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ebc8b76... by CJ Lee <email address hidden> on 2020-10-21

Add missing header for QNX

<arpa/inet.h> header is required to compile this source. Without it, WARNING is generated.

mosquitto/lib/socks_mosq.c: In function 'socks5__send':
mosquitto/lib/socks_mosq.c:156:22: warning: implicit declaration of function 'inet_pton' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
   ipv4_pton_result = inet_pton(AF_INET, mosq->host, &addr_ipv4);

Signed-off-by: ChangJoon Lee <email address hidden>

32c8221... by Roger Light on 2020-08-19

Bump version.

3190d29... by Roger Light on 2020-08-19

Fix memory leak on handling QoS 2 PUBLISH.

In some circumstances, Mosquitto could leak memory when handling PUBLISH messages. This is limited to incoming QoS 2 messages, and is related to the combination of the broker having persistence enabled, a clean session=false client, which was connected prior to the broker restarting, then has reconnected and has now sent messages at a sufficiently high rate that the incoming queue at the broker has filled up and hence messages are being dropped. This is more likely to have an effect where max_queued_messages is a small value. This has now been fixed.

Closes #1793.

f47b565... by Roger Light on 2019-09-17

Bump version numbers, update changelog.

84681d9... by Roger Light on 2019-09-15

Restrict topic hierarchy to 200 levels to prevent possible stack overflow.

Closes #1412. Thanks to Ryan Shaw.

ae309b3... by Roger Light on 2019-02-28

Update webpage for 1.5.8 release.

73a2871... by Roger Light on 2019-02-28

Merge branch 'fixes'

ce31269... by Roger Light on 2019-02-28

Update changelog, bump version, bump copyright year.

988554e... by Roger Light on 2019-02-28

Fix openssl deprecated warnings.

7207041... by Roger Light on 2019-02-28

Fix delayed bridge local subs causing missing messages.

Closes #1174. Thanks to beville.