Created by Sarim Khan on 2012-02-03 and last modified on 2018-08-01
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Sarim Khan

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Recent revisions

2580. By Ryutaroh Matsumoto <email address hidden> on 2018-08-01

option --monitor-timeout should be removed

ibus-daemon(1) has explanation of --monitor-timeout, but main.c does not accept it and make an error.

2579. By fujiwara on 2018-07-24

RHEL code reviews

2578. By Kentaro Hayashi on 2018-07-24

bus: warn deprecated --mem-profile option

Since GLib 2.46, memory profiling feature does not work anymore.

GLib 2.46 or later means that Ubuntu 16.04 or later. Ubuntu
14.04 (trusty) are still supported as LTS phase, but it seems that
GLib is old enough (2.40) to drop support.

As a result:

  * older than GLib 2.46: Just drop support
  * GLib 2.46 or later: Show a warning message if --mem-profile is

2577. By Takuro Ashie <email address hidden> on 2018-07-20

Remove a misleading "const" modifier of a return value

ibus_key_event_to_string() uses g_string_free(str, FALSE) to return
a string so that users must free it. To clarify it, the const
modifier should be removed.

2576. By fujiwara on 2018-06-29

panelbinding: Fix SEGV in panel_binding_parse_accelerator

panel_binding_parse_accelerator() could return NULL of the unowned
IBus.ProcessKeyEventData with gcc optimization.
Since Vala does not provice a static local variable, the variable is
moved to the class member to fix this SEGV.
Also fixed an infinite loop to show a compose preedit in xterm.
Also a NULL preedit is fixed in the first emoji candidate from the
emoji category window.

2575. By fujiwara on 2018-06-29

ibusenginesimple: Do not show combined character on compose preedit

Some applications could combine their committed string with compose
character on preedit. E.g. dead_grave after 'e' on firefox


2574. By fujiwara on 2018-06-27

ibusenginesimple: Enable preedit for compose keys


2573. By fujiwara on 2018-06-27

Update translations

Update po/ca.po po/da.po po/es.po po/fr.po po/hu.po po/ja.po po/nl.po
       po/pl.po po/sv.po po/uk.po po/vi.po po/zh_TW.po

2572. By fujiwara on 2018-06-20

setup: Replace emoji font with Unicode font

Now the font settings of emoji is configurable in the session base
but not the application base and the current font setting on ibus-setup
effects on Unicode characters.
Also fixed the progress bar on Unicode candidate table.

2571. By fujiwara on 2018-06-18

Move input focus on Emojier to engines' preedit

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