Code review comment for lp:~robert-ancell/unity-control-center/screen-sharing

Robert Ancell (robert-ancell) wrote :

It's the code copied from Vino. The new g-c-c panel combines a number of sharing options that aren't applicable for us as well as the modern g-c-c style that doesn't really fit into u-c-c.

Agreed always showing is suboptimal. If Vino is not installed it just displays "Screen sharing support not installed". I tried to make it hide the panel if Vino is not available but that doesn't seem possible. I also considered adding an install button that would install the packages (first waiting to see if others think this direction is the right one).

The other option is to keep the panel in the Vino package as a big patch, but I think that will be more work over putting it in u-c-c.

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