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41. By Daniel Manrique

fix one last typo in debian/po/zh_TW.po

40. By Daniel Manrique

Fix e-mail addresses in debian .po files

39. By Daniel Manrique

New upstream release (LP: #939549):
* Typo in command for for miscellanea/virtualization-check (LP: #934243)
* Resized test selection views in checkbox-qt (LP: #937113)
* Use GObject from gi.repository instead of gobject (LP: #937099)
* Disable flushing to disk after every file access during gathering phase for
  a significant speed boost. (LP: #939019)
* Fixed running of disk/read_performance tests (LP: #933528)

* Fix depends fields in info and suspend test suites (LP: #934051)
* Display results report in non-graphical interfaces (LP: #937657)
* Remove auto generated qt resource file (LP: #938863)
* Fix the Ubuntu Friendly warning message (LP: #939448)

38. By Jeff Lane

New upstream release (LP: #933090):

[Jeff Lane]
* Added a Hard Disk Stats Test that was part of a much older merge request
  for server test suite.
* Modified apport-directory to provide feedback
* Added new optical_write_test script and created appropriate jobs to refine
  optical drive testing
* Created new resource job that creates an optical.{CD-R,DVD-R} resource to
  determine if a machine's optical drive supports writing or is read-only.
* Added virt-check test to determine if a server will work as an OpenStack
  Compute Node.
* Moved apport-directory changes from an old branch to checkbox where the
  job now resides.

[Marc Tardif]
* Removed trailing directories from the devpath of disk devices (LP: #925582)
* Fixed awk regular expression in max_diskspace_used script (LP: #926312)
* Implemented anonymous submissions to Launchpad with a dummy e-mail
* Qt: Moved widgets around in Results window.
* Changed options and arguments passed to show_tree method, and related UI
* Simplified running checkbox-qt from source tree, by compiling if needed.
* Added support for decimals and multiple partitions in max_diskspace_used.
* Fixed reference to xrandr_detect_modes replaced by VESA_drivers_not_in_use.
* Fixed depends in debian/control file for checkbox-qt.

[Daniel Manrique]
* Changed way of obtaining preferred browser to ensure we honor the user's
  preference rather than Chromium's clobbering of
  /etc/alternatives/gnome-www-browser (LP: #925603)
* Added submission_path_prompt config variable; if set, it will be shown to
  the user before the test selection screen, and the value entered will
  override the default filename for the xml report.
* plugins/suites_prompt.py: Fixed jobs being run despite being deselected.
* Qt: Changed color of the step bubbles to Ubuntu Orange, and made it
* Qt: View report functionality.
* Qt: Set the runtime application icon.
* Fixed typo in network/info.
* Fixed typo in create_connection.

[Brendan Donegan]
* Changed checkbox-cli text to clearly explain what + does (LP: #926417)
* Changed progress bar of Qt UI to standard rather than custom one,
  prettified tabs and updated Launchpad email text amongst other UI tweaks
  in qt/frontend/qtfront.ui
* Fixed some oversights in the mediacard job files regarding test
  descriptions and card types.
* Tweaked the memory_compare script a bit to make it easier to maintain.
* Used regexes in default whitelist.

[ Javier Collado ]
* Removed job that installed ipmitool by default (LP: #931954)

[Tiago Salem Herrmann]
* Implementation of Qt frontend for checkbox.
* Qt-related features and bugfixes:
* Qt: Added welcome screen image and background color.
* Qt: Removed maximize/restore button.
* Qt: added select/deselect all popup menu.
* Qt: Status screen
* Qt: Antialiasing hint for step numbers and question mark.

[Sylvain Pineau]
* Tests will run in in order specified by the whitelist.
* JobStore caches most of a job's attributes in memory to speed up sorting.

37. By Daniel Manrique

New upstream release (LP: #925090):

[Brendan Donegan]
* Fixed the cpu_topology script so that it doesn't mistake the word
  'processor' in the value of another field for the field 'processor'
  (LP: #882161)
* Added create_connection script and jobs to automatically create/test a
  wireless network connection.
* Updated wireless job dependencies.
* Add wireless performance data collecting tests.
* Changed is_laptop test to a shell test and implemented a check_is_laptop
  script to check automatically for a systems 'laptopness' (LP: #886668)
* Fixed connect_wireless script which continued failing to correctly
  identify wireless connections.
* Don't fail the sleep_test if the wake alarm is still set (LP: #911161)
* Add requirement for mem sleep state to be supported to the
  suspend_advanced_auto job (LP: #804190)
* Fixed the camera/display test and removed the camera/video one.
* Added display resource and matching requirements to external video
  output tests.
* Added removable_storage_watcher script to replace watch_command to make
  testing USB, FireWire and MMC devices easier and more cohesive.
* Added memory_compare script to automate the memory/info job
* Switch audio settings to correct device before running audio tests
  (LP: #916859)
* Nixed graphics/xorg-version-output job and updated other job dependencies,
  since it is redundant with graphics/xorg-version. (LP: #671144)

[Gabor Kelemen]
* Fixed last two remaining strings with backslashes (LP: #868571)
* Fix misplaced parentheses, so translation can work (LP: #904876)

[Marc Tardif]
* Refactored install scripts to be agnostic of variant name:
  install/postinst, install/config and debian/*.postinst.
* Using title defined in user_interface plugin in GTK interface.
* Updated default.whitelist to reflect renamed jobs.
* Removed files with non-printable characters from submission.xml.
* Fixed parser for submission files with empty question comments
  and context info (LP: #912546)
* Added support for skipping tests when the depends don't pass
  (LP: #509598)
* Removed extraneous code from the sleep_test.
* Refactored logic to check for network after suspend.
* Removed deprecated hwtest package.
* cpu_offlining was incorrectly using return instead of exit.

[Daniel Manrique]
* Update control files under debian/ to eliminate (most) lintian warnings
  (LP: #352986)
* Environment variables specified with environ: in a job description will be
  passed to the backend for it to add to its environment. (LP: #897889)
* Handle malformed LANGUAGE environment variable values (LP: #912946)
* Added interactive media_keys_test script.
* Make creation of wireless connection files more robust (LP: #923836)
* Recommend gstreamer-gconf to enable media tests on kubuntu (LP: #898641)
* Add bluetooth device requirement to obex jobs (LP: #921128)
* Add a plugin conf variable for the welcome string (shown on the first
  screen when checkbox runs), so it can be changed without much effort.
* Remove superflous bluetooth/detect job
* Fixed typo in jobs/local.txt.in (phoronix misspelled as peripherals).
* Rearranged a misplaced changelog entry.
* Updated debian/control to remove unneeded Uploader: field.

[Robert Roth]
* Fixed spelling mistakes in user_apps job file. (LP: #904209)

[Jeff Lane]
* Created automated network info test to get some config info during automated
  runs. (LP: #912038)
* Added requires to suspend wireless jobs so they won't run if wireless isn't
  present (LP: #907150)
* Fixed issue in usb_test with unwritable filesystems (LP: #912522)
* Fixed USB tests so that insert, storage, remove run in proper order
* Removed usb_storage_after_suspend since it's superfluous, all other USB
  tests already run after suspend.
* Modifed usb_test to handle firewire drives as well, renamed script to

[Aurélien Gâteau]
* Improvements to Recover dialog and show_info method.

[ Javier Collado ]
* Error while creating binary package fixed (LP: #921576)

[ Sylvain Pineau ]
* Replaced xrandr_display_modes with automated check for VESA driver
* Refactored Unity compatibility tests

36. By Daniel Manrique

New upstream release (LP: #892268):

[Marc Tardif]
* Generate a submission.xml file that contains all device and attachment
* Write the report before reporting the validation error.
* Changed device.product to dmi.product for the formfactor (LP: #875312)

[Daniel Manrique]
* Use gettext for string (LP: #869267)
* Move progress indicator to main checkbox dialog instead of a
  transient window (LP: #868995)
* Ignore malformed dpkg entries in package_resource (LP: #794747)
* Reset window title after finishing a manual test (LP: #874690)
* Handle "@" in locale names (as in ca@valencia).

[Jeff Lane]
* Went through all the job files and:
  * Updated descriptions to match Unity UI structure
  * Added descriptions where necessary
  * Added further details to some descriptions
  * Moved some jobs to more appropriate files
  * Fixed job names in older job files to match new naming scheme
  * Added jobs to local.txt to ensure all job files are now parsed
    (this allows easier addition of existing tests to whitelists)
  * Changed remaining manual job descriptions to match the new format
* Updated CD and DVD write tests to be more clear about when to skip
  them (LP: #772794)

[Ara Pulido]
* Rewrote all job descriptions to match OEM QA syntax

[Brendan Donegan]
* Fix the code that assigns keys in checkbox-cli so that it never assigns
  keys which have other uses. (LP: #877467)
* Show details of unmet job requirements (LP: #855852)
* Ensure that connect_wireless chooses a wireless connection from the list
  of available connections (LP: #877752)
* Have the bluetooth/detect tests require a device with the category
  BLUETOOTH to run, thus preventing the test from failing on systems with
  no Bluetooth device (LP: #862322)
* Rename attachment jobs to not have a forward slash in their name
  (LP: #887964)
* Guard against trying to write files to logical partitions on USB sticks
  (which will obviously fail) in usb_test (LP: #887049)
* Make the OpenGL test ignore the return value of glxgears and improve
  the test description (LP: #890725)
* Allow input/mouse test to run if a TOUCH device is present
  (LP: #886129)

[ Javier Collado ]
* Broken job dependencies fixed (LP: #888447)
* Regex support when specifying blacklists and whitelists on the
  commandline (LP: #588647)

35. By Daniel Manrique

New upstream release (LP: #862579):

[Brendan Donegan]
* Remove test for FTP connection from network_check script (LP: #854222)
* Update a parameter in usb_test to have it run faster.
* Remove record_playback_after_suspend from Ubuntu Friendly whitelist (LP: #855540)
* Fix minor typo in multi-monitor friendly resolution_test script which caused
  minimum_resolution test to fail (LP: #855599)
* Remove storage_devices_test from Ubuntu Friendly whitelist since bonnie++ (which it uses) is not installed by default (LP: #855841)
* Changed description and name to reflect Ubuntu Friendly branding. Now when a user searches for Ubuntu Friendly in the lens, Checkbox will appear (LP: #852036)
* Reset the selections at the test suite prompt if No is selected at the recover prompt (LP: #861208)
* Save the connection name(s) instead of the interface name so that they can be reconnected to properly after the wireless before/after suspend tests have completed (LP: #861502)
* Make connect_wireless use the UUID of the connection instead of the name for greater reliability (LP: #862190)

[Daniel Manrique]
* Restored _recover attribute, re-enabling welcome and test selection
  screens (LP: #852204)
* Remove memory/test from the Ubuntu Friendly whitelist (LP: #853799)
* Use diff instead of grep, better comparing of empty files (LP: #852014)
* Apport integration: new mandatory "tag" value in ApportOptions (LP: #852201)
* Add warning prior to starting the tests (LP: #855328)
* Apport integration: Fix instantiation of Gtk.RadioButton, needed due
  to PyGI related API changes (LP: #805679)
* Remove ping -R parameter that apparently caused ICMP packets to be dropped
  by some routers (LP: #861404)

[ Evan Broder ]
* Replace resolution_test with an implementation which uses GdkScreen to
  be multimonitor-aware (LP: #632987)

[Jeff Lane]
* Fix names of optical drive tests and remove a non-existing test from the
  whitelist (LP: #854808)
* Fix wireless_*_suspend jobs so they recreate iface file instead of append
  each time (LP: #855845)
  (LP: #852201)
* Clarify better the intend of the is_laptop question (LP: #861844)
* Fixed dependencies for tests that depend on suspend/suspend_advanced
  (LP: #860651)

[Tim Chen]
* Fix cpu_scaling_test (LP: #811177)

[Ara Pulido]
* Avoid connect_wireless messing with AP with similar names (LP: #861538)
* Remove bluetooth/file-transfer from the list of tests to run, since due to
  bug 834348 it always fails.

[Marc Tardif]
* Added support for wildcards when verifying the transport certificate.
* Applying depends across suites (LP: #861218)

34. By Daniel Holbach

New upstream release (LP: #850395):
* Redirecting stderr to pipe to fix the gconf_resource script (LP: #832321)
* Clear jobs directory when user selects No to recover question (LP: #836623)
* checkbox/job.py: Guard against bogus timeout values (LP: #827859)
* More explicit handling of string decoding/encoding, avoids problems with
  non-ascii characters (LP: #833747)
* Changed architecture from all to any for checkbox base, to build
  architecture-specific binaries (LP: #833696)
* Several corrections necessary due to test name changes or typos found in
  job files
* Connecting hyper text widgets only once (LP: #827904)
* Detecting MMC readers as OTHER instead of DISK (LP: #822948)
* Validating the hostname in the SSL certificate (LP: #625076)
* Validating the submission.xml (LP: #838123)

33. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

New upstream release (LP: #841983):
[ Daniel Manrique ]
Work around PyGTK API changes that kept checkbox from starting up
(LP: #839675).

32. By Ara Pulido

New upstream release (LP: #838745):

[Ara Pulido]
* Created a "suspend" suite and renamed relevant tests.

[Brendan Donegan]
* Removed redundant tests in power-management suite.
* Fixed dependencies in power-management suite.

[Daniel Manrique]
* Changed name of apt-get test to reflect the suite it's in.
* Fixed typos in job definitions that caused them to not be run.
* Added missing description to info/hdparm test (LP: #832351)
* Quote command to obtain bluetooth address, to avoid hanging if
  a device is not present (LP: #836756).
* Added BLUETOOTH category to udev parser.
* Removed some tests from default whitelist.
* Fixed dependencies for keys/sleep.

[Jeff Lane]
* Added new USB storage transfer test
* Re-worked and added automated audio test

[Marc Tardif]
* Added WIRELESS category to udev parser.

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