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Joshua McKenty (joshua-mckenty) wrote :

Typo on 79 (missing i).
Seems like service_name should be a class property rather than an instance property, any reason we can't do it this way? Then the super __init__ call doesn't need an extra arg.
I think TopicConsumer was the last of my code from the first nova-hacking weekend - I'm glad to see it go.

Log message on 231 seems wrong - is it actually "writing" at that point, or just initing?
I like how you've dropped _call_scheduler out of the API class - but do we even NEED that class any more? The rest of the class methods could be dropped down to functions as well.

467 - can we call this zone_capabilities? Caps seems like a pseudonym for "limits".
Looks like we need a simple test of the fanout in

Doesn't seem like there's any way to remove a host from service capabilities once it's been added - is this necessary?

review: Needs Information

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