Created by Peter J. Mello on 2019-12-01 and last modified on 2023-12-31


Breezy is a friendly powerful distributed version control system, helping people collaborate on software development by recording the history of the project. By providing an easy means for every participant to work on their own copy of the project files and submit their changes as they go, and quickly resolving any conflicts between new changes, it allows the work to remain on the task at hand and not the coordination of everyone's efforts.

Breezy is a fork of the Bazaar version control system (hosted on Launchpad at

This source package recipe builds from the project repository's trunk (the "tip of the spear") once every 24 hours, provided there were changes checked in during that period. The packaging files are not verbatim copies of those used for the official Debian and Ubuntu packages, they have been modified and are maintained by Peter J. Mello ( Bugs relating to these daily packages can be directed to him, all others should be reported to the Breezy bugtracker on Launchpad.

Recipe information

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Built on request
Peter J. Mello
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RogueScholar - Daily Builds
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Recipe contents

# bzr-builder format 0.4 deb-version {debupstream:packaging}~pkg{time}-{revno:packaging}daily
nest-part packaging lp:~jelmer/debian/experimental/breezy/main debian debian