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c359042... by Santosh on 2017-01-18

Fix cmake error on cross-compilation after installing qtsystems5-dev

e89d417... by Chris Coulson on 2017-01-16

Merge crmaster c21e1c3 in to master

3241370... by Chris Coulson on 2017-01-16

tst_WebViewPopupMenu.qml should verify that the menu is visible

8c7483e... by Chris Coulson on 2017-01-16

Test that we don't leak context menus or popup menus when a webview closes

f40a17d... by Olivier Tilloy on 2017-01-16

Fix session save/restore across oxide versions (LP: #1649861).

Make session save/restore future-proof by storing each navigation entry separately.

ef1baa1... by Chris Coulson on 2017-01-13

Fix a test hang at the start of tst_focus.qml (LP: #1656303)

tst_focus.qml hangs if it runs after tst_bug1626099.qml, which used to be the last test in this sequence. tst_bug1626099.qml spins the CPU in its unload handler, and to avoid this being optimized out, it logs a console message on each loop iteration. It looks like this was flooding the browser process's IO thread, causing problems for subsequent tests.

This updates the test to avoid IPC on each loop iteration, and also ensure the webview is deleted synchronously at the end of the test.

c21e1c3... by Chris Coulson on 2017-01-13

Bump Chromium rev to 4fcdfaa (57.0.2979.0)

4d01888... by Chris Coulson on 2016-12-08

Add <select> popup menu support to UbuntuWebView (LP: #1637194)

95bb338... by Chris Coulson on 2017-01-12

Bump Chromium rev to cfa16b2 (57.0.2978.0)

1d47829... by Chris Coulson on 2017-01-10

Bump Chromium rev to 5d96735 (57.0.2977.0)