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Sandy Walsh (sandy-walsh) wrote :

Thanks Eric,

That was the way I was initially intending to go.

The closer I got to it, I noticed that all calls would need to be re-marshaled to be sent to the children. We'd need a new client library abstraction layer (since forwarded requests may be OS API or EC2 API). I was hoping to avoid all that by simply forwarding the already marshaled message.

This client library abstraction is likely to get a little unwieldy since it needs to support OS/EC2 and whomever else comes along (actually, sounds like another endorsement for DirectAPI.)

Also, with this approach I was assuming an idiom of "API checks parameters and bails if they're wrong. Work is done in the services." ... but I see the counter-argument.

Let me think more about client library abstraction. Since we have big API changes coming soon, might be timely to consider this.

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