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2904. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: simplify serialize_parse_profile_start()
Merge from trunk revision 3001

Change serialize_parse_profile_start() to use parse_profile_start()
instead of using duplicated code.

The behaviour is mostly kept, with the exception that the function is
more strict now and raises exceptions instead of ignoring errors.

In practise, this won't change anything because the profiles are parsed
with parse_profile() (which calls parse_profile_start()) - and that
already errors out.

The tests are updated to match the more strict behaviour.

The next step would be to drop serialize_parse_profile_start()
completely, but this isn't urgent and can/should be done when we have
test coverage for serialize_profile_from_old_profile() one day ;-)

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

2903. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: fix is_skippable_dir() and add tests
Merge from trunk revision 3000

Fix is_skippable_dir() - the regex also matched things like
/etc/apparmor.d/dont_disable, while it should match on the full
directory name.

Also add some tests based on a real-world aa-logprof run (with "print (path)"
in is_skippable_dir()) and some additional "funny"[tm] dirs.

Needless to say that the tests
        ('dont_disable', False),
        ('/etc/apparmor.d/cache_foo', False),
will fail with the old is_skippable_dir().

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

2902. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: replace RE_PROFILE_START
Merge from trunk revision 2999

Replace RE_PROFILE_START with RE_PROFILE_START_2 and adjust all
code sections that used RE_PROFILE_START_2.

The only real change is that test_get_flags_invalid_01 and
test_get_flags_invalid_02 now expect AppArmorException instead of

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden> for trunk

2901. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: implement attachment handling after rewriting set_profile_flags()
to use write_header(), and making set_profile_flags
more strict.

Merge from trunk revisions 2996, 2997, and 2998.

Changes in set_profile_flags():
- rewrite set_profile_flags to use parse_profile_start_line() and
- replace the silent failure for non-existing files with a proper
  exception (using lazy programming - the check is done by removing the
  "if os.path.isfile()" check, open_file_read then raises the
  exception ;-)
- comment out regex_hat_flag and the code that was supposed to handle
  hat flags, which were totally broken. We'll need another patch to fix
  it, and we also need to decide if we want to do that because it
  introduces a behaviour change (currently, aa-complain etc. don't
  change hat flags).

The tests for set_profile_flags() are also updated:
- prepend a space to comments because write_header always adds a space
  between '{' and the comment
- remove a test with superfluous quotes that are no longer kept
  just a profile cleanup, so dropping that test is the easiest way)
- update test_set_flags_10 and test_set_flags_12 to use the correct
  profile name
- enable the tests for invalid (empty) flags
- update the test for a non-existing file

this patch makes set_profile_flags more strict:
- raise AppArmorBug if newflags contains only whitespace
- raise AppArmorBug if the file doesn't contain the specified profile or
  no profile at all

The tests are adjusted to expect AppArmorBug instead of a silent
failure. Also, some tests are added for profile=None, which means to
change the flags for all profiles in a file.
- test_set_flags_08 is now test_set_flags_invalid_04
- test_set_flags_invalid_03 is changed to only contain one reason for
  a failure, not two ;-)

Finally implement attachment handling

This patch implements attachment handling - aa-logprof now works with
profiles that have an attachment defined, instead of ignoring audit.log
entries for those profiles.

- parse_profile_start_line(): remove workaround that merged the
  attachment into the profile name
- parse_profile_data(): store attachment when parsing a profile
- update test_parse_profile_start_03,
  test_set_flags_nochange_09 and some parse_profile_start_line() tests -
  they now expect correct attachment handling

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

2900. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: rewrite parse_profile_start()
Merge from trunk revision 2990

Rewrite parse_profile_start() in aa.py to a more readable version.
The behaviour remains unchanged (and is covered by tests).

Acked-by: Kshitij Gupta <email address hidden>

2899. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: add tests for RE_PROFILE_START_2 and parse_profile_start_line()
Merge from trunk revision 2989

Also add AANamedRegexTest class that can be used to test a regex with
named match groups.

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

2898. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: test new parameters of write_header()
Merge from trunk revision 2988

Change the write_header tests so that the 'profile_keyword' and
'header_comment' parameters can be (and are) tested:
- add a None for both to the existing tests
- add some tests that come with the profile keyword and/or a comment

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

2897. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: extend and partially rewrite write_header()
Merge from trunk revision 2987

- add support for prof_data['header_comment'] (comment after '{')
  and prof_data['profile_keyword'] (to force the 'profile' keyword, even
  if it isn't needed) to write_header().
  (set_profile_flags() will be the only user of these two for now)

- fix a crash if depth is not an integer - for example,
      len(' ')/2 # 3 spaces = 1.5
  would cause a crash.
  Also add a test for 1.5 and 1.3 spaces.

- rewrite the handling of flags to avoid we have to maintain two
  different template lines.

- update the tests to set 'profile_keyword' and 'header_comment' to None.
  This avoids big changes in the test code. I'll send another patch that
  makes sure profile_keyword and header_comment are tested ;-)

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

2896. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: add attachment to parse_profile_start() return values
Merge from trunk revision 2986

Add the attachment to the parse_profile_start() and
serialize_parse_profile_start() return values, and adjust the functions
calling the *parse_profile_start() functions to save the attachment in
the "attachment" variable (which isn't used yet).

Also adjust the tests for the added return value.

(Sorry for not getting the resultset right from the beginning!)

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

2895. By Christian Boltz on 2015-04-14

utils: Add support for attachments to write_header()
Merge from trunk revision 2985

Also fix a little bug that added the profile keyword if the path needed
quotes (profile "/foo bar" - but "/foo bar" is enough). This was caused
by a regex that always matched on quoted paths (hint: "/ matches
^[^/] ;-)

Also add some tests with attachments and update the test for the bugfix
mentioned above.

Now the remaining part is to make sure that prof_data['attachment'] gets
set when parsing the profiles :-)

Acked-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

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