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65670f5... by Santosh on 2017-01-10

Changed Signal Name

4c9bc71... by Santosh on 2017-01-10

2: Applied review comments

3b449a0... by Santosh on 2017-01-10

Applied review comments on test case

13d7e3a... by Santosh on 2016-12-15

Decide the webview focus state from ItemChanged event not the
focusIn/Out events.

LP: #1649577

082bf42... by Chris Coulson on 2016-12-14

Bump qt version to 1.21.0

fc9597b... by Chris Coulson on 2016-12-14

Bump Chromium rev to 91e331d (56.0.2924.21)

2b041b6... by Chris Coulson on 2016-12-14

Fix build with older CMake versions

296e355... by Olivier Tilloy on 2016-12-13

Revert "Decide focus state of webview based on activeFocusItem check of window"

This reverts commit 648e85080604e22bab00b48428b4e80c522cabea.
It introduced a regression in popup menu handling (LP: #1649577).

090b379... by Chris Coulson on 2016-12-09

Build everything with the correct symbol visibility (-fvisibility=hidden)

It turns out that everything built with CMake was being compiled with default symbol visibility, exposing pretty much everything. This corrects that.

293d3ab... by Chris Coulson on 2016-12-08

Open {link,media} in new tab options in context menu shouldn't cause WebView.navigationRequested to fire (LP: #1640634)

It wouldn't be a good UX to show these in the menu and then allow the application to block the action once activated by the user. If an application wants to prevent navigations to certain domains, it should remove these entries from the context menu instead.