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33ea95b... by Jamie Strandboge

vm-tools/uvt: use 'virsh domifaddr' for ping/ssh when UVT_USE_DOMIFADDR=1
- add vm_domifaddr()
- adjust vm_run_command() to use ip with ssh if UVT_USE_DOMIFADDR=1
- adjust vm_ping() to obtain ip and ping it if UVT_USE_DOMIFADDR=1
- adjust ssh_connect() to add 'resolve=True' argument which will call
  vm_domifaddr() if UVT_USE_DOMIFADDR=1

While not required for uvt, people may want to adjust their ~/.ssh/config to
have something along the lines of:

Host *.vm sec-*-amd64 sec-*-i386
# StrictHostKeyChecking no
# UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null
    ProxyCommand nc $(virsh domifaddr $(echo %h | sed "s/\.vm//g") | grep ipv4 | tail -1 | awk '{print $NF}' | cut -d '/' -f 1) %p

so that things like 'ssh sec-xenial-amd64' work as expected.

feb1ef6... by Marc Deslauriers

uvt: bump minimum memory to 1024Mb as stuff like mysql won't even
 work on zesty+ with less than that

d36970b... by Marc Deslauriers

uvt: sort based on release number, not release name

167a833... by Jamie Strandboge

vm-tools/vm-scp: cleanup vm_ping() to actually work with alternates

7abd587... by Seth Arnold

artful opens

1f9c386... by Jamie Strandboge

- also vm_ping in vm_stop
- check for .vm domains too

vm-tools/vm-scp: check for .vm domains too

fd8b825... by Jamie Strandboge

- make vm_ping return empty or the pingable hostname
- update vm_run_command to call vm_ping to use that hostname with ssh

a52e246... by Marc Deslauriers

uvt: add a delay to make sure dns is configured before we try and apply

abcd0b9... by Steve Beattie

dl-ubuntu-test-iso: update list of ubuntu derivatives, along with arches

acd4f04... by Steve Beattie

add arm64 and s390x to ubuntu server arches