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Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

The Gnome System Settings designers seem to be in a period of confusion about whether to copy OS X or to copy iOS. The "Sharing" settings panel is the worst of both: combining settings for sharing wildly unrelated things in a single panel apparently because OS X does, and presenting them using a needlessly modal navigation list apparently because iOS does. I think it would be an extremely poor design to introduce to Ubuntu.

Sebastien is right that having a "Desktop Sharing" panel would be making that feature unusually prominent. Ideally I think it would be a tab of the "Displays" panel. But if the choice is between "Desktop Sharing" and the Gnome "Sharing" panel, I would strongly prefer the "Desktop Sharing" panel, renamed to "Screen Sharing" since it will eventually work on phones and tablets too.

"Desktop sharing support not installed" is an unhelpful message. I suggest instead something like "You need to install extra software to share your screen.", followed by a centered "Install Software…" button that invokes SessionInstaller to actually install it.

review: Needs Fixing (design)

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