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55. By Steve Beattie on 2010-03-02

debian/{control,rules}: re-enable hardened options to gain PIE build
(Debian bug 542741, LP: #527538)

54. By Jean-Michel Dault on 2010-02-16

* Merge from Debian: security update
  * Changes:
  - debian/control: Change Maintainer
  - debian/control: Removed Uploaders field.
  - debian/control: Removed Debian Vcs-Svn entry and replaced with
      ubuntu-voip Vcs-Bzr, to reflect divergence in packages.
  - debian/asterisk.init : chown /dev/dahdi
  - debian/backports/hardy : add file
  - debian/backports/asterisk.init.hardy : add file

53. By Devid Antonio Filoni on 2009-12-30

debian/control: remove libreadline5-dev from Depends field.

52. By Roberto D'Auria on 2009-12-30

[ Dave Walker (Daviey) ]
* SECURITY UPDATE: ACL not respected on SIP INVITE (LP: #491632).
  - debian/patches/AST-2009-007: Additional check in channels/chan_sip.c to
    check ACL for handling SIP INVITEs. This blocks calls on networks
    intended to be prohibited, by configuration. Based on upstream patch.
  - AST-2009-007
  - CVE-2009-3723
* SECURITY UPDATE: SIP responses expose valid usernames (LP: #491637).
  - debian/patches/AST-2009-008: Sanitise certain return of REGISTER message
    to stop a specially crafted series of requests returning valid usernames.
    Based on upstream patch.
  - AST-2009-008
  - CVE-2009-3727
* SECURITY UPDATE: RTP Remote Crash Vulnerability (LP: #493555).
  - debian/patches/AST-2009-010: Stops Asterisk from crashing when an RTP
    comfort noise payload containing 24 bytes or greater is recieved.
  - AST-2009-010
  - CVE-2009-4055

[ Roberto D'Auria ]
* debian/patches/iax2-heavy-traffic-fix: Stops asterisk crashing on
  heavy traffic on iax2 channel, editing channels/chan_iax2.c.
  Based on upstream patch. (LP: #501116)

51. By Dave Walker on 2009-09-22

* New upstream version, upstream is now DFSG compliant.
  - ilibc has been removed upstream.
  - Music on Hold is now cc-by-sa.
  - binary firmware iaxy.bin has been removed upstream.
* debian/rules: Santitised UPSTREAM variable for compatiability
  with Ubuntu and other variants.
* debian/control: Removed Debian Vcs-Svn entry and replaced
  with ubuntu-voip Vcs-Bzr, to reflect divergence in packages.
* patches/makefile_appdocs_dtd: Removed, merged upstream.
* patches/disable_moh: Previosly disabled, removed from pool.
* patches/ubuntu-banner: Ported debian-banner to display Ubuntu
  centric bug report information.
* Refresh quilt patches

50. By Kees Cook on 2009-09-03

debian/{control,rules}: enable hardened options to gain PIE build
(Debian bug 542741).

49. By Jean-Michel Dault on 2009-08-20

* Merge from Debian.
  - Lsb patches dropped: fixed upstream
  - Patch for LP #350732 dropped: fixed upstream
* Added:
  - Add support for web interface
  - Don't enable voicetronix cards by default
  - Chown /dev/dahdi in init script
  - Add files for potential backports
  - Change maintainer
  - Standards version 3.8.3

* Debian changes

 [ Faidon Liambotis ]
 * Fix FTBFS on armel. (Closes: #532971)

 [ Tzafrir Cohen ]
 * New upstream beta.
 * Patch hardware_dtmf_mute_fix removed: Applied upstream.
 * No need for a separate app_directory_odbc (will use app_voicemail_odbc).
 * Fix name of voicemail 'openssl' dep. (Thomas Renard) (Closes: #539150)

48. By Faidon Liambotis on 2009-07-28

[ Faidon Liambotis ]
* New upstream release.
  - Drop patches astvarrundir, pubkey_jnctn; merged upstream (finally!).
  - Adapt patch safe_asterisk-nobg.
* Switch to downloads.asterisk.org instead of downloads.digium.com.
* Add depends on libxml2-dev for the new XML documentation.
* Remove Conflicts/Replaces with asterisk-classic, asterisk-bristuff,
  asterisk-chan-capi (<< 1.1.1-1~), since those are pre-lenny.
* Revert upstream's r190830 that ported app_osplookup to OSP Toolkit 3.5;
  the API is not backwards compatible and Debian still has 3.4.2.
* Accommodate for the rename of libcap2-dev to libcap-dev (Closes: #532971).
* Add dependency to libspandsp to build the fax applications.
* Update Standards-Version to 3.8.2, no changes needed.
* Remove init script's "zaptel-fix" action; there's no zaptel anymore and
  was also lintian-buggy in its current form.
* Don't include /var/run/asterisk in the package, it is created at boot-time
  by the init script (thanks lintian).
* Remove asterisk-progdocs: it is of very limited use but a) is enormous in
  size and b) takes too long to build.
* Re-enable and port to 1.6 the h323 segfault patch, apparently it's still
* Fix asterisk's Makefiles so that the openh323/libpt dependencies are added
  to chan_h323.so instead of the main asterisk binary.
* Fix astgenkey to respect system's umask. Thanks Jonas Smedegaard.
  (Closes: #531730)
* Create /var/log/asterisk/* directories if non-existent, for /var/log on
  tmpfs scenarios. Thanks martin f krafft! (Closes: #524015)
* Use the lsb-base standard way of gathering and reporting status in the
  init script. Thanks Dustin Kirkland and Ubuntu! (Closes: #506453)
* Fix debian/rules so that configure isn't called twice during a build.
* Install Zaptel-to-DAHDI.txt, explains the migration procedure from Zaptel
  to DAHDI and is therefore useful when upgrading from lenny.

[ Tzafrir Cohen ]
* New upstream release.
  - Fixes that bashism in safe_asterisk (Closes: #530047) (not dashism).
  - Dropped patch astcanary_startup: merged upstream.
* Patch makefile_appdocs_dtd: fix location of DTD installation.
* Register the HTML docs with doc-base as well.

47. By Fran├žois Marier on 2009-03-29

Fix for IAX2 encrypted channels dropping out due to normal packet loss
(LP: #350732)

46. By Bhavani Shankar on 2009-01-05

* Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes: LP: #313988
  - debian/asterisk.init: Fix status action so that it returns the
    LSB-compliant return codes
  - debian/control: added lsb-base dependency for using status_of_proc.

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