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Recent revisions

2034. By Ronaldo Maia

DateEntry: Return acordingly to the widget datatype

We can define that the DateEntry datatype is a datetime, instead of a date,
but the widget was always returning a date.

Change-Id: Iac79a0d50c6ef17aca7ff6d59d20537f2afcbbdf

2033. By Thiago Bellini

Remove Proxies tests

Those tests are from 2005 and we are not running them for a while now.

They are totally outdated and makes no sense anymore.

Change-Id: I4ce68d938c987170ccde827208fc9da79924c9f9

2032. By Thiago Bellini

Fix tests that breaks sometimes

If don't call refresh_gui after calling select and before calling send_delete,
the delete event is not emitted when running the whole test suit (it's fine
when running the test alone).

Maybe we should fix refresh_gui someday to be more reliable. A lot of tests on
this module needs workarounds like this.

Change-Id: Ice445d1c3dde4fa8253b0784b74109adada909a1

2031. By Thiago Bellini

Handle delete_text(start, end) when end is -1

The gtk implementation threats -1 as the end of the entry, we should do
the same.

Also, when calling set_text, simple call delete_text(0, 1) and
insert_text(text, 0) instead of reseting the mask. Reseting the mask
would call delete_text too, so this is simple and faster.

Change-Id: I51eb7520f017247c179583a41f573bcaa6968072

2030. By Thiago Bellini

Improve entry mask

Improve and simplify the way masks work on entries.

* Remove the idea of fields. It's not something useful and no other mask
  system out there uses something like it. Now the entry will behave like the
  mask is not really "text" until it's really filled.
* Remove the TODOs. Optional chars are only possible if we insert static chars
  on demand, which is not the case here.
* Fix and reenable some tests. Instead of not running them, skip on win32

Change-Id: Ic59ea29dbd4ac86e59b40d58ef8ec89962c6ac4a

2029. By Ronaldo Maia

Add a fixme for object list selection

Change-Id: I270305f964f13f204cd8d46ab6de3140e6684132

2028. By Thiago Bellini

Fix some new pyflakes errors

New pyflakes version checks docstrings too. Fix all those erros and also make
the doctests prettier.

Change-Id: Ifb2b98209510103ee23c26f341cefb3ddf406adb

2027. By Thiago Bellini

Modernize debian packaging

* Use the new way to package python applications/library as is described here:
* Correct some lintian warnings (like the missing of a homepage and the
  homepage being on the description)
* Improve documentation on setup.py
* Add install_requires on build.py so it's mapped right to the package
* Remove some build dependencies since they are no longer needed
* Remove a lot of unneeded files
* Update watch file to point to pypi

Change-Id: I6c854a2cbfc981606dfa3f12d5c41e36e33dc3e7

2026. By Thiago Bellini

Remove some unneeded code

* _kiwi.c is not needed anymore as it's content is exactly the same as the
  pygtk/pygobject versions found on Ubuntu 12.04 (and even older than it)
* The same applies for requiring to "Build a helper module for testing on gtk+
  versions lower than 2.10", as gtk versions lower than 2.10 are not found even
  on lucid (10.04)
Change-Id: I6965f33ac9d59f57b79b654beb07fb2390d12301

2025. By Thiago Bellini

New release 1.9.39

Change-Id: Iaa02fa0ee10166f94ea6afa7e8a7f558f7c019f1

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