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85a9a8e... by Alexander Grund <email address hidden> on 2019-01-09

Merge pull request #1000 from Flamefire/language_upgrade

Language upgrade: Boost 1.64 and C++14

188e6cd... by Flamefire on 2019-01-09

Use coverage.info also for codecov.io

8bbaa54... by Flamefire on 2019-01-09

Speed up appveyor builds

3a72548... by Flamefire on 2019-01-08

Add most recent GCC&Clang to test matrix

65ea491... by Flamefire on 2019-01-08

Show more output on log failure

9ba560d... by Flamefire on 2019-01-05

Replace Boost.Lambda/Bind by C++14 lambdas

0dc0dd9... by Flamefire on 2019-01-08

Improve travis.yml

Explicit jobs
Use MATRIX_EVAL to set compilers (otherwise reset by travis)

50a9aa0... by Flamefire on 2019-01-08

Set runtime path to found boost

1ccd9f7... by Flamefire on 2019-01-04

Install boost on travis

It does not have 1.64

9843c57... by Flamefire on 2019-01-08

Reduce indentation of .travis.yml to 2 spaces