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f0b2b7c... by Sankar Tanguturi

  Fix test_vmware_config_file test script.

  Replaced self.assertTrue with self.assertIn and self.assertEqual
  at few places in the code.

e0a6eb6... by Sankar Tanguturi

  Adding a new unit test case for the instance-id for DataSourceOVF

  Fixed the typo in config_nic.py
  Added a new unit test case for DataSourceOVF instance-id
  Fixed the docstring for the functions comments in config_nic.py

891e2d3... by Sankar Tanguturi

  Generate a unique instance id for the ds so that re-customization
  will happen in cloud-init.

a3d130d... by Sankar Tanguturi

  Add 'source interfaces.d/*.cfg' line to /etc/network/interfaces

  Modified the code to configure the /etc/network/interfaces file
  for debian guests. The 'configure' operation takes a backup of
  the file and writes 'source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*.cfg' line so that
  the cloud-init rendered config in /etc/network/interfaces.d/...cfg
  file will be used.

  Fixed the wait_for_imc_cfg_file function. Used os.path.isfile()

39d7aae... by Sankar Tanguturi

  Fixing few issues after the recent merge with master.

  - Use mask_to_net_prefix instead of mask2cidr
  - Fixing few issues reported by flake / tox
  - Modified the code to enable NICS only in successful case.
    In the case of failure, no request will be sent to
    the underlying hypervisor to enable the NICS.
  - Minor code refactoring.

13e4e08... by Sankar Tanguturi

Merge branch 'master' into current topic branch.

Resolved Conflicts:

4301c29... by Sankar Tanguturi

  Addressed few review comments from Chad Smith and Scott Moser.

  - Added a docstring to each test function.
  - Removed few unnecessary log messages.
  - Removed 'enable_nics' in a specific code path where it is really not
  - Fixed a typo in a comment.
  - Modified wait_for_imc_cfg_file to take dirpath as optional argument
  and look into /var/run/vmware-imc by default.

dc2bd79... by Ryan Harper

network: add v2 passthrough and fix parsing v2 config with bonds/bridge params

If the network-config sent to cloud-init is in version: 2 format then
when rendering netplan, we can pass the content through and avoid
consuming network_state elements. This removes the need for trying to
map many v2 features onto network state where other renderers won't be
able to use anyhow (for example match parameters for multi-interface
configuration and wifi configuration support).

Additionally ensure we retain bond/bridge v2 configuration in network
state so when rendering to eni or sysconfig we don't lose the configuration

- Drop the NotImplemented wifi exception, log a warning that it works for
  netplan only
- Adjust unittests to new code path and output
- Fix issue with v2 macaddress values getting dropped
- Add unittests for consuming/validating v2 configurations

LP: #1709180

385d1ca... by Ryan Harper

doc: update capabilities with features available, link doc reference, cli example

1f8183f... by Maitreyee Saikia

vcloud directory: Guest Customization support for passwords

This feature enables the following VMware VCloud Director functionality:
1. Setting admin password
2. Expire password.
3. Set admin password and expire.

Password configuration is triggered only as part of a full
recustomization, that happens either on first power on or when
"poweron and full recustomization" is selected. Full customization
flow is determined by marker files. Unique marker ids are
generated when full recustomization is requested. And marker file based
on these marker ids help to determine if we need to execute the above