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2f4207e... by Dan White <email address hidden> on 2020-11-17

mosquitto_pub: exit if broker actively refuses a connection

Fixes eclipse/mosquitto#1904

If the broker rejects the connection, as opposed to the broker being
down, then there is no hope to establish a connection. This adds a
status flag so we can signal to the loop that we should just exit.

Signed-off-by: Dan White <email address hidden>

cdfa225... by Dan White <email address hidden> on 2020-11-02

mosquitto_pub: exit if server becomes unreachable and QOS > 0

Fixes eclipse/mosquitto#1899

In stdin line mode, mosquitto_pub will continue running and accepting
input even if/when/after publishing fails. This condition is reached
when it first successfully establishes a connection and the server later
is unreachable.

Exiting with a non-zero exit code allows for much easier health
monitoring when used in a long-running pipe.

Signed-off-by: Dan White <email address hidden>

2196efc... by raspopov <email address hidden> on 2020-10-27

Fixed paranoid VS2017 compilation error of uninitialized variable (was a warning before).

Signed-off-by: raspopov <email address hidden>

53d63fe... by raspopov <email address hidden> on 2020-10-26

Fixed compilation error on Win32 UNICODE platform.

Signed-off-by: raspopov <email address hidden>

6af5661... by raspopov <email address hidden> on 2020-10-24

Fixed "config.h" file placement to help using it as a precompiled header.

Signed-off-by: raspopov <email address hidden>

6f4e0a1... by Roger Light on 2020-09-26

mosquitto_passwd: Forbid the ':' character in usernames.

2774515... by Roger Light on 2020-09-22

Fix missing mach/mach_time.h header on OS X.

Closes #1831. Thanks to P-Hagen.

cec2411... by Roger Light on 2020-09-15

Add very basic client tests.

acf4ff3... by Roger Light on 2020-09-14

Fix stdin being closed by mistake

This was closing the sockpair* sockets before they were initialised to INVALID_SOCKET.

Close #1823. Thanks to ostkamp.

a53712a... by Roger Light on 2020-09-11

Don't use logging until log mutex is initialised.

Closes #1819. Thanks to santoshks68.