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Recent revisions

7853. By Luis Oishi

Make some changes on Inventory app.

  - Show inventory responsible on inventorydetails
  - Fix adjusted check
  - Add buttons Print and Information to inventorydetails dialog
  - Shows Reason on inventorydetails dialog
  - Report that shows only adjusted items
    - Disable print button if there are no adjusted items on that inventory
  - Add tests

Change-Id: Icef94edb59bf84050ed8683e26eb34ff32c5099a

7852. By Gabriel Gerga <email address hidden>

Do not remove the last digit on barcode when print labels

Some users use the barcode on label, to identify products in physical stock.

Change-Id: Id5eeebd329c16ea8e86b48a97b0ca6c6e18460c5

7851. By Thiago Bellini

Check if there is an item selected to update the sensitivity

The 'selection-changed' signal is sent not only when the selection changed from
one object to another but when it went from an object to none selected (and
vice-versa) too.

Change-Id: I689155f045b92f48947e4c59ca2a4b404742d1d7

7850. By Matheus Steck Cardoso

Fix wrong logo size when generating spreadsheet

Change-Id: If7d2fbfad84f80b5b281fe4f3655970e56343819

7849. By Thiago Bellini

Add libxss dependency

Stoq has a dependency on Xss lib for the idle module.

Change-Id: I3efeffe928905fcb466f83a5513baaddeff67292

7848. By Thiago Bellini

Make has_image a storm property

By making it a storm property, we can make it a SearchColum and also it will
not break when trying to order the list by it's column.

Also remove has_image property from Sellable as it's not used in anywhere else.

Change-Id: I8f2d5083cc7926e35643a65e04c76be199b9562a

7847. By Thiago Bellini

Fix export spreadsheet on till app

Having SMART_LIST_LOADING set doesn't mean that the app is using
LazyObjectModel (which is the case of the Till app).

Change-Id: I854cdd24cdbdc6815ab8eb071c958eb1dc601a7e

7846. By Thiago Bellini

Consider cancelled payments when setting print buttons visibility

This fix a situation where there's a bill/booklet payment (and thus, the
respective button is visible) but it's cancelled. When clicking those buttons,
the payments will be filtered and only the not cancelled ones will be passed
to generate the report.

Change-Id: I9420ebad09ecbdc28cda41fcc1aa1c594b9cf1fc

7845. By Nihey

Update contributors file

Change-Id: I2cafa2c988c8887c3a6134c3854cf8919b054887

7844. By Thiago Bellini

Merge tests.base in tests_runner

When using tests_runner from outside stoq, tests.base was giving an ImportError
(because it was not on stoq/stoqlib path). Instead of that, put it's code
directly on stoq's plugin. Nobody but it imports that module.

Change-Id: I399a2e377500837a556b8b7a210d3c3ed21fcdf7

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