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18. By Robert Ancell on 2013-07-30

* New upstream release:
  - Add support for Mir sessions and greeters.
  - Set XDG_VTNR for unity sessions.
  - Fix desktop-session-start upstart signal not being emitted since 1.7.5.
  - Fix greeter log broken in 1.7.5.
* debian/liblightdm-gobject-1-0.symbols:
  - Updated

17. By Robert Ancell on 2013-07-25

* debian/lightdm.init:
  - Use correct path to daemon (LP: #1204713)

16. By Robert Ancell on 2013-07-25

* New upstream release:
  - Fix uninitialized pointer introduced in 1.7.3
  - Enable compile warnings and fix code generating warnings
* debian/patches/50_ubuntu_fix_uninitialised_pointer.patch:
  - Applied upstream:
* src/main.c: fix up an unitialised pointer in configuration directory
  handling. (LP: #1203711)
* New upstream release:
  - Restore greeter hints that were regressed in 1.7.5.
  - Don't run greeters through session wrapper - regression in 1.7.5
  - Quit Plymouth correctly when using the unity seat type (LP: #1192051)
  - Release the VT when the system compositor fails to start
  - Load sessions and greeters from /usr/share/lightdm/sessions and
    /usr/share/lightdm/greeters. The existing directories are checked
    if the sessions are not in these directories.
  - Refactor the Display class so that it merges with the Seat class
  - Support running the greeter and session in different display servers
    instead of re-using the same one during a login.
  - Add more regression tests
  - Documentation fixes

15. By Robert Ancell on 2013-07-01

* New upstream release:
  - Set XDG_SEAT and XDG_VTNR environment variables.
  - Add initial support for Unity (i.e. Mir based) seats.
  - Add a greeter wrapper option.
* debian/50-xserver-command.conf:
* debian/patches/05_add_xserver_core_option.patch:
  - Use a conf file to replace X server core patch
* debian/50-greeter-wrapper.conf
* debian/patches/03_launch_dbus.patch
  - Use a conf file to greeter wrapper patch

14. By Robert Ancell on 2013-07-01

debian/guest-account: disable screen locking in a more reliable way.
Rather than trying to write a key for another user, while setting up the
guest user account, just set up an autostart desktop that will set it
during the login (lp: #951000)

13. By Robert Ancell on 2013-06-21

* New upstream release:
  - Load configuration from /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d. (LP: #1190425)
  - Fix compile warnings
  - Fix tests not running from install directory inside checkout.

12. By Robert Ancell on 2013-06-17

* New upstream release:
  - Fix .pc file for liblightdm-qt5-3
  - Add a new option "autologin-in-background" which lets an autologin happen
    in a second display while still showing the greeter.
  - Stop if fail to create default seat
  - Add option to set seat type in lightdm-set-defaults
  - Stop using g_file_set_contents - it can leave intermediate files around
  - Make tests work without installing them
  - Fix distcheck
* debian/patches/06_fix_qt_pcfiles.patch:
* debian/patches/07_lp1189948.patch:
  - Applied upstream

11. By Robert Ancell on 2013-06-17

* install apparmor abstractions as 064 (LP: #1189948)
  - debian/patches/07_lp1189948.patch: adjust Makefile.am and Makefile.in
    to use install --mode=0644
  - debian/lightdm.postinst: chmod apparmor abstractions to 0644 on upgrade
* Drop XS-Testsuite header. We don't actually have any autopkgtests right
  now (they are commented out in debian/tests/control and are broken).
* Install some files in liblightdm-qt-dev, so it's somewhat useful.
* Switch to unversioned -dev package for liblightdm-qt to match Debian and
  avoid having to change other packages synced from Debian
* Swtich Conflicts to Breaks and add liblightdm-qt-3-dev to Breaks/Replaces
* Cherry-pick patches from upstream to fix liblightdm-qt{,5} pcfiles.
* Refresh patches to apply cleanly

10. By Robert Ancell on 2013-05-02

* debian/patches/04_language_options.patch:
  - Applied upstream
* debian/patches/04_language_handling.patch:
  - Set LANGUAGE instead of LANG, since the Language property in
    accountsservice as patched for Ubuntu does not contain a valid
    locale name.

9. By Robert Ancell on 2013-04-30

* New upstream release:
  - Use logind instead of ConsoleKit if it is available
  - Use Q_SLOTS and Q_SIGNALS instead of slots and signals.
  - Ignore stale X server locks
  - Pass through system locale or set locale from AccountsService/.dmrc
  - Fix bug where seat failure before D-Bus acquired would not stop daemon
* debian/control:
  - liblightdm-qt-2 -> liblightdm-qt-3
* debian/patches/06_qt_no_keywords.patch:
  - Applied upstream
* NOTE: The locale changes do not match the patches to accounts service.
  This package should be patched to match what the Ubuntu accounts service

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