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0e5a8bb... by Rob Norris

CI: Upload test report for failures within distcheck in Github workflow[2]

May help to run failure upload after the distcheck stage!

ef7adfa... by Rob Norris

CI: Upload test report for failures within distcheck in Github workflow

a8e3391... by Rob Norris

[DOC] Update TrackWaypoint Layer and Track suboperations into listitems.

3dcdf83... by Rob Norris

Support showing corrupted GPX files with as much information as read in

e72c002... by Rob Norris

Github #210: Enforce correct EOL for shell scripts

21ecac2... by Rob Norris

Github #202: Increased resilience on exit

Map downloading occurs in separate threads.
When these threads finish, they may update some global data structures as result of these requests,
depending on the return status by libcurl that is performing the work on our behalf.

However when the program finishes these global structures get cleaned-up/de-allocated,
 and the download threads are terminated - if the thread is actually performing a download via libcurl,
this termination results in an internal exit code-which was otherwise mishandled
(i.e. was not considered/known by Viking).

So now includes protection against using the global data structures when they are not available.

6f1a69e... by Rob Norris

GPX Lap support read only display output in tooltips and a table view

Lap data is not included in any other data analysis

1ad0040... by Rob Norris

Create reusable a_dialog_scrollable() for displaying larger text amounts

e07af64... by Rob Norris

[DOC] Update TRW Layer View and Goto operations into listitems.

Which gives an improved help view.

Add missing entries for 'Ensure Visibility On' and 'View GPX Extensions'

3874603... by Rob Norris

Github #205: Document command line -ve map id number to not add a map

Also allow -1 for this use case.