
2275+#~ "unreconcile concerned payment entries!"
2276+#~ msgstr ""
2277+#~ "لا يمكنك الغاء ال�اتورة المد�وعة جزئياً! انت تحتاج الى عدم تسوية مدخلات "
2278+#~ "الد�ع المعنية!"
2280+#, python-format
2281+#~ msgid "You can not change the tax, you should remove and recreate lines !"
2282+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك تغيير الضريبة, يجب عليك ازالة واعادة انشاء الخطوط !"
2284+#, python-format
2285+#~ msgid ""
2286+#~ "The journal must have centralised counterpart without the Skipping draft "
2287+#~ "state option checked!"
2288+#~ msgstr "يجب ان يكون لليومية نظير مركزي بدون تخطي خيار الحالة للسحب المتحقق!"
2290+#, python-format
2291+#~ msgid ""
2292+#~ "Tax base different !\n"
2293+#~ "Click on compute to update tax base"
2294+#~ msgstr ""
2295+#~ "أساس الضريبة مختل� !\n"
2296+#~ "اضغط على احسب لتحديث الاساس الضريبي"
2298+#~ msgid "JNRL"
2299+#~ msgstr "اليومية"
2301+#~ msgid ""
2302+#~ "This report allows you to print or generate a pdf of your general ledger "
2303+#~ "with details of all your account journals"
2304+#~ msgstr ""
2305+#~ "يسمح لك هذا التقرير لطبع او انشاء تنسيق وثيقة محمولة لد�تر الحسابات العامة "
2306+#~ "الخاصة بك مع الت�اصيل لكل يوميات الحساب الخاص بك"
2308+#~ msgid ""
2309+#~ "Refund invoice base on this type. You can not Modify and Cancel if the "
2310+#~ "invoice is already reconciled"
2311+#~ msgstr ""
2312+#~ "سدد ال�اتورة استناداً الى هذا النوع. لا يمكنك التعديل او الالغاء اذا تم "
2313+#~ "تسوية ال�اتورة بال�عل"
2315+#~ msgid ""
2316+#~ "Allows invoice lines to impact multiple analytic accounts simultaneously."
2317+#~ msgstr ""
2318+#~ "وتسمح خطوط ال�اتورة لتؤثر على الحسابات التحليلية المتعددة �ي وقت واحد."
2320+#~ msgid ""
2321+#~ "You can select here the journal to use for the refund invoice that will be "
2322+#~ "created. If you leave that field empty, it will use the same journal as the "
2323+#~ "current invoice."
2324+#~ msgstr ""
2325+#~ "يمكنك هنا اختيار اليومية لتستخدمها �ي تسديد ال�اتورة التي ست�نشأ. اذا تركت "
2326+#~ "هذا الحقل �ارغاً, سيستخدم اليومية ن�سها ك�اتورة حالية."
2328+#~ msgid ""
2329+#~ "When journal period is created. The state is 'Draft'. If a report is printed "
2330+#~ "it comes to 'Printed' state. When all transactions are done, it comes in "
2331+#~ "'Done' state."
2332+#~ msgstr ""
2333+#~ "عندما يتم إنشاء يومية ال�ترة. تكون الحالة هي \"السحب \". إذا كان تم طباعة "
2334+#~ "التقرير تكون الحالة هي \"مطبوع\" . عندما تتم جميع المعاملات، تكون الحالة هي "
2335+#~ "\"تم\"."
2337+#, python-format
2338+#~ msgid "Can not find account chart for this company, Please Create account."
2339+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن ايجاد جدول الحاسب لهذه الشركة, يرجى انشاء الحساب."
2341+#, python-format
2342+#~ msgid "Cannot locate parent code for template account!"
2343+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن وضع كود الاصل لحاسب القالب!"
2345+#~ msgid "Error ! You can not create recursive account templates."
2346+#~ msgstr "خطأ ! لا يمكنك انشاء قوالب الحاسب العودية."
2348+#~ msgid ""
2349+#~ "All manually created new journal entry are usually in the state 'Unposted', "
2350+#~ "but you can set the option to skip that state on the related journal. In "
2351+#~ "that case, they will be behave as journal entries automatically created by "
2352+#~ "the system on document validation (invoices, bank statements...) and will be "
2353+#~ "created in 'Posted' state."
2354+#~ msgstr ""
2355+#~ "كل ما انشيء يدويًا لمخل اليومية الجديدة عادةً �ي حالة‘غير مسجل‘, لكن يمكنك "
2356+#~ "وضع اختيار لتخطي تلك الحالة على اليومية المتعلقة. �ي حالة, سيكون كمدخلات "
2357+#~ "يومية تلقائية أ�نشأت بواسطة النظام �ي التحقق من الوثيقة (ال�واتير, نصاريح "
2358+#~ "البنك...) وست�نشأ �ي حالة ‘مسجل‘."
2360+#~ msgid ""
2361+#~ "This report allows you to print or generate a pdf of your trial balance "
2362+#~ "allowing you to quickly check the balance of each of your accounts in a "
2363+#~ "single report"
2364+#~ msgstr ""
2365+#~ "هذا التقرير يسمح لك طباعة أو إنشاء pdf من ميزان المراجعة الخاص بك مما يسمح "
2366+#~ "لك لتتحقق من الموازنة سريعًا لكل من حساباتك �ي تقرير واحد"
2368+#~ msgid ""
2369+#~ "The normal chart of accounts has a structure defined by the legal "
2370+#~ "requirement of the country. The analytic chart of account structure should "
2371+#~ "reflect your own business needs in term of costs/revenues reporting. They "
2372+#~ "are usually structured by contracts, projects, products or departements. "
2373+#~ "Most of the OpenERP operations (invoices, timesheets, expenses, etc) "
2374+#~ "generate analytic entries on the related account."
2375+#~ msgstr ""
2376+#~ "على الرسم البياني العادي للحسابات لديها هيكل المعرَ�ة من قبل الشرط القانوني "
2377+#~ "للبلد. وينبغي على الرسم البياني التحليلي لهيكل الحساب تعكس احتياجات العمل "
2378+#~ "الخاصة بك �ي �ترة من التكالي� / الإيرادات التقارير. وتنظم عادة من قبل، وعقود "
2379+#~ "المنتجات والمشاريع أو المقاطعات. معظم العمليات OpenERP (ال�واتير، والجداول "
2380+#~ "الزمنية، والن�قات، وغيرها) توليد مدخلات تحليلية على حساب ذات الصلة."
2382+#~ msgid ""
2383+#~ "An account type is used to determine how an account is used in each journal. "
2384+#~ "The deferral method of an account type determines the process for the annual "
2385+#~ "closing. Reports such as the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss report "
2386+#~ "use the category (profit/loss or balance sheet). For example, the account "
2387+#~ "type could be linked to an asset account, expense account or payable "
2388+#~ "account. From this view, you can create and manage the account types you "
2389+#~ "need for your company."
2390+#~ msgstr ""
2391+#~ "يتم استخدام نوع حساب لتحديد كي�ية استخدام حساب �ي كل مجلة. أسلوب التأجيل من "
2392+#~ "نوع حساب يحدد عملية لإغلاق سنوي. تقارير مثل الميزانية العمومية وتقرير "
2393+#~ "الأرباح والخسائر استخدام �ئة (ربح / خسارة أو الميزانية العمومية). على سبيل "
2394+#~ "المثال، يمكن ربط نوع الحساب إلى حساب الأصول، وحساب المصرو�ات أو حساب الد�ع. "
2395+#~ "من وجهة النظر هذه، يمكنك إنشاء وإدارة أنواع الحسابات التي تحتاجها لشركتك."
2397+#~ msgid ""
2398+#~ "A recurring entry is a miscellaneous entry that occurs on a recurrent basis "
2399+#~ "from a specific date, i.e. corresponding to the signature of a contract or "
2400+#~ "an agreement with a customer or a supplier. With Define Recurring Entries, "
2401+#~ "you can create such entries to automate the postings in the system."
2402+#~ msgstr ""
2403+#~ "إدخال متكرر هو دخول المتنوعة التي تحدث على أساس متكرر من تاريخ محدد، أي "
2404+#~ "المقابلة على توقيع عقد أو ات�اق مع عميل أو مورد. مع تحديد مدخلات متكررة، "
2405+#~ "يمكنك إنشاء مداخل للتسجيل آليًا �ي هذا النظام."
2407+#~ msgid ""
2408+#~ "A Cash Register allows you to manage cash entries in your cash journals. "
2409+#~ "This feature provides an easy way to follow up cash payments on a daily "
2410+#~ "basis. You can enter the coins that are in your cash box, and then post "
2411+#~ "entries when money comes in or goes out of the cash box."
2412+#~ msgstr ""
2413+#~ "يسمح لك سجل النقد لإدارة مدخلات النقدية �ي اليوميات النقدية الخاصة بك. تو�ر "
2414+#~ "هذه الميزة وسيلة سهلة لمتابعة المد�وعات النقدية على أساس يومي. يمكنك إدخال "
2415+#~ "القطع النقدية التي هي �ي صندوق النقد، ثم تسجيل المدخلات عندما يأتي المال أو "
2416+#~ "يذهب �ي الخروج من مربع النقدية."
2418+#~ msgid ""
2419+#~ "Account Voucher module includes all the basic requirements of Voucher "
2420+#~ "Entries for Bank, Cash, Sales, Purchase, Expenses, Contra, etc... "
2421+#~ msgstr ""
2422+#~ "وحدة قسيمة الحساب تشمل جميع المتطلبات الأساسية لمدخلات القسيمة للنقد، بنك، "
2423+#~ "المبيعات، المشتريات، والمصرو�ات، كونترا، الخ ... "
2425+#~ msgid ""
2426+#~ "This report is an analysis done by a partner. It is a PDF report containing "
2427+#~ "one line per partner representing the cumulative credit balance"
2428+#~ msgstr ""
2429+#~ "هذا التقرير هو تحليل قامت به الشريك. وهو تقرير PDF التي تحتوي على سطر واحد "
2430+#~ "لكل شريك يمثل رصيد تراكمي"
2432+#~ msgid ""
2433+#~ "The chart of taxes is used to generate your periodical tax statement. You "
2434+#~ "will see the taxes with codes related to your legal statement according to "
2435+#~ "your country."
2436+#~ msgstr ""
2437+#~ "ويستخدم الرسم البياني للضرائب لإنشاء البيان الضريبي الدوري الخاص بك. سترى "
2438+#~ "الضرائب مع اكواد تتعلق بالبيان القانوني و�قاً لبلدكم."
2440+#~ msgid ""
2441+#~ "Financial and accounting module that covers:\n"
2442+#~ " General accountings\n"
2443+#~ " Cost / Analytic accounting\n"
2444+#~ " Third party accounting\n"
2445+#~ " Taxes management\n"
2446+#~ " Budgets\n"
2447+#~ " Customer and Supplier Invoices\n"
2448+#~ " Bank statements\n"
2449+#~ " Reconciliation process by partner\n"
2450+#~ " Creates a dashboard for accountants that includes:\n"
2451+#~ " * List of uninvoiced quotations\n"
2452+#~ " * Graph of aged receivables\n"
2453+#~ " * Graph of aged incomes\n"
2454+#~ "\n"
2455+#~ "The processes like maintaining of general ledger is done through the defined "
2456+#~ "financial Journals (entry move line or\n"
2457+#~ "grouping is maintained through journal) for a particular financial year and "
2458+#~ "for preparation of vouchers there is a\n"
2459+#~ "module named account_voucher.\n"
2460+#~ " "
2461+#~ msgstr ""
2462+#~ "وحدة المالية والمحاسبية التي تغطي:\n"
2463+#~ "عام المحاسبيات\n"
2464+#~ "التكل�ة / المحاسبة التحليلية\n"
2465+#~ "طر� ثالث المحاسبة\n"
2466+#~ "إدارة الضرائب\n"
2467+#~ "الميزانيات\n"
2468+#~ "العملاء والموردين ال�واتير\n"
2469+#~ "البيانات المصر�ية\n"
2470+#~ "عملية المصالحة من قبل شريك\n"
2471+#~ "ينشيء لوحة أجهزة القياس للمحاسبين تشمل ما يلي:\n"
2472+#~ "* لائحة الأسعار لما دون ال�واتير\n"
2473+#~ "* الرسم البياني لمستحقات المسنين\n"
2474+#~ "* الرسم البياني لدخل المسنين\n"
2475+#~ "\n"
2476+#~ "تتم عمليات مثل الح�اظ على د�تر الأستاذ العام من خلال اليومية المالية المحددة "
2477+#~ "(دخول خط التحرك أو\n"
2478+#~ "يتم الاحت�اظ بالتجميع من خلال اليومية) لسنة مالية معينة وإعداد القسائم هل "
2479+#~ "هناك\n"
2480+#~ "وحدة اسمها حساب_قسيمة.\n"
2481+#~ " "
2483+#~ msgid ""
2484+#~ "Here you can customize an existing journal view or create a new view. "
2485+#~ "Journal views determine the way you can record entries in your journal. "
2486+#~ "Select the fields you want to appear in a journal and determine the sequence "
2487+#~ "in which they will appear. Then you can create a new journal and link your "
2488+#~ "view to it."
2489+#~ msgstr ""
2490+#~ "هنا يمكنك تخصيص عرض يومية قائمة أو إنشاء طريقة عرض جديدة. تعلاض اليومية "
2491+#~ "تحديد الطريقة التي يمكن أن تسجل المدخلات �ي اليومية الخاصة بك. حدد الحقول "
2492+#~ "التي تريدها أن تظهر �ي اليومية وتحديد التسلسل التي سو� تظهر. ثم يمكنك إنشاء "
2493+#~ "يومية جديدة وربط العرض الخاص بك إليه."
2495+#~ msgid ""
2496+#~ "With Customer Refunds you can manage the credit notes for your customers. A "
2497+#~ "refund is a document that credits an invoice completely or partially. You "
2498+#~ "can easily generate refunds and reconcile them directly from the invoice "
2499+#~ "form."
2500+#~ msgstr ""
2501+#~ "مع المسترد من العملاء يمكنك إدارة ملاحظات الائتمان للعملاء. والمبلغ المسترد "
2502+#~ "عبارة عن وثيقة ت�عتمد ال�اتورة كليا أو جزئيا. يمكنك بسهولة انشاء المبالغ "
2503+#~ "المستردة والتو�يق بينهما مباشرة من نموذج �اتورة."
2505+#~ msgid ""
2506+#~ "This view is used by accountants in order to record entries massively in "
2507+#~ "OpenERP. If you want to record a supplier invoice, start by recording the "
2508+#~ "line of the expense account, OpenERP will propose to you automatically the "
2509+#~ "Tax related to this account and the counter-part \"Account Payable\"."
2510+#~ msgstr ""
2511+#~ "ويستخدم هذا العرض من قبل المحاسبين من أجل تسجيل المدخلات على نطاق واسع �ي "
2512+#~ "OpenERP. إذا كنت تريد تسجيل �اتورة المورد، ابدأ من خلال تسجيل خط لحساب "
2513+#~ "الن�قات، وسو� يقترح OpenERP عليكم تلقائيا الضريبة المتعلقة بهذا الحساب حساب "
2514+#~ "جزء \"حساب المد�وعات\"."
2516+#~ msgid ""
2517+#~ "This Account is used for transferring Profit/Loss(If It is Profit: Amount "
2518+#~ "will be added, Loss : Amount will be deducted.), Which is calculated from "
2519+#~ "Profit & Loss Report"
2520+#~ msgstr ""
2521+#~ "ويستخدم هذا الحساب لتحويل الربح / الخسارة (إذا كان الربح: سيتم إضا�ة المبلغ، "
2522+#~ "الخسارة: سيتم خصم المبلغ.)، والذي يحسب من تقرير الربح والخسارة"
2524+#~ msgid ""
2525+#~ "Select 'Sale' for Sale journal to be used at the time of making invoice. "
2526+#~ "Select 'Purchase' for Purchase Journal to be used at the time of approving "
2527+#~ "purchase order. Select 'Cash' to be used at the time of making payment. "
2528+#~ "Select 'General' for miscellaneous operations. Select 'Opening/Closing "
2529+#~ "Situation' to be used at the time of new fiscal year creation or end of year "
2530+#~ "entries generation."
2531+#~ msgstr ""
2532+#~ "لاستخدامها حدد 'بيع' ليومية البيع �ي وقت عمل ال�اتورة. حدد \"شراء\" لشراء "
2533+#~ "يومية لاستخدامها �ي وقت الموا�قة على طلب الشراء. حدد \"النقدية\" لاستخدامها "
2534+#~ "�ي وقت القيام بالد�ع. حدد \"عام\" لعمليات متنوعة. حدد \"�تح / إغلاق الحالة\" "
2535+#~ "ليتم استخدامها �ي ذلك الوقت من انشاء او نهاية السنة المالية الجديدة لمنشأ "
2536+#~ "مدخلات السنة."
2538+#~ msgid ""
2539+#~ "This menu print a VAT declaration based on invoices or payments. You can "
2540+#~ "select one or several periods of the fiscal year. Information required for a "
2541+#~ "tax declaration is automatically generated by OpenERP from invoices (or "
2542+#~ "payments, in some countries). This data is updated in real time. That’s very "
2543+#~ "useful because it enables you to preview at any time the tax that you owe at "
2544+#~ "the start and end of the month or quarter."
2545+#~ msgstr ""
2546+#~ "تطبع هذه القائمة إعلان ضريبة القيمة المضا�ة على أساس ال�واتير أو المد�وعات. "
2547+#~ "يمكنك اختيار واحد أو عدة �ترات من السنة المالية. يتم إنشاؤها تلقائيا "
2548+#~ "المعلومات المطلوبة للحصول على الإقرار الضريبي من قبل OpenERP من ال�واتير (أو "
2549+#~ "د�عات، �ي بعض البلدان). ويتم تحديث هذه البيانات �ي الوقت الحقيقي. وهذا م�يد "
2550+#~ "جدا لأنه يتيح لك معاينة �ي أي وقت من الضرائب التي مدينون لكم �ي بداية ونهاية "
2551+#~ "الشهر الجاري أو الربع."
2553+#~ msgid ""
2554+#~ "This menu prints a VAT declaration based on invoices or payments. Select one "
2555+#~ "or several periods of the fiscal year. The information required for a tax "
2556+#~ "declaration is automatically generated by OpenERP from invoices (or "
2557+#~ "payments, in some countries). This data is updated in real time. That’s very "
2558+#~ "useful because it enables you to preview at any time the tax that you owe at "
2559+#~ "the start and end of the month or quarter."
2560+#~ msgstr ""
2561+#~ "تطبع هذه القائمة إعلان ضريبة القيمة المضا�ة على أساس ال�واتير أو المد�وعات. "
2562+#~ "حدد واحد أو عدة �ترات من السنة المالية. يتم إنشاء المعلومات المطلوبة "
2563+#~ "تلقائيًا للحصول على الإقرار الضريبي من قبل OpenERP من ال�واتير (أو د�عات، �ي "
2564+#~ "بعض البلدان). ويتم تحديث هذه البيانات �ي الوقت الحقيقي. وهذا م�يد جدا لأنه "
2565+#~ "يتيح لك المعاينة �ي أي وقت للضرائب التي مدينون لكم �ي بداية ونهاية الشهر "
2566+#~ "الجاري أو الربع."
2568+#, python-format
2569+#~ msgid ""
2570+#~ "Couldn't create move with currency different from the secondary currency of "
2571+#~ "the account \"%s - %s\". Clear the secondary currency field of the account "
2572+#~ "definition if you want to accept all currencies."
2573+#~ msgstr ""
2574+#~ "لا يمكن أن تنشأ هذه الخطوة مع عملة مختل�ة عن العملة الثانوية من حساب \"%s - "
2575+#~ "%s\". مسح حقل العملة الثانوية للتعري� حساب إذا كنت ترغب �ي قبول جميع العملات."
2577+#~ msgid ""
2578+#~ "Here you can define a financial period, an interval of time in your "
2579+#~ "company's financial year. An accounting period typically is a month or a "
2580+#~ "quarter. It usually corresponds to the periods of the tax declaration. "
2581+#~ "Create and manage periods from here and decide whether a period should be "
2582+#~ "closed or left open depending on your company's activities over a specific "
2583+#~ "period."
2584+#~ msgstr ""
2585+#~ "يمكنك هنا تحديد �ترة مالية، �ترة من الزمن �ي السنة المالية للشركة. ال�ترة "
2586+#~ "المحاسبية عادة هي الشهر أو ربع. وهو يقابل عادة إلى �ترات من الاقرار الضريبي. "
2587+#~ "إنشاء وإدارة �ترات من هنا ويقرر ما إذا كان يجب إغلاق ال�ترة أو ترك الباب "
2588+#~ "م�توحا تبعا لأنشطة الشركة خلال �ترة محددة."
2590+#~ msgid ""
2591+#~ "Define your company's financial year according to your needs. A financial "
2592+#~ "year is a period at the end of which a company's accounts are made up "
2593+#~ "(usually 12 months). The financial year is usually referred to by the date "
2594+#~ "in which it ends. For example, if a company's financial year ends November "
2595+#~ "30, 2011, then everything between December 1, 2010 and November 30, 2011 "
2596+#~ "would be referred to as FY 2011. You are not obliged to follow the actual "
2597+#~ "calendar year."
2598+#~ msgstr ""
2599+#~ "عر� السنه المالية للشركة و�قا لاحتياجاتك. السنة المالية هي �ترة �ي النهاية "
2600+#~ "التي تتم حسابات الشركة عن (عادة 12 شهرا). ويشار عادة إلى السنة المالية �ي "
2601+#~ "الموعد الذي تنتهي. على سبيل المثال، إذا كان �ي السنة المالية للشركة تنتهي 30 "
2602+#~ "نو�مبر 2011، ثم كل شيء بين 1 ديسمبر 2010 و 30 نو�مبر، سو� يحال 2011 إلى "
2603+#~ "السنة المالية 2011. ليست ملزمة لمتابعة السنة الميلادية ال�علية."
2605+#~ msgid ""
2606+#~ "This Account is used for transferring Profit/Loss(If It is Profit: Amount "
2607+#~ "will be added, Loss: Amount will be deducted.), Which is calculated from "
2608+#~ "Profilt & Loss Report"
2609+#~ msgstr ""
2610+#~ "ويستخدم هذا الحساب لتحويل الربح / الخسارة (إذا كان الربح: سيتم إضا�ة المبلغ، "
2611+#~ "الخسارة: سيتم خصم المبلغ.)، والذي يحسب من تقرير الربح والخسارة"
2613+#~ msgid ""
2614+#~ " * The 'Draft' state is used when a user is encoding a new and unconfirmed "
2615+#~ "Invoice. \n"
2616+#~ "* The 'Pro-forma' when invoice is in Pro-forma state,invoice does not have "
2617+#~ "an invoice number. \n"
2618+#~ "* The 'Open' state is used when user create invoice,a invoice number is "
2619+#~ "generated.Its in open state till user does not pay invoice. \n"
2620+#~ "* The 'Paid' state is set automatically when invoice is paid. \n"
2621+#~ "* The 'Cancelled' state is used when user cancel invoice."
2622+#~ msgstr ""
2623+#~ " * وتستخدم الحالة \"السحب\" عندما يقوم المستخدم بترميز �اتورة جديدة وغير "
2624+#~ "مؤكدة.\n"
2625+#~ "* إن \"الشكلية\" عندما ال�اتورة �ي حالة ال�اتورة الشكلية، وال�اتورة ليس لها "
2626+#~ "رقم �اتورة..\n"
2627+#~ "* يتم استخدام حالة '�تح' عند انشاء �اتورة المستخدم، ورقم ال�اتورة أ�نشيء. "
2628+#~ "وهي �ي حالة �تح حتى لا يد�ع المستخدم ال�اتورة.\n"
2629+#~ "* تم تعيين الحالة \"مد�وعة\" تلقائيا عندما يتم د�ع ال�اتورة.\n"
2630+#~ "* يتم استخدام الحالة \"ملغاة\" عندما يقوم المستخدم بإلغاء ال�اتورة."
2632+#~ msgid ""
2633+#~ "With Customer Invoices you can create and manage sales invoices issued to "
2634+#~ "your customers. OpenERP can also generate draft invoices automatically from "
2635+#~ "sales orders or deliveries. You should only confirm them before sending them "
2636+#~ "to your customers."
2637+#~ msgstr ""
2638+#~ "مع �واتير العملاء يمكنك إنشاء وإدارة المبيعات ال�واتير الصادرة للعملاء. "
2639+#~ "ويمكن أيضا لـOpenERP انشاء �واتير مشروع تلقائيا من أوامر البيع أو التسليم. "
2640+#~ "يجب أن تؤكد �قط لهم قبل ارسالهم الى الزبائن."
2642+#~ msgid ""
2643+#~ "Gives the view used when writing or browsing entries in this journal. The "
2644+#~ "view tells OpenERP which fields should be visible, required or readonly and "
2645+#~ "in which order. You can create your own view for a faster encoding in each "
2646+#~ "journal."
2647+#~ msgstr ""
2648+#~ "يعطي العرض المستخدم عند كتابة أو تص�ح مدخلات �ي هذه اليومية. يبين العرض "
2649+#~ "OpenERP الحقول التي يجب أن يكون مرئيا، المطلوب أو للقراءة �قط، والتي �ي "
2650+#~ "النظام. يمكنك انشاء وجهة نظرك الخاصة لأسرع ترميز �ي كل يومية."
2652+#~ msgid ""
2653+#~ "This view is used by accountants in order to record entries massively in "
2654+#~ "OpenERP. If you want to record a customer invoice, select the journal and "
2655+#~ "the period in the search toolbar. Then, start by recording the entry line of "
2656+#~ "the income account. OpenERP will propose to you automatically the Tax "
2657+#~ "related to this account and the counter-part \"Account receivable\"."
2658+#~ msgstr ""
2659+#~ "ويستخدم هذا العرض من قبل المحاسبين من أجل تسجيل المدخلات على نطاق واسع �ي "
2660+#~ "OpenERP. إذا كنت تريد أن تسجل �اتورة العملاء، واختيار يومية و�ترة �ي شريط "
2661+#~ "أدوات البحث. ثم، تبدأ من خلال تسجيل دخول خط لحساب الإيرادات. سيقترح OpenERP "
2662+#~ " عليكم تلقائيا الضريبة المتعلقة بهذا الحساب وحساب جزء \"المستحق من "
2663+#~ "الحسابات\"."
2665+#~ msgid ""
2666+#~ "With Supplier Refunds you can manage the credit notes you receive from your "
2667+#~ "suppliers. A refund is a document that credits an invoice completely or "
2668+#~ "partially. You can easily generate refunds and reconcile them directly from "
2669+#~ "the invoice form."
2670+#~ msgstr ""
2671+#~ "مع المسترد من المورد يمكنك إدارة مذكرات الائتمان التي تتلقاها من الموردين "
2672+#~ "الخاصين بك. والمبلغ عبارة عن وثيقة التي تعتمد ال�اتورة كليا أو جزئيا. يمكنك "
2673+#~ "انشاء المبالغ المستردة بسهولة والتو�يق بينهما مباشرة من شكل �اتورة."
2675+#~ msgid ""
2676+#~ "This view can be used by accountants in order to quickly record entries in "
2677+#~ "OpenERP. If you want to record a supplier invoice, start by recording the "
2678+#~ "line of the expense account. OpenERP will propose to you automatically the "
2679+#~ "Tax related to this account and the counterpart \"Account Payable\"."
2680+#~ msgstr ""
2681+#~ "ويمكن استخدام هذا العرض من قبل المحاسبين من أجل تسجيلالقيود سريعًا �ي "
2682+#~ "OpenERP. إذا كنت تريد تسجيل �اتورة المورد، ابدأ من خلال تسجيل خط لحساب "
2683+#~ "المصاري�. وسيقترح OpenERPعليكم تلقائيا الضريبة المتعلقة بهذا الحساب ونظيره "
2684+#~ "\"حساب المد�وعات\"."
2686+#~ msgid ""
2687+#~ "This Account is used for transfering Profit/Loss (Profit: Amount will be "
2688+#~ "added, Loss: Amount will be duducted), which is calculated from Profilt & "
2689+#~ "Loss Report"
2690+#~ msgstr ""
2691+#~ "ويستخدم هذا الحساب لنقل الربح / الخسارة (الربح: سيتم إضا�ة المبلغ، الخسارة: "
2692+#~ "سيتم خصم المبلغ)، والذي يحسب من تقرير الربح والخسارة"
2694+#~ msgid ""
2695+#~ "If no additional entries should be recorded on a fiscal year, you can close "
2696+#~ "it from here. It will close all opened periods in this year that will make "
2697+#~ "impossible any new entry record. Close a fiscal year when you need to "
2698+#~ "finalize your end of year results definitive "
2699+#~ msgstr ""
2700+#~ "إذا توجب تسجيل أية إدخالات إضا�ية �ي السنة المالية، يمكنك إغلاقه من هنا. "
2701+#~ "�إنه سيتم اغلاق جميع ال�ترات الم�توحة �ي هذا العام من شأنها أن تجعل من "
2702+#~ "المستحيل تسجيل اي دخول جديد. اغلق السنة المالية عند الحاجة لوضع اللمسات "
2703+#~ "الأخيرة لنتائج العام النهائي الخاص بك. "
2705+#, python-format
2706+#~ msgid ""
2707+#~ "You cannot validate a non-balanced entry !\n"
2708+#~ "Make sure you have configured Payment Term properly !\n"
2709+#~ "It should contain atleast one Payment Term Line with type \"Balance\" !"
2710+#~ msgstr ""
2711+#~ "لا يمكنك التحقق من صحة الدخول الغير متوازن!\n"
2712+#~ "تأكد بأنك قمت بتكوين الد�ع الآجل بشكل صحيح!\n"
2713+#~ "يجب أن تحتوي على الاقل الد�ع الآجل خط واحد مع علامة \"توازن\"!"
2715+#~ msgid ""
2716+#~ "To print an analytics (or costs) journal for a given period. The report give "
2717+#~ "code, move name, account number, general amount and analytic amount."
2718+#~ msgstr ""
2719+#~ "لطباعةيومية التحليلات (أو التكالي�) ل�ترة معينة. يعطي التقرير كود واسم هذه "
2720+#~ "الخطوة، ورقم الحساب، مبلغ عامة والكمية التحليلية."
2722+#~ msgid ""
2723+#~ "This account will be used to value outgoing stock for the current product "
2724+#~ "category using cost price"
2725+#~ msgstr ""
2726+#~ "وسيتم استخدام هذا الحساب لقيمة الأسهم الصادرة ل�ئة من �ئات المنتجات الحالية "
2727+#~ "باستخدام سعر التكل�ة"
2729+#, python-format
2730+#~ msgid ""
2731+#~ "Can not create an automatic sequence for this piece !\n"
2732+#~ "\n"
2733+#~ "Put a sequence in the journal definition for automatic numbering or create a "
2734+#~ "sequence manually for this piece."
2735+#~ msgstr ""
2736+#~ "لا يمكن إنشاء تسلسل تلقائي لهذه الجزئية!\n"
2737+#~ "\n"
2738+#~ "ضع تسلسل �ي تعري� اليومية للترقيم التلقائي أو خلق سلسلة يدويا لهذه الجزئية."
2740+#~ msgid "Sale journal in this year"
2741+#~ msgstr "يومية المبيعات لهذه السنة"
2743+#~ msgid "The company name must be unique !"
2744+#~ msgstr "اسم الشركة يجب أن يكون �ريداً"
2746+#~ msgid "Cancel: refund invoice and reconcile"
2747+#~ msgstr "إلغاء: رد ال�اتورة و تسويتها"
2749+#~ msgid "Month-1"
2750+#~ msgstr "شهر-1"
2752+#, python-format
2753+#~ msgid "Error :"
2754+#~ msgstr "خطأ :"
2756+#~ msgid "Contract Data"
2757+#~ msgstr "بيانات العقد"
2759+#, python-format
2760+#~ msgid ""
2761+#~ "You cannot change the type of account from '%s' to '%s' type as it contains "
2762+#~ "journal items!"
2763+#~ msgstr ""
2764+#~ "لا يمكنك تغيير نوع الحساب من نوع '%s' إلى نوع '%s' لأنه يحتوي على سجلات!"
2766+#~ msgid "VAT Declaration"
2767+#~ msgstr "إعلان ضريبة القيمة المضا�ة"
2769+#, python-format
2770+#~ msgid ""
2771+#~ "Can not create an automatic sequence for this piece!\n"
2772+#~ "Put a sequence in the journal definition for automatic numbering or create a "
2773+#~ "sequence manually for this piece."
2774+#~ msgstr ""
2775+#~ "لم يتم التمكن من إنشاء تسلسل تلقائي لهذه القطعة!\n"
2776+#~ "ضع تسلسل �ي تعري� السجل للترقيم التلقائي أو أنشيئ التسلسل يدويا لهذه القطعة."
2778+#~ msgid ""
2779+#~ "Configuration error! The currency chosen should be shared by the default "
2780+#~ "accounts too."
2781+#~ msgstr ""
2782+#~ "خطأ �ي الإعدادات! يجب أن تكون العملة المختارة مشتركة للحسابات الإ�تراضية "
2783+#~ "أيضأً."
2785+#, python-format
2786+#~ msgid "You can not add/modify entries in a closed journal."
2787+#~ msgstr "لايمكن اضا�ة أو تعديل البيانات �ي د�تر يومية مق�ل."
2789+#, python-format
2790+#~ msgid "Journal: %s"
2791+#~ msgstr "د�تر اليومية: %s"
2793+#~ msgid "Origin"
2794+#~ msgstr "المصدر"
2796+#, python-format
2797+#~ msgid ""
2798+#~ "You cannot validate this journal entry because account \"%s\" does not "
2799+#~ "belong to chart of accounts \"%s\"!"
2800+#~ msgstr ""
2801+#~ "لا يمكنك التحقق من صحة قيد اليومية لأن الحساب \"%s\" لاينتمى إلى الدليل "
2802+#~ "المحاسبي \"%s\"!"
2804+#~ msgid ""
2805+#~ "When doing multi-currency transactions, you may loose or gain some amount "
2806+#~ "due to changes of exchange rate. This menu gives you a forecast of the Gain "
2807+#~ "or Loss you'd realized if those transactions were ended today. Only for "
2808+#~ "accounts having a secondary currency set."
2809+#~ msgstr ""
2810+#~ "عند القيام بعمليات متعددة العملات، قد تكسب أو تخسر قليلاً بسبب التغيرات �ي "
2811+#~ "سعر الصر�. تو�ر لك هذه القائمة توقعات بالمكسب أو الخسارة اللتان كنت ستحققهما "
2812+#~ "�ي حالة إتمام هذه العمليات اليوم (للحسابات التي لها عملة ثانوية �قط)."
2814+#~ msgid "All Months Sales by type"
2815+#~ msgstr "مبيعات جميع الأشهر حسب نوعها"
2817+#, python-format
2818+#~ msgid ""
2819+#~ "You have to provide an account for the write off/exchange difference entry !"
2820+#~ msgstr "لابد من تو�ير حساب لإدخال تخ�يض/ سعر التحويل!"
2822+#, python-format
2823+#~ msgid ""
2824+#~ "You can not use this general account in this journal, check the tab 'Entry "
2825+#~ "Controls' on the related journal !"
2826+#~ msgstr ""
2827+#~ "لا يمكنك استخدام هذا الحساب العام �ي د�تر اليومية هذا. تحقق من شريط \"ضوابط "
2828+#~ "الإدخال\" �ي د�تر اليومية."
2830+#~ msgid "Makes a generic system to draw financial reports easily."
2831+#~ msgstr "ينشئ نظاماً عاماً لاستخلاص التقارير المالية بسهولة."
2833+#~ msgid ""
2834+#~ "This account is used for transferring Profit/Loss (If It is Profit: Amount "
2835+#~ "will be added, Loss : Amount will be deducted.), as calculated in Profit & "
2836+#~ "Loss Report"
2837+#~ msgstr ""
2838+#~ "يستخدم هذا الحساب لتحويل الربح والخسارة (�ي حالة الربح: سيتم إضا�ة المبلغ، "
2839+#~ "الخسارة: سيتم خصم المبلغ)، حسب تقرير الأرباح والخسائر"
2841+#~ msgid "Configure"
2842+#~ msgstr "إعداد"
2844+#, python-format
2845+#~ msgid ""
2846+#~ "You can not modify the company of this journal as its related record exist "
2847+#~ "in journal items"
2848+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن تعديل الشركه المتسجله �ي المجله والموجوده �ي البنود اليوميه"
2850+#~ msgid "You can not create journal items on an account of type view."
2851+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إنشاء عناصر يومية علي حساب من نوع ’عرض’."
2853+#, python-format
2854+#~ msgid "I can not locate a parent code for the template account!"
2855+#~ msgstr "لا أستطيع تحديد النرميز الأصلي للحساب النموذجي!"
2857+#~ msgid "At 14 net days 2 percent, remaining amount at 30 days end of month."
2858+#~ msgstr "عند 14 يوم صا�ي 2%، والمبلغ المتبقي عند 30 يوم نهاية الشهر"
2860+#, python-format
2861+#~ msgid "New currency is not configured properly !"
2862+#~ msgstr "لم يتم تكوين العملة الجديدة بشكل صحيح"
2864+#~ msgid "Configure Your Chart of Accounts"
2865+#~ msgstr "تكوين مخططاتك الحسابية"
2867+#~ msgid " Day of the Month: 0"
2868+#~ msgstr " يوم من الشهر"
2870+#~ msgid "This months' Sales by type"
2871+#~ msgstr "هذه شهور المبيعات و�قا لنوع"
2873+#, python-format
2874+#~ msgid "Invoice '%s' is validated."
2875+#~ msgstr "يتم التحقق من صحة ال�اتورة '%s'"
2877+#~ msgid "The currency code must be unique per company!"
2878+#~ msgstr "رمز العملة يجب ان يكون �ريدا لكل شركة"
2880+#, python-format
2881+#~ msgid "The closing balance should be the same than the computed balance!"
2882+#~ msgstr "الرصيد الختامي ينبغي ان يكون ن�س الرصيد المحسوب"
2884+#~ msgid "Quantity :"
2885+#~ msgstr "الكمية"
2887+#~ msgid " Value amount: 0.02"
2888+#~ msgstr " قيمة الرصيد:0.02"
2890+#, python-format
2891+#~ msgid "You can not create journal items on a closed account %s %s"
2892+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن انشاء عناصر اليومية لحساب مغلق%s%s"
2894+#~ msgid "Error! The start date of the fiscal year must be before his end date."
2895+#~ msgstr "خطأ! يجب أن يكون تاريخ بدء السنة المالية يكون قبل تاريخ نهايتها"
2897+#, python-format
2898+#~ msgid ""
2899+#~ "You can not modify company of this period as some journal items exists."
2900+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك تعديل الشركة لهذه ال�ترة حيث ان بعض عناصر اليومية موجودة"
2902+#~ msgid "You can not create analytic line on view account."
2903+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إنشاء سطر تحليلي �ي حساب للعرض."
2905+#, python-format
2906+#~ msgid "Encoding error"
2907+#~ msgstr "خطا الترميز"
2909+#~ msgid "Create a draft Refund"
2910+#~ msgstr "إنشاء مشروع استرداد"
2912+#, python-format
2913+#~ msgid "You can not create journal items on a \"view\" account %s %s"
2914+#~ msgstr "لا يمكن انشاء وحدات يوميه علي \"عرض \"الحساب%s%s"
2916+#~ msgid "${} Invoice (Ref ${object.number or 'n/a' })"
2917+#~ msgstr ""
2918+#~ "$(الموضوع-معر�_الشركة.الاسم)ال�اتورة$(المرجع$(الموضوع.الرقم او 'n/a'))"
2920+#~ msgid "Sale journal in this month"
2921+#~ msgstr "مبيع اليومية لهذا الشهر"
2923+#~ msgid " Number of Days: 14"
2924+#~ msgstr " عدد الايام:14"
2926+#~ msgid "Analytic Entries during last 7 days"
2927+#~ msgstr "قيود تحليلية خلال اخر 7 أيام"
2929+#~ msgid "This action will erase taxes"
2930+#~ msgstr "هذا ال�عل سو� يمحو الضرائب"
2932+#, python-format
2933+#~ msgid ""
2934+#~ "No fiscal year defined for this date !\n"
2935+#~ "Please create one from the configuration of the accounting menu."
2936+#~ msgstr ""
2937+#~ "لا يوجد سنة مالية محددة بهذا التاريخ.الرجاء انشاء واحدة من تكوين �ي قائمة "
2938+#~ "المحاسبة"
2940+#, python-format
2941+#~ msgid "Current currency is not configured properly !"
2942+#~ msgstr "العملة الحالية غير معر�ة بشكل صحيح"
2944+#~ msgid " Number of Days: 30"
2945+#~ msgstr " عدد الأيام: ٣٠"
2947+#~ msgid " Day of the Month= -1"
2948+#~ msgstr " يوم �ي الشهر = -١"
2950+#~ msgid "My invoices"
2951+#~ msgstr "ال�واتير"
2953+#~ msgid ""
2954+#~ "You can not create more than one move per period on centralized journal"
2955+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إنشاء أكثر من حركة لكل �ترة �ي يومية مركزية"
2957+#~ msgid ""
2958+#~ "Setup your accounting journals. For bank accounts, it's better to use the "
2959+#~ "'Setup Your Bank Accounts' tool that will automatically create the accounts "
2960+#~ "and journals for you."
2961+#~ msgstr ""
2962+#~ "إعداد يوميات المحاسبة. لحسابات البنوك، ينصح بإستخدام قسم \"إعداد حسابات "
2963+#~ "البنك\" �هذا سينتج الحسابات و اليوميات تلقائياً."
2965+#, python-format
2966+#~ msgid "You can not delete a posted journal entry \"%s\"!"
2967+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إزالة قيد يومية مرحل \"%s\" !"
2969+#~ msgid "Install your Chart of Accounts"
2970+#~ msgstr "تنصيب دليلك المحاسبي"
2972+#~ msgid "Review your Payment Terms"
2973+#~ msgstr "معاينة شروط الد�ع"
2975+#~ msgid "Error ! You cannot create recursive categories."
2976+#~ msgstr "خطأ ! لا يمكن إنشاء �ئات متداخلة."
2978+#~ msgid "current month"
2979+#~ msgstr "الشهر الجاري"
2981+#~ msgid "Review your Financial Accounts"
2982+#~ msgstr "معاينة حساباتك المالية"
2984+#~ msgid "Auto-email confirmed invoices"
2985+#~ msgstr "رسائل لتأكيد ال�واتير"
2987+#~ msgid "You can not create journal items on closed account."
2988+#~ msgstr "لا يمنك إنشاء عناصر يومية �ي حساب مغلق."
2990+#, python-format
2991+#~ msgid ""
2992+#~ "You haven't supplied enough argument to compute the initial balance, please "
2993+#~ "select a period and journal in the context."
2994+#~ msgstr ""
2995+#~ "لم تكن قد قدمت الوسيطه الكا�يه لحساب التوازن المبدأي من �ضلك اختار ال�تره "
2996+#~ "وقيد اليوميه علي هذا السياق"
2998+#, python-format
2999+#~ msgid ""
3000+#~ "You can not do this modification on a confirmed entry! You can just change "
3001+#~ "some non legal fields or you must unconfirm the journal entry first! \n"
3002+#~ "%s"
3003+#~ msgstr ""
3004+#~ "انت لا تستطيع عمل هذا التعديل علي تأكيد الدخول! انت تستطيع تغير بعض الحقول "
3005+#~ "الغير قانونيه تماما او يجب عدم تعديل ادخال القيود اليوميه اولا! %s"
3007+#~ msgid "Review your Financial Journals"
3008+#~ msgstr "مراجعه القيود اليوميه الماليه الخاصه بك"
3010+#, python-format
3011+#~ msgid "You can not desactivate an account that contains some journal items."
3012+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك الغاء حساب يحتوي علي بعض عناصر اليومية"
3014+#, python-format
3015+#~ msgid ""
3016+#~ "You can not delete an invoice which is open or paid. We suggest you to "
3017+#~ "refund it instead."
3018+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك حذ� �اتورة م�توحة او تم د�عها. يمكنك القيام بعملية رد."
3020+#, python-format
3021+#~ msgid ""
3022+#~ "You need an Opening journal with centralisation checked to set the initial "
3023+#~ "balance!"
3024+#~ msgstr "انت تحتاج ليوميه إ�تتاحية شاملة علامة المركزيه لضبط الرصيد المبدئي!"
3026+#~ msgid "Information About the Bank"
3027+#~ msgstr "معلومات عن البنك"
3029+#~ msgid "This Months Sales by type"
3030+#~ msgstr "مبيعات هذه الشهور و�قا للنوع"
3032+#~ msgid " Valuation: Percent"
3033+#~ msgstr " تقييم: النسبة المئوية"
3035+#, python-format
3036+#~ msgid ""
3037+#~ "No opening/closing period defined, please create one to set the initial "
3038+#~ "balance!"
3039+#~ msgstr "لا يوجد �تح/اغلاق �ترة محددة,لرجاء إنشاء واحد لضبط الرصيد الأولي"
3041+#~ msgid "This year's Sales by type"
3042+#~ msgstr "مبيعات هذه السنة و�قا للنوع"
3044+#~ msgid "Analytic Entries of last 30 days"
3045+#~ msgstr "قيود تحليلة لاخر 30 يوما"
3047+#, python-format
3048+#~ msgid ""
3049+#~ "You cannot create an invoice on a centralised journal. Uncheck the "
3050+#~ "centralised counterpart box in the related journal from the configuration "
3051+#~ "menu."
3052+#~ msgstr ""
3053+#~ "لا يمكن إنشاء �اتوره �ي يوميه مركزيه. قم بإلغاء التحديد علي مربع المناظره "
3054+#~ "المركزيه المتعلق بقيد اليوميه من قائمة الإعدادت."
3056+#~ msgid ""
3057+#~ "Configuration Error! \n"
3058+#~ "You can not define children to an account with internal type different of "
3059+#~ "\"View\"! "
3060+#~ msgstr ""
3061+#~ "خطأ �ي الإعدادات!\n"
3062+#~ "لا يمكنك تحديد �رع لحساب مع نوع داخلي مختل� من \"عرض\"! "
3064+#, python-format
3065+#~ msgid ""
3066+#~ "Can not create the invoice !\n"
3067+#~ "The related payment term is probably misconfigured as it gives a computed "
3068+#~ "amount greater than the total invoiced amount. The latest line of your "
3069+#~ "payment term must be of type 'balance' to avoid rounding issues."
3070+#~ msgstr ""
3071+#~ "لا يمكن انشاء ال�اتوره !\n"
3072+#~ "شروط الد�ع من المحتمل أن تكون غير مضبوطه لانه يعطي الكميه المحسوبه اكبر من "
3073+#~ "المبلغ الاجمالي �ي ال�اتوره. أخر سطر من شروط الد�ع يجب ان يكون من نوع \" "
3074+#~ "المتوازن\" لتجنب مشاكل تقريب الأرقام."
3076+#~ msgid " Valuation: Balance"
3077+#~ msgstr " تقييم: الميزانية"
3079+#, python-format
3080+#~ msgid ""
3081+#~ "You can not remove/desactivate an account which is set on a customer or "
3082+#~ "supplier."
3083+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك إزالة / إلغاء حساب الذي تم تعيينه كأحد العملاء أو الموردين."
3085+#~ msgid "Company must be the same for its related account and period."
3086+#~ msgstr "يجب ان تكون الشركة هي ن�سها لها الصلة بحسابها و �ترتها."
3088+#, python-format
3089+#~ msgid "Unable to adapt the initial balance (negative value)!"
3090+#~ msgstr "لم يتم قبول الرصيد الإ�تتاحي (قيمة سالبة)!"
3092+#, python-format
3093+#~ msgid ""
3094+#~ "Can not find a chart of accounts for this company, you should create one."
3095+#~ msgstr "لم نستطع ايجاد اي دليل محاسبي لحسابات هذه الشركة، يجب انشاء واحدة."
3097+#~ msgid " Value amount: n.a"
3098+#~ msgstr " قيمة المبلغ: غير معرو�"
3100+#~ msgid "Generate Your Chart of Accounts from a Chart Template"
3101+#~ msgstr "انشاء دليل الحسابات من قالب للدليل"
3103+#~ msgid "Analytic Entries of last 365 days"
3104+#~ msgstr "قيود تحليلية لآخر ٣٦٥ يوم"
3106+#, python-format
3107+#~ msgid "You can not remove an account containing journal items."
3108+#~ msgstr "لا يمكنك حذ� حساب يحتوي علي عناصر اليومية."
3110+#, python-format
3111+#~ msgid ""
3112+#~ "No period defined for this date: %s !\n"
3113+#~ "Please create one."
3114+#~ msgstr ""
3115+#~ "لايوجد �ترة معر�ةلهذا التاريخ:%s!\n"
3116+#~ "قم بإنشاء واحدة."
3118+#, python-format
3119+#~ msgid ""
3120+#~ "The bank account defined on the selected chart of accounts hasn't a code."
3121+#~ msgstr "حساب المصر� المعر� �ي الدليل المحاسبي المحدد ليس لديه رمز."
3123+#, python-format
3124+#~ msgid "The periods to generate opening entries were not found"
3125+#~ msgstr "ال�ترات لانشاء قيود الا�تتاحيه لاتوجد"
3127+#~ msgid ""
3128+#~ " * The 'Draft' state is used when a user is encoding a new and unconfirmed "
3129+#~ "Invoice. \n"
3130+#~ "* The 'Pro-forma' when invoice is in Pro-forma state,invoice does not have "
3131+#~ "an invoice number. \n"
3132+#~ "* The 'Open' state is used when user create invoice,a invoice number is "
3133+#~ "generated.Its in open state till user does not pay invoice. \n"
3134+#~ "* The 'Paid' state is set automatically when the invoice is paid. Its "
3135+#~ "related journal entries may or may not be reconciled. \n"
3136+#~ "* The 'Cancelled' state is used when user cancel invoice."
3137+#~ msgstr ""
3138+#~ " حاله المسوده بتتعمل لما المستخدم يكون يعمل �اتوره جديده و مش متأكد منها.\n"
3139+#~ "ال�اتوره المبدئيه بتتعمل لما يكون الات�اق مبدئيومش بيكون ليها رقم.\n"
3140+#~ "الحاله الم�توحه لما المستخدم يعمل �اتوره ويكون ليها رقم وت�ضل م�توحه طالما "
3141+#~ "ثمن ال�اتوره متسددتش.\n"
3142+#~ " تتحول اوتوماتيكي ل�اتوره مسدده لما العميل يسدد ثمنها وممكن تتعدل القيود "
3143+#~ "اليوميه المتعلقه بيها.\n"
3144+#~ "حاله الالغاء هي تستخدم لما العميل يلغي �اتوره."
3146+#, python-format
3147+#~ msgid ""
3148+#~ "You can not validate a non-balanced entry !\n"
3149+#~ "Make sure you have configured payment terms properly !\n"
3150+#~ "The latest payment term line should be of the type \"Balance\" !"
3151+#~ msgstr ""
3152+#~ "لايسمح لك باعطاء صلاحيه لقيود غير متوازنه\n"
3153+#~ "تأكد انك قمت بشروط الد�ع بشكل صحيح\n"
3154+#~ "اخر سطر من شروط الد�ع يجب ان يكون من نوع المتوازن"
3156+#, python-format
3157+#~ msgid ""
3158+#~ "You can not cancel an invoice which is partially paid! You need to "
3159+#~ "unreconcile related payment entries first!"
3160+#~ msgstr ""
3161+#~ "انك لا تستطيع الغاءال�اتوره التي تم د�ع جزء منها !انك تحتاج عدم تو�يق متعلق "
3162+#~ "بقيود الد�ع اولا"
3164+#~ msgid "Draft Customer Invoices"
3165+#~ msgstr "مسوده قوائم حساب العملاء"
3167+#~ msgid ""
3168+#~ "The normal chart of accounts has a structure defined by the legal "
3169+#~ "requirement of the country. The analytic chart of accounts structure should "
3170+#~ "reflect your own business needs in term of costs/revenues reporting. They "
3171+#~ "are usually structured by contracts, projects, products or departements. "
3172+#~ "Most of the OpenERP operations (invoices, timesheets, expenses, etc) "
3173+#~ "generate analytic entries on the related account."
3174+#~ msgstr ""
3175+#~ "الرسم البياني المحاسبي الطبيعي هو بناء يحدد عن طريق المتطلبات القانونيه "
3176+#~ "للبلد . تحليل بناء الرسم البياني المحاسبي يجب ان يعكس احتياجات العمل الخاص "
3177+#~ "بك من تقارير التكالي� والايرادات . الهيكل التنظيمي يكون عادتا من العقود "
3178+#~ "والمشاريع والمنتجات او الاقسام . معظم العمليات الم�توحة (البورصه) (ال�واتير -"
3179+#~ "المصرو�ات-الجدول الزمني).تنشا قيود تحليليه متعلقه بالحساب"
3181+#, python-format
3182+#~ msgid ""
3183+#~ "Can not find a chart of account, you should create one from the "
3184+#~ "configuration of the accounting menu."
3185+#~ msgstr ""
3186+#~ "لا يمكن العثور علي الرسم البياني المحاسبي, يجب ان تنشأ واحد من تشكيل القائمة "
3187+#~ "الحسابيه"
3189+#~ msgid "Analytic Accounts with a past deadline."
3190+#~ msgstr "تحليل الحسابات المرتبطه بالموعد النهائي السابق"
3192+#~ msgid ""
3193+#~ "Payment terms define the conditions to pay a customer or supplier invoice in "
3194+#~ "one or several payments. Customers periodic reminders will use the payment "
3195+#~ "terms for each letter. Each customer or supplier can be assigned to one of "
3196+#~ "these payment terms."
3197+#~ msgstr ""
3198+#~ "شروط الد�ع هي من شروط د�ع العميل او المورد لل�اتوره �ي واحد او مد�وعات "
3199+#~ "عديده . تذكير العملاء المتكررين سو� يستخدموا شروط الد�ع لكل حر�. كل عميل او "
3200+#~ "مورد يمكن ان يرمز لواحده من هذه شروط الد�ع"
3202+#, python-format
3203+#~ msgid "The payment term of supplier does not have a payment term line!"
3204+#~ msgstr "مصطلح الد�ع للمورد ليس لديه خط د�ع الأجل!"
3206+#~ msgid ""
3207+#~ "Configuration Error! \n"
3208+#~ "You can not select an account type with a deferral method different of "
3209+#~ "\"Unreconciled\" for accounts with internal type \"Payable/Receivable\"! "
3210+#~ msgstr ""
3211+#~ "التكوين الخطأ!\n"
3212+#~ "لا يمكنك اختيار نوع الحساب باستخدام طريقة التأجيل المختل�ه \"عدم "
3213+#~ "المساواه\" للحسابات من النوع الداخلي \"الد�ع / القبض\" "
3215+#, python-format
3216+#~ msgid ""
3217+#~ "You cannot change the type of account from 'Closed' to any other type which "
3218+#~ "contains journal items!"
3219+#~ msgstr ""
3220+#~ "انك لا تستطيع تغير نوع الحساب من حساب مق�ل الي اي نوع اخر الذي يحتوي علي "
3221+#~ "عناصر قيود اليوميه"
3223+#~ msgid ""
3224+#~ "When new statement is created the state will be 'Draft'.\n"
3225+#~ "And after getting confirmation from the bank it will be in 'Confirmed' state."
3226+#~ msgstr ""
3227+#~ "عندما يتم انشاء بيانا جديدا �ان هذا يكون �ي حاله المسوده\n"
3228+#~ "وبعد الحصول علي تأكيد من المصر� البنكي سيكون �ي حاله مؤكده"
3230+#~ msgid "Description On Invoices"
3231+#~ msgstr "الوص� �ي ال�اتوره"
3233+#~ msgid "Modify: refund invoice, reconcile and create a new draft invoice"
3234+#~ msgstr "تعديل : �اتوره مبلغ معاد , التو�يق وانشاء مسوده �اتوره جديده"
3236+#~ msgid ""
3237+#~ "Configuration Error!\n"
3238+#~ "You can not define children to an account with internal type different of "
3239+#~ "\"View\"! "
3240+#~ msgstr ""
3241+#~ "خطأ �ي الإعدادات!\n"
3242+#~ " لاتستطيع تعري� أط�ال لحساب من نوع داخلي مختل� ل\"العرض\"! "
3244+#, python-format
3245+#~ msgid "Supplier invoice"
3246+#~ msgstr "�اتورة المورد"
3248=== modified file 'account/i18n/bg.po'
3249--- account/i18n/bg.po 2013-01-18 07:10:51 +0000
3250+++ account/i18n/bg.po 2013-02-25 18:48:49 +0000
3251@@ -1,21 +1,25 @@
3252-# Bulgarian translation for openobject-addons
3253-# Copyright (c) 2012 Rosetta Contributors and Canonical Ltd 2012
3254-# This file is distributed under the same license as the openobject-addons package.
3256+# Translation of OpenERP Server.
3257+# This file contains the translation of the following modules:
3258+# * account
3259 #
3260 msgid ""
3261 msgstr ""
3262-"Project-Id-Version: openobject-addons\n"
3263-"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
3264+"Project-Id-Version: OpenERP Server 6.0dev\n"
3266 "POT-Creation-Date: 2012-12-21 17:04+0000\n"
3267-"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-12-21 23:00+0000\n"
3268-"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
3269-"Language-Team: Bulgarian <>\n"
3270+"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-05-10 17:28+0000\n"
3271+"Last-Translator: Dimitar Markov <>\n"
3272+"Language-Team: \n"
3273 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
3274 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
3275 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
3276+<<<<<<< TREE
3277 "X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2013-01-18 06:24+0000\n"
3278 "X-Generator: Launchpad (build 16430)\n"
3280+"X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2012-12-22 05:29+0000\n"
3281+"X-Generator: Launchpad (build 16378)\n"
3282+>>>>>>> MERGE-SOURCE
3284 #. module: account
3285 #: model:process.transition,name:account.process_transition_supplierreconcilepaid0
3286@@ -10910,3 +10914,1864 @@
3287 "The residual amount on a receivable or payable of a journal entry expressed "
3288 "in its currency (maybe different of the company currency)."
3289 msgstr ""
3291+#, python-format
3292+#~ msgid ""
3293+#~ "Specified Journal does not have any account move entries in draft state for "
3294+#~ "this period"
3295+#~ msgstr ""
3296+#~ "По�очени�т дневник н�ма �метка � движени� в �ъ�то�ние проект за този период"
3298+#, python-format
3299+#~ msgid "Account move line \"%s\" is not valid"
3300+#~ msgstr "Ред \"%s\" от движение по �метка не е валиден"
3302+#~ msgid "Entries Encoding"
3303+#~ msgstr "Кодиране на запи�и"
3305+#~ msgid "Select Message"
3306+#~ msgstr "Изберете �ъобщение"
3308+#~ msgid "Reconciliation result"
3309+#~ msgstr "Резултат от изравн�ване"
3311+#~ msgid "Confirm draft invoices"
3312+#~ msgstr "Потвърди проектите на фактури"
3314+#~ msgid "Move line select"
3315+#~ msgstr "Преме�етване на избрани� ред"
3317+#~ msgid "Entry label"
3318+#~ msgstr "Етикет на запи�"
3320+#~ msgid "Account Entry Line"
3321+#~ msgstr "Ред от запи� на �метка"
3323+#~ msgid "Aged Trial Balance"
3324+#~ msgstr "Стар пробен балан�"
3326+#~ msgid "Origin"
3327+#~ msgstr "Произход"
3329+#~ msgid "Description on invoices"
3330+#~ msgstr "Опи�ание на фактура"
3332+#~ msgid "Total entries"
3333+#~ msgstr "Общо запи�и"
3335+#~ msgid "All Analytic Entries"
3336+#~ msgstr "В�ички аналитични запи�и"
3338+#~ msgid "Negative"
3339+#~ msgstr "Отрицателен"
3341+#~ msgid "State"
3342+#~ msgstr "Съ�то�ние"
3344+#~ msgid "Unpaid Supplier Refunds"
3345+#~ msgstr "�еплатени обезщетени� на до�тавчици"
3347+#~ msgid "Periodical Processing"
3348+#~ msgstr "Периодични обработки"
3350+#~ msgid "Analytic Entries Stats"
3351+#~ msgstr "Стати�тика за аналитичните запи�и"
3353+#, python-format
3354+#~ msgid "Supplier invoice"
3355+#~ msgstr "Фактура за до�тавчик"
3357+#~ msgid "Line"
3358+#~ msgstr "Ред"
3360+#~ msgid ""
3361+#~ msgstr ""
3363+#~ msgid "Contact"
3364+#~ msgstr "Контакт"
3366+#~ msgid "Account Entry Reconcile"
3367+#~ msgstr "Обедин�ване на запи�и от �метка"
3369+#~ msgid "Open for bank reconciliation"
3370+#~ msgstr "Започни обедин�ване на банка"
3372+#~ msgid "St."
3373+#~ msgstr "Ул."
3375+#~ msgid "Sign for parent"
3376+#~ msgstr "Знак за родител"
3378+#~ msgid "Partial Payment"
3379+#~ msgstr "Ча�тично плащаме"
3381+#~ msgid "Move Lines Created."
3382+#~ msgstr "Създадени редове за преме�тване"
3384+#~ msgid "Partner account"
3385+#~ msgstr "Сметка на партньор"
3387+#~ msgid "Generate entries before:"
3388+#~ msgstr "Създай запи�и преди:"
3390+#~ msgid "Account cost and revenue by journal"
3391+#~ msgstr "Приходи и разходи на �метка по дневник"
3393+#~ msgid "Bank Reconciliation"
3394+#~ msgstr "Обедин�ване на банка"
3396+#~ msgid "Print Journal"
3397+#~ msgstr "Печат на дневник"
3399+#~ msgid "Required"
3400+#~ msgstr "Задължителен"
3402+#~ msgid "Fiscal Year to Open"
3403+#~ msgstr "Финан�ова година за откриване"
3405+#~ msgid "Entries by Statements"
3406+#~ msgstr "Запи�и �поред отчета"
3408+#~ msgid "Grand total"
3409+#~ msgstr "Обща �ума"
3411+#~ msgid "UoM"
3412+#~ msgstr "Мерни единици"
3414+#~ msgid "New Supplier Invoice"
3415+#~ msgstr "�ова фактура за до�тавчик"
3417+#~ msgid "Amount paid"
3418+#~ msgstr "Платена �ума"
3420+#~ msgid "Print Analytic Journals"
3421+#~ msgstr "Печат на аналитичен дневник"
3423+#~ msgid "Voucher Nb"
3424+#~ msgstr "�омер на ваучер"
3426+#~ msgid ""
3427+#~ "The sequence field is used to order the payment term lines from the lowest "
3428+#~ "sequences to the higher ones"
3429+#~ msgstr ""
3430+#~ "Полето за по�ледователно�т �е използва за да �е подред�т у�лови�та за "
3431+#~ "плащане от най-маловажното до най-важното"
3433+#~ msgid "Total write-off"
3434+#~ msgstr "Общо отпи�ване"
3436+#~ msgid "New Analytic Account"
3437+#~ msgstr "�ова аналитична �метка"
3439+#~ msgid "Standard entry"
3440+#~ msgstr "Стандартен запи�"
3442+#~ msgid "Tax Report"
3443+#~ msgstr "Справка отно�но данък"
3445+#~ msgid "Bank account"
3446+#~ msgstr "Банкова �метка"
3448+#~ msgid "Purchase Taxes"
3449+#~ msgstr "Данъци на поръчка"
3451+#~ msgid "Line Name"
3452+#~ msgstr "Име на ред"
3454+#~ msgid "Value"
3455+#~ msgstr "Стойно�т"
3457+#~ msgid "Centralised counterpart"
3458+#~ msgstr "Централизирано копие"
3460+#~ msgid "Customer Credit"
3461+#~ msgstr "Кредит на клиент"
3463+#~ msgid "Compute Entry Dates"
3464+#~ msgstr "Изчи�л�ване на въведените дати"