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9. By Steve Beattie on 2010-04-11

drop-redundant-rsync.patch: fix index double-increment (LP: #560826)

8. By Kees Cook on 2010-04-05

* Merge from debian unstable (LP: #555967). Remaining changes:
  - debian/{control,rules}: add quilt for patch management.
  - Debian bug 455082:
    - default-settings.patch: change rsync defaults.
    - silence-errors.patch: throw away find errors.
    - functionalize.patch: prepare for batching of non-deb files.
    - drop-redundant-rsync.patch: clean up logic in rsync batching.
    - check_file-return.patch: report why a file needs to sync.
    - command-exit-checking.patch: check exit codes of commands.
  - skip-installer.patch: allow specific releases to be skipped (Debian
    bug 576576).
  - rsync-retries.patch: retry if rsync batch fails connection (Debian
    bug 576577).
* Dropped rsync Release file batching for now, as it makes merging
  much more difficult.

7. By Anders Kaseorg on 2009-02-15

Fix a regression in the estimated download size calculation introduced
by skip-installer.patch. (LP: #34376)

6. By Kees Cook on 2009-02-13

* debian/{control,rules}: Added "quilt" to manage Ubuntu set of patches.
* Extracted earlier changes into logical patches:
  - gpg-key-documentation.patch (debian bug 451157).
  - gzreadline-update.patch (debian bug 451021).
* Add rsync-batching.patch: enable sane rsync batching instead of
  one-at-a-time fetches (debian bug 455082).
* Add rsync-retries.patch: retry rsyncs if server connections time out.
* Add skip-installer.patch: handle installer section and skipping,
  thanks to Jamie Strandboge.

5. By Kees Cook on 2007-11-12

* Patched to handle changes to Compress::Zlib gzreadline symantics
  (LP: #157362).
* Update documentation to detail the correct keyring to use (LP: #90546).

4. By Goswin von Brederlow on 2007-01-23

* Add dependency for libdigest-sha1-perl (ACK NMU) (Closes: #386707)
* Change manpage entry for --pdiff (Closes: #386697)
* Fix Release.gpg check to use gpgv (Closes: #400526)
* Fix use of uninitialized value in addition
* Count errors in pdiff files as small errors (Closes: #400054)
* Cleanup tempfiles (Closes: 399834)
* Fix manpage permissions with patch by (Closes: #399058)
  "Dmitry E. Oboukhov" <email address hidden>
* Skip pdiff files if patch binary is missing (Closes: #401245)
* Skip pdiff files if ed binary is missing and recommend it (Closes: #397936)

3. By Rene Engelhard <email address hidden> on 2006-09-16

* depend on libdigest-sha1-perl (closes: #386707)

2. By Goswin von Brederlow on 2005-02-07

* Add NEWS.Debian (Closes: #289025)
* Add ~/.debmirror.conf and /etc/debmirror.conf (Closes: #244023)
* Typo fix by Nico Golde and more (Closes: #292791)
* Add example config file

1. By Goswin von Brederlow on 2004-04-27

* Reindented source code to xemacs CPerl style (Closes: #211214)
* Added ftp error message to the warning during download
  and not just the errlog
* Added Depends on bzip2 (Closes: #233558)
* Due to popular demand: Adding hacks for main/debian-installer
  (Closes: #245499, #232093, #243634)
* Don't fail is extra metafiles are broken (Closes: #211847)
* Adopted --exclude-deb-section patch by
  Meszaros Andras <email address hidden> (Closes: #245462)
* Added mdtm check to ftp method (Closes: #149984)
* Added --ignore-missing-release option (Closes: #221491)

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