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c5aa946... by Santosh on 2016-08-08

VDA implementation in oxide side

cfeb4be... by Chris Coulson on 2016-09-24

Rename WebViewContentsHelper to WebContentsHelper

29014da... by Chris Coulson on 2016-09-23

Refactor ownership of BrowserContext (LP: #1503639, LP: #1626099)

Previously, BrowserContext was reference counted inside Oxide. However, it's not reference counted in Chromium which meant we needed an additional mechanism (BrowserContextDestroyer) to ensure that it outlives any RenderProcessHosts using it. As this required a custom trait for deletion, it lead to the weird scenario where BrowserContext (a non-threadsafe class inherited from base::NonThreadSafe) had to have a thread-safe reference count.

Now, the main BrowserContext is exclusively owned by the application, and is scheduled for deletion via BrowserContextDestroyer as soon as the application releases it. OTR BrowserContexts are owned by the BrowserContext that creates them, and WebContentsUnloader schedules the OTR BrowserContext for deletion as soon as the last WebContents using it is scheduled for unload.

648e850... by Santosh on 2016-07-29

Decide focus state of webview based on activeFocusItem check of window
instead of activeFocus.

LP: #1599771

52d5381... by Chris Coulson on 2016-09-21

Make the ThreadChecker a member of Screen rather than a global LazyInstance, so that it can be used in Screen's destructor

b36c3b1... by Chris Coulson on 2016-09-21

Use a persistent store for the TLS Channel ID feature

9fc616d... by Chris Coulson on 2016-09-21

Ensure we actually initialize the elements of Clipboard::cached_info_ (LP: #1625122)

f098d2a... by Chris Coulson on 2016-09-21

The Screen destructor runs after the AtExitManager has already been torn down

d871252... by Chris Coulson on 2016-09-21

Ensure StoragePartitions are correctly shutdown

774a7ae... by Chris Coulson on 2016-09-21

Fix a DCHECK when tearing down the webview compositor