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Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga) wrote :

> Is this still relevant?

Short answer: possibly

Long answer:
I'm not sure if we can stick to django 1.1, it seems to be missing more features than I expected and most importantly, it seems to be no longer supported by some of our dependencies. We need to discuss if the cost of backwards compatibility with 1.1 is something we are expected to pay. Django will have 1.3 release soon, packaging everything for ubuntu/lucid (which mandated django 1.1 in the first place) is something we have not yet started and it seems to be just adding problems instead of solving them.

For the moment this patch is pending (it's not clear it can be applied AFAIR) further review. During the sprint I'll discuss with Validation team lead (plars) and IS on what kind of deployment options we have. I'd rather much prefer to do a non-deb deployment or have someone else package everything we have built or depend upon. Ever since I discovered pip and virtualenv debian I don't look back (although it's not without issues it tends to get the job done better for python packages)

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