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Eric Day (eday) wrote :

Scheduler API - I would create a scheduler API much like we did for compute/volume/network, and use that API interface instead of making RPC calls directly from nova/api/openstack/ We want to keep nova.api modules thin wrappers over the core modules so we can reuse those core calls easily (say if some other nova.api module or another core component wants to grab the same info).

zone_capabilities flag - Should this be a list of k/v pairs rather than just a tag list? Something like "hypervisors=xen,kvm;volume=iscsi". Eventually we probably want to think about how this could be auto-generated from child zones/plugins. For example, when a compute worker configured for xen it automatically sets this in the scheduler/API so other zones can discover it. This isn't a blocker for merge since we can figure this out later.

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