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54c7df1... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-12

Fixed up ALL docstrings to be more readable.

985f308... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-12

Fixed style on docstrings, and removed json_from_data as it was unnecessarily complex.

d20b5ed... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-10

Replaced subp call to using os.stat. Added TODO for when uptime is fixed in lxc.

b2fd4db... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-10

Changed test_container_ci_log_line to test w/out requiring a file to be created, hopefully fixing continuous integration tests

dc2fb9d... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-10

Instead of using ps to get container start time, changed to using stat in order to get microsecond precision.

5135638... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-09

Fixed clock drift issues with LXC containers.

8e6d3c9... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-08

Removed get_ci_start_from_log and replaced it with much simpler call to _get_events as it already did what was needed to parse the init-local start from cloud-init.log. Fixed test_boot to reflect removal of get_ci_start_from_log.

57d0243... by Sam Gilson on 2019-07-08

In analyze_boot, changed from using functions to log timestamps to outfile to formatting a string with the proper arguments. Fixed indenting on logging.

9676809... by Sam Gilson on 2019-06-28

LXC Containers use host timestamps while maintaining their own uptime, leading to a bug where the time presented in cloud-init analyze boot was far in the future. Changed to using both host timestamps and host uptime. Also changed presented timestamps to add in 'time of cloud-init activation by systemd', which is based on InactiveExitTimestamp time. Now, cloud-init start timestamp is taken from cloud-init.log instead of using arithmetic with InactiveExitTimestampMonotonic

e44586f... by Sam Gilson on 2019-06-18

Replaced manual distro checks with a uses_systemd call in order to stay consistent with the rest of cloud-init.