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d429c54... by Roger Light on 2020-11-26

mosquitto_sub will quit with an error on Windows if %U is used.

Seconds since the Unix epoch is not a parameter that can be obtained
with strftime on Windows.

Closes #1908. Thanks to Danil intl.

22227f6... by Roger Light on 2020-11-22

Guard against assert in libwebsockets 3.2.1 and up.

60254c9... by Roger Light on 2020-11-18

Fix bridge memory leak on exit.

628441d... by Roger Light on 2020-11-18

Fix bridge sock not being removed from sock hash on error

Prior to this, duplicate entries could be added to the sock hash, which caused an infinite loop. Only affects bridges with bad settings on startup, and only when compiled using WITH_ADNS=yes.

Closes #1897. Thanks to Rodolfo Ochoa.

63b84bd... by Roger Light on 2020-11-18

Fix build on Mac Big Sur.

Closes #1905. Thanks to Taavi Talvik.

2a2cb03... by Roger Light on 2020-11-17

Fix file logging on Windows.

Closes #1880. Thanks to J1EXA, richl, and EnneiteZer.

29830ef... by Roger Light on 2020-11-12

Fix listener not being reassociated with client.

This occurred when reloading a persistence file and
`per_listener_settings true` is set and the client did not set a

Closes #1891. Thanks to Mikkel Nepper-Christensen.

1666ed5... by Roger Light on 2020-10-27

Fix crash on Windows if loading a plugin fails.

Closes #1866. Thanks to roebotron.

24df163... by CJ Lee <email address hidden> on 2020-10-21

Add missing header for QNX

<arpa/inet.h> header is required to compile this source. Without it, WARNING is generated.

mosquitto/lib/socks_mosq.c: In function 'socks5__send':
mosquitto/lib/socks_mosq.c:156:22: warning: implicit declaration of function 'inet_pton' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
   ipv4_pton_result = inet_pton(AF_INET, mosq->host, &addr_ipv4);

Signed-off-by: ChangJoon Lee <email address hidden>

3a13205... by Roger Light on 2020-08-19

Update docker images.