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4a2feef... by Santosh on 2016-09-05

Removed logging to file. Now it logs only on console

f736c6b... by Santosh on 2016-08-11

patchset 2: applied review comments

bfcf72d... by Santosh Mahto <email address hidden> on 2016-07-15

Allow to use chromium command line arguments.
its also enables verbose logging.
Usage :
export OXIDE_EXTRA_CMD_ARGS="--show-fps-counter ...."

49d1970... by Chris Coulson on 2016-08-10

Stop using device form factor for setting various WebPreferences (bug 1547149)

WebPreferences::allow_custom_scrollbar_in_main_frame is now always false. Other preferences are configured from a display-specific form factor, which is determined via qtubuntu.

b95fa33... by Chris Coulson on 2016-08-08

Deprecate OxideQWebPreferences::shrinksStandaloneImagesToFit (bug 1547149)

The option has been removed from Blink (it's tied to WebSettings::viewportEnabled now), and the way we exposed it meant it never worked anyway (the option was always overridden depending on the form factor).

8e12773... by Chris Coulson on 2016-08-08

Use base::Environment instead of directly calling getenv

f4dfb43... by Chris Coulson on 2016-08-08

Don't pass --form-factor to child processes

8d600a0... by Chris Coulson on 2016-08-08

Delete gyp support (bug 1589902)

269a354... by Chris Coulson on 2016-08-08

Use WebPreferences::main_frame_resizes_are_orientation_changes rather than the corresponding command line option (bug 1547160)

1640cbb... by Chris Coulson on 2016-08-08

Pinch-zoom is always on, so always send pinch gestures to content (bug 1547138)