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192d4b8... by Wayne Stambaugh

Rework footprint library table for use in symbol library table.

Factor out ROW object from FP_LIB_TABLE so it can be reused to create a
symbol library table row object.

Create base LIB_TABLE_ROW object from ROW object common code.

Derived FP_LIB_TABLE_ROW object from LIB_TABLE_ROW to provide support for
footprint library table rows.

Update all instances of FP_LIB_TABLE::ROW with FP_LIB_TABLE_ROW.

Purge wxT() macros from modified files where possible.

86dcfeb... by Mario Luzeiro

improve anti-aliasing

+re-implement anti-aliasing, making it more acurate, not blured, better
and much faster (unsing much less lines of code)
+rewrite some function on camera and raypacket.
+small improvements on raytracing realtime, remove useless ifs

d470ac9... by Wayne Stambaugh

Eeschema: minor LIB_PART object changes.

Replace LIB_PART::Conflicts() with an external test to for alias name
conflicts. This was only use in one place so don't clutter the library

Change LIB_PART::AddPart() return type from bool to void since it's not
checked by any callers and differs from the equivalent schematic I/O
plugin function.

4ee0b38... by Wayne Stambaugh

Eeschema: more schematic I/O plugin prep work.

Add code to schematic I/O plugin for updating library modification

Remove unused RemoveLibrary() method from PART_LIBS object.

Purge wxT() macros from modified files.

89f9b7d... by jean-pierre charras

Pcbnew: when update PCB from schematic, spread footprints also in legacy mode. Remove also one useless undo command level after update.

4ee344e... by jean-pierre charras

Gerber files: Enable net attributes options in plot Gerber dlg and fix net attribute for "no net" tracks and vias (netcode <= 0).

1840c3c... by jean-pierre charras

Eeschema/Pcbnew: Update PCB From Schematics tool: ensure the netlist is reliable: warn user if a component is not annotated before exporting the netlist to Pcbnew (like in netlist creation dialog).

3bf1717... by jean-pierre charras

Fix a minor cosmetic issue in dialog edit libentry fields

31f583f... by Kevin Cozens

Fix compile error

1e752ba... by Wayne Stambaugh

Eeschema: symbol library viewer improvements.

Select the first library in the list and the first symbol in the first
library if they exist the first time the symbol viewer is opened.

Prevent clicking on the next or previous toolbar buttons from wrapping
past the end of the symbol list to mimic the behavior of the up and down
arrow key strokes.opens a select
library dialog.

Use incriminating or decrementing the current symbol selection when using
the next and previous symbol toolbar buttons rather looking up the next
symbol in the library. Just use the next or previous symbol name in the

Replace the select library and select symbol from library list dialogs
which where redundant with the symbol search dialog used in place symbol
tool in the schematic editor. This gives the user type ahead search and
selects the library and symbol in one dialog.

Move updating toolbar buttons from the ReCreateHToolbar() function into
dedicated wxUpdateUIEvents.

Break Process_Special_Functions() into individual event handlers.

Remove PART_LIB::GetNextEntry() and PART_LIB::GetPreviousEntry() as they
are no longer required due to the changes to the symbol library viewer.

Purge wxT() macros from all modified source files.