Last commit made on 2022-01-17
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9a94856... by TheAssassin

Update zsync2

48bfe03... by TheAssassin

Fix location of exported targets file in build tree

32fcc27... by TheAssassin

Fix various build issues

d3e5a9d... by TheAssassin

Set up proper export config

Allows projects using libappimageupdate to use a prebuilt version from an install prefix.

732b863... by TheAssassin

Replace args lib implicitly provided by zsync2

Preparation for proper export config, where dependencies should be preinstalled. When zsync2 is included from the system, its own private dependencies cannot be used any more.

8ff4ade... by TheAssassin

Rework linking and add export config

Also uses GNUInstallDirs to improve the target locations of the installed headers, libraries and configs.

e7e9e51... by TheAssassin

Hide dependency on libappimage_shared

It's not used in any headers, and being a static library, it can be
integrated completely into our libraries. This keeps our exported
interface clean.

0224660... by TheAssassin

Update zsync2

8623452... by TheAssassin

Throw exception if type 2 AppImage lacks mandatory ELF sections

1a96ee8... by TheAssassin

Add missing newline