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5027198... by Rob Norris

Extra defensive programming

Captured one time when called from marker_moveto() from trw_layer_select_move(),
 that gc was null.
However not been able to repeat nor ATM understand why that would happen.

15755be... by Rob Norris

Ensure text is selectable in dialog messages.

07d7645... by Rob Norris

Add confirmation about over-writing existing World File

14c88aa... by Rob Norris

[QA] Convert repeated code into common function

cec31f1... by Rob Norris

Github #148: Allow horizontal scroll on preferences

9570667... by Rob Norris

SF Features#135: Support Georef layer image rotation

Use a single degrees rotation value.
Thus only a limited World File y-skew value attempted translation to degrees rotation.
(x-skew is ignored)

3216501... by Rob Norris

Add function to rotate a Pixbuf a number of arbtitary degrees.

As gdk_pixbuf_rotate_simple() only does fixed rotations of 90, 180;
 there is a need for this function.

There is cairo_rotate() but this would be only GTK3,
 and would need to ensure not continually rotating the image on each
 draw update, but also have a separate layer so the rotation would
 only apply to the pixbuf and not the rest of the surface
 (i.e. currently everything else drawn like waypoints, scale indicator and so on)

This pixbuf rotation is in pure software (i.e. not hardware accelerated),
 thus intention for use is only when an image rotation change is required,
 (rather than continually reapplied on every draw update),
 especially for a large image as would typically be used in GeoRef layers.

bbc69e8... by Rob Norris

Github #149: Part 2: Notes about World File y-scale handling

972faff... by Rob Norris

Github #149: Part 1: Fix incorrect limitation of easting input values

3138dc5... by Rob Norris

Ensure simple mode copy of centre position works for UTM