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Gustavo Niemeyer (niemeyer) wrote :
File zk.go (right):
zk.go:97: // event.
This is extremely redundant. Please use something along these lines

type Event struct {
         Type int // One of the EVENT_* constants
         Path string // Node path for non-session events
         State int // One of the STATE_* constants

Note that State exists for non-session events also.
zk.go:347: // CVersion returns the number of changes to the children of
the node.
This needs clarification. Will a change in a child's data increase this
version too?
zk.go:368: // NumChildren returns the number of children of the znode.
s/znode/node/, as everywhere else.
zk.go:373: // Pzxid returns the Pzxid of the node, whatever that is.
File zk_test.go (right):
zk_test.go:187: if dt < 0 || dt > maxdt {
if t.Before(t0) || t.After(t1) {

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