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190. By Rodrigo Moya on 2011-07-21

Add OnlyShowIn

189. By Rodrigo Moya on 2011-07-21

Add .desktop magic to have s-c-p show up on the new gnome-control-center

188. By Till Kamppeter on 2011-07-12

New upstream release
o GIT 1.3.x snapshot from 12 July 2011
o URL-quote URIs when using "Find Network Printer" (LP: #808137).
o Downloadable drivers: don't display printers for which there are no
drivers (LP: #695199, Red Hat bug #668154).
o Kerberos support for the SMB 'Verify' button.
o Removed IPP/HTTP device screen in favour of "Enter URI" (Red Hat bug

187. By Till Kamppeter on 2011-07-09

New upstream release
o GIT 1.3.x snapshot from 7 July 2011
o Converted ComboBoxEntry widgets to Entry+EntryCompletion in
o Robustness in ppdsloader in the face of errors (LP: #766818).

186. By Till Kamppeter on 2011-07-07

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.3.x snapshot from 2 June 2011
   o Changed Make/Model and State labels into a GtkEntry so contents are
     always fully selectable.
   o udev: don't rely on retriggering printers, enumerate them instead.
     (As Ubuntu uses Upstart and not systemd we need to update
     /etc/init/cups.conf to make use of the new functionality).
   o Convert iters to paths before comparing (Red Hat bug #717062,
     LP: #791690, Upstream bug #221). Tree iters cannot be compared, but
     paths can.
   o Set translation domain in D-Bus service (LP: #783967).
   o Driver preferencess: Avoid PostScript for HP LaserJet 2100 Series
     (Red Hat bug #710231). Avoid non-manufacturer PostScript drivers in
     this case. Some other drivertype names changed to avoid conflicts and
     mistaken matches.
   o Ensure consistency in jobviewer if add_job fails (Red Hat bugs #693055
     and #632551).
   o Raised the priority of the SpliX driver for Samsung laser printers, so
     that it is used as the default driver for these printers, and not
     "Foomatic/gdi" any more (LP: #793741).
   o Adjusted test code in asyncpk1.py so it doesn't look like a tempfile
* debian/patches/20_priority-for-splix.patch: Removed, applied upstream.
* debian/patches/10_do-not-show-firewall-dialog.patch: Removed, problem of the
  firewall dialog appearing is solved upstream.

185. By Michael Terry on 2011-07-01

* debian/patches/21_nodisplay_autostart.patch:
  - Don't show in "Startup Applications" (LP: #803917)

184. By Till Kamppeter on 2011-06-07

debian/patches/20_priority-for-splix.patch: Raised the priority of the
SpliX driver for Samsung laser printers, so that it is used as the default
driver for these printers, and not "Foomatic/gdi" any more (LP: #793741).

183. By Till Kamppeter on 2011-06-03

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.3.x snapshot from 2 June 2011
   o State of 1.3.3 release
   o Main application
      - Set translation domain for ServerSettingsDialog (LP: #777188).
      - scp-dbus-service: Ignore setlocale() errors (LP: #748964).
      - Allow % character in SMB URI (LP: #747400).
      - More error handling (LP: #744783).
      - Avoid traceback if printer duplication fails (Red Hat bug #694629).
      - Fixed off-by-one error in monitor.
      - Fixed printer renaming (LP: #726954).
      - Set connected state when connecting to server fails (Red Hat bug
      - Handle the situation where cupsd has died/restarted more gracefully.
   o Printer Properties dialog:
      - Added PrinterModified D-Bus signal to printer properties interface.
      - More robustness for printer properties dialog when printer removed
        (LP: #741987).
      - Just hide Printer Properties dialog on delete-event (LP: #729966).
      - Extra job options: print-quality, printer-resolution, output-bin.
      - Automatically show horizontal scrollbar in job options screen.
      - Ignore "output-mode-default" attribute as it is not settable.
      - Handle IPP_TAG_RESOLUTION types (requires pycups-1.9.55).
      - Don't traceback if option value cannot be handled.
      - Fixed traceback in options.py (Red Hat bug #679103).
   o New Printer dialog
      - Fixed PPDs loader when using CUPS remotely or when DBus not available
        (Red Hat bug #693515).
      - Handle failure to load PPDs more gracefully (LP: #742409).
      - Avoid traceback when cancelling New Printer dialog after failure.
      - Make sure everything is ready before handlers might be called (Red
  Hat bug #689336).
      - Handle URIs in Find Network Printer entry, and use 'Enter URI'
  instead of 'Other' (Red Hat bug #685091).
      - Use "Do It Later" instead of "Cancel" for adjust firewall dialog
  (Upstream bug #213).
      - Fixed an instance where NewPrinterGUI might not have self.printers
  set (Red Hat bug #680683).
      - IPPHostname can contain colon (to specify port).
      - Fixed automatic driver installation when changing the driver.
      - Removed stale code left over from conversion to gobjects.
      - Ensure all uses of ppdsloader supply the Device ID.
      - Fixed some small typos in newprinter --help output.
      - Prevent traceback after 2nd drivers search dialog is cancelled (Red
  Hat bug #680288).
   o Driver handling:
      - Activated and fixed testing mode for device ID/driver association
      - Match HP-Fax2/3/... PPDs, as well as Ubuntu/Debian hpijs-ppds
      - preferreddrivers.xml: Identify hpcups and hpijs fax PPDs.
      - Match native hpijs driver (drv:///hp/hpijs.drv/...) as "hpijs".
      - Handle Ubuntu locations of hpcups.drv and hpijs.drv.
      - preferreddrivers.xml: match OpenPrinting gutenprint PPD names as
      - Removed DES field check altogether.
      - xmldriverprefs.test: show order more clearly.
      - Make xmldriverprefs.test() debugging optional.
      - More debugging during PPD selection.
      - Prefer foomatic PostScript drivers before PCL drivers (except
        foomatic-recommended ones).
   o Job Viewer
      - Ensure consistency in jobviewer if add_job fails (Red Hat bug
  #693055, Red Hat bug #632551).
      - Be defensive against CUPS returning incorrect job IDs (LP: #721051).
      - Job viewer's attribute window: Convert job numbers and attribute
        values to strings (LP: #733088).
   o Other bits
      - More uses of check-device-ids.py.
      - udev-configure-printer: be more defensive when parsing CUPS response
        (LP: #760661).
* debian/patches/17_add-debug-mode-for-printer-driver-association.patch,
  Removed, applied upstream.
* debian/control: Depends on python-cups 1.9.55.

182. By Martin Pitt on 2011-05-17

releasing version 1.3.1+20110222-0ubuntu18

181. By Martin Pitt on 2011-05-17

debian/control: Drop transitional hal-cups-utils package, it was already
transitional in lucid.

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