Merge ~saviq/ubiquity:support-cloud-init into ubiquity:master

Proposed by Michał Sawicz on 2018-10-23
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: ~saviq/ubiquity:support-cloud-init
Merge into: ubiquity:master
Diff against target: 22 lines (+2/-1)
2 files modified
data/oem-config.service (+1/-0)
data/ (+1/-1)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Ken VanDine 2018-10-23 Pending
Ubuntu Installer Team 2018-10-23 Pending
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Unmerged commits

8caaccb... by Michał Sawicz on 2018-10-23

Run after cloud-init if installed

If cloud-init is installed, oem-config should run after it, as it may be
setting up stuff that's prerequisite for oem-config.

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1diff --git a/data/oem-config.service b/data/oem-config.service
2index aa9597b..d5a7eb6 100644
3--- a/data/oem-config.service
4+++ b/data/oem-config.service
5@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
6 Description=End-user configuration after initial OEM installation
7 ConditionFileIsExecutable=/usr/sbin/oem-config-firstboot
8 ConditionPathExists=/dev/tty1
11 # We never want to run the oem-config job in the live environment (as is the
12 # case in some custom configurations) or in recovery mode.
13diff --git a/data/ b/data/
14index a53608b..5738cbb 100644
15--- a/data/
16+++ b/data/
17@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@
18 Conflicts=rescue.service
19 rescue.service
20 AllowIsolate=yes
21-Wants=oem-config.service network-manager.service getty-static.service systemd-user-sessions.service systemd-resolved.service
22+Wants=oem-config.service network-manager.service getty-static.service systemd-user-sessions.service systemd-resolved.service cloud-init.service


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